The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come VI

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By Shruti Shrestha

Prachanda’s Call:Maoist detainees in Nakkhu jail after they ended the hunger strike upon the request from their supreme leader Prachanda

Dad’s Daughter: A Maoist activist holds his daughter in Nakkhu jail

no more hunger strike
Keeping an Eye:Security person watch as female detinees chat

no-more hunger strike
Still behind the Bar:A Maobaadi looks desperate for his release

In the verge of Freedom: ANNFSU (Revolutionary)’s ex-vice president Krishna KC (third from left) and other Maoist detainees after having juice to end the hunger strike






7 responses to “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come VI”

  1. TRUEMAN Avatar

    Soon be free comrades

  2. Patriot Avatar

    Comrades … Your struggle has paid off. But it is important to remember that rebelling and governing are two different things. I hope you integrate into mainstream politics and get over the hangover of power by coercion.

  3. Louis Godena Avatar

    congratulations, comrades!

  4. reader Avatar

    Let’s hope each of these will be brought before the court on charges for killing, torture and extortions. Nobody should be above the law in a true democracy.

  5. Govinda Avatar

    Jail ma sabai baschhan , niskanchhan tara yeuta sano balika lai bokera jail basta kasto hunchha hola , tyo masum bachha ko dimak ma kasto asar parla.. manavta ko natale pani tyo bachha lai kehi bebasta garideye BHAGAWALE pani maaf garnethiyo, natra marepachhi pani tyo jail halnelai SAJAYA dherai thulo huchhhaaa……

  6. saint Avatar

    dear govinda

    child he is holding was visiting him in the prison.”remember number of fathers he has killed for the sake of his political ambition”.he doesnot deserve emotional syampathy.

  7. deamo Avatar

    Very usefull site!

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