No Farewell to Arms?

By Deepak Adhikari Wednesday saw contradictory statements (aired by BBC Nepali Service) by top-notch negotiating leaders of ongoing dialogue (or is it over?). Though, the committees headed by Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Home Minister Krishna Sitaula looks irrelevant after summit level talks between Prachanda and the Prime Minister, they made two different statementsContinue reading “No Farewell to Arms?”

Koirala for Ceremonial Monarchy: People Will Decide

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Sketch by Dewen via the Kathmandu Post (Inside: Ameet Dhakal of the Post: The hometown syndrome) “Some leaders are suggesting us to eat poison and jump from steep hill. We don’t want to see army giving guard of honor to the king by disrespecting martyrs.” Krishna Pahadi, human rightsContinue reading “Koirala for Ceremonial Monarchy: People Will Decide”

India Welcomes Nepal: Koirala Greatest South Asian Leader

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala with foreign diplomats at Tribhuwan International Airport before leaving for New Delhi on Tuesday. Pic, first published in eKantipur, by Bikas Rauniar After American President George W. Bush, it was today the turn of Nepal’s Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to be received by the Indian Prime Minister at theContinue reading “India Welcomes Nepal: Koirala Greatest South Asian Leader”

Maoist Mass Meeting: City Girl’s Perspective

By Zade 15 After attending the Maoist Mass Meeting in Khula Manch, Kathmandu. …I see no reason for the crowd to get so excited. So the Maoists will be closer to our doorsteps, how happy should one feel? Who can you trust? The same applies to the SPA (Seven Party Alliance). The mass meetings inContinue reading “Maoist Mass Meeting: City Girl’s Perspective”

Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street

Walking with Maoist folks who, after being released by authorities, were taking out rally and chanting slogans on the main street of the town. Bijaya Kuwar aka Comrade Sapana, 15, wants to continue her sixth grade study. “But,” she said while chanting slogan in a rally organized immediately after her release from 3-month-loing imprisonment thisContinue reading “Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street”

Recovering From The Jana Andolan Atrocities

UWB Photo Blog Twenty one people died during the historical people’s movement of last month where as thousands were injured in the atrocities committed by the army and police directly working under the orders of the royal regime. Some of the injured have returned to their normal routines where as others are still in theContinue reading “Recovering From The Jana Andolan Atrocities”