History in Making: Parliament Tells Nepal Govt. to Take Action Against King

Nine months after the House of Representatives, restored by April Revolution, passed a Magna Carta like declaration, the Interim Parliament formed as per the interim constitution today unanimously passed a proposal that directs the government of Nepal to take action against king Gyanendra, a former autocrat, for his regressive statement on Democracy Day.

The proposal says, “Expressing serious objection to the message of the king, who has been stripped of all state powers by the Interim Constitution and the May 18, 2006 HoR Proclamation, this sitting [of parliament] rejects the unconstitutional, unauthorized and undemocratic message outright.” Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s party Nepali Congress tabled the proposal and nine other parties supported it. Nepali Congress MP Ram Chandra Poudel tabled the proposal, which was also supported by Bharat Mohan Adhikari of CPN-UML, Dev Gurung of CPN-Maoist, Tek Bahadur Chokhyal of NC-Democratic, Bharat Bimal Yadav of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi), Nanda Kumar Prasain of Bam Morcha and Sunil Prajapati of Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party. Poudel said, “As the king was unwilling as ever to remain within the constitutional boundaries, the parliament should immediately declare a republic.”

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula spoke in the parliament. He said: The Prime Minister will take necessary action. It has been our commitment to hold free and fair Constituent Assembly elections. The King has initiated effort to pose obstruction in the holding of the elections. The government will move ahead by defeating such efforts.

Now the question is: Will the government take action against the king? If it takes any actions, the question will be: Will the army come in defense to the king? Many believe that the army will have two choices: Either abide by the democratic government or take the side of the falling king. A few second rung leaders of different political parties, a few civil society members and journalists said that the army will not shoulder a king that is destined to be downed.

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  1. I think it is continuity of same plan by king him self to give crown to his grand son. As we heard it a week ago, that king had sent PM and prachanda letter regarding the issue. And it was said that Prachanda has denied it directly.

  2. The same parliament that came to power through sheer violence and terrorism right? The same parliament that has never had a election right? Who cares of this parliament? Not us, not Nepalis for sure!

  3. So what are your confused and clueless SPAM leaders going to do? Arrest the king and throw him in prison? You and your so called civil society under estimate the loyalty of generations of army soldiers to the monarchy. The palace stands guarded by thousands of the best trained and well equipped soldiers. Who will take them on? The pathetic Nepal police and your rag tag bunch of Maoist terrorists?

  4. Good one U2. The SPAMmers can bark out loud against the King. But they don’t have a darn’s ass to touch the King. They know that if they touch the King the Nepali people will burn them alive.

  5. American pie in Nepal

    Author: Sandhya Jain
    Publication: The Pioneer
    Date: February 6, 2007

    On January 28, Delhi’s unpretentious Paharganj locality played host to thousands of Nepali Maoists, almost half of whom crossed over from the neighbouring country, while the rest were already residing in India. Held under the banner of the Nepali Jan Adhikaar Suraksha Samiti (Bharat), the 4700-strong gathering included representatives from each of the Himalayan kingdom’s 75 districts, most being the cadre of the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist).

    Hitherto reliable sources report that the chief guests who blessed the gathering were two White men, respectively introduced as Comrade Peter and Comrade Mangoli, both from the United States. The Indian VIPs included Prof Vijay Sharma of Delhi, Ms Ravi Varvar (Andhra Pradesh), Mr Prakash of the People’s War Group (Jharkhand), Mr Manohar Lal Tiwari (Delhi) and Mr Fateh Anwar (Jammu & Kashmir).

    The Nepali contingent was led by Gaurav, better known as Mr CP Gajurel, missionary preacher, gun-runner, and ideologue of the Nepali Maoists, not to mention ‘guru’ to Comrade Prachanda. He was recently released from a Chennai jail by the ruling UPA dispensation, for reasons unrelated to the Indian national interest. Mr Gajurel descended on New Delhi specifically to attend this conclave, the purpose of which was to win over every Nepali resident in India to the Maoist cause, and ensure that they return to the country to vote for Prachanda’s party in the forthcoming June election. He did not, as media reports would suggest, come here to whine about alleged RSS-BJP activism among Terai Hindus.

    Other important Nepali delegates included Mr Mohan Baid (Kiran), Mr Raju Nepali, Ms Rekha Sharma and Ms Sushila Biswakarma, one of the new Maoist MPs in Parliament. The meeting, convened by Mr Laxman Pant, was inaugurated by Mr Ishwari Bhandari, a well known Nepali missionary preacher. Its purpose was avowedly political, focusing particularly upon fund-raising for the forthcoming election for a new Constituent Assembly, and mobilising public support for the polls. In the closed session, organisational elections of the Nepali Jan Adhikaar Suraksha Samiti were held and tasks allocated.

