Jai Shambho: Row Over Appointment of Pashupatinath Priests

It’s been a week since the row over the appointment of the priests in Pashupatinath erupted. The Maoist led government, with the direct orders from the Prime Minister, has appointed Nepali priests replacing the Indians in the largest temple of Nepal. Some people have protested the move for different reasons and they have their own vested interests. There is no need to created hue and cry over the appointment. In fact, the removal of the Indian priests and appointment of Nepali citizens was a long due. The Indian priests were literally looting the temple with the help and encouragement from former royals. There was no accountability in the temple. We were kept dark about the donations and offerings made to the temple. All that had to be changed for the betterment of the temple.

The bhandaris, the traditional temple caretakers, have been protesting the new appointments and preventing the new priests from performing rituals at the temple, saying the new appointments violate traditional norms. While claiming so, bhandaris, the partners in crime perpetrated by the Indian priests are trying to secure their source of income rather than expressing concern over traditional values.
Some people, including a local leader from Nepali Congress, have blasted the government for intervening into the affairs of the temple. Such condemnation, particularly in this aspect, is unnecessary and that only politicizes the issue.

Former king Gyanendra has joined the chore today asking the government to restore normalcy in the temple. Normalcy will return only when these agitating bhandaris are tamed.

Here is the background on the incident from Republica:

SC stays appointment of Pashupatinath priests

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday ordered the government not to appoint for the time being new priests at the country´s most revered Pashupatinath Temple.

Earlier on Wednesday, lawyers and the chief bhandaris or caretakers of Pashupatinath Temple had filed a writ petition against the prime minister, the government and the Pashupatinath Area Development Trust (PADT) accusing them of violating laws while appointing new priests at the temple.

The bhandaris, the traditional temple caretakers, have been protesting the new appointments and preventing the new priests from performing rituals at the temple, saying the new appointments violate traditional norms.

But PADT officials on Wednesday afternoon broke the lock placed by the bhandaris at the west gate of the temple, to allow the new priests inside.

Four days after their appointment as head priest at the main temple and priest at Basuki temple respectively, Dr Bishnu Prasad Dahal and Saligram Dhakal finally performd the nitya puja (daily worship) late this afternoon with police protection.

Tension has been brewing at this spiritual centre of all Hindus of the world because this is the first time that Nepalis have been appointed as head priest (mul bhatta) and priest at the temple.

PADT had resorted to a prime ministerial prerogative to alter the centuries-old tradition of appointing an Indian as priest at the temple. Continue reading it here in Republica






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  1. bridohi Avatar

    Humanistically everyone should be able to be a brahmin of Pasupati whether a South Indian Bhatta or a Nepali priest. The true meaning of a “brahmin” means one who is learned & it has nothing to do with caste or being a bahun. If the Maoists are really a true revolutionary party & want to break the shackles of history, they should appoint a priest from a dalit/sudra who is qualified & learned to be the Head Priest of Pasupati. Then, we rae really breaking from our pasts! Until then, it all political bs.

  2. aAkaR Avatar

    no politics in this area…. don’t want such politics…

  3. Kasthamandup Avatar

    What I don’t understand is the objection of the Nepali Congress and others at the appointment of Nepali priests. What is wrong with Nepali priests leading a Nepali temple? It is shocking, and makes me wander what the objectives of the NC are. Are they just doing it because they are in the opposition and so opposing everything (even good things) is part of their role. If it is because of this, then I guess the objection could be justified. But if not, then I have serious doubts about the NC. It sounds like citing cultural reasons to say that Nepalis are not good enough is a serious blow to the dignity of all Nepali people.

    When is this old mindset going to change? Just because something has been done for 3 centuries does not mean that it has to be right and needs to continue. I don’t know about others but I am fully with the PM’s decision on this one. And for people who still want Indian priests running the show in one of our holiest and most important sites, all I want to say is–please change your mindset, before it is too late and our country gets stuck in perpetual darkness forever.

    Jai Nepal!

