Editors Announce New Papers in Nepal

The editors who recently resigned from Kantipur Publications have announced the new publishing company and two new newspapers.

The new company, the Nhu Republic Media, will bring out Nhu Nepal, Nepali daily, and the New Republic, English daily in about three months, said an SMS message sent out by one of the editors of a paper. Nhu is the Newari word that means new.

The editor of the Nepali daily will be Narayan Wagle who resigned from the editorship of Kantipur, Nepal’s largest daily, a few days ago. The editor of the English daily will be Ameet Dhakal who resigned from the Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s prominent English daily, a few days ago.

Prateek Pradhan who resigned from the Kathmandu Post a few days ago will be the Managing Director of the new publishing company, according to Wagle who spoke in a farewell ceremony this evening organized by Kantipur reporting section. Gunaraj Luintel, who was news editor at Kantipur will hold the same post in the new Nepali paper. D K Jaishy, the former news coordinator of the Post who resigned along with the other five, will be the news editor in the new English paper. The sixth person in the breakaway faction is Rajesh KC, popular cartoonist, who will look after the designing aspects of the new papers.

Binod Raj Gyawali who sold his shares at Kantipur Publications- publisher of Kantipur and the Post- last month will have majority of shares in the new company, editors said. Gyawali, who was director at Kantipur, will be the chairman.

The offices of the new publishing company are located on the first and second floor of Churchill Complex, Sundhara.

The editors wished success of Kantipur terming that as “the best newsroom in the country”. They said they wanted a strong and vibrant newspaper in Kantipur so that they could compete with a strong team and paper. They said they will be focusing mainly in the Kathmandu markets in the beginning- at least the first year- and go outside valley depending on how they perform in Kathmandu.

A web site will soon be launched, according an editor. They will start hiring soon but they said they wouldn’t create a mass exodus in Kantipur or the Post. They hinted that they will approach to some reporters who they think are the best.

“Coming of a new media company will only help the media sector and reporters and the readers,” said Dhakal, the editor of the New Republic.

“We will be driven by journalistic principles,” he said and said that commercial priorities would be second to the newspapers.

The new company plans to spend Rs. 400 million over the next five years.





20 responses to “Editors Announce New Papers in Nepal”

  1. Neil Horning Avatar

    Thats a damn good name.

  2. Masayo Avatar

    Hope it won’t turn to be`Same-‘o-same’-o’…oh,well
    like …. what?!

  3. good Avatar

    Open capitalistic market system working … this is all good. If smart people don’t like the return on their efforts & investments, they should be able to go start something else. Not only this provides more choices for customers, this keeps those running such establishments in check. Congrats to the Nhu founding team!

  4. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I wish them well. But I hope they won’t depend upon government advertising or hand outs.

  5. introvert Avatar

    Threats from new entrant for kantipur publication.

  6. hope Avatar

    That sounds really good!! Already feel the effect of their departure in Katipur and Ktm post when you read them.

    Strong papers make stronger nation!! Good on Ya!!

  7. Patriot Avatar

    the more the merrier !!!

  8. Smith Avatar

    Some more variety will be great

  9. sunil Avatar

    good name and good people in naya nepal and new republic.congratulations………great happy day

  10. Mr editor Avatar

    ..its a good news….that another newspapers are coming…a functional democracy means the voices of the people should not be unheard of….like at present……there is media imperialism…..some news are blacked out and …others appear every where…lets hope the naya nepal…and nhu republic ….will break this ….and be the voice of the soverign…..free..independent….united…..peaceful …proud…..nepal…..our nepal……

    …….best of luck….

  11. Sudip"kanchha", Dubai, UAE. Avatar
    Sudip”kanchha”, Dubai, UAE.

    Narayan and Pratik jee, congratulations……Nepali press becoming strong and we hope that your papers will maily play role for development of Nepal. And, try to end BBC, CNN, AFP, AP, Reuters and Indian reporters’ reporting mentioning always Nepal as “ONE OF THE WORLD’S POOREST COUNTRIES”.

  12. Moonflower Avatar

    Father-and-son Gyawali duo are out again to create another media monopoly. It will be interesting to see who will draw the first blood in this media war. Kantipur has been known for its legal threats, bullying and arm-twisting tactics. Only future will tell how low these scumbags will stoop to capture the eyeballs. Of course, it will be in the name of journalism.

  13. sanas Avatar

    Here is the gold. Everything revealed but i dont have any complain.

  14. Reality Bites Avatar

    ohu……sorry NHU times…. It’s difficult to remember like Kantipur… Let’s see ! Real competetion in Nepali journalism has started with in a year !!

  15. Ranjan and Bipin, Canada Avatar
    Ranjan and Bipin, Canada

    Its really good news for all Nepalese that a group (among many) of dedicated nepali journalists are preparing to bring a publication. We are hopeful that it will be able to strengthen the values and principles of journalism in New Republic Nepal. The indirect power, and positive role of media in building a nation in this 21st century is well understand by all and cannot be undermined by …….

    Finally, we wish all the best to the best team of journalists of Nhu Nepal and The New Republic for the great success in future.


  16. Rabin Karki, Worcester, MA Avatar

    I am wondering whether it was the best name for a new paper? I mean Nhu Nepal – sounds rather odd.

  17. Rohan Avatar

    Please, let us know….about your current status. I mean the publication day….of nhu media.

    We are eagerly waiting for your publication.


  18. mukesh, sydney Avatar
    mukesh, sydney

    I believe that Kantipur Publication House is the best media organization in Nepal. I don’t want it to be any weaker. But yeah…. we certainly deserve variety of better newspapers.
    So, i wish
    1. The success of new newspapers.
    2. Kantipur becomes even better.

  19. nepal Avatar

    a bunch of hopeless loosers cannot touch the titans
    KTP has been the greatest newspaper for almost 16 yrs…nd it didnt just become greatest itself.. nepali people trusted it
    i already feel sorry fr u nagrik “nhu”

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