The Great Integration Controversy (Maoists into National Army?)

Today’s Kathmandu Post has an interesting analysis of the controversy surrounding the possible “integration” of Maoist PLAs into National army. By Damakant Jayshi Of late, the integration of Maoist combatants (into Nepal Army) seems to be snow-balling into a major controversy and if not nipped in the bud, may develop into a major crisis. WhatContinue reading “The Great Integration Controversy (Maoists into National Army?)”

Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police

If not in national army, the Maoist commander says, integrate our guerillas in police or other security forces. Generals who were skeptics about including politically motivate cadres into the national ‘neutral’ organization will definitely welcome this. This is indeed a very interesting statement coming out from a senior Maoist leader. Deputy Commander of the MaoistContinue reading “Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police”

Why Guerillas Flee Maoist Camps?

By Binod Tripathi in the Kathmandu Post Shaktikhor (Chitwan)- A year back, when the third division cantonment had recently shifted to Chitwan from Kamidada of Kavre district, then division commander ‘Sonam’ had informed media that a total of 8,300 PLA fighters were stationed in the camps. Six months later, when the United Nations (UN) verificationContinue reading “Why Guerillas Flee Maoist Camps?”

Job in Nepal Police, Duty in a Corner

Thanks to the ongoing peace process in the country, police have returned to villages to provide sense of security to people. By Dinesh Wagle Chautha (Jumla): In an evening a week ago, beautiful tune resonating to that of a mouth harp was heard in this corner of a remote village of Jumla that doesn’t receiveContinue reading “Job in Nepal Police, Duty in a Corner”

Maoist in Nepal: 30,852 Guerillas, 3,428 Weapons. Really???

Now the questions are: Only that much? How could that be? Are you honest Maoist comrades? For the record: The United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) yesterday revealed that a total of 30,852 People’s Liberation Army [of Communist Party of Maoist] militants were registered at the seven main and 21 sub cantonments across the nationContinue reading “Maoist in Nepal: 30,852 Guerillas, 3,428 Weapons. Really???”

General Problem in Army: Boys Feel Cheated

Rs Three billion is the amount misappropriated in Nepali Army. And Generals still claim this is a professional organization and boys still feel they are being cheated. It was good to see Nepali Army holding a press conference to clarify some of the “misconceptions” regarding Army Welfare Fund but we could see generals lying atContinue reading “General Problem in Army: Boys Feel Cheated”

Parents Visit A Maoist Army Camp To Bring Back Their 'Stolen' Kids

Comrades, listen to what her tears are saying: Sarita Adhikari (right) cries as she tries to convince her brother on Saturday (Nov 18) who was out of contact with the family for the last three days. He was brought to this temporary camp in Guthi Bhauwa in Parsa district. Maoists have intensified recruiting soldiers, manyContinue reading “Parents Visit A Maoist Army Camp To Bring Back Their 'Stolen' Kids”