Parents Visit A Maoist Army Camp To Bring Back Their 'Stolen' Kids

Maoist recruit child soldiers

Comrades, listen to what her tears are saying: Sarita Adhikari (right) cries as she tries to convince her brother on Saturday (Nov 18) who was out of contact with the family for the last three days. He was brought to this temporary camp in Guthi Bhauwa in Parsa district. Maoists have intensified recruiting soldiers, many of them minors, in this camp. All five pics by Subodh Singh

UWB Photo Blog: After the widespread condemnation of their act of recruiting children in their army, Maoist leadership has unconvincingly denied that they don’t have any policy of recruiting under age children in their army. But the recruitment drive hasn’t stopped and this suggests the top level decision isn’t being effectively communicated to the lower level set up of the Maoist party. Parents are visiting Maoist camps to bring back their children from being recruited in the PLA. Here are a few images

Maoist recruit child soldiers

Masali Miya (right) tries to convince her daughter, 12-year-old Binita Thoker to return to home. Binita was brought in Guthi Bhauwa, Parsa, on Thursday (16 Nov) without the knowledge of her parents. Maoists have set up a temporary camp in Guthi Bhauwa to recruit her in their Peoples’ Liberation Army. A disappointed mother returned back empty hand as her daughter refused to go back with her.

Maoist recruit child soldiers

Krishna Maya Poudel (right) tries to convince her son Krishna Poudel to return back from Maoist army camp. Mother believes that her son came here under peer pressure. Krishna Poudel returned back to home with some of his friends though others have started taking training in the Maoist camp.

Maoist recruit child soldiers

Parents return home with their kids who were brought to a Maoist camp for recruitment in PLA.

Maoist recruit child soldiers

New recruits stand in a queue

Maoist recruit child soldiers

Dailekh’s Maoist guerilla on Wednesday (Nov 15) head toward a temporary camp in Surkhet’s Dasharathpur. Dasharathpur camp will host guerillas from Dailekh and Kalikot as per the understanding between the tripartite team of Nepal government, the UN and the CPN Maoist. Both pics by Harihar Singh Rathour

Maoist recruit child soldiers





31 responses to “Parents Visit A Maoist Army Camp To Bring Back Their 'Stolen' Kids”

  1. Kirat Avatar

    So that’s the SPA policy-Hear no evil, See no Evil and do nothing against Evil? These SPA leaders should get some backbone. What a sorry bunch of wimps!

  2. guyfromktm Avatar

    Another shocker! The Maoists are really building their empire on the blood and tears of the Nepalese people– it surely will come back to haunt them as they settle down into mainstream politics, become corrupt and start to build mansions for themselves. Shame on them and shame on SPA as well who is virtually doing NOTHING about this all. It time Situally went for another tirtha tour after having resigned. He and his gand have failed in their task and the Maoists have failed the Nepalese people very badly.

  3. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    Mark my words! If de SPA doing nothing against this kind of pratisch of the Maos with more force and without any fear the whole nation will suffer of a second Pol Pot regime.
    Please, Mr Koirala show your strength and give instructions to your army to prepare themselves in the same way as the Maos prepare themselves to take over the country.
    Let the secret service of Nepal doing good home work so we can locate where the Maos army really is and sure they are not in their so called cantonments

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am just shocked, appalled and disgusted!
    I am also very angry that the Hindustan Leadership summit invited Prachanda to give that talk. This is an outrage. I have written to the Hindustan Times protesting their invitation. This is once opportunity for us Bloggers to do something. Please write to the Hindustan Times.

  5. Helicopter Avatar








  6. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Let us that Peace Accord will be signed on the 21st. And the maoists will continue to abduct school children after that date also, what BUDHA Girija will do ? Girija is like a Gothalo who was supposed to see if the cows and sheep will graze in the neighbour’s field. But he just looks like a spectator if these cattle graze there. When I asked, why you didn’t do anything, he says that I am looking at them grazing other’s harvest. That is the type of SPA government we have.

    I think it is really a high time to give order to the Nepal Army to be alert. Otherwise, I am seeing a big desaster in the days ahead in Nepal.

  7. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Let us say…..

  8. Helicopter Avatar

    Yeah Pyare or whoever you are,
    You just mentioned the final nail in the coffin for Nepal.

    Great isnt it !!!

    Supression of democratic forces by the Extreme Rightists and extreme leftists !!!

    Keep Nepalese people busy with intimidation and fear and who the hell is going to ask question about transparency, governance and development.

    I hope that we will be able to get out this useless war, courtesy of Maila Dai and Prachanda Pratapi Bhupati…..two sides of same coin of violence and oppression of Nepal.

