मान्छे मार्नु र मार्न लगाउनु जस्तो कायर काम अरु हुँदैन। किन पत्याउने त्यस्तो ब्यक्तिलाई?

कनकमणि दीक्षित

तथाकथित ‘जनयुद्ध’का शुत्रधार, राष्ट्रिय संरचना ध्वस्त पार्ने योजनाकार – ‘राष्ट्र पुनर्निर्माण’ को हाकिम बन्ने दौडधूपमा छन आजको दिन, देशी-बिदेशीको सहयोग जुराउँदै। नेपाली जनताको महा-अपहेलना ! झण्डै दुई दशक मुलुकलाई ‘डाईभर्जन’मा जाकेर सामजिक अग्रगमनमा भाँजो हाल्ने, रोजगारको संभावना ध्वस्त पारेर युवा बिदेशिने क्रमलाई बल दिने, संबिधान लेखनमा निरन्तर धावा बोल्ने, लोकतान्त्रिक राजनीती ध्वस्त पार्ने अभियानका नायक, द्वन्दकालको हत्यामा कारवाही हुन नदिने र पिडितको मनोभावनामा कुल्चने – उनै ब्यक्तिलाई ‘पोस्ट-माओबादी’ युगको नेतृत्व तैयारीको लागि जनताको गैर-हिंस्रक र लोकतान्त्रिक भावनामा कुल्चेर पुनर्निर्माण प्राधिकरणको हाकिम बनाउन राजनीतिज्ञ तत्पर देखिन्छ। नागरिक समाज सुतेको छ। युवा राजनीतिज्ञ कतै देखिनन् जब उनिहरुको दरकार छ। कसैलाई सरकारमा जान हतारो छ, कसैमा यो अभियान रोक्ने आंटको अभाव छ !!
यो पोस्टलाई लिएर मलाई गाली गर्न रुचाउने मित्रहरु – डलर-क्रोनर-भारु-नेरु अपचलनको लागि आफ्नै हिरो र सम्बद्धतर्फ हेर्नु। नेपाली जनतामाथी लामो दुरीको राजनिति गर्नचाहने तपाईंको हिरोले कम्तिमा ‘जनयुद्ध’ थाल्नु गल्ति थियो, त्यो जनता माथि कलंक थियो भन्न सक्नु पर्छ र आफु (र राज्य पक्ष)का हत्यारा, बलात्कारी, अपहरणकारी र यतनखोरको हरतरीकाको बचाउ नभई कानुनी दायरा भित्र ल्याउने काममा अडचन लगाउने प्रबृति त्यागनु पर्छ। जनमानस माझ ‘भौतिक कारवाही’ र ‘ब्यक्ति हत्या’को श्रृंखला अगाडी बढाएकोमा प्रयाशचित्त, माफी, आत्मआलोचना, सजाय जे जे भन्नुस् त्यसको लागि तैयार छु भन्ने आंट देखाउनु पर्छ। मान्छे मार्नु र मार्न लगाउनु जस्तो कायर काम अरु हुँदैन। किन पत्याउने त्यस्तो ब्यक्तिलाई नागरिकले ??!!






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    Yeah, I do agree with that.

  2. KYV Avatar

    NGO Corruption in Karnali, Nepal.

    The rich are getting richer and poorer are getting poorer in the poorest part of Nepal (Karnali). The theory of 1% controlling the 99% of the wealth gets proven even in the land of the forgotten world “Karnali Dara”.

    We set Kachari once in a month here in Khalanga Bazar in the same fashion that Maoist did during their insurgent period. We are alerting and inspiring the deprived youth of the forgotten land to stand for the justice. Maoist said they will snatch it from the rich and give it to the poor. Indeed they were right in our land, they took all the pain and suffering from the rich and handed to us.

    Before the great king Bali Raja Shahi was born and the Nepali language was evolve in Karnali, this land has been ruled by Thakuri and managed by the Bramans cast. Chettris has enjoyed the wealth and sense of power too.

    There goes the Mukiyas (Leader), Nike (family head), Baidar (lawyer) and Thanedar (Police), who basically ruled the villages by suppressing the poor and uneducated under their feet.

    This was the history and trend in Karnali Dara. Not much has change since then. The same family has got the key to the door for wealth and power. According to our consistent research and more to come, we have found thakuri and barman’s dominating the lower cast dalit which consist of Kami, Damai, Hudkay, Sarki, Bhemal and Kumal.

    There are more then 1,000 NGO who have directly and indirectly worked in Karnali. This is a growing area of concern in this remote part of forgotten land. NGO and politics has been the greatest businesses venture to the ruling families. Why are,t the poor getting opportunities and chances despite having qualification and rights to sense the wealth and power? ~ Answer is simple, the key to the door of the magic power and wealth has been in the hands of the few families.

    Top 2 corrupted NGO in the Karnali, 2015, more to be cont…..

    1 – Human Rights and Environmental Development Centre (HURENDEC) – Kalikot.

