Prachanda Public: Maoist Girls, Cameras and Other Scenes

A photo blog: First public meeting of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) that was addressed by their Chairman Prachanda. By Dinesh Wagle


Maoist affiliated girls on the back stage put on make up and do their hairs before going on the state to perform dance. The show clearly belonged to Prachanda because it was organized specially for him. Maoists wanted to make it high sounding and portray the event as a really big thing. They also wanted to portray their leader Prachanda as the Next Big Thing in Nepali politics. Krishna Bahadur Mahara’s introductory note, two minutes before he invited Prachanda on the mike, were full of adjectives and praises for Prachanda. I mean even Prachanda must have felt uncomfortable with such words. All central members of the party seated on the dais were presented with a garland of marigold except Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda. Dr. Bhattarai had two garlands where as Prachanda had three. Prachanda removed the garlands a few minutes before taking on to the mike.

A small banner just above the big banner above the dais had prints of 12 pairs of hammer and sickle symbolizing the obvious: the peoples’ war entered in 12th year today. Two bodyguards instantly came to the mike as Prachanda headed towards it. Prachanda started the speech unexpectedly less radical way. His starting in Baluwataar when he first appeared in front of the press was far more impressive. “How many are there?” I asked to a Maoist cadre who was closely monitoring the activities below from the top of a building owned by Nepal Electricity Authority. Instead of replying, he fired back the question to me. “Well, this is definitely one of the biggest,” I replied. “It could have been even bigger,” said the Maoist, “if we could have secured that space for the meeting.” He was pointing to the other side of Khulamanch, the Army Dais. “They said they have their own programs. We couldn’t bring more people because there is no enough space there in Khulamanch.” There was no doubt not all people who were attending the mass meeting supported the Maoist party. Some were brought there forcefully and some were there because of their curiosity.


A Maoist girl from Dolakha with a guitar. She said she learnt to play the instrument by seeing others play it. She also said she didn’t’ attend the college after doing SLC (in second division) because she wanted to bring about change in Nepali society through ‘great peoples’ war’. “No the war hasn’t ended yet,” the daughter of a man who, she said, was killed by the Army three years ago, remarked. “Only the form has changed. We will continue fighting because there are still so many poor in Nepal.”


A woman, in her traditional Sherpa cap, heads toward the stage to demonstrate the culture along with her comrades.


I could see Prachanda thoroughly enjoying this particular show from Seti-Mahakali region. A performer is standing on the shoulders of another and entertaining the comrade with garlands.


Maoist leaders seated on the dais stand and hum in the tunes of an international communist song. I noticed Prachanda moving his lips initially but as the song went further he stopped doing so and kept on inspecting the crowd.

But this man, standing inside an area allocated for journalists, was moving his fist and humming the international communist song.

Follow the order kids: A Maoist volunteer points the way forward for the school kids who were forcefully brought by the organizers to attend the event.

Maoist volunteers stand in queue to organize the mass meeting.

Guarding against old army? Maoist cadres stand facing to the Nepal Army dais at Tundikhel.

It was definitely one of those rare ceremonies attended by large numbers of media persons. Dozens of camerapersons were present. “I have never seen this many folks in a single program,” commented a photojournalist.

A woman takes photos from her mobile phone.

A foreigner takes photos with her small digital camera. I am not sure if she understood all that was spoken but I overheard her speaking broken Nepali.

With digital camera, everyone is a photojournalist. Former editor of Nepal Magazine Sudheer Sharma takes snaps.

Hmmm, his is pretty big.

A big camera of old days to capture a big event on new times.

Ekantipur reporter Sureshnath Neupane shows a press card issued by the Maoist party for journalists for the show. The card has one big photo of Prachanda. Some reporters though it was not appropriate to put such cards on their neck and took off. I didn’t have one and I was teasing reporters about their affiliation with the Maoist party.






44 responses to “Prachanda Public: Maoist Girls, Cameras and Other Scenes”

  1. BK,UK Avatar

    well organised, well done comrades!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seems control of the nation gone to the maoists hand.

    i remember it been more than decade since congress could perform public meeting like this. they are no longer able to do so. they either go to biratnagar or some other cities to do so.

    uml was one party who had support in valley but now no longer can attract the public.

    now maoist time came. its development with time.


