History in Making: Parliament Tells Nepal Govt. to Take Action Against King

Nine months after the House of Representatives, restored by April Revolution, passed a Magna Carta like declaration, the Interim Parliament formed as per the interim constitution today unanimously passed a proposal that directs the government of Nepal to take action against king Gyanendra, a former autocrat, for his regressive statement on Democracy Day.

The proposal says, “Expressing serious objection to the message of the king, who has been stripped of all state powers by the Interim Constitution and the May 18, 2006 HoR Proclamation, this sitting [of parliament] rejects the unconstitutional, unauthorized and undemocratic message outright.” Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s party Nepali Congress tabled the proposal and nine other parties supported it. Nepali Congress MP Ram Chandra Poudel tabled the proposal, which was also supported by Bharat Mohan Adhikari of CPN-UML, Dev Gurung of CPN-Maoist, Tek Bahadur Chokhyal of NC-Democratic, Bharat Bimal Yadav of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi), Nanda Kumar Prasain of Bam Morcha and Sunil Prajapati of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party. Poudel said, “As the king was unwilling as ever to remain within the constitutional boundaries, the parliament should immediately declare a republic.”

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula spoke in the parliament. He said: The Prime Minister will take necessary action. It has been our commitment to hold free and fair Constituent Assembly elections. The King has initiated effort to pose obstruction in the holding of the elections. The government will move ahead by defeating such efforts.

Now the question is: Will the government take action against the king? If it takes any actions, the question will be: Will the army come in defense to the king? Many believe that the army will have two choices: Either abide by the democratic government or take the side of the falling king. A few second rung leaders of different political parties, a few civil society members and journalists said that the army will not shoulder a king that is destined to be downed.





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  1. nepali_choro Avatar

    If responsible people don’t act responsibly then the country will be in fire. Why are we Nepali so violent… if Madeshis does not like the constitution or representation the problem won’t be solved by inciting violence. If this govt cannot create the atmosphere for the CA election then hand over the power to this King again(this is the last thing I hate to see)??? Read the comments the leaders of the so called madhesis, janjatis, an army general and the king are making… everyone is taking the advantage of the situation and doing their petty politics.

  2. lahure Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit,

    How many nobel laurets in US universities have their undergraduate degrees done in US ? You moron, US is buying cream from Europe and Asia, that’s it. Getting nobel prize is a huge politics in itself. Even then, most of these so called geneous had their tertiery education elsewhere. What USA does is spends money on research to buy the talents. US comes last i Math/Science olypiads among developed countries. Koreans/Japanese/Chines students are far better. How many real americans have you seen doing ph.D in USA not counting those who adopt USA as their home? Doctoral degrees in US universities are of high class not undergraduate degrees. A commission on EU-USA concluded this based on the fact that US students take only 65% of the courses in their discipline, the remaining courses are taken electives in other fields. This may be OK in social sciences but not in engineering and applied sciences. Try getting admitted in EU universities based on your US undergraduate degrees, you will be in big trouble.

  3. sagarmatha Avatar

    SPAMmocracy (democracy centralism among eight parties)is already failed now…more it sustain like this more it has sympton to bring ethnic unrest, civil war and seperation of the country…time has come to make hands-up and think new option for SPAM…the last suggestion to foolish SPAM is; there is still time to sit SPAM, king and even terai and pahadia people for peace, democracy and equal rights…biasness of all groups are not going to help the nation…it is not going to be fairy tale like SPAM said “once the king’s power is gone evrything going to be alright in Nepal and New Nepal will be turned into Switzerland”…since 50 years nepali political parties are not successful to play the democratic role and equal rights where options were hunted by the people ….it is to be sure the real dictator will definately born in Nepal.. people are seeing the powerless king and supremo of the supreme SPAM, but nothing gone right instead it is heading toward more disaster of civil war and seperation of the country…if king and country abolish at the same time then what SPAM is going to tell the people…the sympton is heading toward it…

  4. angelica Avatar

    i think this noname is actually G himself…spilling out his frustration on this site and foul mouthing when he can’t defend himself…wat say?

  5. Guyfromktm Avatar

    just had a thought.. could Angelica be Pushpa Kamal himself– blaming the invisible forces for everything that hasn’t gone his way.. just speculating.

  6. noname Avatar

    LOL @ Guyfromktm (15:32:13)

  7. hell_supreme Avatar

    actually speaking…..the common nepali people have suffered the most…….and will continue to suffer…..no G or SPAM be of any help…….only GOD can intervene…….