    Essentially, four zonal chiefs were elected, and entrusted with the responsibility of wooing the Nepali population in their respective regions. Delhi has been assigned to Mr Shankar Biswakarma, the person in-charge of church-Maoist links in India. Mr Vinod Dhakal has been sent to Punjab and it is said that his job is to take care of the Maoist weaponry which is not going to be surrendered to the United Nations. Mr Amrit Thapa has been given charge of Kolkata, and he is reputedly responsible for the tickets and transportation of Nepalis in India to the country in June. Mr Dilip Kesri has been deputed to Bangalore to maintain links with the Andhra Maoists.

    Given such an overtly political agenda, to be implemented on an all-India canvas with the explicit involvement of foreign agencies, it needs be asked if the Delhi Government and the ruling UPA had officially permitted such a meeting to take place on Indian soil. The State Government cannot plead ignorance, since the meeting was held in the immediate vicinity of the Paharganj police station, and the Nepali delegates were also housed in buildings nearby. And while it is true that Mr Gajurel probably does not require a visa to visit India, the Centre must explain how the American visitors entered the country and what kind of activity they were permitted to engage in against their visas.

    The question is particularly relevant in the light of the anti-Hindu activity the guests (who are probably Christian missionaries) reportedly indulged in. Sources say that Comrade Peter blessed the gathering and gave a clarion cry: “Brahmanvaad, Hinduvaad, Murdabad” (down with Brahmin and Hindu values). Since Nepali politics has long been dominated by Brahmins and Kshatriyas from the hills, the slogan seems to indicate a missionary bias against the Hindu ethos of the till-recently Hindu kingdom. A comprehensive anti-conversion law, on the lines of Sri Lanka’s aborted legislation, is clearly the need of the hour.

    Interestingly, a banner displayed at the meet proclaimed: “Bharatiya vistarvaad murdabad” (down with Indian expansionism). This is also the title of a book written by Ms Hisila Yami, the Christian wife of Maoist ideologue Baburam Bhattarai, and a new MP in the interim Parliament. The writing on the wall clearly suggests that an open assault upon the cultural and civilisational values of Nepal is already underway.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh owes the nation an explanation if the ruling UPA endorses these vicious anti-Hindu and anti-Indian views of the Nepali Maoists and their Western patrons, and if New Delhi is going to permit their political activities on Indian soil. Is that the reason why the Government of India extended the red carpet for a supposedly private visit by Comrades Prachanda and Bhattarai to New Delhi recently?

    At a more fundamental level, India needs to know why the Sonia Gandhi-dominated regime has thrown the Himalayan kingdom to the mercy of the American church and its Maoist collaborators. What is India gaining from severing historical and civilisational ties with Nepal and promoting a phony democracy movement that is intolerant of genuine people’s power and seeks to deny agency to nearly 40 per cent of the population living in the fertile Terai plains?

    Within Nepal, it is becoming increasingly apparent to the intelligentsia that the rent-a-crowd movement that succeeded in ousting the monarchy is actually a coup against democracy. There is growing awareness that the interim Constitution, implemented from January 15, excludes all political parties from power, barring a privileged group of eight (Seven-Party Alliance plus Maoists), and seeks to repress the legitimate aspirations of myriad ethnic and regional groups in the country.

    India must lend moral support to the Madheshi Janadhikar Forum, which is seeking a federal set up in the proposed new Constitution, with proportional representation for the Terai in the new Constituent Assembly. South Block’s silence at the death of at least seven people in police firing on this issue is shameful. What is more, India will be a loser if more parties refuse to kow-tow to Prachanda; the Nepal Sadhbhavana Party has already quit the interim Government over the Terai question. There is no way India can permit an emerging political structure in a sister civilisation to ignore legitimate regional and ethnic aspirations.

  6. King should be hanged in Ratnapark

    It is sure that king Gynendra is not a king of 21st century. We have seen and of course some of us suffered from his direct rule. he had ruined the country and countrymen.
    He is the prime accused of April revolution. We have seen from history monarchy means conspiracy-conspiricies from 1950s. We, the people, have been cheated from monarchy time to time. Therefore to avoid such cheating in future the king should be hanged in Ratnapark— infornt of people.
    If our leader (all cheater?) dare to punish him it will be good, if not the day is near when people do it—– at that time the leaders and king have same fate—-death.

  7. It’s high time that our country be declared People’s Republic of Nepal and send the King and His family to exile.

  8. Yes, none should be left unpunished for any sort of breaching of rules and law.

    KG too deserves some action. But what?

    Have the parliament and the government guts to try the king?

    By the way,
    I don’t agree with Sangrila.

    No more capital punishment.

