मान्छे मार्नु र मार्न लगाउनु जस्तो कायर काम अरु हुँदैन। किन पत्याउने त्यस्तो ब्यक्तिलाई?

कनकमणि दीक्षित तथाकथित ‘जनयुद्ध’का शुत्रधार, राष्ट्रिय संरचना ध्वस्त पार्ने योजनाकार – ‘राष्ट्र पुनर्निर्माण’ को हाकिम बन्ने दौडधूपमा छन आजको दिन, देशी-बिदेशीको सहयोग जुराउँदै। नेपाली जनताको महा-अपहेलना ! झण्डै दुई दशक मुलुकलाई ‘डाईभर्जन’मा जाकेर सामजिक अग्रगमनमा भाँजो हाल्ने, रोजगारको संभावना ध्वस्त पारेर युवा बिदेशिने क्रमलाई बल दिने, संबिधान लेखनमा निरन्तर धावा बोल्ने, लोकतान्त्रिक राजनीती ध्वस्त पार्नेContinue reading “मान्छे मार्नु र मार्न लगाउनु जस्तो कायर काम अरु हुँदैन। किन पत्याउने त्यस्तो ब्यक्तिलाई?”

An Analysis of Corruption in Nepal: Is It Becoming Socially Acceptable?

Siromani Dhungana/UWB It is no surprise that Nepal is a very corrupt country, but a cause of worry today is that politicians are robbing the state coffer openly and sometimes ‘proudly’ in Nepal. This is an analysis of very recent allegations of corruption against our politicians, which have mostly gone un-answered. Here are a fewContinue reading “An Analysis of Corruption in Nepal: Is It Becoming Socially Acceptable?”

Why Khum Bahadur Khadka is a Symbol of Power in a Greedy Society

Lack of accountability mechanism, declining faith of public on judiciary, red tape scandals, inefficient and corrupt politicians and incompetent and greedy bureaucrats are major issues most Nepalis often talks about. Release of Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka, who was convicted of corruption in August last year, from Dillibazar jail today has once again broughtContinue reading “Why Khum Bahadur Khadka is a Symbol of Power in a Greedy Society”

खुमबहादुरले आत्महत्या गर्नुपर्थ्यो हो ?

सुलभ खत्री यूडब्लूबी पाहुना ब्लग खुमबहादुर खड्काले भ्रष्टाचार गरेको कसले प्रमाणित गर्यो ? अदालतले । अदालतले के गर्यो उनलाई ? कानून अनुसार  कसुर बमोजिम सजाय दियो । अनि उनले के गरे? जेलमा बसेर सजाय भुक्तान गरे । कानूनबमोजिम सजाय भुक्तान गरेपछि उनी कानून अनुसारै जेलबाट निस्किए । तर अहिले कतिपयले यसरी प्रतिकृया दिइरहेका छन् किContinue reading “खुमबहादुरले आत्महत्या गर्नुपर्थ्यो हो ?”

Kathmandu is Cruel to Animals

Today I am taking a break from political blogging to highlight cruelty to animals in Nepal. By Siromani Dhungana/UWB Whatever may be the rationale behind a cruel act, cruelty cannot be hailed. Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is cruel to animals. Stray dogs, cows, oxen and cats starve to death in this city where hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading “Kathmandu is Cruel to Animals”

Nepal banda: Bus burnt in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: A small group of criminals set a passenger bus on fire at the Manohara bridge early in the morning today (around 4:30 am). The bus was coming out from a garage in Balkot, Bhaktapur, to ply on the Nepal Yatayat route, according to my colleague Makar Shrestha who reached at the stop some 15 minutes afterContinue reading “Nepal banda: Bus burnt in Kathmandu”

Meaning Behind the Mask

By Dinesh Wagle I lost my confidence in my nasal hairs last month. I wonder how my former science teacher would react to this news. Buddha Pramod Rai had full faith in his nasal hairs. While teaching science at Adarsha Janapremi High School in Bhaktapur in the 90s he used speak confidently about their capabilities.Continue reading “Meaning Behind the Mask”