Chameleon Chairman: Comrade Changes the Color!

CHANGE that we can believe in? HOPE that’s true!

As it’s becoming almost certain that Maoist will lead the next government Chairman Prachanda- who said he will actually be heading it- has been very quickly changing the radical tone almost sounding like a, God forbid, a bourgeois leader! Until ten days ago Nepali Army, for him, was loyal to the king, not to the people. Now there is a U-turn in that. Until recently, India and American were ‘expansionist’ and ‘imperialist’ forces. Now, he says, no he can’t say that! Until recently, he was for nothing less than the integration PLA with Nepali Army. Now, he says, hmm we are not thinking in such a mechanical manner. He quickly talks about Industrial Security and Border Security. CHANGE that we can believe in? HOPE that’s true!

Read the following excerpt from Chairman Prachanda’s interview with Sudheer Sharma and Prashant Aryal published in today’s Nepal Magazine:

Q. Regarding the kind of relationship that has been there for centuries between the king and the army, don’t you think the army is still loyal to the palace?

A. Royal Nepali Army’s name was changed to Nepali Army and its command system was also changed after the peoples’ movement (of 2006 April). After the top to rank and files of the army have said that they would execute the orders of the government elected by the people, our evaluation is that the total thinking of the Nepali Army has undergone change. The army is talking about being loyal to the democratic system and people. That shouldn’t be understood as the change in name only; that could be taken as a huge change. Along with the name change, the army, in essence, has become the one that is for the people, not to the king.

Q. But before the election you and your comrades used to say that there was no change in the Army except the change in name.

A. We should take the fluctuations that may occur before the elections normally. We accepted the Nepali Army as the State’s when we signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Other parties also accepted the PLA as the State’s. What I want to make clear now is that Nepali Army is our army, the State’s army. And PLA is also everyone’s army, the State’s army. The statement of Army that it would be loyal to the democratic government could be taken as a huge change in the army. The assumption that the army’s loyalty is to the king is imaginary.

Q. How would you address the question of the integration of PLA and Nepali Army?

A. We will easily solve it by being pragmatic and doing serious discussion in the Special Committee that will decide how many will be integrated where and how many will be taken to the Industrial Security, how many will be to the Border Security.

Q. That means no question of integrating two armies?

A. We haven’t understood that in the mechanical manner like that. What we have understood is that Nepali Army should be moved forward by making it more and more democratic. PLA should be moved forward in a professional manner. The Special Committee will decide after discussion about the number of personnel for the armies.

Q. Do you want to improve relationship with America?

A. We are willing to create diplomatic relationship with America even though we have different ideologies.

Q. That means words like ‘imperialism’ and ‘expansionism’ has disappeared, haven’t they?

A. It’s not that we will stop using those words. It’s not that we, the party that is going to lead the government, will use the words as we used to when we were insurgents. That doesn’t happen anywhere in the world. The wording while speaking is understandably slightly different when you are an insurgent and when you are leading a government. But as an ideology, we will continue the debate about what imperialism is and why we are against that. (Translated from Nepali by UWB)


31 responses to “Chameleon Chairman: Comrade Changes the Color!”

  1. scoop Avatar

    humbug. believe it at your own peril.

  2. asal citizen Avatar
    asal citizen

    Well, what the hell do you want? I think maoists are changing for better. And the journalists shouldn’t now start that maoists did wrong thing becoming democratic. Shame on you, for this repulsive writing. Rather you should have praised Prachanda for this change in heart.

  3. hari Avatar

    praised for what? killing inocent people u don’t know u aasalcitizen what ycl is doing now a days? shame on u

  4. wilderness Avatar

    I always knew this was all about going to the government. U fooled ur cadres.

    But few things are still good like:
    1. We can expect to see fewer Maoist atrocities now because u r in govt.
    2. We r not gonna have a communist rule in our country because Maoist itself is casting off it’s communist identity.

    One confusion still remains which is:
    What’s the difference between UML and Maoist? Maybe just the presence and lack of YCL.