  9. I still am waiting for one reasonable argument from any one gawd damned SPAMmer. Someone please give a reasonable argument. I am right here, in your SPAMmers paradise and beating the sh*t out of you and yet, you are not able to defend even one nonsenical move of yours?

    Now, I think we will need to go back to defining the word Democracy which appeared in a big way in the Human civilization about 3000 years ago (it was there before it in small nature). I will do that and crap out you all again.

    I love beating the helpless careless spoiled children called SPAMmers.

  10. Kantipur publications and UWB, as biased as they are, only talk about the action being recommended and thus in their words, another history being in the making. It fails to point out why is the action recommended. It also fails to point out if what the corrupt fatsos and the terrorists are resorting as they allow this nation to slip into total anarchy is actually constitutional. Is what these two groups of thugs and killers actually helping Nepal to have a free and fair CA and thus allow people to vote according to their desires? I think the SPAM should stop blaming others for their failure and Kantipur publications should stop endorsing such display of lack of accountability. As these SPAM are supposedly in power they should PERFORM– not fart around blaming others as they burn up our scant resources. Can Situala bring back the Maoists who have left the cantonement? How will the fact that the terrorists are leaving their cantonement actually ensure that the CA will actually take place as planned and in a free and fair manner? This entire issue about the KIng at present is just a diversion. OK, take action, but for WHAT? And please expalin to us.. how is this present government a democratic government? By what account? Use of the gun? If this is a democratic government, then where is the opposition? What kind of democracy are you talking about?

  11. Stupid KG brought himself onto this. He is too incompetent and stupid to be a ruler of Nepal. Basically, he is irrelevant and obselete.

  12. guyfrmktm,

    Actually you are trying a formula which is obsolete. Even Gandhi didn’t adopt that formula. You are trying to talk to the terrorists and asking them to stop their propaganda and terrorist methods. This never worked.

    Even Gandhi refused to talk to the Britishers.

    To deal with SPAMmers is only way: Face them and Kill them! There should be no other way of dealing with these terrorists. If you try to talk on the terrorists (who are good in guerrilla warfare) they will beat you hands down. The only way to take them and beat them is face them heads on.

  13. It is funny to see the mentality of SPAMmer terrorists here. 3,000 terrorists (your brothers) have fled the cantonments and they wouldn’t talk about this. But they would try to demean the words of HM King who wants to bring the best for Nepalese people. This is the reason why Nepali people hate SPAMmer terrorists.

  14. Okay noname and the lot. I agree SPAM needs to shut the fcuk up since they are just useless. But let’s not go the other extream and say sh*t like “HM King who wants the best for the Nepalese people”. No he doesn’t! HM wants power and influence for himself and his heirs just like everyone else.
    Unfortunetly, Gyanendra is just too stupid to take advantage of the situation. When he came to power after Feb 1st all he had to do was improve public services and appoint a non controversial cabinate. No instead he increased palace expenditures by 300%, appointed lunatics like Tulsi Giri and Kamal Thapa and went on African Safaris, and spent all his energies doing various poojas and consulting tantrics. He basiacally surrounded himself with ‘yes’ men who led him astray. He has no political savy and he just can’t play the game. Even now people are becoming more and more disillusioned with SPAM and the situation in Nepal. Why did he not come out and give a very neutral speech where he encouraged all Nepalese to work togeather and coexist peacefully and say other such stuff? Instead the moron went on defending his Feb 1st move and gave SPAM more ammunition. Now SPAM are diverting attention from the real issues and blaming all of Nepal’s problems on so called regressive elements hatching conspiricies. A convenient way to divert attention from SPAM’s incompetancy. Now SPAM is manipulating its student groups (ppl like Nepali and Laure) to start agitating and cause disruptions to bring action against the King all while ignoring real issues and problems the average Nepali faces.
    Tell your King (if you ever speak to him) to stop being a dumbass and fire his advisors.

  15. Haha. It’s just Bhudai Pundit and the SPAMmers who do not want the influence and they are the ones who want the best for Nepal.

    I guess even if HM King wants power and influence (i.e., if you say so) I don’t think it is anything bad. It is a materialistic world and after all it’s HIS COUNTRY. And if he is influential and if he flourishes, people flourish with him. SPAM being a terrorist organisation, the country has gone downhill with SPAM since last 17 years. From being the post peaceful nations in the world it has gone down and out. 1990 and before – Nepal’s economy was same as compared to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even India. Today, Nepal has no economy, only terrorism.

    The only thing that can bring stability and sense to Nepal is Monarchy with limited Democracy. That’s the only option – I have repeated time and again. And for you, I am done with you. I need another one that makes another sensible comment (but NO repeats please!)