  4. Ak Nepali Avatar
    Ak Nepali

    Maoist should not interfere our tradition and there is no need of any religious or traditional revolution it is not required at all . We should not lose our Great tradition and culture which is unique to world and from which we are recognised in world.
    If we really want Revolution in Nepal, Revolution should be in the educational system, Health care system, infrastructure development (which we had also, was bombed by Maoist while they were in jungle.) and mainly in stabilizing the Political system, in maintaining law and order ,development of agricultural and industries and many more.
    Guys, Today’s our responsibility is not to think about Brahmin and Sudra and all about religious revolution but to think broadly and stop Nepal to be divided in Madeshi’s land , Pahadis Land ,Limbu’s land ,Newar’s land and other lands.
    This (Stopping to divide of land ) should not by fighting but by our thought and by our determination to be united, by awaking the people from dream shown by foolishly started regional parties and their mean politicians .Stop Nepal to be the Small state of Baise and Chaubise Rajya again . THINK ABOUT IT SERIOUSLY.
    Coming to Maobadi, we well know the Maobadi , we already saw their views and their revolution…………..Is anything more to see?
    Those are the people who taught simple, hardworking and good thinking Nepalese to play with Gun and Bombs and ………..others to go out of country in search of good food and good future. Our country is in threat of losing our sovereignty today and its only because of their teaching when they were in jungle .They were the people who taught people the violent way of Protest and it is really very hard to change..Now it is very easy to loot people and operate from jungle (Maobadi’s favourite way in past) rateher than coming to mainstream and protesting in right way. Today all regional parties are doing same as learned from their Guru.
    So in my view revolution should be in our thoughts.

  5. Jai Nepal Avatar
    Jai Nepal

    Guys CAREFUL ………Now-a-days, Muslims and Christians are increasing their followers and their power in Nepal…..We have to save our country. Try knowing your religion …We Are Nepali and we are Hindus I am NOT SAYING TO FOLLOW ANDAVISWAS but be careful and Again Try to understand basic concepts of World’s oldest source of knowledge ………ie SrimadBhagwat Geeta and Vedas … This Prachanda Sarkar wants to divide us and so he is attacking on our religious beliefs.

  6. A Avatar

    Dear Jai Nepal,

    What is wrong with having Islam or Christianity in Nepal?

    There are lots of Nepalis who are not Hindus.

  7. ?????? Avatar

    ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?

  8. Bitter Truth Avatar
    Bitter Truth

    I agree with Bridohi,

    If you really want to break the tradition then why a Bahun priest?
    You can appoint someone from Dalit or so. This will be more

  9. Culture Avatar

    The Indians should be kicked out of the Pashupati Nath Temple. They should be kicked out of Nepal. The Rajnath Singh dog of BJP in India is barking…bow..bow..bow.. Fkck off man. Mind your own business. Look at your own Malegaun where you have produced Hindu terrorists. Shut your mouth and don’t even dare to speak a word in our internal affairs. You Hindu terrorist.

  10. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I don’t understand this hue and cry over the replacement of Indian priests by Nepalese priests. The Bhandaris have been revolting against Indian priests quietly and sometime aggresively as far as I know. Question remains whether Bahuns are truly priests. Anybody should be entitle to have priesthood if he or she has degree in Hindu culture and tradition.

  11. desh ko bhalo hos Avatar
    desh ko bhalo hos

    kasthamandapup be critical my boy dnt bluff so hawaa
    birodhi ji birodh gardha sochnu parcha k
    culture ji what if all nepali in india be kicked off
    dnt behave so odd dears!!!!!!!
    ok wht i think is conventionalism shouldnt be followed har and fast. there must be some scope of change.
    it is good to appoint nepali priest in pashupatinath temple but not the priest of any party or ism.
    khai yo ta desh bhari dahal ko lahar chaleko ho ki k ho bujhnai sakiyena.
    jagir khana pani aaba ta party ko membership linu parne bhayo……….. ‘krambhangata’ bhaneko yehi ho k sathi ho!!!!!!!!
    india ko raw ko agent ko gulam haru hero bhaye pachi wht can u expect more.
    gara sathi ho tyehi gulam ko gulami uppss sorry hai ‘krantikari gulami’.
    k garne krantikari word rakhena bhane pratigami bhaine khatara.
    pashupatinath ko krantikari priest lai supreme court ko pratigami stay order le pani chudo rahenacha
    yo sab kam garda luki chori garyeko naramro bhayo k
    yo ta democratic norms ma parena hola ni sathiharu??
    bhandari haru ko press conference ma hamra gopal kirati le maobadi sathi haru pathaunu bhayeko re santisurachya dina…. kasto akha, mukh, nak kehi baki chodnu bhayena cha sathi haru le santi suracya dina.
    pilot baba le prachanda ji lai yeso mantra diye hunthyo ki dherai jpt nagarna lai.
    janata jage bhane prachanda ji kaha jane hun feri
    khai k khai k

    pashupatinath le prachanda ji ani unka sena bena lai sadbuddhi diun.