  8. www.bpbpersonals.blog.co.uk Avatar

    i agree with your words.
    NONAME is a damn BASTARD, Antisocial culprit….
    a damn son of a traitor…..


  9. sonam Avatar

    The SPAM parliament with no opposition should shut up about the king and instead should concentrate on solving the madesh problem.
    The King wants the SPAM to act against him and to gain the symphaty of the people, that’s why he is giving these stupid statements.
    The moment SPAM acts gainst the King, the “Royal” Nepal Army will interfere and we are back to square one.
    The SPAM should move fast to hold the CA elections on time and let the people decide what to do with the King.

  10. Jai Hind Avatar
    Jai Hind

    Bhudai Pandit: “You must be a Nepali Madeshi since you seem to know an awlful alot of details about Nepalese history.” I rest my case.

    shekhar mayavi: What PLA without Indian arms, logistics and mission? Bask in your illusion as much as you can. I won’t last long. The landing, shall we say, will not be safe.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Noname is making a fool of himself. Just let him be.
    Speaking of fools here is another one: Lahure.

    “How many nobel laurets in US universities have their undergraduate degrees done in US ?”

    Let’s see… let me just list the winners in 2006 and their undergraduate institution.

    Roger Kornberg (Nobel Prize in Chemistry) earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.

    Edmund Phelps (Nobel Prize in Economics) earned his bachelor’s degree at Amherst College.

    Andrew Z. Fire & Craig C. Mello (The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine)
    Fair did his undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley and Mello did his at Brown University.

    John C. Mather & George F. Smoot (Nobel Prize in Physics) Mather did his undergraduate at Swarthmore College and Smoot did his at MIT.

    Even Muhammed Yunis who you may have hear about did his BA in Bangladesh and later earned his PhD in economics from Vanderbilt University in the United States.

    “What USA does is spends money on research to buy the talents. US comes last i Math/Science olypiads among developed countries.”

    You will notice that all these winners are Americans. Yes a significant doctoral degrees are awarded to foreginers as well. But we are arguing about which country’s institution is superior!

    “Try getting admitted in EU universities based on your US undergraduate degrees”

    Errrr… and why would one want to get admitted into an EU university?
    With 3 exceptions of course: Oxford, Cambridge and LSE.

  12. noname Avatar


    A person who is severly beaten here there and everywhere. I see his blabberings on Blogdai often. Got raped there, gets raped here. The fundamentally disconnected part of his brain is the one which thinks that he knows Nepal better than anyone else. The thing that he blabbers is the truth! But alas, that’s the only thing he doesn’t know. From being a supporter of SPAM warlords to trying to show that he is a SPAM hater. He has changed many colors over the year. But oooh ah, why do I even refute a bunny whom I can beat hands down and necks cut.

    Let me be myself. Right, let me be myself so that I can kick more and more SPAM arses and kick a lot more like Bhudai.

    Next one please. Again, sensible comments.

  13. noname Avatar

    I need some of the SPAM warlord supporters to still justify that how did they have 13 year and 17 year olds (who got killed yesterday) in their rank of comrades. Girija, being the official leader of the comrades and warlord terrorists owes a few explanation. But since Girija is a dead body…and the rest are all goons, I suppose we won’t get explanations of the use of children by SPAM warlords. So any of the SPAM supporters, can we have explanations from you? Don’t run away from you sh*t filthy creatures. Try and take a lick of it.

  14. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    mampaka Jai Hind, you don’t get a joke ? I know that our politicians are fools and only India is benefitting. Five years ago everyone was against Maoists and a republic Nepal. Now, everyone is calling for republic; madhes wants to be an independent state. It is not hard to imagine that five years down the road there will be intense open discussions on whether Nepal should be the 29th state of India. I guess even within a year Nepal will be ceremonial 29th state of India and you Indians will be our ceremonial head of state. saale, gadha Indian, how embarassing it is. We were able to stay sovereign even from your imperial masters but we have fallen into your trap. Just in case, I want to make sure-if we become a part of India, will there be democracy in Nepal? Will there be federalism? Will there be republic? That’s all we care for. If that is what you are offering then it’s okay our leaders will take the offer. It will be historic. Thanks. Jai Hind.

  15. noname Avatar

    shekhar mayavi (23:14:55) :,

    Please make up your mind as to what you want. Republic Nepal? Communist Nepal? Federal Nepal? Nepal as a part of India? Bhutanized Nepal? Sikkimised Nepal? Arunachalised Nepal? Kashmirised Nepal? Bangladesh-kinda Nepal? Terrorist state of Nepal? Axis of Nepal?