  16. Bhudai, I suggest you stop engaging with this KG asslicker noname. I believe hes been especially assigned by royalist propagandist to come here in UWB and rant. His blind and stupid rhetorics reflects his master’s arrogance, all the while proving how stupid G and his followers really are. Instead of making a real case for G, this guy chooses to affirm G is God which is unacceptable.

  17. Some sensible actions taking place under the Autocratic rule of SPAM terrorists:

    Unidentified gang shoots two persons in the capital

    A gang of unidentified people shot and injured two persons at Tundaldevi area in Kathmandu Wednesday morning.

    Kaji Sherpa and Nisha Bhattrai, who were worshiping at the Tundaldevi temple, received bullet injuries in the firing.

    A group of people, who came in a taxi, opened fire at them at around 8.30 am and fled in a taxi with registration number BA-1-JA 7334. The motive behind the shooting could not be confirmed immediately, according to police.

    The injured persons have been admitted at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, for treatment.

    A pistol has been recovered from the scene. Police said a manhunt has been launched to track down the assailants. nepalnews.com pb Feb 21 07

  18. SPAM warlords are untouchable Gods. They can do anything. Kill, fight and then rule over you:

    3 hurt in a clash between Maoists, locals

    Three persons including two Maoists were hurt in a clash between locals and Maoists in Khanar over the issue of distribution of citizenship certificates.

    According to locals, the clash occurred when the Maoists attacked the citizenship distribution team in the Khanar village development committee office on Monday morning.

    Maoists attacked the team accusing it of giving citizenship certificates to non Nepalis.

    After the incident, locals chased the Maoists. However the Maoists returned with arms and terrorised locals.

    Distribution of citizenship certificates come to a halt following the incident.

    Report quoted Maoist district member Dipak as claiming that they did not create any trouble.

    “The incident occurred when Maoists who went to gather information about irregularities in the distribution of citizenship certificate were attacked,” he added.

    Maoists have been continuing high handedness even after they joined interim legislature and are set to join interim government leaving the politics of power. nepalnews.com pb Feb 20 07

  19. Hey. Don’t you think it is HM King that is burning houses by disguising himself as SPAM terrorists?

    Maoist kidnap family members , torch house

    Notwithstanding the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed by them, Maoists kidnapped all family members of Nanibabu Karki and set his house on fire, accusing the family members of murdering Nabaraj Bajagain.

    A group of Maoists led by Badri Bajagain kidnapped the family members and set the house on fire in the charge of murdering Badri’s nephew Nabaraj.

    Reports quoted Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Metropolitan Police Circle, Bouddh, as saying that family members of Nanibabu had just entered the house after being acquitted by the District Court, Kathmandu on Sunday when the group abducted them.

    The family members of Bajagain and Maoists were accusing Karki’s family of murdering Nabaraj after he was found dead at Arubari in Jorpati.

    Police said that the Maoists kidnapped all the four members of the family from the house in the evening.

    Police said that the group of people led by Bajagain took out all goods and belongings from the house and torched them. They also torched a motorcycle.

    Police officials said they have taken five persons in custody for interrogation. nepalnews.com pb Feb 19 07

  20. Victim of SPAM terrorism of 17 years (in which more than 20,000 have died and millions victized) have got no right to compensation because they are NOT martyrs and they did not give life for Democracy of new Terrorist Republic of Nepal. They are traitors. They gave life for HM King.

    MVA protests govt apathy towards rehabilitating Maoist victims

    The Maoist Victims Association (MVA) organised a rally in the capital Sunday afternoon to protest the government’s indifference towards rehabilitating those displaced during the conflict.

    Hundreds of ‘Maoist victims’ joined the ‘lantern rally’ that started from Teenkune and concluded at Maitighar Mandala. Most of the participants were elderly people, women and children.

    The MVA has said the government failed to rehabilitate the Maoist victims despite its repeated assurances. They have also been demanding that the land and properties seized by the Maoists be retrieved to them.

    Waiting for their return to the villages, hundreds of Maoist victims have been passing their days and nights under plastic tents on the open space at Teenkune, Kathmandu, for some time.

    The Home Ministry has been providing Rs 5000 to each internally displaced person (IDPs) willing to return to the village, but this has failed to coax most of the IDPs living in Kathmandu to return as the Maoists have not returned their properties. nepalnews.com mk Feb 18 07

  21. According to the SPAM (terrorist) government of Nepal, it was HM King of Nepal who disguised himself along with other Royalists like noname and made the following attack. SPAM government (whose components carry Red corner InternPol notices against them) has further said that it is the most peaceful government in the world and that there are terrorist elements called Royalists and Nationalists in Nepal. Details of the attack:

    Unidentified group attacks NFIN general secretary

    General secretary of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN), Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar, was attacked by an unidentified group at Kalanki Chowk, Kathmandu, during the Valley bandh (general strike) called by the NFIN Thursday.