  12. knight Avatar

    Stop bringing nationality in the issue. You are trying to justify the act of YCL. . Stop calling Pashupati nath a Nepalese temple and badrinath an Indian temple. Those are all Hindu temple. I visited two temples of india where i have seen nepalese priest. Also in 2 of the top temple of UK made by Indians ,(south hall and woolwich) one of the top priest is Nepalese and same can be said about Houston temple made by Indian where there are nepali priest.

    We want most qualified, knowledgeable and educated preist irrespective of nationality. And the selection procedure should be free and fair. And I certainly don’t want to make it as a question of nationality.

  13. bridohi Avatar

    Whenever religion mixes with politics, all it creates is combustion. Look at Sri Lanka, Palestine, Bosnia, Iraq & Kashmir. Its playing with fire.

  14. Sudip aryal Avatar
    Sudip aryal

    Sala maobadiharu! Bhandari lai pitchhau? Prachanda rajinama de.
    Culture nai todna ta hunnathyo ni muji mantri.
    Anyway nepali pujari ramrai hola.
    Sala dhotiharu karauna thalisake. Dhoti murdabaad!
    Jai Nepal.

  15. ktmman Avatar

    May the Lord Pasupatinath smoke out the ycl – young cannibal league!

  16. villager Avatar

    “the removal of the Indian priests and appointment of Nepali citizens was a long due” .. bullshit! It’s half-thought notions like these that the maoists are exploiting to max. The problem is not in person, it’s the process. You think the maoists pundits will be better with the money at the temple? No way! They’ll squander it away like anyone. Put a good process in place and enforce it! Indian priests are not the problem, lack of the process is. In fact, Indian priests are a huge cultural advantage that can not be built or started in this day and age. Even from touristic point of view, they are big advantage. Keep the continental bridge, don’t throw baby with the bath water!

  17. kcprolific Avatar

    suffering of change
    may the old gang be mindful and the new priests believe in something better than themselves

  18. paribartan Avatar

    I agree that we need qualified priests in the temple, but Indian Bhattas were not chosen for being qualified. It is just a lame tradition which doesn’t let us utilize the money from bhetis to make Pashupatinath better. But I condemn the politicalization of this issue. I welcome appointment of Nepali priests but condemn it at the same time if the priests have political connections. Anyways, its for good that bhattas are gone, we can change better Nepali priests later on too.

  19. villager Avatar

    this is yet another indication of mass lack of understanding of how governance works … bhattas are NOT the problem! not having a working financial process IS. does anyone really believe that trusting a maoists nominated pundit solves the financial problem? put a transparent financial process in place and let the bhattas work with it. that’s the only way.

  20. G Tamu Avatar
    G Tamu

    What %tage of Nepalese knew that the holiest Hindu temple of Nepal had Indian priests for almost two centuries? Its better late than never. What has just been done puts a lid to an indian interference religiously. HOW CAN WE COMAPARE SOUTHALL and WOOLWICH in the UK or HUSTON hindu temples in the USA, this is Kathamandu we’re talking about and for our sake…

  21. villager Avatar

    “The two celebrities Anil Ambani and Amitabh decided not to come after a political row and violence erupted in the 17th century temple that is revered by billions of Hindus worldwide. ” … aww the maoists and their foolish ways!

  22. villager Avatar

    “The two celebrities Anil Ambani and Amitabh decided not to come after a political row and violence erupted in the 17th century temple that is revered by billions of Hindus worldwide. ” … aww the maoists and their foolish ways!


  23. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Amitabh Bachhan is not coming to Pashupatinath just because we kicked Indian priests out. Who cares?

  24. ankit, dallas Avatar
    ankit, dallas

    Religion is more like a tradition. All tradition tend to change with time. But, what Maoists are trying to do is make a business with each tradition they are trying to change..My wise sayings to Maoists is please refrain from making so many changes that ain’t acceptable to people. Don’t mess up with Pashupati Temple because that will ruin the image of the renowned Hindu Temple and tourism into our country.