    The great grand son of the Raskoti raja (Royal Shahi Family) is the president and leader of the communist party as well as head of HURENDEC NGO in the district headquarters of Kalikot. Since the communist expanded in this “forgotten land” this Shahi family chose to accept communism as their ruling strategy and maintain dominance. Their secret to keeping the dalit and deprived cast under their feet is by the corrupted funding of the NGO and construction project accumulated from the Nepal government projects such as roads, hospital, drinking water, bridge and many more. This is grated to them in all commission basic. To achieve NGO project a handsome sum of money is paid to the proposal writer and the headquarter (HQ) of the INGO in the capital city of Kathmandu. The senior communist party leaders in the capital coordinate the handshake as they hold the door keys to the ministries. The roads made by this family have not just been blocked due to heavy flooding during the monsoon, it has also become a death bed for all the travellers who pass by. Since the opening of the Karnali Highway more people have died due to the corrupted road then the 15 years long Maoist insurgency in Karnali.

    HURENDEC has been the HQ for this royal family to mobilise its party activities.

    2013, Kapil Shahi a member of HURENDEC NGO gang raped on a dalit 14 years girl who had come for SLC exam away from home, Gyala High School in 2013. As the eldest son of this family is high up in the district communist party committee and has strong connection with central level this poor girl was never heard justice. Can you imagine this 14 years dalit girl, no matter which family she come from being avoided justice in Europe or America?

    There about 89 staffs working for HURENDEC at the moment. They are mostly Thakuri’s and Bramans who are related this Shahi family. This NGO has been active in Karnali since last 15 years and it has worked on many projects, such as drinking water, animal drinking water pond, micro hydro, road construction, suspension bridge, farming goats, education, micro loan, building school infrastructure and hospital. 95% percentage of the infrastructure that were mentioned completed have never been started on reality. All the money was enjoyed by this Shahi family to buy real estate in Kathmandu and Surkhet which are the prime location in Nepal. For those working in HURENDEC they get a monthly salary of Rs 8,000 ($80) per month but on the annual audit the staff minim salary is shown Rs 16,000 ($160). During the recent Parliament election 60% of the MP in Karnali are from the Shahi family. During the election all the staff of HURENDEC in Karnali had to forcefully donate 2 month of their salary for the election campaign and they didn’t get their salary for 5 months as all the money was wasted in the election campaign.

    2011, Bhim Bahadur Shahi of Jubitha VDC, who was teaching Proud Shiksha (Elderly Education) for HURENDEC NGO and a brother in law to the HURENDEC NGO president, killed a dalit (Untouchable) for lighting his cigarette from Shahi’s hotel kitchen fireplace. Killer has been life in prison for his racist murder in the Kalikot District Jail.

    2 – Karnali Integrated Rural Development Research Centre (KIRDARC) – Jumla.

    This KIRDARC NGO was established by the Royal Chettri family of Jumla in 1999. Though during the Maoist insurgency this family was a high value target in the eyes of Maoist cadets. Later on when Maoist joined the government this family accepted the membership of the Maoist party to gain safe heaven from central government and started this family business of KIRDARC NGO. A lot of foreign INGO has been interested to donate in Karnali and realising the emerging opportunity, this family diverted their interest toward this venture. They are one of the biggest NGO working in Karnali but this has been a platform to launch and shelter communist activist and mobilise their party expansion.

    If you are travelling through the corridor of Karnali Dara, you will see innumerable projects build by KIRDARC NGO but you will hardly seen any one of them been functioning as they would have never been build according to the estimation. 90 % of the fund would be shown only on the paper and 10% of the fund can never achieve what 100% of the fund could achieve. You can see many suspension bridge with in 2 years of their inauguration left hanging instead of a crossing point for villager’s both in Tila Karnali and as well as in Humla Karnali River.

    KIRDARC NGO has also been involved in building many health posts building. Some of them have a budget of up to a million dollar but you can hardly see the roof of the health post these days. Due to the monsoon rain building have been damaged making the medical staffs to treat patients from near by shelters. There are many high school buildings build by KIRDARC in Karnali but now you only see ruined buildings, this is due to the corruption conducted by this Royal Chettri family.

    Had there been proper 0 % corruption with proper planning and construction of the projects build by KIRDARC the sweet and heartily donated fund from EU and American nations would still be representing their love and kindness for the most needy people in the Karnali Dara. Instead of making this family multi millionaire in the third world country only to rule eternally.

    We are deeply sad to let you know 90% of the fund being corrupted by this humongous ruling Cheetri family the only hope of the foreign aid have elope like the melting of a ice cube in a summer bright sunny day.

    20 years ago this family living in mud house in Jumla but now they living in multi million luxury villa in the prime location of Kathmandu with 4 X 4 vehicles and ticket for the guaranteed MP sit to stand for the election. We as deprived dalit (untouchable) youth are not complaining for the multi millionaire life style this family have been enjoying as we can’t reach that high, but we are only expressing our out cry as the last hope in the form of foreign aid help has been snatched by this Royal family. If nothing is done to stop this parasite KIRDARC NGO to snatch the future of dalit we remain slaves in this remote Karnali Dara.

    We are talking about the lives of these children and the people who live in sorrow and suffering because they only come from a dalit (untouchable) cast, in the forgotten world “Karnali Dara”.

    * Note – Doko is a basket to carry grass and firewood; Bariyo is a rope on which you can carry firewood from the forest.


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