    Under the SPAM rule I see the last 2 ones being realistic. Although Sikkimised Nepal can’t be ruled out too after the last 2 threats have been dealt with.

    P.S.: All the options mentioned above are the different visions of Nepal in the mind of SPAM warlords and terrorists and have reflect no view point of any real Nepalis who do not consider and adhere to (want) any of those options.

  16. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    According to Sita Ram Yehchuri’s master plan, approved by the Govt. of India, in the first phase Nepal will be like 22/24 rajya kind of Nepal. Did you miss that as one of the options ?

  17. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Does Madhab Kumar Nepal smell a conspiracy here:

    LONDON, England (CNN) — Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, is to join troops serving in Iraq, defense officials confirmed Thursday.

    Ending weeks of speculation on the young royal’s future, the Ministry of Defense said Harry, 22, will be deployed with his Blues and Royals regiment in May or June this year.

    The prince will become the first royal to serve in a war zone since his uncle, the Duke of York, piloted helicopters in the Falklands conflict 25 years ago.

    Officials said Harry, who graduated as an officer last year, will serve as a troop commander in charge of several light tank reconnaissance vehicles.

    British officials have indicated that Harry, 22, could be kept out of situations that could jeopardize his colleagues amid fears he would be a prize target — or “bullet magnet” — for insurgents.

    But Harry, who graduated last year from Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, has insisted he does not want special treatment.

    Clarence House, which speaks on behalf of the prince, and the Ministry of Defense said that the prince would carry out a “normal troop commander’s role.” (Watch the challenges facing Harry in Iraq Video)

    In a joint statement, they said: “We can confirm today that Prince Harry will deploy to Iraq later this year in command of a troop from ‘A Squadron’ of the Household Cavalry Regiment.

    “Whilst in Iraq Cornet Wales (Harry’s regimental title) will carry out a normal troop commander’s role, involving leading a troop of 12 men in four Scimitar armored reconnaissance vehicles, each with a crew of three.

    “The decision to deploy him has been a military one… The royal household has been consulted throughout.”

    The statement also warned of the hazards of press speculation on the exact location where he would serve, highlighting the security risks of the deployment.

    “This is like President Bush sending a son to the frontline. The decision is both dangerous and courageous at the same time,” said Evening Standard royal correspondent Robert Jobson.

    “It is a success for Harry but he has become the number one target for insurgents.”

    Britain’s Press Association quoted a regimental source saying Harry was “over the moon” at the news.

    Harry has always said he wanted to put his training into practice.

    “There is no way I am going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country,” he said on his 21st birthday.

    Defense Minister Des Browne outlined that two squadrons from the Household Cavalry Regiment, of which Harry is part, are to be deployed.

    Thursday’s announcement comes a day after British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced the phased withdrawal of British forces from the country with the withdrawal of 1,600 troops within coming months. (Watch Blair announce withdrawal Video)

    In addition to his uncle, Harry’s military service continues a royal family tradition.

    His father, Prince Charles, was a pilot with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy.

    As the second in line to the British crown, Harry’s older brother, William — while also a military officer — is not eligible for combat service.

    Harry’s emerging role as a military officer is a major image change from his reputation as a young hellraiser involved in a series of tabloid newspaper misadventures that have caused embarrassment for Britain’s royal family. (Watch how Harry transformed from party boy to soldier prince Video)

    Both Harry and his brother have spent their youth in the media spotlight despite appeals for privacy following the death of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997.

  18. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Sensible comments? Lol.
    Please come to Blogdai and debate and let’s see who is getting raped. You are ranting here by yourself making a fool of yourself. People have even stopped responding to your comments because you are such a self-absorbed nut case – much like the hardcore Royalists who are getting their ass beaten in public so they have to come here with an anonymous name and make themslves feel important. It must be difficult for your Takuri ass to be feeling so degraded and disrespected. So please continue so posts comments and bloster that inferiority complex that has taken such a beating.

    You will beat me hands dowm? on what? Debating skills, writing ability, logic, physical strength? What are you talking about? Hey why don’t you state your real name and address and we’ll see what’s up – or are you that scared of SPAM?

  19. noname Avatar

    LOL @ Shekhar Mayavi! Man there sure are some brilliant humorists here and you are right up there!