  25. Battisputali Bata Avatar
    Battisputali Bata

    Culture does not create power. Power; the quest for it and the use of it; creates culture. The commentators here who say politics should be kept out of tradition have to understand how their own identities have been influenced by the powerful. Take for example the current institutionalization of anarchy ala. competing interest groups within Nepal. This culture of violence was created as a result of the quest of power of the maoist cliche and the ambition’s eventual fulfilment.

    Now, onto the issue of ‘tradition’ as defined within the context of the Nepali Hindu Identity. The Nepali Hindu identity (of which this whole Pashupatinath debacle is a part of) was created by 1. The clashing power ambitions of psuedo-states over a few hundred years ago in an anarchial system. 2. The homogonization process that comes as a result of any state attaining hegemony in a system. The idea of an all encompassing national deity in the Pashupatinath Temple was used by the Monarchial Nepalese state to push this policy of homogenization, as is most evident in the policies of the Panchayat era. However, realities of power differences meant that national identity would have to be sacrificed while choosing the priest for the particular symbol of national identity.

    What is the Maoist cliche doing now with the appointment of ‘Nepalese’ priests? They are playing on the historical idea of using the ‘Nepali’ identity to keep their power status and/or solidify it through the support of a larger majority. Why would it have to do this? In a system sans strong authority (Nepal is such a system), all actors vying for power feel insecure and want to increase their power for survival.

  26. bridohi Avatar

    The PM, PK Dahal did a 180 degrees turn around after the pressure from BJP in India & the opposition along with all the media hungama. He has cited the SC directive as a face saving device. What a bunch of crock!

    The PM is made to look like a flip flopper from political blunders like these where there is no transparency. This is what happens when politics is mixed with religion. Maoists saw the temple as another revenue source by installing their own lackeys. Everyone needs to follow proper procedures, the rule of law.

    We have replaced one would autocratic patron of Mahadev with another wanna be dictator patron. Since when did mere mortals become become patrons of Devas? No wonder they mess up!

    Ode to Shiva,
    Nil kantha must be turning yellow with shame!
    Time to light a chilim. Jai Shambo!

  27. Ten Zen Avatar
    Ten Zen

    Jai Shiv Shambo,
    This issue is revoked because The Raj Bhandari’s of Pashupati Nath protested against the appointment of new bahun priest. This is a mystery where the donation money goes which is more than billion rupees in a month. May be these Raj Bhandari’s also linked in this case and therefore want to save their “LOOT KO SWARG”. Otherwise appointing a Nepali priest in Pashupatinath temple is more welcoming step of the government against corruption and looting of people’s fund. Regarding the process of appoint a new priest, there must be a fair competition among every intrested people of Nepal even if he is not Hindu or Bahun. A dalit also must be entiltled to participate in the competion to be a PRIEST OF PASHUPATINATH. Then it would me more democratic. Isn’t it?????????????????????????

  28. hg Avatar

    Nepal’s Maoist rulers rile Hindus
    By Dhruba Adhikary

    KATHMANDU – Nepal’s first elected prime minister, the Maoist leader of the interim coalition formed last August, remains in hot water due to his enthusiastic involvement with the management of a major Hindu shrine.

    Prachanda’s efforts to pacify the simmering discontent through a statement in parliament on Wednesday have had only a marginal effect in calming the instant – and ominous – flak his moves have drawn from devotees far and wide. And the beleaguered leader is not out of the woods yet.

    The ongoing row began when Prachanda invoked a law legislated before the erstwhile monarchy was abolished that gave the government a say in the appointment of priests at Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath temple, a holy site for Hindus all over the world that houses a stone image of Lord Shiva, the third god of the Hindu trinity.

    Over 80% of Nepal’s 25 million people are Hindu, while in India an estimated 930 million of its population are followers of Hinduism. The temple area is overwhelmed by swarms of pilgrims from neighboring countries during the Shivaratri festival, an occasion marking the birth of Lord Shiva, which usually falls in the month of February.

    Many Hindus strive to visit Pashupatinath at least once in their lives; its significance can be compared to that of Mecca for Muslims or the Vatican for Catholics. Locally, those who head to this Hindu holy place frequently include Ilankovan Kolandavelu, the Malaysian ambassador who is a member of his country’s minority Hindu community.