    A group of about 15 men came to Thapa Magar asking why the bandh was organised and then they started assaulting him at the presence of police personnel. Thapa was leading a group of NFIN activists who were trying to enforce the bandh in Kalanki area.

    “They first asked us why was the bandh organised and who was leading it. When I introduced myself as a responsible member of the federation they started punching me,” Thapa Magar, who was taken to Kathmandu Model Hospital for treatment, told Nepalnews after being discharged from the hospital in the evening.

    Thapa claimed that the attack was motivated. “We don’t know who they were, but the way they acted leaves room for suspicion. The police personnel just looked on when I was being roughed up,” he added.

    The NFIN called a bandh in the Kathmandu Valley to exert pressure on the government to address the demands of indigenous communities for proportional representation in the forthcoming constituent assembly election and a federal system with ethnic and linguistic autonomy.

    Businesses, educational institutions were closed down while very few vehicles plied on the road during the bandh. However, there were no major incidents of violence during the bandh. nepalnews.com mk Feb 15 07

  22. It is because of fear from Royalists and Nationalist in Nepal that SPAM (terrorist) government of Nepal is using the children as protection shields. Nationalists of Nepal will not attack Pushpa Dahals and other because Children act as Protection shield for SPAM warlords:

    Violations of Child rights continued even after CPA: PPCC

    Partnerships for Protecting Children in Armed Conflict (PPCC), a network of national and international organizations has said that violations against children continue to be committed despite the November Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the government and the Maoists.

    As per the information given during the release of training manual designed to guide Nepali organisations in their work to systematically monitor and report on violations of children’s rights in Nepal, the PPCC documented 238 cases of recruitment of children in Banke, Bardia and Kailali districts by the Maoists in November and December alone.

    The Maoist leadership however, refutes such claims saying that they do not have the policy of recruiting children.

    The manual entitled ‘Children in Conflict: Monitoring Manual’ is the first of this kind in Nepal designed to guide rights defenders in monitoring and documenting children’s rights violations.

    Stating that mass recruitment drive of children has been observed throughout Nepal in recent months, the PPCC said the manual provides guidelines for the collection of information about the recruitment of children and other violations of children’s rights.

    “I feel this manual will bridge a serious gap in this field” the statement quoted Mandira Sharma, Executive Director of Advocacy Forum and a member of PPCC as saying.

    “By documenting the cases systematically and using the information strategically we can fight the cycle of impunity,” she added. nepalnews.com pb Feb 15 07

  23. Noname, that article you posted is officially the most ludicrous piece of filth that I have ever seen here. It’s blatant propaganda, with a dead give away.

    A little hint for the author… Maoists and Christians go together like cookies and feces. It’s an Atheist ideology, and they aren’t giving that up for some imaginary gain Christianity would bring against Hinduism. So while your article acts as if it’s reporting an event that actually took place, It’s obviously a partial if not complete fabrication.

    However, since it mentions supporting the MJF by name, and in the same breath calls the uprising of close to a million people a rent-a-crowed exercise, It does a pretty good job of showing that the MJF is indeed a puppet of the Monarchy and Hindu Fundamentalists from India. I’ll reprint it on my Website for this purpose. Thanks.

  24. It is wrong report. It should be Local Praise Maoist Highandedness. SPAM warlords can do anything to oppress people because they are the rulers of bright Nepal.

    Locals protest Maoist highhandedness: Report

    Locals of Attariya of Kailali demonstrated against the Maoists after Maoist cadres beat up some locals.

    The locals also vandalised the Maoist’s regional office, tearing down the signboard and destroying some furniture.

    According to The Kathmandu Post daily, the locals retaliated against the Maoists after Maoist activists attacked six Nepali Congress and CPN-UML cadres following a dispute regarding preparing public enquiry document for the distribution of citizenship certificates.

    The protest took place as a meeting of eight political parties and local administration was underway to discuss the Maoist’s highhandedness.

    Police protected Maoist leaders and activists while the locals were targeting the Maoist office.

    Maoists have been continuing acts of intimidation and extortion even after they joined parliamentary politics.

    Meanwhile, Maoists dismantled a wooden house belonging to Krishna Bahadur Rawal from Bankati of Patavar village development committee 9 of Bardiya district, the paper adds.

    According to Rawal, Maoists also captured over two bighas of his land. nepalnews.com pb Feb 14 07

  25. Just now Neil horning comes. This is what I needed. Haha. Propaganda. Haha. Maoists and propaganda. Haha. Terrorists. Neil aren’t you that guy who gets his ass beaten here even by the SPAMmers? Wait till we get our nice hands on you. Pushpa and Baburam will get it bad. But believe you me, we won’t even let you get out of Nepal and be deported to your country. Listen bastard, the terrorist money of Nepal that is feeding your ass right now will be too bad for your digestion.

