Recovering From The Jana Andolan Atrocities

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Twenty one people died during the historical people’s movement of last month where as thousands were injured in the atrocities committed by the army and police directly working under the orders of the royal regime. Some of the injured have returned to their normal routines where as others are still in the hospitals undergoing treatment. UWB presents images of some of the pro-democracy Nepali people who were injured in the Andolan and are now recovering in hospitals including Kathmandu Model Hospital and TU Teaching Hospital.

Jana Andolan victim Kumar Magar recovering from gunshot
Recovering and smiling: Kumar Thapamagar, his wife and child at his side, recovers at Kathmandu Model Hospital on Thursday. He was shot in the stomach during the people’s movement. Pic by Todd Karainin and Ekindra Kunwar

Jana Andolan victim Kumar Magar recovering from gunshot

Victim’s verbatim: Kumar Thapamagar, 26 year old UML activist from Palpa, Malang VDC Ward No:7, had almost given up the hope. “I contemplated my death as my intestines were visible outside stomach,” he says, relishing in the post-surgery raptures. He is undergoing treatment at Model Hospital, Bagbazar, Kathmandu. But, he was shot by a sudden gunshot in Butwal in April 9 when thousands of protesters were chanting pro-democracy slogans.

Initially, he was admitted to Lumbini Hospital in Butwal but his surgey was not successful. Then, he was referred to Kathmandu and Dr. Arjun Burlakoti successfully operated him. According Dr. Burlakoti, Kumar is doing fine. Victim Kumar warns the leaders from his bed: “Now peace should prevail and leaders must act as per people’s mandate.”– By Ekindra

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities
Rastriya Prajantra Party’s Pashupati Rana visits a victim in the hospital.

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities
Ram Bahadur BK, 17, Satdobato.

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities
Rajendra Prasad Mahato,25, Saptahari

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities
Gokarna Tiwari.

Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities
Bishnu Lal Maharjan
Recovering from Jana Andolan Atrocities

Meanwhile here is the sad news (source eKantipur):

Compensation to martyrs’ families in limbo

KATHMANDU, May 12 – A week has elapsed since a cabinet decision to provide families of martyrs with Rs 1 million as financial assistance, but no concrete step has been taken in this regard so far, with at least two ministries claiming ignorance of the matter.
The government formally decided on May 3 to provide Rs 1 million each to the martyrs’ families.

According to a cabinet source, the government on Tuesday decided to entrust the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare with the task of making preparations to provide the assistance. But when the Post reached the ministry today, the officials said they have not received any instructions from the Cabinet as yet.

Instead, officials at the ministry pointed out that the job falls under the jurisdiction of the Home Ministry. But even officials at the Home Ministry denied having any knowledge of the assistance.





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  1. Supriya Avatar

    Dear All,

    Get well soon. The parliament is about to decide something historical. The Maoists have already brought out their road map for peace. It seems good days are coming. It seems peace is coming. If all goes well, I am sure the country will be able to hlep you out in future. I know the whole Nepali society is indebted to you folks. Thank you.

  2. Patriot Avatar

    This blog was posted on May 12 and it is disheartening to see that it is virtually empty. Are we all so hypocrites that we dont care to drop in a line here simply because it is not a glamorous topic ?? Where are the other enthusiastic bloggers ??

    We need to come here and pay our tributes to these fighters of democracy. They have risked their lives and made this a successful revolution. Long live democracy and long live fighters of democracy !!

  3. Patriot Avatar

    I am ashamed the way people have ignored this topic and failed to thank these people.

  4. Kirat Avatar

    Some of them were bystanders. screw them. they were not even in the protests.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    Hey fake Kirat, can’t you think of a different name for yourself?

  6. Patriot Avatar

    Hey Kirat,

    Were you there in each and every protest to objectively point out that these people were just bystanders ??

    I regularly come across many of your blogs and while you seem extremely pro-people, why this contradiction?? Besides I think your posting are extreme and stubborn without room for moderation and other people’s views.

    Why are you so bitter??

    And btw – you called yourself fake. I suppose when you know you are fake, it comes out one way or other – subconsciously in this case.

    Get a life buddy!!

  7. Kirat Avatar

    Patriot, that was someone else trying to pose as me. That post #4 was not me but an impostor. They can’t argue logically so they try to stab me in the back by posing as me and saying ridiculous things to make me look bad. What can I do?

  8. Patriot Avatar

    In that case – I’m kool. Didn’t know such a thing would happen here. Anyways, keep up the enthusiasm.

  9. wethrby Avatar

    Perfect pages… tnx

  10. bblcrxgokw…

    ieaumefp xekvelzfccc jiwkdajaa jvmxpgaw …

  11. Chuda Avatar

    Nepal goverment is sleeping always. Nepal is calling ‘satilesarapeko des’.

  12. sundar shrestha Avatar
    sundar shrestha


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