    Revolutionary Prachanda and his minister responsible for cultural affairs, Gopal Kirati, took the unprecedented step of appointing new priests to conduct daily worship and rituals at Pashupatinath. In the process, the Maoist leadership earlier “accepted” the resignations tendered by traditionally-appointed priests, known as Bhatta, who are of south Indian origin. This action, which broke a tradition maintained through centuries, was bound to spark outrage across the country and beyond. Deposed king Gyanendra, who lost his throne when the constituent assembly declared Nepal a secular republic last May, issued a statement urging all concerned to keep Pashupatinath above the political controversy.

    “Doesn’t new Nepal need a new Pashupatinath?” asked Minister Kirati at a news conference last week. While he appeared satisfied with what he thought was a logical defense, the media present could not help but laugh at his remarks.

    As the controversy dragged on, Pashupatinath remained virtually unattended. Devotees were confused and skeptical about the moves of the Maoist leaders, whose eyes seem to be fixed on the property and daily income of the temple. (It wouldn’t be the first time the temple was utilized as a source of income. When slavery was formally abolished a century ago, rulers of Nepal took some of the temple’s money, gold and other valuables to compensate those who were required to free their slaves.)

    Meanwhile, some of the immediate stakeholders – including storekeepers, called Bhandaris – took the case to the Supreme Court. On January 1, the court issued a stay order until the case was ready for a detailed hearing. But the cultural affairs minister challenged the court order in public: “We are not going to honor the Supreme Court on this matter.”

    To make things worse, the minister directed the temple trust to appoint two assistants to help new appointees. But in view of the growing public anger, the Maoist ministers submitted a petition to the court to vacate its earlier order. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, January 12, and Nepal’s public appears to be prepared to wait till the court delivers its verdict.

    But Hindus in India aren’t as patient. They have held demonstrations in front of the Nepal Embassy in New Delhi and elsewhere; television pictures have shown angry crowds burning effigies of Prachanda. The first high-profile Indian to return home without visiting the temple was Mulayam Singh Yadav, leader of the country’s Samajwadi Party. He was in the capital this week as a personal guest of Nepal’s president.

    Indian Hindu nationalist leader Lal Krishna Advani took up the issue publicly on Tuesday, saying how “deeply distressed” he was by the ongoing controversy. He also expressed unhappiness over the way incumbent Indian priests were being treated.

    Earlier, his Bharatiya Janata Party had published a statement claiming that the controversial action had “hurt the sentiments of people in India”. Official India, however, has remained quiet, which is understandable because of the country’s constitutionally-secular status. Besides, Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, whose Italian origins enter public debate every now and then, may not have a particular interest in the temple, given she was barred from visiting on an earlier visit to Nepal with her husband, then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

    Back home, Nepal’s President Ram Baran Yadav told Prachanda how concerned he was over the issue that had hurt the sentiments of millions of people within the country and beyond.

    Whether or not Prachanda anticipated this level of resentment, if not hostilities against the Maoist leadership, remains a matter of conjecture. In any case, Prachanda and his comrades later tried to neutralize public outcry by presenting themselves as patriots; Indian priests were being sacked to make room for Nepali priests. The objective, according to argument put forward by pro-Maoist newspapers, was also to prevent monetary donations to the temple from being misappropriated by Indian priests.

    Communications Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara told an audience in the western region of Nepal that no “foreign intervention” in the country’s internal matters would be tolerated. He praised Prachanda’s initiative to appoint Nepali priests as courageous. Needless to emphasize, Mahara’s allusion is to the Indians. One pertinent question arises here: who is giving Indians a pretext to be meddlesome if not the Maoists themselves? They were the ones to stir the hornet’s nest.

    The masses appear unwilling to accept Maoists as the trustees of the Hindu religion. Prachanda’s refusal to take the oath of prime minister in the name of god is cited as an example of the party’s atheist character. The other relevant point members of the public often make is that since communists consider religion as opium, the Maoists’ sudden concern and sympathy for Hindus is absurd and hollow. If the communists worship anything at all, it would be the portraits of Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

    There are people who are in favor of giving Prachanda the benefit of the doubt, but they also contend that the Maoists should have adopted proper and transparent methods to select qualified and competent Nepali priests. And that has not happened. What Maoists have done, as was admitted by an official of the temple trust, was to randomly choose priests from among their cadres. Credible media reports said the Indian priests did not quit on their own accord, but were compelled to resign.

