New American in Nepal: Scott H. DeLisi

scott h delisi

Scott H. DeLisi has become the latest Internet celebrity. A Google search of the term “Scott H. DeLisi” displays 12,400 results as of 17/11 21:30 Nepal Standard Time. Now, remove “Nepal” from that result, (“Scott H DeLisi” -Nepal), the number drops to 5,950. [And 5,910 for “Scott H. DeLisi” +Nepal as of 23:25 NST, soon after this entry was posted online.] It is because his name has been associated with Nepal since this morning as the news started making rounds on the web that President Barack Obama intends to nominate Mr. DeLisi as American ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal [That’s the official name our country, Nepal, if you didn’t know that!].  A press release issued by the White House Press Secretary’s office today said: “Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key administration posts:

·         Julie Brill, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

·         Edith Ramirez, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

·         Scott H. DeLisi, Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Department of State

·         Beatrice W. Welters, Ambassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Department of State

·         Earl F. Gohl, Jr., Federal Co-Chair, Appalachian Regional Commission

That announcement has been widely reported by the Nepali and Indian media on their web outlets (Print versions, mostly in Nepal and on Front pages, will come tomorrow). Two foreigners become celebrity, instantly, in Nepal the moment their names are announced as the ambassadors to Nepal by their respective countries: America and India. They are treated somewhat differently (and sometime as the two sides of a coin by some) in Nepal. American is perceived as, let’s put it this way, “the ceremonial head of state with limited executive power” where as the Indian “executive head of state with unlimited executive power”. Both of these perceptions are ONLY partly true. But true nevertheless. Both of the ambassadors’ words, body languages and intentions (expressed or otherwise) are closely watched, scrutinized and analyzed in the vibrant Nepali media and chaotic political circus. As Nepali polity is further polarized primarily because of selfish leaders who are engaged in endless fighting (that is exploited or sometime created by our friendly neighbor), it can be said that Nepal will only be more dependent on foreign “advices” and be subjected to outside interventions in the days to come. Sad but true.

Anyway, back to Scott H. DeLisi, the “Next American Celebrity in Nepal.” Here’s his short bio distributed by the White House in Nepal via American Embassy:

As a 28 year career member of the Senior Foreign Service, Scott H. DeLisi has served as Ambassador to the State of Eritrea and as Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy in Gaborone, Botswana. Currently Mr. DeLisi is the Director of Career Development and Assignments in the State Department’s Bureau of Human Resources where he has played a key role in the staffing of embassies. This has included missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Previously, as the Director for Entry Level Programs, Mr. DeLisi was responsible for the training, placement and career development of 600 new entrants and over 2500 existing Foreign Service Officers. Mr. DeLisi has also served as Director for Southern African Affairs, Vice Counsel for the Embassy in India, the Chief of Political Section in Sri Lanka, in addition to other postings in Madagascar and Pakistan. A native of Minnesota, Mr. DeLisi holds both a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Minnesota.

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8 responses to “New American in Nepal: Scott H. DeLisi”

  1. dialogue Avatar

    He does not look like he is going to say namaste daanyabad.

    Do not think if he could not prevent a humanitarian disaster in Sri lankha that the United States only. Obamaobadi ha ha.

    Together cooperate oneself. Without the selfish leaders. Destroy the country then visit each other in hospital. And I have to iron at night and freeze without heater or queue for gasoline for my scooter.

  2. Pant,Dibakar,MN Avatar

    Its a mattter of great pleasure and satisfaction as well to learn that President Obama has intended to nominate Mr.Scot H.DeLisi,a native of Minnesota,a state of lakes,as a high post of ambassador to Himalayan nation,Nepal.It seems that Prez’s nomination to him could highly be termed as a very matured,wise and thoughtful decision because the wider and broader range of experiences that possesses by Mr.DeLosi,would be great contributory step to Nepal,an struggling country for stability and peace.Its a great expectation and belief of entire general people to get very concrete and substantial support and co-operation in bringing the peace,stability and democracy ( as defined by Abraham Lincoln not as wished by Mao ) from high profile diplomat Mr.DeLosi.Wish all success,pleasurable stay and meaningful tenure to newly nominated US envoy to Nepal.I am quite confident that the US Senate would not find any difficulty to endorse him for which Prez has greatly and wisely chosen.

  3. Bikash Avatar

    Congratulations Mr. DeLisi.

    You will be faced with a lot of challenges in Nepal. The Maoists will want you to remove them from your Department’s watch list of international terrorists. People will want you to increase your country’s assistance to Nepal. They want you to provide more visas to the genuine students (which is growing and now Nepal is 11th country that sends most students to the US.)

    Don’t visit to Nepali Army barracks like one of your predecessors did. That’s not good. You should go around Nepali hills and villages to trek and understand their lives. And your office should encourage more and more Americans to visit Nepal.

    The most important thing is people of Nepal want you to revive Peace Corps volunteer program in Nepal.

    Thank you.

  4. blogdai Avatar

    He’s a bureaucrat with low-level experience, period. Stop deceiving yourselves with this choice. He’s on the U.S. bottom-feeder diplomat rotation. Work in Africa, then somewhere else obscure, then go to Nepal and don’t make waves. Remember Moriarty? Look, what you should learn from this nomination is that the Obama administration will not take any active stance or be actively engaged in events in Nepal.


  5. binod Avatar

    Hey, wasn’t this guy a CIA operative in Islamabad? Any Pakistani friend with more information?

  6. kanguroo Avatar

    Obama and Clinton clean up the mess made by Bush father and son.

    Good relations with both of our neigbouring countries, promoting free communication and vegetarian dinner. With indian guest.
    Apart from prawn coctail.
    But after his childhood in Hawai I am sure President Obama can do special cases.

    Military aid will be withdrawn unless very guilty military go. So out of all of this good things came?
    Yet to be seen than believed. Meanwhile we are preparing gas bottles and basmati rice. A la maison.

  7. rosethorn Avatar

    “After dragging on for close to 18 years – often in almost farcical fashion – at an estimated cost of some US$350 million, resolution of the Bhutan refugee crisis is at hand. This month, the first batch of 25,000 refugees left camps in seven United Nations-supervised camps in eastern Nepal, and the vast majority of the 86,000 remaining have signed up for resettlement in the West; most of them are heading for the United States. “

    The US has generally welcomed refugees and should continue to do so. People seeking a better life should always be welcomed here. I think this will be the case.

  8. American Embassy on Wikileaks Cablegate and Nepal | United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal Avatar

    […] of 2278 cables from the US mission in Kathmandu by Wikileaks the American Ambassador to Nepal Scott H. DeLisi issued a statement today “on the Release of Classified State Department Documents.” […]

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