  2. Nepali Avatar

    Sounds like introductions of diff cameras

  3. replytoall Avatar

    again forcing the school kids to come to the aam sabha.

    it is now even utterly stupid to think that maoist would for once act responsibly. they were, they are and they will remain a terrorist………….

    this group of mofos will never change but nepal will…………….i.e. it will go down…suppressed, oppressed and hungry.

  4. guyfromktm Avatar

    again, closing down schools, extorting monies to hold meetings like these, forcibly occupying education institutions, forcing school children to line up to something they can’t even fathom and then backtracking on the April Revolutions aspirations of nisrta sambhidhan sabha and threat to forcibly declare the nation a republic without letting people to make the decision became a non-issue for Kantipur publication which seemed to be more awed by the fact that Pusha Kamal was making his first public speech in ktm in 25 years– correction, he wasn’t even worthy even to make a public speech 25 years ago, so he never made one… now, riding over the 13,000 plus dead bodies and hundreds of thousands of displaced people, this guy is being helped by Kantipur to be potrayed as a masterclass– he is far from it! I am sure our home minister Situala will outrightly disagree with me.

  5. vahsek Avatar

    where is next programme and where at?

  6. Bikki Avatar

    Our New “Bhagyabidhata” Sri Panch Prachanda looked great! The new Pancha Rally looked really great. To many Nepalese it must be very nostalgic. Guys we have entered to a new era. Schools are shut. Kids are being taken to the Julus. I am really nostalgic. I remembered “Hamro raja hamro desh…” ; “Hamro bhasha homro bhes…” Old wine in a new bottle! History repeats and in this era, it repeats faster. Much faster.

  7. Ebaje Avatar

    Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum should learn someting from Maoist yet again. Since, they were part of Maoist earlier they learned how to vandalized and burn Nepali’s homes and now it is time for them to learn how to organized peaceful rally.

  8. ???????? ???? Avatar
    ???????? ????

    You stole my thunder, GuyfromKtm. Could not agree more.

    This guy is a big liar whatever he says he never means it. They are just bloody bunch of opportunistic murderers.

  9. Captain Crash Avatar

    It is good to see how much feared people are. If they don’t attain maoist will come to their house. What is this all about. Why were school kids not sent to school? They have already ruined one generation in the name of people war. Now stop the show business and get to work. Being in khula manch won’t show what they can do your action should prove it. If you had not killed those 14000 people, it would have been much bigger and even army would have organised their program somewere else.

  10. Captain Crash Avatar

    “Today’s mass meeting is one big opportunity for Prachanda to make public his party’s plans and strategies for peaceful politics. His cadres need to be assured about the party’s permanent path to peace and competitive politics. I guess his speech will be long (may be longest ever!).”

    this was the statement in the last blog but nothing about it is mentioned only few photoes and few chicks… Do maoist have any policy and strategies or it is just a gundaraj to get the chairs?

  11. Patriot Avatar

    Bloody politics sell-outs …

  12. scoop Avatar

    We have throughout history been hoodwinked by speeches. Easy rhetoric, but there was nothing substantial in the speech. Given that Prachanda was adressing his gang of uneducated gun wielding youth mostly but still all vague and fired up references to this and that. We have heard such typical old style commie speeches before, but the ramifications of anything “radical” is clearly not taken into account. For instance the recent promise of Hisila Yami to forgo interest on bank loans – does she know what the consequences will be, especially to the very ones she is trying to “save” from economic hardship? More hardship and loss of access to credit for a start. Maybe she has enough money in foreign bank accounts to take care of it.

  13. question Avatar

    I wonder how come the Terai andolan came to a stop just before Prachanda was to make his speech? If it went on for a couple of more days, Prachanda would have had to postpone? Give and take behind the scenes to accomodate a speech?

  14. question Avatar

    Many people, but can the maoists attract so many people by just announcing their programme (i.e. without going around and capturing factory workers, school children, anyone they can coerce, and they must have obviously told their own cadres that it was compulsory to attend otherwise…)

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Where is Nepali Congress whom I used to give vote ?? Girija might be happy being puppet Prime minister. Powerful outside but who is powerful inside is unknown…

  16. anonim Avatar

    no comment also nice…


  17. Mother Earth Avatar
    Mother Earth

    Happy Valentines Day all nepali

  18. replytoall Avatar


    the madhesis do need to learn a lesson from this…. not only madhesis but the whole nepal…………………..

    if one group is not satisfied, commit into the acts of terrorism, kill a few thousands and then be in the position to hold a mass meeting ……by choice or by force…………. nepalis as a whole are just a bunch of forgettors……………

    Nepal remembers about 238 years of shah dynasty but forgets or may be ignores the last 12 years of terrorism….