  9. nepaligurung Avatar

    The Government cannot stop the Maoists from killing, looting, kidnapping, and finally this recruitment, even if all these go against the Agreements because, if the government does so, that means the government has to mobilize the police against the Maoists, that means war again. The govenrment will be HEAVILY criticised for breaking the peace agreement, violating human rights and everything else. At this time, the goverment is locked up. The Maoists can rape, loot, burn houses, and break all points in the agreement, and they are still fine.
    Also, the recruitment makes sense to me, with this recruitment, the real maoist army will come out of the camp and will work in the election whereas the new recruits will be held in the campt. They will be working for Prachand as his private army whereas they will be paid by the government. Solid Plan!
    More things will happen from now! You will all see how far the Maoists will go. they will eat up the whole country.

  10. concerned Avatar

    We badly need a truth and reconciliation commission set up to investigate and consolidate all of the atrocities. We cannot let rebels who still have wet blood on their hands rule. This is a serious humanitarian crisis, violation of human rights in each and every way.

  11. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Thanks Bhudai for the address – I have written to them expressing my disgust at inviting the leader of murderous maoists group responsible for savage killings of thousands of Nepalese. They are still recruiting child soldiers and yet all these citizen societies (Nagarik samaj) etc act as if nothing is happening.

    We should also write/Fax to Kofi Annan about this wonder where to get a proper email address for that.

  12. Guyfromktm Avatar

    If only people listened to What Pushpa Kamal had to say in India and then on his way back to the press, one would be really surprised about the backtracking and flip-flopping the guy has done on his stance regarding India. The “expansionist”, “impearilist”, “reactionary” India has now, in the eyes of Pushpa Kamal become indespensible friend in establishing Nepal as a republic. He is bending over backwards to appease the same Indians whom be publicly deplored throughout his 12 years of jungle life. And now that he is developing his aspirations to be the President of Nepal, he is bootlicking the Indians– what a joke this man is turning himself into. When are we supposed to believe his words– words that he changes like a leopard changes its spots. And if we are to listen to the 100 different reasons that they have been giving about the rampant abduction of children into the PLA, one can only sit and think— do the Maoists really think that everyone else is so dumb?

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I really urge you all to write to Hindustan Times. This is really a good opportunity for all of us to make a difference by expressing our disapproval.

  14. unveil Avatar


    I totally agree with you, this bugger even is saying that he turned down the ISI’s offer to please India, he is indeed a RAW agent. In the time to come it will be more clear i guess. in my view india wants prachanda to come to power so that with ameraican approval against a communist state they can get inside nepal. i dun know when we are to wake up.

  15. Puwai Avatar

    Maoists are ending the violent war and are in a new non-violent campaign for a democracy that is not farce and is nectar to every one, not limited to the money bags and powerful only. What Prachand said in New Delhi is very practical. He is now entering into a phase of diplomacy to win the war. You can not go on perpetual scolding spree with your neighbor for your unhappiness, specially when the later has gigantic proportion in economy and mere physical size.

  16. Sagarmatha Avatar

    If Prachanda is capable to uplift the poor with equal opporunity and availablity to all (specially to deprived people) in terms of education, health and food and job then his word of making “etopia” make sense. But what happened if not like other political modalities already implemented in Nepal? How he is going to take the responsibility and accountablity for changing Nepal to one of the model country of South Asia. Otherwise people have to consider it just a gimmick to grab the power in the name of poor people. He is repeteadly telling the king is barrier for 237 years to economic development. OK we agree with him in that sense also. But what happened if the dreamed Nepal is turned out into failure state in future? Sometime it is worrying subject whether he is not like Musaraf handled by anothe powerful country?? The whole grand-design of support from Indian side in his insurgency and at end Indian “Asirbad and praising to moaist” is bringing doubt to the general people whether Prachanda is handled by RAW to abolish the king like in Sikkim? Hope that may not come to true…

  17. Kirat Avatar

    Puwai-if Maoists are starting a new non-violent campaign for democracy and giving up violence as you claim then why are they recruiting more soldiers for the PLA?

  18. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Maoists’ Plan

    1. Put all the students and unemployed youth forcibly in the camps and all their cadres outside.
    2. The cadres can still threaten and abduct the people and Maoists leaders can say that we are working for peace.
    3. Sitaula will be only sitting in the chair of Home Minister and watching the innocent people being killed. In the Interim Govt. also, Sitaula will be the Home MInster because he is doing good job for the Maoists.
    4. Tomorrow, they are signing the Comprehensive Peace Accord and Girija will be watching rape, murder,abductions, extortions and intimidation of the people.

    Hey Ram, God save Nepal.

    We came to know that Prachanda was secretly working for India after his speech at the leadership forum of HT.Actually, Baburam and Prachanda waere working for them under the instructions of Yuchury and S D Muni.He said that he wants to be the President of Nepal with the help of Nepal.If that happens, he will kill all the intellectual people of Nepal like Mao did. Mao killed 3,00,000 doctors, engineers and other technical experts in China during the Cultural revolution.