    To make matters worse, the priests the Maoists appointed did not know the precise manner of how the rituals, prescribed by the first shankaracharya (temple head), have to be carried out inside the temple. In his book on Pashupatinath, writer Govinda Tandon explained why the tradition of hiring priests from southern India was set in motion 300 years ago.

    “Catholics go to the Vatican to see the pope; nobody bothers whether he is from, Germany or Poland,” Sharat Chandra Wasti, an associate professor of Sanskrit studies, told Asia Times Online. Similarly, Muslims go to Mecca, not to a political entity called Saudi Arabia, he added.

    Wasti, who has spent considerable time doing research on the temple, posed another challenging question to Maoists: can their government appoint clergies in Nepal’s mosques and churches as well? No, they cannot. Clearly, Maoists are taking undue advantage of the high level of tolerance that exists among Hindus. Wasti even suspects that the Maoists have eaten pecuniary bait thrown by some non-Hindu groups aiming to secure mass conversions.

    The legal aspect of the issue too is not favorable to the Maoists. Since the monarchy, which stood as a custodian of the Hindu character of the country, has already been replaced by a secular setup, the state apparatus has no authority to intervene in the affairs of a religious entity. The relevant law has lost its validity.

    “The state’s right has to be restricted to maintaining law and order, leaving [all] ritual matters to religious authorities and devotees,” said Badri Bahadur Karki, a leading constitutional lawyer. This, he added, is the norm of a civilized, democratic society. Perhaps this is something the Maoists have failed to comprehend.

  29. final_verdict Avatar

    When you donate money to god, do you ever think were it goes? If you are so worried about where the money goes than why don’t you distribute to poor rather than giving it to temple. I used to throw coins. Now should I ask for where those money go? Whenever there is puja in your house will you ask bahun what would he do with the money?

    And why should we kick the Priest from Pashupatinath , simply because he is an indian? Why don’t we kick all the Sri Lankans, Chinese, Burmese, korean monk from the Gumbas of Lumbini and put a nepalese monk there?

  30. NepalUday Avatar

    I agree with final_verdict.

    Prachanda and his team should not waste their time and energy on issues like changing Priest. I think there are more compelling issues the nation is facing..As a concerned citizen, we should not spend much time on debating who is our priest in Pashupatinath temple..will the change of priest solve the issues of ever increasing corruption, ever deteriorating medical facility & education, ever deteriorating power situation, ever deteriorating economic condition, ever increasing fear..fear of a failed state…Answer is obvious.

    Our problem is we get carried away by our politician..our problem is we do not have our own agenda..people’s agenda…our agenda are set by our politicians and we keep ourself busy discussing their agenda…This too is no different.

    It’s high time..we set our own agenda and force them on to the politicians and lawmakers…When we talk of New Nepal..we think of a prosperous, educated, healthy, self sufficient, peaceful and happy Nepal..Debating on issues like replacing Indian priest with Nepalese Priests will not help us achieve our goal..It’s time we prioritize our task…


  31. Jad Avatar

    I cannot believe and comprehend the fact that the Maoists have appointed priests to the Pashupatnath temple and kicked out the Indian priests. Their meddling in religious affairs is dangerous and should not be tolerated. I do not understand why this has been made into an issue about one’s nationality.

    I agree with final verdict. Why should we kick out a priest because he is an Indian? thus, should we start kicking out the foreign monks in Nepal? and should the Maoists start dictating who gets to lead in other places of worship in Nepal like mosques and churches? This is not characteristic of democracy, but in fact, extremely reminiscent of Stalinism.

    Additionally, choosing incompetent priests shows a disregard for the rituals and traditions of the temple. The priest’s nationality should not matter, but his religion should.

  32. Lilamani Pyakurel Avatar
    Lilamani Pyakurel

    Everyone should condemn UWB for propaganda and social strife creating website.

    The author promotes petty grudges in most of his articles, it is always about him and his friends, family, his vacations, his ‘invitation’ to the US which i am sorry no one noticed. His quick anger and problem with alcohol that will prevent him from publishing this article that criticizes him.

    He is that who is why Nepal is a failed state. Down with the Bahuns, the learned fools who will eat Cow and call it Chicken.

    Lilamani Pyakurel
    Seattle, WA

  33. villager Avatar

    Fantastic articles ….

    Clearly, Maoists are taking undue advantage of the high level of tolerance that exists among Hindus. Wasti even suspects that the Maoists have eaten pecuniary bait thrown by some non-Hindu groups aiming to secure mass conversions.

