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  • Nepal China Agreement in Beijing

    Nepal China Agreement in Beijing

    Today Nepal and China agreed to expand and consolidate bilateral cooperation focusing mainly on trade, transit, investment, energy, tourism and infrastructure development, according to a statement issued by Nepal’s Foreign Ministry.  The agreement was reached during a meeting between Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Minister Kamal Thapa and the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in […]

  • Did UN official accused of bias by Israel protect Maoist violence in Nepal ? (Book Excerpt)

    – by NepalForeignAffairs.com team Ian Martin was the head of Amnesty International before serving as UN special envoy to East Timor and Nepal. He acted as the inaugural head of UN Mission In Nepal (UNMIN) from 2006 to 2009. UNMIN was established to assist Nepal’s peace process following the peace agreement between Nepal government and […]

  • Nepal Army Senior Officers Corrupt: Indian Ambassador to American Officials

    In a meeting with American officials on 11 March, 2006 in Kathmandu the then Indian Ambassador to Nepal Shiv Shankar Mukherjee had asserted that corruption in the then Royal Nepal Army (now Nepal Army) was high and the senior commanders were “content to acquire arms on the black or gray market” because that was profitable […]

  • Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad

    Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad

    Ambassadors are the most visible faces of Indian diplomacy in Nepal and they are not always thought to be pursuing diplomacy. Some, like the current ambassador Jayant Prasad’s immediate predecessor Rakesh Sood, was widely believed to be one of the worst examples of Indian intervention and failed diplomacy in Nepal. While in India (or in their […]

  • Baburam Bhattarai Wanted to Meet the US Ambassador’s Rep in 2003…

    …thinking that the Ambassador himself may not meet him. How times of have changed! The American Ambassador has gone to meet him, most recently, two days ago Baburam became the Prime Minister.  US diplomatic cables as revealed by Wikileaks. Report by John Narayan Parajuli US officials saw Maoist Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai (who is not […]

  • China’s Political and Economic missions in Nepal: Investment- Yes, Interference- No.

    More Chinese investments in Nepal is very much welcome because this will help us become self-sustained and independent. By Prithvi Man Shrestha The Chinese private sector is looking at Nepal as an investment destination. This was the message Chinese businessmen tried to convey in the 11th meeting of Nepal-China Non-Government Cooperation Forum in Kathmandu on […]

  • Promoting Nepal in India

    Despite being so close and sharing a border there is an unimaginably high level of misunderstanding about THE HIGHEST DEMOCRACY in THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY…Nepal should do something to promote itself among Indians. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Many Nepalis living out of Nepal face one common challenge: how to effectively tell foreigners about their […]