  5. poor Avatar

    hahahaha…poor uneducated mice..they dont care if the scientist(maoist chairman) changes his experiments or labcoat…they are given enough food and water eveyday to fill their stomach and hunger which outweighs their tiny brains..this whole revolution, election is a big joke to me…its like putting 7 year old kids behind the driving wheel of a bus..only these kids are not 7 years old and have saturated their capacity to learn anything beyond how they’ve been brainwashed…u got ur land, money and power…we will get our peace, knowledge and truth and invest in another country..

  6. monkey god Avatar
    monkey god

    only 30 %
    that is how much we keep relation

  7. pressfreedom Avatar

    Not much to say then let them do their good job.
    The olympics are also not politics

  8. change (human right, prosperous nepal) Avatar
    change (human right, prosperous nepal)

    as for me maoist have not done any major good thing in nepal or for nepalese (directly)……………………….

    maoist did not bring republic, nepalese did, but maoist have the major hand……………………………

    because of the maoist most of the powerful useless, criminal leaders are sidelined may be forever……………….
    not there is one major problem remaining in nepal and that is maoist. and may be god’s plan is, to get read of them they won the election……………………….i thing in near future, because of the maoist, people are not only going to brutally hate maoist but also communist/communism—-when they find out that they used people to come into power.

  9. kriss Avatar

    It’s not strange getting people so AGGRESIVE towards Maoist. It has been very hard for many people excercising to realise Maoist as a big political force.
    I also criticize them so often, but the truth is THEY ARE ONE WHO DESERVE THIS STATUS. I think only 10% people used to be in politics. 90% were ignored. Now those 90% have been active. Friends, don’t be afraid from it. Those people who are excluded, from marginalised group, have sent their representatives. Look, there many youths from Dalit, single women, minirities, Madhesis, who are from marginalised and excluded background. They will defenitely raise their issues.
    It is different being a revolutionery leader and a leader of the country. Prachanda is trying to be a good leader. We can not judge him by observing his single course of action and single word. It is very easy to critize. Fren, try to be in his place and think. You will realise how stupid it is just to criticize others. Sometimes we say onething and need to other and specially it is important in politics. Constituent Assembly is Maoist’s Agenda so they had to lead the team. Now they have got that opportunity. If they are failed, of couse people will throw them out.
    Maoist have got approval from 90% people. And now it is the turn of those 90% to rule the country. No matter who says what. We all will have to accept it. This is the bitter truth.

  10. mahila  sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Dear Kriss, In what basis you say 90% people support them just look into vote count in Samunapatic Maoist got 29Lakh vote while UML and congress got 20 odd lakh each that means there are atleast 40 Lakh people who does not trust maoist. Yet in democracy whoever got the majority will lead the government but it is better to keep sense that Maoist is not in postion to impose their version of communism ( Which is outdated any way). So it is wise for them to discard outdated and dead ideology which has served them thier purpose which is to attract poor people with attractive but impossible slogans. Therefore if they are pragmatics they must take liberal and free economics policy and must ensure rule of law. If they take care of that Maoist might suceed but if they try to impose thier failed ideology then only god can help this country. Chow. May good sense prevail in Nepal. May Nepali saves themsleves.

  11. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Its GOOD NEWS if they are really changing. They need to change
    a lot if they want to be true representative of people.

  12. baje Avatar

    People, if its one thing you remember about the Maoists, remember this: They will do anything and everything to achive their strategic objective – the establishment of a communist republic. If you have any doubts to this end, the journalists in our midst should ask a panel of Maoist leaders if they have given up on their objective. A simple “yes” / “no” answer should suffice.

  13. Hero the hunter Avatar
    Hero the hunter

    1-mahila sahu
    2-change (human right, prosperous nepal),

    These above peoples are educated but uneducated,

    They think they are the smarted in nepal, what being live overseas as a servent .forgot about nepal and nepali peoples, shame on you idiots.

    Maosit are doing their best for change for good,
    No game no pain i hope you dunekys already heard of it. so just shut the fuck your mouth dont need to comment here again with such ideas

  14. Hero the hunter Avatar
    Hero the hunter

    To the editor

    Please dont write over then what you heard,
    dontry to be no one bloger, you can win viewer by truth things not by fake,just like what you have posted above.

  15. Harke Avatar

    Maoists are changing why????


    And thats a fact. We are all being governed by India. NC, UML, Maoists, Forum, RPP.. all of them are selling this country.