  26. It’s funny the kind of people the Maoists have hired in their Propaganda (+terrorist) game. And the way he refutes is even more funny. Haha. I don’t even feel like beating his ass right now. But well, because some of the other SPAMmers may think that it is my fundamental duty to beat up every SPAMer. So here we go:

    The article is taken from the most reputed Newspaper of India and awar-winning journalist. Haha.

    It’s funny to see how the ass of Maoists and SPAMmers burns when their dark history, dirty present and bleak future is exposed.

  27. Okay SPAMmers. I am going away for a few hours. You can collect your garbage here till then. I will come back to beat your asses again. Till then, ciao ciao.

    Remember that, people whose asses have been thoroughly beaten will be ignored. Sensible comments will be more sensibly crapped out.

    Ask your warlord to not kill too many people today (22nd).

  28. This is a democracy, no?

    Everybody has a right to freedom of speech, no?

    As Alice would have said: It gets absurder and absurder by the day. But why am I not surprised?

  29. noname, good that you are posting all the maoist atrocities as if you collected all of them yourself… if your Gyane would be in power then you would not be able to be able to access all those news, Gyane would have barred all those news fearing the news would put negative impact on his security situation. What can a person like you write besides praising Gyane when you openly admit that this is his country, with that statement you have admitted yourself of being the slave of this king, this country only belongs to him and does not belong to anyone of us. How can a country be one person’s property??? Our country is just experiencing a hickup each and every developed country has already gone through(discrimination, racism, corruption and at last the democracy)… PATIENCE, it will take time for all these things go through its course, we as well our children will also go through these problem… democracy does not mean the country will turn into present western countries overnight(Nepal has lots of hurdles that needs to takcled before we get there, we have just started to cross few, because of the monarchy’s dark age we were late to start to cross those hurdles)

  30. why is it that when king speaks the whole parliament erupts? But when there is serious issue like Terai, kipnapping , murder these so-called-MP seem to hide in their rat hole.

  31. noname: you are really embarrassing yourself. I think most people here (with a few exceptions of course) are no big fan of the SPAM. SPAM is a dispicale, worthless allience that is bent on destroying Nepal. But please don’t ruin my argument with your “HM King…” rethoric. When I listen to stuff like
    “after all it’s HIS COUNTRY” then I really start to realize why Maoists came about in the first place. It is not his damn country! And now I am also begining to see why the King constatnly makes such major political blunders… he is surrounded with people like you, noname. You know with all your posts you are HELPING SPAM win their point.
    Yea keep posting dumbass nonsensical comments, I am sure it will bring the moanrchy back to its full glory.

  32. Hey who are those people in the parliament? They are not the one choosen by nepalese people. So who gave them right to make decision on behalf of all nepali. First thing is CA and then all the culprit should be punished. No one should be spared for their action whatever cause may be either revolution or evolution they are killer. Now they are taking action against King will they do the same with maoist. They should clearly say that they are also going to take action to maoist who took life of 14000 innocent people carrying gun and displacing people from their house. I believe maoist are the biggest criminal in Nepal History. They have done more damage then the >250 years rule by Shah Dynasty.

    Let Prachande and Baburam not be spared in the name of revolution they are the Killer.

  33. Pity on all of you, rambling on the extremes.
    Guys, get real. By this time next year, we’ll all be part of the world’s largest democracy — perhaps even country if we add Nepalis to the billion-plus Indians.
    Before any of you start hollering about how you are going to kid the dhoti ass or that Indians already have too many problems, let us be clear.
    The madhes is gone. The Indian ambassador has already secured the hill districts through direct disbursement of aid. Half the janjatis are already integrated into the Indian economy through pensions or remittances.
    As for Kathmandu valley, well, didn’t a section of them betray Jay Prakash Malla and side with Prithvi Narayan Shah for their selfish mercantile purposes?
    No, the interim legislature is not going to vote on abolishing the monarchy. It will vote on merger with India once the Maoists and monarchists fight the final fight.
    Mera Bharat Mahan… Wagle ji, maybe you should start running commentaries on why India deserves to be a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

  34. Jai Hind, you a*s hole, as long as our comrade prachanda is alive, Nepal will never be a part of India. Our PLA will crush you.

  35. Jai Hind: I hope you are joking. You must be a Nepali Madeshi since you seem to know an awlful alot of details about Nepalese history. Is this post a way of getting a reaction or sitring a debate? Nice try…

  36. Hey, Murakh Sangrila,
    You first hang your father and mother who gave birth to you in the open Tundikhel. You be the hangman yourself for the execution of your parents showing the world that how courageous and cruel you’re to carry out such an action.

