Resham! Nepathya Shares Sorrow and Joy with Sydney

Nepal’s Premium Rock/Folk band performs in Australia “Let me share with you all a real life story,” said Amrit Gurung amidst his debut performance in Sydney on Saturday. “I was talking to a second generation Nepali immigrant residing in Europe. When I asked him if he liked visiting Nepal, he simply answered ‘no’. When askedContinue reading “Resham! Nepathya Shares Sorrow and Joy with Sydney”

Jai Shambho: Row Over Appointment of Pashupatinath Priests

It’s been a week since the row over the appointment of the priests in Pashupatinath erupted. The Maoist led government, with the direct orders from the Prime Minister, has appointed Nepali priests replacing the Indians in the largest temple of Nepal. Some people have protested the move for different reasons and they have their ownContinue reading “Jai Shambho: Row Over Appointment of Pashupatinath Priests”

A Nepali Docs Tragic Death in the US

By Deepak Adhikari and Jerome L. Sherman in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette This story originally appeared in the PG In this mountainous country bordered by India and China, doctors are considered to be godlike. That makes the fall of Dr. Shiva Lal Acharya, who left a farming village to attend Nepal’s most prestigious medical school andContinue reading “A Nepali Docs Tragic Death in the US”

New YCL in Town

After UML, Nepali Congress follows the YCL path of the Maoist party Following the example of the Maoists’ YCL and the CPN-UML’s Youth Force, Nepal Tarun Dal (NTD), youth wing of Nepali Congress, has formed its own separate group “to combat corruption and anarchy”. NTD aims to mobilizing the party’s youths to counter the activitiesContinue reading “New YCL in Town”

Editors Announce New Papers in Nepal

The editors who recently resigned from Kantipur Publications have announced the new publishing company and two new newspapers. The new company, the Nhu Republic Media, will bring out Nhu Nepal, Nepali daily, and the New Republic, English daily in about three months, said an SMS message sent out by one of the editors of aContinue reading “Editors Announce New Papers in Nepal”

Sadak and Shahid: The Roads in Nepal and a British Minister

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal This article first appeared in today’s Kantipur Koseli in Nepali. Welcome to our village Mr. Minister! We expect you to increase your assistance to us in the coming days and strengthen the already good relationship between out two great nations! Pics by CSK and DW “I didn’t think anythingContinue reading “Sadak and Shahid: The Roads in Nepal and a British Minister”

Strike Oh Strike: What A Plague Upon Us

Did you know that at least five different organizations and groups had separately called the banda (strike) today in Kathmandu ? Well, that could be more or less by a group of two but just a quick reminder: there was strike in Kathmandu yesterday as well called by more than one group. Then there wasContinue reading “Strike Oh Strike: What A Plague Upon Us”