  20. noname Avatar

    alright i take it back. i am an ass, a moneky, a loser. i wash mailo’s crotch everyday and drink it like soup. i am sick and addicted to it and i’m dead if gyane is gone. what should i do help me out. you are right i come here coz i have no where to go. my god and my master gyane is all i have. i have to support gyane coz i am his illegit child, u must understand that. i am a loserrrr 😦

  21. noname Avatar

    Alright i take it back. i am a dumbass, a moneky, a loser. i wash mailo’s crotch everyday and drink it like soup. i am sick and addicted to it and i’m dead if gyane is gone. what should i do help me out. you are right i come here coz i have no where to go. my god and my master gyane is all i have. i have to support gyane coz i am his illegit child, u must understand that. i am a loserrrr 😦

  22. noname Avatar

    noname (01:30:10) , noname (01:31:20) :


    Complete characteristics of SPAMmers, ain’t they? Got spanked so bad that now the need comes to simulate the names. Haha. SPAM warlords and terrorists and their followers, can go down to any level to keep themselves floating right over the piss.

  23. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    noname you make no sense. You should change your name to nosense.
    You must have learnt to write English the same place Gyanendra learnt politics.

  24. noname Avatar

    SPAM warlords = terrrorism = Bloody killers of Nepalis!

  25. Moonflower Avatar

    Which section of Interim Consitution bars the present King making any statement? Under which Article, it is against the Law of the Land? Which Act makes the King’s statement unconstitutional?

    Can anyone explain?

  26. noname Avatar

    LOL. Moonflower, don’t ask for explanations from the SPAM warlords and terrorists. They only know Mobs, violence, stone-pelting, tire burning, killing Nepalis, sucking the blood and hard earned money of Nepalis.

    The only thing they want is Power by hook and crook. And they do not want any voice to stop them from achieving their dark, vicious agenda.

  27. sonam Avatar

    SPA are much better than M + K
    M were, are and will be a dictator, K is given a chance will cut the telephone lines for the next 6 months, impose cencership, parade the army in the streets, have about hundreds checkpoints in the highway and the people will have no freedom of speech, movement, etc.
    The M + K move in the same wavelength, both beleive in gun power.
    Th K were milking Nepal since 240 years, The M since the last 10 years and the SPA since 2046.
    Among the three, SPA, M, & K, the worst is K & M. The SPA is the best among all the worsts, so we have no choice but to stick with the best among the worst.

    The only thing they want is Power by hook and crook.
    All political parties want power. its nothing wrong. The king also wanted the chair and threw out the primeminister and became the chairman himselves. he is the most power hungry politician.

  28. noname Avatar

    SPA. Aren’t these the people whose nonchalant corruption and vicious power interests lead to terrorism in Nepal? Are these the same corrupt politician who have sucked Nepalis, kept Nepalis poor, asked for foreign aid, gobbled up foreign aid, Nepalis remain poor, ask for more aid, gobble up aid and the Nepalis remain poor and the vicious circle continues.

    Aren’t these the people who are trying to sell off Nepal? Aren’t these the people who joined up with the terrorists? Aren’t these the people whose mob and goon and violent dirty protest movement led to the King taking drastic measures?

    I would say kill SPA first. These dirts have sucked money out of Nepalis while their kids are in foreign land and trying to SPAM the internet in support of their illegitimate SPAMming daddies.

  29. manan Avatar


    Here’s what you can do. Get a gun, (ask your friend Gyane. He’s got several), go into a dark room, press the barrel against your one of your temples, press the trigger.

    Don’t worry. No one will miss you.

  30. manan Avatar

    I meant the above comment metaphorically. I don’t want anyone’s death.

  31. Narhari Avatar

    There is no any right of Parliament Tells Nepal Govt. to Take Action Against King. King has right to give the public Opinion. ITs comes primary right in democracy.

    IF any action has to take against the King for his public opinion…..

    – Then Prachanda & Baburam should the immeditely arrest with killing of Thaousand to Nepali people……….. they are gang stat….as like the Daud Ibraham ( INDia ).

  32. Ananta Saurabh Avatar
    Ananta Saurabh

    Prliament do have a right to direct governmnt to take action against king or anyone else.. but the big queston is.. what action.. in democracy.. you cannot throw anyone in prison or hang without law or without giving a chance for him to defend himself… so? what next? Is governement planning to bring king in court? (Current constitution allows). But under which law?.. even if the parlaiment makes new law for punishment.. it doesn’t seem possible that it can punish for action done before the law was made. So only possible action to me seems that he will be cut-off from more facilities in future and if parlaimaent and Prime-minister is strong enough (in terms of moral and power) may throw him out permanently bfore constitution assembly.. I will highly appreciate if anyone can throw light on procedure of taking action which is democratic and convinces that there is a rule of law and not of parliament, king , priminister or maoists..

