Burning Effigies [in the Name of Lord Shiva]

Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal [This article originally appeared on the Op-Ed page of the Kathmandu Post today. See it here as it appeared on the paper.] Indian Hindu Rightwing Fundamentalists Demonstrate In Agra, India Against Nepal Government Decision To Apointment Nepali Priest in Pashupatinath Temmple The other day I came across a Reuters videoContinue reading “Burning Effigies [in the Name of Lord Shiva]”

Jai Shambho: Row Over Appointment of Pashupatinath Priests

It’s been a week since the row over the appointment of the priests in Pashupatinath erupted. The Maoist led government, with the direct orders from the Prime Minister, has appointed Nepali priests replacing the Indians in the largest temple of Nepal. Some people have protested the move for different reasons and they have their ownContinue reading “Jai Shambho: Row Over Appointment of Pashupatinath Priests”