Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police

If not in national army, the Maoist commander says, integrate our guerillas in police or other security forces. Generals who were skeptics about including politically motivate cadres into the national ‘neutral’ organization will definitely welcome this.

This is indeed a very interesting statement coming out from a senior Maoist leader. Deputy Commander of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Barsha Man Pun aka Ananata, said the Maoists were flexible on the issue of integrating their combatants in the existing security forces like the army, police and armed police force. He said the Maoists were positive even about creating new force like a border security force or industrial security force. “But the spirit of the agreement is integration in the national army,” he said yesterday in an interaction program in Kathmandu. Pun also said the Maoists want a national security policy that determines the size of the nation’s security forces. “We know the nation cannot afford a huge security force and we also want to mobilize the maximum state resources for construction,” the PLA’s deputy commander said. “But a decision on downsizing the forces should be taken after serious discussion.”

Former minister and one of the negotiators during the peace talks Pradip Gyawali said: “Professionalism, neutrality and national character of the army are matters that can never be compromised while integrating the Maoist combatants. That’s why we have chosen a term– Security Sector Reforms — which calls for making the Maoist army professional and the Nepali army democratic.”

Retired army general Chitra Bahadur Gurung suggested that the Maoist combatants should be brought under the purview of the Ministry for Peace and Reconstruction. “As the Nepali Army is under the Ministry of Defense, and the Armed Police Force, the Nepal Police and the National Investigation Department are under the Home Ministry, the verified Maoist combatants should be put under the peace ministry until the Constituent Assembly elections,” he said. (read here the story in detail)

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35 thoughts on “Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police

  1. Dear All,
    Please have a look this article about the mentioned isue. In my opinion, it is not good idea either to merge in police or military. yadi sab lai garne ho bahne Jwala Singh, Goit, Chure Bhawar, Rajendra Mahto, Cobra , Tiger ke ke ho sab ko afno aafno sena chha ke sab ko lai police army ma milduai jaaane ho ta?
    Please read here:, it is very famous and discussed article in europe and united states.

  2. यो कसरी हुनसक्छ ?
    आर्मी मा नभए पुलिस मा रे !!!
    फेरी उनीहरु नै धेरै को काम पनि छैन, थोरै भए हुन्छ भन्छन् । यो त दोधारे कुरा भएन र ???
    कि उनीहरु को सेना समायोजन गर्न यसो भनेका हुन ?
    यसो भए भोली वार्ता गरिसकेपछी ज्वाला सिंह,गोईत,टाईगर,महतो, कोब्रा,चुरे भावर,किँरात को सेना पनि समायोजन गर्ने अवस्था आउँदैन र ?

  3. Too mch too soon.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali]
    Boston, U. S. A..

  4. This does not seem right.

    No simple solutions.

    Too much too soon.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  5. better late than never still awful idea; peace does not exist it is ALWAYS PACIFICATION MEN HAVE TO LIVE WITH WOMEN AND LEFT NEEDS TO LOOK AT RIGHT.

  6. Looting and fighting must continue. Democracy takes time, for Nepal as for Columbia same civil war, it is better to win by intelligence like in Argentina. They said they were happy with military monsters censorship and civil society had a tremendous role in killings and dissapearings. Now we saw proof of dead maoists, relatives of those people will be future government.
    This is what happened in Argentina, it takes a life time but to forget who killed your wife and mother?

  7. We feel like laughing when someone talk about civil society and human right organisations of spaM. Now even madhesi and other ethnic groups are planning to make their own civil societies and human right organizations.

  8. First they say they want the PLA soldiers in the army. Now they are saying, it’s ok if they are taken as police or as parmilitary soldiers.

    If they do so, then the budget of the country which is already very little will get worse and the budget for other works will get affected.

    Why don’t they use the PLA soldiers for development works, infrastructure works or likewise…

  9. It is really very positive and constructive approach. Such a cooperatinve attitude would certainly help integrate the PLA in national security forces. Border secirity, emergency rescue and reconstruction work could be most appropriate for PLA.

  10. This is what happens in Girija and Krishna Sitaula’s Raj. Bank clients are being looted in broadday light and people are being thrashed by YCL everywhere, but these two people who are responsible for maintaining law and order in the country do not do anything.

  11. The chief of Nepali Army General has indicated that he is against integrating the politically indoctrinated Maoist combatants into the army..

    His comments have come in the wake of debates on the intigration of Maoist combatants into the NA following the submission of verification report by the UNMIN.

    General Katawal said that the NA,as professional army, is not guided by ‘political ideology’ but only the ‘chain of command’ system.

    He said NA would always fight for the sake of ‘ peace and stability’ in the country.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]
    Boston U. S. A.

  12. It is true if NA obey spaM instruction to suppress ethnic groups specially in terai, all blame goes to them at the end and individuals are being penalised. Likewise Girija resigned for not using RNA against maoist (whom they tagged them as terrorist). Now, NA is being blamed for everything for suppressing maoist.

    Isn’t it the cheap trick of spaM leaders ?

    So, NA should act like security force of the nation not like political security group of spaM.

  13. The Maoist central commettee has formed a common stance on intergration of Maoist ‘People’s Liberration Army ‘ into the Nepal Army.