  33. Ananta Saurabh Avatar
    Ananta Saurabh

    hi Ashutosh Shrivastav :

    The Most Loyal King

    How many of you think, eradicating Monarchy is a solution for Nepal? If you think so, enlighten your wisdom, which I am sure cannot be achieved; it will come from your self-esteem.

    Check the data, who killed more?

    People are talking about JanandolanII: not more than 20 people died, what about Terai Andolan, more than 30 people died. Shouldn’t the govt of Nepal, including the spammers and the terrorists be blamed for this and a probe committee be formed? Think honestly

    —Dear Ashutosh, Becasue more people were killed in terai andolan doesn’t make king honest and innocent.. it makes others guilty as well

    What did king do? He just tried to save his country. What WRONG step did he take, that others did not and you are favoring Terrorists and Spammers? if all are killers, he is the least. If all are violators of human rights, king is the least. if all are undemocratic, king is the least. if all are chaotic, king is least.

    –Again, you cannot cease fundamental rights from people in name of saving country.. fundamental rights.. doesn’t only mean right to speak or right to roam but also right to get fair trial.. rights to leave independently.. for sure spammers protect this.. if not country’s economy and remember two wrong doesn’t make one right.

    If all are loyal to Nepal, king is the MOST, it is his nation, and he is the head of the family. he loves and cares he family. Sometimes even a parent makes mistake, but we not change out parents. King stands in the same page.

    –lol, king saves his business king wants to be the only one ruling country his way.. common everyone now knows it.. he don’t have good intentions to serve or lift nation

    Secularism means no preference of religion. After declaring Secular, Nepal is divided in religion. What did you get?
    — Individual rights first.. Secularism doesn’t mean no preference of religion.. it means no matter what religion you follow you are free to opt that no discrimination will be made because someone follows different religion.
    Ask yourself… in Nepal some worships Vishnu Some ganesh some Buddha.. do you mean everyone should worship Bishnu only? or Buddha only? or Ganesh only?? which one? ain’t it better let everyone worship what they wants??

    Even if you believe king has lot of money, all the king in this world has money. If you think he is corrupt, all the spammers and terrorists are corrupts. Do you think Prachu Bhaiya can afford by the watch he is wearing. Certainly, he cannot. He will rob from us. Atleast king will not, he owns businesses.

    –So good argument is that let’s have law and power to enforce it so that you can punish everyone.. this ain’t a good argument to show king loyal and innocent is it?

    If anyone can convince me that king is wrong in any aspects, I am ready to give up my thoughts.

    Dear ashutosh, Throw up your thoughts.. King could have done lot more without ceasing power to save country it was at that place everyone looked at king to intervene and help but.. instead he watched it degrading.. in fact helped it degrading and finally in the name of rescue he only wanted to cease power, he did.. most of the people were happy and thought whether there is democracy or not at least there will be development.. but instead he made royal budget as big as 500+% more.. his advisor’s were given extraordinary facilities. in the name of protecting country he made life for normal people worse people couldn’t goto work no internet no communication. His main hand Tulsi giri kept making jokes of constitution publicly while king was saying he is obeying the same constitution.. Nothing was fair.. King wanted to enjoy absolute power and his freedom to make people know he can do anything he want, he did ….but for short time.. There is no alternate to democracy.. though it’s establishment needs time… and with politician like we got… it will take longer..

    Hope this gives you some good vision.

  34. hinterland Avatar

    I guess from the look of it, the comments shows it is beyond anyone’s control to rein in Nepal and make it a functional democracy. king tried although not flawless but with real intent- there can be no denying in this although sound judgment has now been clouded with color of political polarization and vendetta. The fact is if situation gets much worse, people may even start the talk about about to be one of the state of India. I don’t blame them.

    Who gives the right to spaM to rob us of freedom, sense of security, and individual rights and how long can they expect us to believe in their circus whereas day by day situation is getting worse and looks like we are already in abyss. As a familyman I shudder to think of the future of my kids. In true sense we are already refugee in all aspect, those who have already made arrangnments outside of the country but people like us what are we to do. Does Spam have the answer? I am not convinced by cry of loktrantra whereas there is not a single iota of democracy in their action and speech. To believe in them would be foolhardy. the general perception is we are under Already under one party rule.

    Long live Nepal but lets learn to protect things that are us, by us and for us

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