  37. Is this noname on dope? What’s wrong with you man? Why are you crying out loud? Have you lost your daddy mammy or something? This guy has a mental problem. He vomits something and thinks he kicked someone’s as.s here. Pity you. Dear, you have not be able to draw much attention here, know why? You have learnt to write some ‘inglish’ but not the one educated people learn. Your Ghetto knowledge of “Democracy 101” will not help you defend your king. He is gone, console your self. Your term paper on SPAM is weak, you would not even pass. You have been pushing your self too hard. Take a break. Working whole night in gas station and attending community college occasionally does not make you “Bidwan” (Wise-man). Take my suggestion and cool down, literally.

  38. Lahure ko buddi hundaina bhyanthe budapaka le, yo kuro thik pramanit garis LAHURE. Perhaps you live in Calcutta working as a Kancha or at the most, Chaukidar. You should understand the fact that peace loving Nepali never like killings and executions.

  39. PraytAtma,

    You sound like you are in US doing M.D in Literature or horse racing in Makaibari (Nebraska) haha. Nowonder EU countries consider US MS degree equivalent to their undergraduate degree. Your king has “OOlta Buddhi” GhoNchhu? “Binash-kale Biparit Buddhi”

  40. PrayAtma, are you comparing the king as the father figure of this country… why are you so offended with Sangrila strong words… all dictators like Gyane should have the same faith as Saddam that is all I can say… does any one know how many innocent Nepalese were butchered in the hands of so called Royal Army… even the so called Crown Prince(Paras) has blood in his hands.
    Your opinion about a LAHURE is so cheap… what is wrong to earn ones meal working as a Kancha or a Chaukidar… during the maoist struggle period wasn’t our country’s economy sustained by the remittance money from these Kanchas and Chaukidar working abroad… may be your parents are educated government officers(most of them corrupt) or you have been spoon fed till now(with your anchestors wealth). But, discrimination opinion from people like you have played a major role to the uprising of the maoist and madhesi.

  41. The Most Loyal King

    How many of you think, eradicating Monarchy is a solution for Nepal? If you think so, enlighten your wisdom, which I am sure cannot be achieved; it will come from your self-esteem.

    Check the data, who killed more?

    People are talking about JanandolanII: not more than 20 people died, what about Terai Andolan, more than 30 people died. Shouldn’t the govt of Nepal, including the spammers and the terrorists be blamed for this and a probe committee be formed? Think honestly

    What did king do? He just tried to save his country. What WRONG step did he take, that others did not and you are favoring Terrorists and Spammers? if all are killers, he is the least. If all are violators of human rights, king is the least. if all are undemocratic, king is the least. if all are chaotic, king is least.

    If all are loyal to Nepal, king is the MOST, it is his nation, and he is the head of the family. he loves and cares he family. Sometimes even a parent makes mistake, but we not change out parents. King stands in the same page.

    Secularism means no preference of religion. After declaring Secular, Nepal is divided in religion. What did you get?

    Even if you believe king has lot of money, all the king in this world has money. If you think he is corrupt, all the spammers and terrorists are corrupts. Do you think Prachu Bhaiya can afford by the watch he is wearing. Certainly, he cannot. He will rob from us. Atleast king will not, he owns businesses.

    If anyone can convince me that king is wrong in any aspects, I am ready to give up my thoughts.

    Internatioal media played an important role to defame the king, and I am sure it is degrading journalism.

    Show me guys!!!

  42. Impressed by King

    Impressed by King
    ing’s one address scares the Shhiit out of the terrorists and Spammers. THIS IS WHAT THE IMAGE OF KING IS. His one address is equivalent to 1000s speeches of these terrorists. 99% of people want democracy. Any data irrelevant to that is the corruption of journalism, and I am sure Nepalese dont even know what statistics is.

    They again belong to the 2ns and 3rd kind.

    Honestly, How many of you think that Prachu and Babu bhaiya will not be gunned down someday? Will you be surprised? I am sure 100%, no one will be surprised. They know they can die any moment. is there any point in the history, if I misses to read, Maoists and terrorist prevail? The answer is NO. It will not.

    They can see their death in mirror. One morning you will wake up, and see–Babu and prachu Bhaiya have been gunned down.

    Jai Nepal!!!