  34. sarkaar Avatar

    I think a political party should not take part in religion, particularly, a communist party like Maoist but the same time, it is a courage of maoist to appoint a nepali priest and I am for.

  35. fcuk nepal Avatar
    fcuk nepal

    fcuk u nepalis aka topi aka Bhaate….did you all eat your morning bhaat?…..you illiterate morons. you will all rot there.

  36. Say Cheese Avatar

    Hello Blog.com.np,

    I think there is a need to edit the comments.

    Plz check this.

  37. fcuk nepal Avatar
    fcuk nepal

    You fcking guys,

    You –

    sing hindi song, talk about hindi actor & actress, prefer hindi cine style & fashion, talk in hindi in SANSADAN BHAWAN, do transaction in Indian currency, allow Indian business man, forward helping hand with India in most of the cases.

    The –

    Kerosene that you used, condom you used, medicine you swallowed, is all from India


    You feel that there shouldn’t be an Indian priest ?????

  38. Nepal Avatar

    fellow Nepali brothers and sisters,
    actually this was a shocking revelation that our most revered deity has been under the guardianship of a foreigner for a long time! An outsider accumulates all the wealth offered in cash and valuable kind and sends it off to his country. This must be unacceptable to everybody – religious or atheist, Hindu or non-Hindu”

    I have never thought or imagined for the past hundred of years that outsider(Indian) was the priest at our most sacred temple.
    And what’s the consequence of this may i ask?
    Well you can see the conditions of our sacred temples and its surroundings. Now who is in charge of collecting all the funds donated to the temples? How much of the funds is allocated in maintenance’s of the temple and its surroundings?

    Secondly we need to know that caste system only came about through the formation of Hinduism. Hinduism was brought by Aryan.
    In reference to Hinduism, it is wiser to say that Hinduism is a derivation of tribal God/Goddess/practices/rituals.
    That’s why Hinduism have so many God and Goddess which you already have confessed that Siva is Kirata Lord. In support many Kirata
    Siva murti/caves exist throughout India testifying Siva as Lord of Kiratas.

    Secondly there is no definite founder of Hinduism, except scholars and historians have beginning to understand that Hinduism is a “Borrowed” or “plagiarize”
    religion which why i said that it is a derivation of tribal religions, for after the advent and expansion of Aryans civilization, the Aryans took all the tribal religions
    and God and make it as their own with some modification. That’s how caste system came to exist.
    While not disrespecting the Hindu religion, i feel that it is better to know the TRUTH instead of being lied even if it comes down to controversial and being remarked as racist.
    So the so called Sudras and the untouchable were never allowed to enter Lord Pashupatinath when Indian priest were presiding the temple.

    Just imagine, why there are Magar(Kirati) priest at Manakamana Temple, Budha Subbha and Dakshin kali which is so called Hindu temple?
    Sometimes we need to do soul searching. Hope JTM and many of you who after reading this articles will do some soul searching.
    It is better to know than to be ignorant.
    “An ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what you have just found out.”

    Finally JTM, i’m not saying that Kirati priest should preside the Lord Pashupatinath temple. Any Nepali regardless of their caste should do it.
    Like you said the followers of the faith are universal. I just want to suggest and highlight the truth that’s all.
    I’m sure that many Nepalis do not even know that Siva is Lord of Kirata hence Siva other name is Kirateswor.
    In additional i feel that since Kirateswor is Lord of Kiratas, It is more practical and more symbolism to have Kirati priest as the servant of the Lord.This is all respect to Lord Siva Mahadev and to intregrity of Nepal and its people. But again any Nepali priest is fine but never a foreigner again.

    JTM, still today Kiratis pray to Siva as their Lord.
    Kirat religion is not Hindusm. It is Kirati Mundhum. This practice is also known as Kirat Veda, Kirat-Ko Veda or Kirat Koved.
    Kirats shamanism and their rituals are mostly related to the worship of mother nature and ancestors. Almost all sacred rituals are performed by nakchong, the kirat priest.
    Their supreme deity Tagera Nyingmaphuma is personified as Lord Siva.
    For additional support, you can link to this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirant_Mundhum

    Therefore we should be glad that Indian pujaris are booted out of our sacred temples. This is one good thing done by our present government.