  19. Taytiskoti Avatar

    Time to stop worshiping personality at this critical time of transition.

    But think to restructure the nation that can bring country together in the melting-pot of Democracy and re-enforce the national integrity.

    Democracy is a melting-pot with its premise of human rights protections and civil liberty for all citizen of Nepal will melt all ethnicities to be human and then Nepali.

    There people among Madhesi who want to have INDEPENDENT STATE! This will harm the national integrity. Federal government system does not have an independent state provision and yet Madhesi insist on both – Federal government system and INDEPENDENT STATE.

    These Madhesis are regressive and followers of extrimists Hindu of Bihar.

    Anyway, the Indian Nagababas proposed rally in support for the king must have been frozened by the snow fall in Kathmandu valley.

    Watch Indian royalists among Madhesis in Tarai regions

  20. Nispakchhaya Avatar

    IT IS A MATTER OF GREAT PLEASURE THAT PM Girija and at least six ministers are suffering from Jaundice. I would be so happy if Girija and all these six ministers died within a week because these corrupt people never realised the sufferings of ordinary people due to the supply of unhygienic water. Girija prasad koirala became PM of this country so many times but he could not even supply people with hygienic water.
    Girija, Gyane, Prachanda, and Baburam all marija within a week.

  21. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Nispakchhaya: from where are you getting this news?

  22. Get Well Soon Avatar
    Get Well Soon

    You go to hell, Nispakchhaya. I pray for speedy recovery of PM Koirala and all other ministers. Bhudai, here is the news from the Kathmandu Post.

    PM Koirala suffering from Hepatitis E

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Feb 14 – Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has been suffering from hepatitis for the past two weeks, doctors said.

    A joint statement issued by his personal physicians Dr. Madhu Ghimire and Dr. Shekhar Koirala today said that an evidence of “mild acute hepatitis” was being seen in the PM for the past two weeks.

    “Although the features of the current illness are consistent with Acute Viral Hepatitis E, the exact cause of the illness has not been established beyond doubt,” the physicians said.

    The physicians have advised the ailing 85-year-old premier to adhere to “adequate daily rest and nutrition.”

    According to the PM’s daughter Sujata Koirala, the premier’s health is worsening due to his busy schedule and lack of adequate rest.

    In June last year, the PM underwent prostate surgery at a hospital in Bangkok. Nearly a month later, Koirala was hospitalised for nine days after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

    At least six ministers and a dozen employees at the prime minister’s residence are suffering from jaundice.

    Earlier in late January, Nepali Congress leader and sister-in-law of the premier Nona Koirala died of Jaundice.

    Hepatitis E is an acute liver inflammation that appears in epidemics. A collapse of water hygiene is generally responsible for its outbreak.

  23. Sunatali ko Pooe Avatar
    Sunatali ko Pooe

    Bloody Prachande!

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I have to agree with ‘Get Well Soon’ GPK is 89 and he is very important in Nepal’s current poltical situation. Without Girija there is going to be a political vacuum. Who is going to take charge. Mukune and Deuba are retards and they command no respect/authority. So who is going to come in and fill this vaccum? Prachanda? Boy I hope NOT!
    Be careful what you wish for Nispakchhaya!!

  25. Nispakchhaya Avatar

    “Mr. Get well soon”, you must be a real boot licker of these corrupt ministers. My guess is you must be a PA of one of these ministers, otherwise you won’t be that blind. How much do you get from these looters? Do not worry, pretty soon you will also get jaundice, then you will realize how much these corrupt politicians exploited these ordinary people.

  26. Nispakchhaya Avatar

    Hi Bhudai pundit,
    What we need to realize is that this country will not stop functioning without PM Girija. There is a saying: Raja marera rajya aadkidaina. As you are saying he is already 89 with all these health problems, I think he might collapse any time, maybe in couple of days, who knows what happens next. What I am saying is that these politicians ruled the country since 1990, but they could not even provide people with hygienic water. Don’t we deserve even these basic needs of our lives like hygienic water? I request you tell me without being biased, please.

