Attending A Maoist Mass Meeting in Pokhara

Maoists organized a massive rally and mass meeting in Pokhara a few days ago and Neil Horning attended with his camera. Here is his report: When I told my classes I was taking a day off to go to Prachanda’s speech on March 8th. They asked “Why? You can’t understand what he says.” I didn’tContinue reading “Attending A Maoist Mass Meeting in Pokhara”

History in Making: Parliament Tells Nepal Govt. to Take Action Against King

Nine months after the House of Representatives, restored by April Revolution, passed a Magna Carta like declaration, the Interim Parliament formed as per the interim constitution today unanimously passed a proposal that directs the government of Nepal to take action against king Gyanendra, a former autocrat, for his regressive statement on Democracy Day. The proposalContinue reading “History in Making: Parliament Tells Nepal Govt. to Take Action Against King”

Prachanda Public: Maoist Girls, Cameras and Other Scenes

A photo blog: First public meeting of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) that was addressed by their Chairman Prachanda. By Dinesh Wagle Maoist affiliated girls on the back stage put on make up and do their hairs before going on the state to perform dance. The show clearly belonged to Prachanda because it was organized speciallyContinue reading “Prachanda Public: Maoist Girls, Cameras and Other Scenes”

Terai Demos: Mobs Rule, Indian Infiltrator Gets Bullet

UWB Photo Blog Images of demonstrations in various parts of south-eastern Nepal Madhesis of the hill origin took out a peace rally in Lahan, Siraha on Saturday (3 Feb) stressing on harmony among residents in the region and expressing their solidarity with the deamands of Madhes. Pic by Bharat Jarghamagar

Comrades Close Down Kathmandu

A scene from todya’s Kathmandu Valley Band by Maoists. In Gongabu Both pics by Suresh Nath Neupane As if the city was their small shop and they were the shopkeepers, Maoists comrades have pulled down the shutter of Kathmandu. Vehicles that were on road until an hour ago (10 AM) have now suddenly disappeared. AllContinue reading “Comrades Close Down Kathmandu”

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Government of Nepal and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Full text of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement held between Government of Nepal and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Source: Government of Nepal Date: 22 Nov 2006 Preamble Respecting popular mandate of Nepali people expressed in favor of democracy, peace and progression through the historical struggles and people’s movements, time and again, from 2007 BS andContinue reading “The Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Government of Nepal and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)”

Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

By brazenly violating the government decisions and policy, the army chief has signaled that royal palace still take the shots in Nepali politics Based on today’s editoral in Kantipur The visit of army chief Pyar Jung Thapa along with top army officers to the royal palace on the birthday of king Gyanendra gives the impressionContinue reading “Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)”