  16. Harke Avatar

    Not to forget our own Dinesh Wagle and his Kantipur. They are all sellouts. Sellouts selling this country and “we the people” don’t have a voice in mass media. Mass media controls our voices. Mass media in Nepal (except a few cheap ones) are also controlled by India.

    And I am a gonna be proud Indian.

    Jai Nepal!

  17. Harke Avatar

    Nepal is going to be the 2nd Sikkim.

    Sikkim had retained guarantees of independence from Britain when she became independent, and such guarantees were transferred to the Indian government when it gained independence in 1947. A popular vote for Sikkim to join the Indian Union failed and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru agreed to a special protectorate status for Sikkim. Sikkim was to be a tributary of India, in which India controlled its external defence, diplomacy and communication. A state council was established in 1955 to allow for constitutional government for the Chogyal, which was sustained until 1973.

    In early 1970 the anti-monarchy Sikkim National Congress Party demanded fresh elections and greater representation for the Nepalese.

    Frosty relations between the Chogyal and the elected Kazi (Prime Minister) Lendup Dorji resulted in an attempt to block the meeting of the legislature. The Kazi was elected by the Council of Ministers which was unanimous in its opposition to the retention of the Monarchy. Matters came to a head in 1975 when the Kazi appealed to the Indian Parliament for representation and change of status to statehood. On April 14, 1975, a referendum merged Sikkim with the union of India. Sikkim became the 22nd Indian State on April 26, 1975. On May 16, 1975 Sikkim officially became a state of the Indian Union and Lendup Dorji became head of State (chief minister). This was promptly recognised by the United Nations and all countries except China.


  18. Piyush Avatar

    OK .
    What do you want Mr. Blogger ? That Prachanda keeps on c
    Let us suppose that Prachanda continues all the rhetoric that he used during and after the insurgency even when he is leading the government.What is going to happen Mr. Blogger?
    Would you like a head of state and government tussling with national army and spitting venom on powerful nations like India and US? WAKE UP! this is 21st centuryI
    What ever Prachanda did is correct and according to dielectic materialism that these people follow, if you know what it is .Prachanda has demonstrated that he is flexible and ready to change for the good of the nation.
    (I just hope that he gets rid of the goons in YCL.
    YCL needs to be disbanded!)
    Do you think we can move forward by bullying with NA ,US and India?
    PLEASE understand Mr. Blogger that this is 21st century and adaptation is what we need not a communist autocratic rule that Maoist were talking about during revolution.If Prachanda and Maoist remain the same i dont think you can keep posting your blogs for a long time honey!!
    Think before you write.

  19. Harke Avatar

    RAW having been given a virtual carte blanche to conduct destabilization operations in neighboring countries inimical to India to seriously undertook restructuring of its organization accordingly. RAW was given a list of seven countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Pakistan and Maldives) whom India considered its principal regional protagonists. It very soon systematically and brilliantly crafted covert operations in all these countries to coerce, destabilize and subvert them in consonance with the foreign policy objectives of the Indian Government.

    Ever since the partition of the sub-continent India has been openly meddling in Nepal’s internal affairs by contriving internal strife and conflicts through RAW to destabilize the successive legitimate governments and prop up puppet regimes which would be more amenable Indian machinations. Armed insurrections were sponsored and abetted by RAW and later requests for military assistance to control these were managed through pro-India leaders. India has been aiding and inciting the Nepalese dissidents to collaborate with the Nepali Congress. For this they were supplied arms whenever the King or the Nepalese Government appeared to be drifting away from the Indian dictates and impinging on Indian hegemonic designs in the region. In fact, under the garb of the so-called democratization measures, the Maoists were actively encouraged to collect arms to resort to open rebellion against the legitimate Nepalese governments. The contrived rebellions provided India an opportunity to intervene militarily in Nepal, ostensibly to control the insurrections which were masterminded by the RAW itself. It was an active replay of the Indian performance in Sri Lanka and Maldives a few years earlier. RAW is particularly aiding the people of the Indian-origin and has been providing them with arms and ammunition. RAW has also infiltrated the ethnic Nepali refugees who have been extradited by Bhutan and have taken refuge in the eastern Nepal. RAW can exploit its links with these refugees in either that are against the Indian interest. Besides the Nepalese economy is totally controlled by the Indian money lenders, financiers and business mafia ( RAW’s Machination In South Asia by Shastra Dutta Pant, Kathmandu, 2003).