  27. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    hyaaa. Girija is ceremonial. There will be no vacuum so long as we are under the umbrella of India at the gunpoint of Maoists. May be Deuba or Baburam Bhattarai will become the PM and this drama will continue until Prachanda takes over Nepal. That is our destiny; the question is only how we get there- via constituent assembly or as Prachanda has repeatedly threatened without it. That threat is kind of like either have sex with me or I will rape you.

  28. Fair Analysist Avatar
    Fair Analysist

    I fully agree with Nispakchaya on what he has said about these corrupt politicians, including Girija Koirala, but I do not agree with “Mr Get well Soon” because you do not know what is wrong and what is right. You are a totally biased person, Mr. Get well soon. What you need to understand is what goes in (even if Girija got so many opportunities to provide people with basic needs including sanitary water supply, he was never serious about these things) must come out (Now, he himself is the victim of his carelessness).
    Thus, Girija koirala = COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) + Jaundice (which is a very serious disease) + 85 years old (This old age itself is a great disease) = almost certain death any time, maybe within a month or so. Time will tell whether my prediction is wrong or right.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Of course people deserved hygenic water, health care, education etc. I agree these political leaders are totally worthless and they have ruined Nepal. But even then what can we do now? I would rather have Girija then Prachanda. Look at our choices – what a sad story we have. If Girija goes then who is going to head this interm government? We can’t possibly have this murderer Prchanda be the head of the government.

  30. Nispakchhaya Avatar

    Don’t worry Pataki Prachanda will never be the head of the goverment of Nepal. If I am correct on my forecast, someone from victims’ family will kill Prachanda within six months to one year.

  31. Comment Box Avatar
    Comment Box

    Stall girl of CAN infotech, Baneswar street Girl, Film Hall Girl and Maoist girl… see everywhere girl. It happens, after all how can you avoid Feb……..

  32. Avatar

    Great post…

    Colourful and interesting


  33. sagarmatha Avatar

    Hygienic water and food; forget about it infront of peace deal. The suggestion of the government to the people is boiled the water and drink, don’t eat dirty food. Go to big hotel for safe food and water otherwise eat only in the house. Do make check up with your own money. Become SPAM leader if you want further check-up in Bangkok or India. Package medical deal for SPAM leaders are there in the country and abroad.

  34. jiwan Avatar

    maoist sucks…
    well people prachanda is playing with u ..

  35. Nepali from Australia Avatar
    Nepali from Australia

    I love my king i love my Queen n all my royal members i mean i love my mud a red mud of Nepal. Please each n every nepalese please kill all political parties n digg this PRACHANDA n BABURAM in the grave they are the disaster of our nation who killed many nepaleses who are may be from MAOIST parties or HIS MAJESTIES parties. they all are fucker and they can damaged our nation in a certain period. GIRIJA is a chor i mean he is the thief. He is the flood of our country which may falls in any time. lauda bechne wala sucker.

  36. scoop Avatar

    “I love my king i love my Queen n all my royal members…”
    Please take them to Australia where they can wash butt of cows and buffaloes.

  37. noname Avatar

    Good one Nepali from Australia (12:39:33) ! I love the Nepalese King and Queen too. Most and a high majority do (as is even evident in this SPAaaaM blog).

  38. obserber Avatar

    scoop (18:08:27) :

    “I love my king i love my Queen n all my royal members…”
    Please take them to Australia where they can wash butt of cows and buffaloes. ( :)) hahaha LOL

  39. Dewaz Avatar

    Guys .. Guys ..
    .. EA Elections will be on our head soon .. who think u would vote for … If Girja is a Chor, Royalist are blood suckers and Maoist are Killers …
    …* I Vote for Maoist who do u ???? have any answers

  40. Ravi Kumar Avatar
    Ravi Kumar


    This guy is NUTS, think of bringing in Communism when countries like Russia and China are admitting that it is a failed ideology. This man belongs to the madhouse.

    I really pity the Nepalese who are ruled by him.

    Ravi Kumar,
    Chennai City,

  41. Juergen Avatar

    you can be very proud!Long live the Revolution!If i can help you just contact me!
    Your German comrade in Manila

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