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Five Reasons Why Nepal is No More a Democracy

Existing political events strongly suggest that Nepal is on its way to being ruled by an autocratic political system. Leader of this new system, Mustang-rider Dr. Baburam Bhattarai (or Dr-sab as some people call him) has accelerated speed of his vehicle to lead the country into an autocratic system where the Maoist party will have its say on all important issues including those that are to be handled by an independent judiciary.

By Siromani Dhungana

Democracy in Nepal is on the verge of collapse. Most of the indicators of democracy are either dismantled or dead. The basic notion of democracy- ‘check and balance’- has been destroyed and now there is only the check of the communist-led government.

Why Nepal is not a democratic country? Because: Continue reading Five Reasons Why Nepal is No More a Democracy

General Strike Day XII Updates

General Strikes continues for the XIIth Day in Nepal

By UWB! Team

1:30 PM, Palace Gate

The gate was abuzz with ex-premiers’ meeting the king. Report has it that Surya Bahadur Thapa was granted audience. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is also rumored to be consulted. But, the latter could not be verified. Continue reading General Strike Day XII Updates

Indigenous Nepalis Rally Against Autocracy

Nepal Indigenous Protest Rally Against Monarchy

Whispering Against Autocracy?

Two ladies talk to each other this afternoon while participating in a mass meeting organized to protest the autocracy of king Gyanendra in Basantapur, Kathmandu. Before this, several hundred people indigenous Nepalis affiliated with various organizations took out a rally chanting anti-king slogans. They were supporting the April 6-9 general strike and demonstrations planned against the autocracy by the Seven Party Alliance. The government has vowed to make the general strike a flop show. Pics by Bikash Karki Continue reading Indigenous Nepalis Rally Against Autocracy

In Autocracy, Nepal Economy Goes Down

Renewing its warning issued a month ago, Kathmandu based economic watchdog Institute for Development Studies(IfDS) today said, ” While stagnant income and increasing inflation mean hardships for the ordinary people, capital flight points out that the future economic prospects of the country are bleak.” Here i s the complete text of the report disclosed by the organization:

The Economic Level and Directionafter February 2, 2006……

Institute for Development Studies(IfDS)

Executive Summary

1. After the publication of our report on February 20, a new wave of interest was shown by all on the state of Nepalese economy. But no improvements have been noticed yet in the overall performances of the economy. Instead, a number of new policies and programs initiated by the government in the recent past have helped the economy to deteriorate further. Against this background, it is not necessary to change the following hypothesis discussed in our first report:

(a) “In the lack of proper measures to improve the situation, the economy may fall together abruptly;”

(b) “If the present trend continues, the government may be financially bankrupt by the end of June”;

(c) “Once the economic problem is exploded, we will not have long time in the name of finding alternative programs. We will not be surprised if total anarchy prevails in the country….The national identity itself will be at stake”. Continue reading In Autocracy, Nepal Economy Goes Down

Making Joke of Democracy!

Neither the King nor his ministers have forgotten in any instance of speech talking about democracy. They always reiterate there is democracy. But the problem is that when they talk about democracy, their acts make it look like mocking democracy, rather making democracy a joke.

Latest of the ‘democratic move’ being the seizure of communication equipment from Madhav Kumar Nepal, the general secretary of Nepal Communist Party (UML) and his brother’s house. Their houses were searched without a warrant and telephones, fax and computer seized without a reason.
(Photo via eKantipur) Continue reading Making Joke of Democracy!

Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

Civil Society Discussion

Demanding the release of Nepal’s top civil society activistsPics by Wagle

Constitutional experts, human rights leaders and journalists have questioned the government motive behind continued detention of civil society leaders Dr Mathura Prasad Shrestha, Dr Devendra Raj Panday, Krishna Pahadi and Shyam Shrestha even after the Supreme Court termed hundreds of detentions of leaders on January 19 as unlawful. Continue reading Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

Responding to the Padma Sundar Lawati Interview

After watching pro-government leader on Nepal Television, a UWB reader reacts… [Padma Sundar Lawati is a leader of the breakaway faction of RPP that is headed by Home Minister Kamal Thapa. At the time of breakup, it was widely assumed that Lawati would be the chairman of the new party. But in a surprise move, Kamal Thapa emerged out as the leader sidelining Lawati. It was believed that Dr. Tulsi Giri’s hand was behind that surprise- UWB]

By Amod Niroula

The state run Nepal Television has always been or forced to be a monotonous mouthpiece of the ruling few in Kathmandu. This is a response to a television interview given by Mr. Padma Sundar Lawati in the state owned television the other night. The views expressed by him, I thought, were intended to please the ruling the class and had a tone that would make any democratic person go to a spin. On point to point basis, I would like to remind Mr. Lawati why and where he and possibly the government are going wrong in understanding the present political situation.

1. The king is the only unifying factor of Nepali.

Ok! This is what we have been studying since our school days. If, I was still a child innocent of my country’s history, I would believe it. But I am not. Are we Neapli really that weak that if (hypothetically) there were no monarchy, we would be divided? More divided than we are now? Yes, we were unified as one by His Majesty the King (Bada Maharaj) Prithvi Narayan Shah some 200 years ago. But, since then our (or rather the monarchy’s) history has been about nothing more than power struggles and bloodsheds. Do I need to remind you about the most recent one? Continue reading Responding to the Padma Sundar Lawati Interview

Deserted Voting Booths of Nepal

By Dinesh Wagle

Very few people are participating in Nepal’s municipal election that is boycotted by political parties.

A man looks for his name in a Voters’ list outside a voting booth in New Baneshwor.

I went around a few voting booths to see how the election process was going on. I saw no people but security personnel on all booths. They were staying idle witht nothing to do. A voting center in New Baneshwor was exception. There were some people! And they were looking for their names on the voters’ list pasted on the wall outside the Cooperative Center. Continue reading Deserted Voting Booths of Nepal

Madam Deuba Speaks Her Heart and Mind

Wife of Nepal’s Sacked PM on green signals of Feb royal takeover [Photos of this post will not be displayed] By Dinesh Wagle

Arjoo Deuba on garden

Arju, pic by Wagle, on her fate and luck, on her marriage with Sher Bahadur Deuba, on Kathmandu elites, on Democracy, on on Feb 1, on December and January. United We Blog! Exclusive

Arju Deuba has seen both highs and lows of life in a dramatic way. In those care free days of early and late 20s her life, Arju Rana never thought that one day in life she would be the wife of a man (and become Deuba) who would become Prime Minster of Nepal for three times and be ousted unceremoniously in all occasions. She wasn’t even thinking of her marriage. An independent and talented girl, she used to earn money and blow that up instantly. Hanging around Thamel, the tourist hub in Kathmandu, and spending thousand of rupees (that she earned) shopping verities of clothes was her lifestyle. Continue reading Madam Deuba Speaks Her Heart and Mind