  20. change Avatar

    Hey everyone there,
    In the past years yeah everybody got terrified with the maoists, isn’t that the reason why they were called terrorists but then now the things have changed they have become the ones choosen by the we ppl, so let us give them a chance and see how they will change the face of Nepal. I take it a nice step of him having changed his words, now time to change something else his thoughts, his deeds, his people who once were used to looting and most important of all form a NEW NEPAL back to a land of peace again.
    Hello everyone I have a blog thought to post here do help me with your thoughts and see if our thoughts make a difference.



  21. United Voices Avatar


    yo ta samaya ko mag po ho ta

  22. Chandra Avatar

    There is a news or rumors that US is considering to remove Maoist from its terrorist list. We are hoping that this is just a rumor. It will be unfortunte if the US make such hasty decision. Election is important to find how Nepali people were frustaed with existing politics of Nepal. But, election itself does not give what kind of future government the political party is enviioning for. Maoist is definetly has secured a majority of the vote. But has not shown what inside its iron curtin remain to see. Maoist is not a democratic party. It has not changed its fundamental principle. It is a conservitive communist party. It belives in one party authortarian system. It is not only agains but violence when it comes to individual right,freedom of speech, and free judecary system. It is not a time yet for the US to remove this group from terrorist list. Terrorist activities of this party has not stopped yet. We hope US embassy will convince the State Department to wait until this party will prove its true democratic nature through action. The US is the only hope to distroy the evil of Communist. It will be unfortunate for us if it will jump of band wagon. We believe in democracy, and liberty. The US government has stand with its value all across the world. US is the first country to establish a republic after revolting aganist monarch. This is the first country that gave a written constitution to the mordern world and taught the concept of rule of laws. It has defended a democracy as well as liberty. American must wait until the formation of new constitution what these Red ideologe have in mind for this country. Maoist have been able to attract passionate followers, this simply of frustation of past exprences, but these thugs can use this mandate of “majority will” and convert country into totalatraian. US must review history of Hitlar how his pary used majority so call mandate and turn country in to a killing field.

  23. Masayo Avatar

    Didn’t see that coming….

    The entire Nepal is in sadness and denial.

    Prachanda’s specific appeal,super well-positioned the whole metapher of ascent to politics.
    People went for it.

    I kept thinking maybe it’s a fluke, you know.
    Maybe it’s a weird fluke and this isn’t going to continue…

    This could not get any weirder?.

    And I’m left here to suffer for my beloved Nepal(is)
    Ke garne?!

  24. Tilak Avatar

    Mainstream politics often has softening effect on ideologies. And same thing has happened to Maoist ideologies. And I personally believe that it has happened for good. Its worth mentioning that Maoists have descended from their ideological utopia. They have shown the sign of being pragmatic and flexible. They have softened their there virtually impossible demand of integrating PLA to national army. Its a good sign and we should welcome it.

    I am slightly worried by the tone and the title of the writer in this article. An article has to start from a neutral point and then build on an argument. It has to be well supported by evidences before it can actually comment on a issue. This article does not do that. The very first sentence starts from chameleon prachada… It’s biased.

    The article promotes rightist extremism without any support. And being a prominent blog as this, its not appropriate for the blogger to just keep on writing for the sake of cheap publicity. Its morally wrong and wrong even in the sense of true journalism. The writer should be aware of that.

  25. Atman Avatar

    Lets see King and Palace we keep in 60% and do not maiicious reports. Maoists is democratic and old rule kept a string.
    The people are dumb and yet not completely
    Tao ze Dung

  26. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Tilak, I totally agree with you. Media shouldnot be biased. They should provide the readers with facts and let the readers decide.

    And about the changing colors of maoists; all i have to say is “Welcome to the world of politics, the world of power, where the things being said never happens and things never said happens all the time.”