    Prachand a is preparing for that.I am not that optimistic but lets see what happens after the Peace Deal tomorrow.We have to see how Koirala and Sitaula will act if the Maoists continue their “dirty work”. I am asking who will vote for Maoists in the CA ?

  19. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Sorry… He wants to be President of Nepal with the help of INDIA…….

  20. replytoall Avatar

    and what in the fudges name are you crying about now…. is not that what you all wanted…. 19 din ko jana andolan and all that…. is that not what you wanted…..

    the so called janaandolan 2 from the very begininng was a maoist movement backed by the guns and fear….and they were successful.. now who are successful make the rule and the law….and the demoncrattic leaders know it so they dare not do anything about the current maoist actions… now if you tell me that the janaandolan 2 was the common peoples movement then i say you may very well go and fudge a dogs arse…. it was never a commoners movement…

    anyways hats off to the maoist that they are almost an inch close to their ultimate goal…..Destruction of Nepal.

    nepali M$%&*Ji lai chahiyekai yehi ho ra ta uphrya uphryai thiye…. kha hoina ghich aba chnki haru communist raj.

  21. Kirat Avatar

    replytoall-what an intelligent and constructive post! you must been ‘fudged’ in the rear quite often recently to be so sore!

  22. pontiff Avatar

    Friend of mine traveling back from Trisuli yesterday saw six buses full of Maoist in full combat dress headed to Kathamndu. This gives me a creep.

    Its is being abundantly clear that Maoist do not intend to keep their words and beaten senseless SPA has no clue nor the fortitude to do anything at all. The claim to hold democractic mantle but I hear all congressi are making beeline to Prachande’ to safeguard their interest. Even Girja has admitted this.

    In the end- we, the people, will be left high and dry and have to fend for ourselves. Andolan was a frace and we know it.

    Cocksucker Prachande can sing and dance to India but commom nepali can never accept being under any other nation, assumed or real, its not in our blood. Rise up people, rise up- lets not be at mercy of others.

  23. Deva Avatar

    Too late my friends to lamebt! The maoists and their Army are now here to stay and rule. Have no doubts on this score.

    Too late to ask the Nepal Army to give up their lives to protect an ungrateful people. They re now totally apathetic to the situation.

    Too late for the UML to save itself. They will be annihilated by the now unholy alliance between the Maoists and the Girija Congress.

    The rest of the Nepalese political parties don’t count. They are dead already!


  24. Budai Pundit Avatar
    Budai Pundit

    Thanks for that Deva… we all needed a little discouragement with whats been going on. Please pat yourself on the back.
    An army doesn’t protect people because the people are grateful or not! It’s their job and duty.

    But I have to agree with you on the state of the political parties.

  25. Neil Horning Avatar

    While child soldiers are definately against international norms, If the parents have to go convince the children to come back then it’s obviously not forced recruitment. Now is it?

  26. sb Avatar


    Giving underage kids lollipops and money and convincing them to have [icd] with you is also not forced is it?

    I can’t say why this guy has shown these pictures where the kids need convincing (UWB does have it’s sympathatic side for the maos), but let you be under no illusion that there are people under and over the legal age being recruited against their will.

  27. pontiff Avatar

    I have got one word for your Neil- Jackass.

  28. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Neil, you really need grow up and stop posting moronic comments here. I have seen your website. You seem like a very intelligent person – yet why do you insist on posting such silly comments that makes you look like a clown?

  29. Neil Horning Avatar

    I was trying to be brief. However, my comment is not any sillier than the rest of those on here. The last thing the nation is doing right now is fall apart.

    I don’t think the Maoists should be doing this recruitment drive anymore than the next person, but you guys need to get a grip. Look at the unbelievable hyperbole in the posts before mine. Then I post a differing opinion, and not only am I attacked, but someone accuses this blog of being pro-Maoist. It’s quite clearly not.

    While my comment was overly simple, I wanted to point out that the situation is much more complex than “Maoists Bad.”

  30. sb Avatar

    Yes agreed Horning, so why are you being so simplistic? The events unfolding here Horning are way beyond your grasp. Maybe it is better to shut up instead of trying to oversimply things. Parachuting in and getting the tail end of a long and complicated “war” with foreign forces clearly playing all sides all along is just not goiung to cut it. Sympathatic tales for the maoists at individual and personal levels does not explain the very complicated path that the maoists and the Nepalese government under any regime has been taking to reach here over the past decade or so.
    Go write a romantic novel if you must, but may I suggest you keep away from trying to be political in any way. Again, it is way beyond your grasp.

  31. Neil Horning Avatar

    Read that.

    It’s part of this article:

    Now tell me I have a simple analysis.

    I’ve been researching this conflict since before there were books about it. You can insult me all you want, but I am not a parachute journalist.

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