    Jai Siva Mahadev Kirateswor, Jai Nepal

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  39. fcuk india Avatar
    fcuk india

    fcuking indians stay out of nepal affairs you stinking curry mouth!

  40. Pashupati ko bhakta Avatar
    Pashupati ko bhakta

    Republic of Nepal is NOT a Hindu nation. Pashupatinath IS a Hindu temple, not a property of Republic of Nepal. The decision regarding Hindu temples can only be made by adherents of the faith. Declaration of secularity has forbidden Nepal from interfering with the issues of Hindus. Infact, the responsibility now goes to the temple authorities (the Bhandaris and the temple board) and the Wishwa Hindu Parishad. Interfering the tradition of a Hindu institution by a non-Hindu organization is a violation of Human Rights as declared by United Nations. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE OF NEPAL BUT OF HINDUISM. So, let the Hindus decide. NO GOVERNMENT CAN CHANGE THE AYATOLLAH OF IRAN, THE POPE OF VATICAN, THE MULLAHS OF ANY MOSQUE FOR THAT MATTER OR THE CARDINALS OR PRIESTS OF ANY CHURCH (IN BOTH SECULAR AND NONSECUALR NATIONS). SO, WHAT GIVES THE MAOISTS (A NON HINDU ORGANIZATION) THE RIGHT TO INTERFERE WITH ONE OF THE HOLIEST SITES OF HINDUS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND THE HOLIEST SITE OF PAASHUPAT PANTH OF SHAIVISM? Indians are not outsiders, in fact, they are the ones who are the most adherent to the faith. Anyone who adheres to Pashupatinath, Hindu or non-Hindu is welcome (including Newar Tantrik Buddhist priests who have been worshipping the deity for ages and Kirats) but an institution without faith in Pashupatinath should not dare mingle with the holy matters which it cannot comprehend. Moreover, not with the wish to politicalize and corrupt in the name of nationalism. Rashtrabad afno thau ma chha, dharma, pahichan afno thauma. Dharma, pahichan lai rashtrabad ko nam ma daman garera Mahendra le je bhul garethyo, tyo feri nadohoriyos. Pashupati ko jimma bhakta (sansar bhari ka Pashupat panth kaa Hindu, Buddhist, Kirat) ma jaos ra Maobadi jasta oppertunist haru le es ma jatiyeta ko fohori khel khelna napaun. SHREE PASHUPATINATH LE HAMI SABAI KO RAKSHA GARUN! JAI NEPAL! JAI SANATAN DHARMA!

  41. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    I personally think that Kathmandu Valley belongs to Newari community therefore a member of Newari community should be entitle to this job because Newars had been doing that job before and until King Prithvi Naranyan Shah replaced a Bramin priest for Pasupati Nath.

    The more I true unveils the more I get angrier the fact that Bramin deliberately destroyed all our Newari heritage, costumes, cultures and language.

    Are Indians priests are so dear for Bramin/Chettris than its own native Newari people???

    I began to think, how cruel you been for Newari community, i can imagine the torture and humiliation that we had to bear from you bramin/chettris and your kings!!!

    Get out of Kathmandu. make another Pasupathi mandir out side of Kathmandu valley and make your dear friends/Indians priests. and Handover the power to Newari Community.

  42. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Wo joti bhanne, you are here again blaming KHAS ………. I still haven’t got my answer that i asked u………
    Ha ha ha……… your KING—-??????? Don’t you know he was a KHAS—- Malla king. You are only talking about the history of around 200 years back.. why don’t you talk about the history of 1000 years —Khas samrajya. (which was from Kasmir to Assam—– obviously it includes kathmandu valley).. Be honest with yourself, ok.. Are you a race..????. actually NEWAR is just a hybrid of Aryan of the south and Mongolian of North..


  43. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Wo joti bhanne, you are here again blaming KHAS ………. I still haven’t got my answer that i asked u………
    Ha ha ha……… your KING—-??????? Don’t you know he was a KHAS—- Malla king. You are only talking about the history of around 200 years back.. why don’t you talk about the history of 1000 years —Khas samrajya. (which was from Kasmir to Assam—– obviously it includes kathmandu valley).. Be honest with yourself, ok.. Are you a race..????. actually NEWAR is just a hybrid of Aryan of the south and Mongolian of North..


  44. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Where is my comment???

  45. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    where is my last comment????????????

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