Job in Nepal Police, Duty in a Corner

Thanks to the ongoing peace process in the country, police have returned to villages to provide sense of security to people.

By Dinesh Wagle

Chautha (Jumla): In an evening a week ago, beautiful tune resonating to that of a mouth harp was heard in this corner of a remote village of Jumla that doesn’t receive the short wave signals of Radio Nepal. Following the tune, this reporter reached a house that had a sign board hung on its front which read ‘Police Post Chautha’. After entering inside the room on the first floor with permission, a young man was seen playing with a keyboard, not the harp. A few of his pals were readying themselves to go to bed while humming folk tunes.

“It’s a very boring place, sir,” said Kali Bahadur Rawal of Nepalgunj who was fiddling with the ‘MS 200 A’ instrument with 37 keys. When they are off the duty, not meditating the villagers’ feuds or not in rescue mission, police in this ‘boring’ place take refuge to music to entertain their soul. “Madal and Keyboard are [our] entertainment,” said Head Constable Dhana Bahadur Khadka who is leading the office as the post of Assistant Sub Inspector is vacant. Entertainment is only half full this evening as the traditional Nepali drum (madal) has been taken to a nearby village.

Job of a policeman, duty in a corner! Thanks to the ongoing peace process in the country, police have returned to villages to provide sense of security to people. Amidst the fear of looming Maoist attack, this post was vacated some three years ago and was reestablished four months ago. Policemen here are full of stories of clashes while the hope of sustainable peace could be seen floating in their eyes. “I fought in Rolpa,” remembered Kali Bahadur who was fiddling with the instrument without knows how to play it in the absence of his colleague Netra Bahadur Kuwar of Rolpa who knows about the keys. “Twice. After the Hapure talks failed. Fought bravely. Without eating for two and half days.”

He wasn’t injured but is sad that “many friends got martyrdom.” He is equally happy about the peace process. “I am elated,” he said. “I wish we don’t have to fight with our brothers.” Shalikram Mahatara of Rolpa, who was singing ‘Chhin ko chhinaima/Hit ko maya ke bhani bolaunu pahilo bhetaima’ before the conversation, talked about the intimacy that they have developed with their former enemies. “Maoist cadres and we eat in the same plate.” Kali Bahadur added: “We walk together like brothers. I don’t know what happens in future.”

The main responsibility of police here, who are out of the district police communication network as walkie talkies don’t catch the frequency, is to meditate in locals’ disputes. A home on the upper side of the village was swept away by an avalanche soon after they arrived. Villagers still remember the role played by police in rescuing. “These guys took out a man alive (from the snow) after six hours,” said a local shop owner Sukbir Bhandari. “It’s definitely good to have a police post in the village.”

The Nepali version of this article appeared in today’s edition of Kantipur





10 responses to “Job in Nepal Police, Duty in a Corner”

  1. sad&depressed Avatar

    in fact the maoist footsoilders are our brothers and sister, just misled like the rest of the nation. made to believe that hating,killing our fellow countrymen will bring us glorious freedom and respect.
    we need to cure our unwanted culture of Superiority and inferiorty complex. especially the so called educated lot

  2. bhupen Avatar

    long live nepal’s peace! Hope journalists bring happy news like this one till the election! Put smile on your faces and on blogs till election, yeah!

  3. Baje Avatar

    Thanks goes to Girija, Shre Bdr., Pushpa Dahal, Baburam and the political echelon for necessitating the blood letting in the first place.

    And how stupid we all are to look up to these fools today, thanking them for a peace they destroyed in the first place.

    This entry in Nepali Perspectives deals with the very issues on this blog, from a different angle. But the message is one in the same.

  4. admin Avatar

    there is no new thing, just forgotten stories of the common people like them so run the government offices in these lost places of Nepal. They are the true heros of the country. They are who help to keep the law and order situation intact in every nooks and corner of our country.

    Hats off to them.

  5. bimal lamichhane Avatar
    bimal lamichhane

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  6. arvind Avatar

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  8. naresh singh Avatar
    naresh singh

    please reply

  9. nirajan singh Avatar
    nirajan singh

    i work in nepal police

  10. vishnu gurung Avatar
    vishnu gurung


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