    Maoist says ‘The army intergration is an important aspect of on going peace process.

    Maoist Minister Mahara urgued that the army chief’s remarks contradicted the comprehensive peace agreement.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali ]
    Boston, U. S. A.

  14. I think that NA should be dissolved and PLA be declared national army. After all PLA is the army of the people and NA only serves the king.

  15. Baburam Bhattarai:

    I think all peace-loving people should f’ck you ass for your dumb idea

  16. Creating any armed force just with former Maoists is a teriible idea. I hope people can see why that’s a bad idea. However, it would not be so bad to integrate some former Maoists into the police force or even create a border security force. So long as these new armed forces aren’t just comprised of former Maoists only.

  17. I think the best solution to integrate these combatants is in the border security force. Armed force, AFP, police might not be a great idea, not yet.

    India is taking advantage of our situation and stealing our lands in broad day-light. All the security institutions are with GPK and this hag will do nothing abt it, for fear of irritatiing India.

    What we need now is a trained force, patriotic and jingoistic and out of GPK’s control. The closest that fit the bill is PLA, whereby the problem of integration will also be solved.

  18. Prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala Tuesday clarified that he was not infavour of integrating the Maoist’s Liberation Army into the Nepali Army. ‘The [Nepali] army is an organ of state’. He added ‘But I do’nt want to politicise the army by talking about integration into the Army.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali ]
    Boston, USA.

  19. Rationalist,

    we are parallel govt. you remember how I used to argue that since we are people’s govt. we should have share of 50% of national budget. I am employing same logic here also. So, if we are the peoples’ army then why should we not be the national army. By the way, my wife is a she-male and she does that to my ass which you wish you could also do. People don’t call me baburando for no reason. I am the devil incarnate. Please worship me. Once I demolish your palace I will start the process of destroying all the temples just like in china. I will give you a revolution that will make jana andolan I and II seem like prolonged Nepal bandhas. I am determined to bring an end to this country. Watch out. Okay now I need to do and give it to Prachanda. He has been begging for a month now. I call him prachando and he calls me baburando hehe. wink wink.


  20. Rajendra Mahato is a Indian dalal who should be hanged. He will sell terai territory to India whenever he gets chance. All nationalists should stone him to death.

  21. Pusp Kamal Dahal said that prime minister’s statement that the Maoist combatments should not be integreted into Army contradicts agreement sealed by top leaders of seven- party alliance.

    Pusp Kamal Dahal said that similar remarks issued by General Katawal was ‘mysterious’.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [Hariyali]
    Boston, USA.

  22. Patriot, on January 8th, 2008 at 4:45 pm Said:

    Well said! For the first time in your useless life you have muttered something intelligent.

  23. Unless the government is pro-active in the next forthnight, expect an increase in violence, an egitation, and no situation of elections in the madhese.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]
    Boston, USA.

  24. I still believe Maoists combatants should not be integrated anywhere in nepal. People do not have enough trust on them. And those who are so used to looting the industry can hardly provide any sense of security to the industrial sector. And those who are trained to break the law cannot fit in the police force aswell, people will feel intimidated rather than feeling safe should Maoists become Police.

    The best way out for the country and the maoists combatants is to send them to overseas job opportunities ie; Gulf, Malaysia,Korea…….where they will be treated as same labour by his/her colleague. They will receive more salary for their hard work without being discriminated for their bloody past!

  25. The politicians are diverting the attention. They are not bothers with major problems;

    1. Who bothers about 36 hours power-cut ?
    2. Who cares about 168 businessmen are threatened to killed in Kathmandu if demanded fund is not provided to looters ?
    3. Who cares about all people inculding doctors and businessmen threatened to kidnapped and killed in Birganj and other places of terai ?
    4. Who cares about the price hike of 20% in petrol and consumer goods ?
    5. Who cares about the budget deficit of Rs. 5 billion within 5 months ?
    6. Who cares about coutry’s ethnic problems ?

  26. The country is facing all sorts of problems, including water supply problem, broken law and order situations, high unemployment, but this old stupid vulture Girija Prasad koirala was waiting for the moment to make his daughter Sujata Koirala, one of the most corrupt people in Nepal, the minister. This stupid old vulture knows very well that he will no longer be the PM of Nepal after April. That is why he decided to make her daughter the minister sidelining all the senior leaders of Nepali congress.

  27. Both Baburam and Girija have been able to make their family members the ministers of Nepal. Now, I won’t be surprised if the other two Prachande and Makune make their spouses the ministers of Nepal. Nepalese people are being fooled by these corrupt leaders that they are working for their welfare.

  28. I have been to Koirala family’s kitchen cabinet couple of times, where these Koirala family members usually gather together. Now, the people might think that in such family meeting they discuss the various problems facing the country. That is totally different from what you folks might have thought. In such meeting, these Koirala family members always talk about their personal gains like who to make secretary, GMs, ambassadors, and other important positions in the goverment instead of focusing on the important issues and problems facing the country.

  29. Maoist army can not be integrated into the N.A. Such statements would seriously affect the constituent assembly election process. Everybody should stop the debate one over army integration before the elections.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]
    Boston, U .S. A.

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