  27. kriss Avatar

    sathi ho, Nepalma 10% manchhe holan jo politics ma involve chha ra pahuch rakchha. Jo ahile Maoist sanga chhan, tiniharu na ta yesari media ma pahuch rakhchhan na ta tiniharuko aawaz nai mathi aauchha. Tara fact ke ho bhane tiniharu nai Janata Janardan hun ani abako sashak. We are not doing anything other than making our articles and comment like a professional. Ask to an old man of Rasuwa who has sent his daughter to Bombay to be prostitute, just to survive, just to have a couple of thousand money, exttreme poverty and hunder compell people to do anything. then you will know why did they vote for Maoist?

    You see articles in media, discuss, but look at the genuine Nepalese… then you will realise what was the immediate need in nepal. We have been taking all the resources and facilities of their portion. they deserve to be like us. We can not compain Maoist just like saying your word is not suitable…. your patry is not loktantrik…. you killed many people…..? Fren if you have that energy meet the leader of them and try to let them down, plz get sometime to argue with top leader and beat him/her.. then that will be the real win and effective criticism. Little knowledge is dangerous thing. It is easy to say this is bad and wrong. But if we say this we shuld know what is good and what was right?? Only a word and slogan is not enough to win such a big game frens, if it was possible, UML would win about 150, because they have not seem to be worst to people, they did not say any bad words. But in reality, there is action. If you meet anyone from Rolpa, Rukum, Rasuwa, can talk. What we see, hear and believe may not be the reality.

    Maoist may fail in their mission but this is not right time to complain them. It’s better to provide feedback to them because they are our guardians in the global community. Whatever they do will determine our future. Be optimistic!!!!!!!!!! NC and UML are those who played vital role to born grow Maoist. Maoist are the consequence of the life and pain of all those excluded, disadvantaged and marginalised people.

    Maoist ko birodh garneharuko pahuch rajyaka sabai angaharu ra media ma chha tara maoist ka supporter haru all marginalised, exccluded and disadvantaged group ka chhan. Sathi ho hamile bisleshan garne tehibata ho jun mind ma yo environment (which was against the myth and vision of Maoist) le euta opinion bharideuko chha. Please some out of that and try to be practical.

    No matter who says what. No matter which media acts aginst it, maoist will not give up. That’s what I know and I believe in. I also fall under “Samranta family” according to their defenition, but even I voted for them. I don’t want new Govt. to sell my land and another Tanakpur. I can’t sacrifice my life and all these worldly happiness like family, friend and everything which hundreds of people in Maoist did. I also love my country so I need to support them. They have an amazing spirit, so we should not descourage them.

    Fren, our Loktantrik party (NC and UML) are those who denied CA Election demand in 2058 and after that about 12000 people killed. Please if you know some leaders of NC and UML ask them why didn’t they agree with that demand, which was good for our country? And if CA is not needed, why did they participate in election? Of course I also have so many thiungs to complain against maoist, but afterall they are one who will not sell our motherland. As other NC and UML did before.

  28. paribartan Avatar

    I think the main point here is the psycology of people..We(all of us) have difficulty in adjusting to changes in our own lives..Same with the ideologies and politics..Many people can’t just remove the picture of maoists set previously and set a new one. I think as a Nepali, lets try to change and hope for positive change and progress in Nepal. What we have to keep in mind is ” We ktm residents and NRNs aren’t the whole bunch that represents Nepal”..The vioce of majority of “chappal laune”…”batti balla napako” and “gadi chadna napayeka” Nepali to be represented in this blog and elsewhere wil take a long time…

  29. Masayo Avatar

    You are absolutely right…I agree with ya.
    I ‘m an unlicensed unpsychologist(^_^) and my advice to you fellow Nepalis…..

    Democracy is only an experiment in goverment,
    (William Inge)
    How about change` it ‘ to `Maoism’ .

  30. haha Avatar

    maoism and then christianity huh?

  31. NepaleseLaw Avatar

    To put it simply, the topic of this blog post is very misleading and blogger wants to impose on us what he thinks about maoists. The derogatory words against the top leader of Maoists shows the contempt of Wagle towards Maoists. After reading his views for over 3 years on the blog, I understand that his predictions about Mao being distantly third has been horribly wrong and the pain he is suffering from these results compels him to vomit poison everytime when he decides to write something about Maoists.

    I do not understand why he fails to understand the more responsible answers from Mao, which certainly reduces friction among different organs of states which eventually leads to peaceful Nepal.

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