  43. Dear PraytAtma and all, You are right KG has ulta buddhi so has SPAM and its Maoist master. Instead of trying to solve main issue which is Terai issue and day to day mouth feeding of poor people of Nepal ( by the way nobody give shit about Nepali people) than trying to cry hoarse about KG’s Sandesh. In fact SPAM and its Maoist master is trying to hide the shortcoming by this nonsensical act. If parliament has all the power why they are afraid. They are afraid becuase they know that given the chance Nepali people will give them horse shit in Election. Instead of trying this they should focus on CA. Now I doubt that it is SPAM and its Maoist master who does not want CA election and Dear Blogger instead of extreme biased version lets have some decent discussion because name calling among our selves does not change a shit so lets have LOGICAL discussion.

  44. Ashutosh Shrivastav, so much faith on the monarchy… going back to the history who is to be blamed for 104 years rule of RANA(I would say the monarchy)… why were 99% Nepali put into dark age(barred from education) when even the British did not bar the Indians from education( I would blame the monarchy for that too)… who saved the monarchy when the RANAs were overthrown(Nepalese with the help of India)… who took away the 1st democracy of 2017BS(when BP was the PM), the king… 30 years of one party rule(Panchayat), who was founder of it(the King)… the culture of nepotism, corruption started during the 30 years of Panchayat system(even after the 1990 democracy the leaders were inept to get rid of those). Whenever the people uprises against the monarchy the king acts witty by giving up some power just to make inefficient politicians happy for some time then, whenever there is rift between the parties and the people then he takes his chances to come to power. This cat and dog game has been going on for centuries. If he is the father figure then he would not have increased the palace budget by 3 folds when he was in power… if he has so much money from his business then why is his salary higher than the president of US(Richest King from the poorest country)???
    Many countries have got rid of monarchy and they have succeeded in every way. We still have the monarchy and we have failed. I heard that England’s royal family does not get any salary besides the govt paying for the salary employees working there. Look at their monarchy where they never get involved in any politics, their palaces and belongings attract so many tourist from all over the world to help in their countries economy. Look at our monarchy who lives inside the palace with more than 2000 soldiers for the security and says whatever he likes putting impression to citizens as if this country is his own property.
    I respect late King Prithivi N Shah since he gave birth to this country(he is the father figure for Nepal)… what are the sacrifices have other kings made for the country after him(can you point one?). The king should do something good in order to be considered as the father figure for the country.
    I respect my own parents because they gave birth to me but, you give me one reason why I should respect this king since, he is not the one who gave birth to this country.

    Those days of monarchy are gone from Nepal… I think you should also forget the good you still have with you(unless you are die hard child of his then I have nothing to say)

  45. “EU countries consider US MS degree equivalent to their undergraduate degree.”

    Errr… which country is doing cutting edge research in science/technology/medicine/economics etc? Sure as hell ain’t the EU.
    Which countrys’ universities has had more nobal prize winners in fields from physics to economics? EU universities research budget less than an average US college football program. Undergraduate degree? I think not!

  46. Parliament thinks it reflects the sovereignty of the people. It does not. This parliament was not elected. Its mandate expired long ago. They were nominated by the SPAM, for the SPAM, to the SPAM, not for the people. Little does the Parliament realize that its an interim parliament whose sole purpose is to carry out the CA elections & no more.

    An Interim Parliament with an Interim Consititution which is being currently amended is a toothless tiger as it was not elected. Sovereignty lies in the people, not in its leaders, kings or representatives.

    This act of trying to take action against the king is a mere politics…ankha ma chero hane ko… The media focus goes to the king & his comments rather than the real dsyfunctional SPAM regime. The peace agreement is being breached openly by the Maoists. Terai is on fire. Pretty soon the pahad will also follow. Political parties are still unable to campaign in the hinterland. There is no way the CA election will be held in June given the current climate. We are bursting in seams. Blaming the royalists & the reactionaries can only fool people upto some time. That time is up.

  47. I agree 100% with you, Mr. Ashutosh Shrivastav. Your argument is really sound based upon what is on-going on in our country. I’m pretty sure many people like Lahure and Sangrila who seem to have impaired thinking capacity may not like your argument and may think of hanging you. But don’t get worried and back off, because you’re great, and we need you in our discussion board.

    Yes, you are absolutely right Mr. Shrivastav, Gyanendra is not entirely blameless in his action, but is better than Maoists and SPA who are gradually pushing this beautiful country towards a full-fledged civil war. Because of this, if we are truly sincere and honest in safeguarding this beautiful nation, we should not talk about further disputes among ourselves and be vindictive to others. This is the land of Buddha where we should always sustain peace and discourage violence and killings.

    Let’s unite together and stop opportunists to fish in our troubled water.

    Lord Pashupati and Gautam Buddha bless all Nepali, including Lahure and Sangrila.

  48. Well said Ashutosh Shrivastav ..

    The incompetent SPAMers and the Maoist stooge Civil society are so hypocritial that they don’t have any respect for other people’s right to
    express their views. They get shit- scared every time somebody says
    the TRUTH.

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