Making Joke of Democracy!

Neither the King nor his ministers have forgotten in any instance of speech talking about democracy. They always reiterate there is democracy. But the problem is that when they talk about democracy, their acts make it look like mocking democracy, rather making democracy a joke.

Latest of the ‘democratic move’ being the seizure of communication equipment from Madhav Kumar Nepal, the general secretary of Nepal Communist Party (UML) and his brother’s house. Their houses were searched without a warrant and telephones, fax and computer seized without a reason.
(Photo via eKantipur)

Yesterday, Nepal was arrested and given 90-day arrest letter. The letter stated ‘this warrant has been given to you as per directives to put you under detention… so as to stop you from spreading false information about the present government, which may pose threat to the kingdom’s sovereignty, intergrity, peace and security.’ It charged him of ‘assembling people in a public place and spreading false information about the government among others.’

Students protested the seizure of equipment with furore staging protest program, burning a government motorcyle and the cadre staged a protest program at Maitighar.

(Photo via eKantipur)





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  1. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    king and his ministers’ democracy is to kidnap people without cause or without legal grounds
    whoever they do not like
    put them in jail or kill them
    I call this lawlessness demon-cracy, not democracy

  2. Reader Avatar

    Refering to your previous article .. First thing ..
    The skirmish between the two cokes have gone long enough this would definitly be a good time to stop.

    Well about the speech of Mr. State Minister for Information and Communication Shrish Sushmer Rana and how he was saying “there is complete press freedom in the country at present.” what is he doing? He is making a mockery of him self as well as he whole oh so democratic nepal. Complete freedom of press when the Army comes and storms into your station or publication and takes the equpements away take that for FREEDOM.

  3. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    Mr. G himself must have been there in mask among the arresting officers behind SSP Thapa. G likes such democracy: write a law himself, write a warrant himself, and go arrest himself whoever he wants.
    This is demon-cracy.

  4. scream..! Avatar

    are we all waiting for the political hero to make special apprearance in Nepal? Does Nepal really have three powers working for no good reason? Is there any party, any group or any idealogy that ppl here in UWB think is suitable for Nepal as of now. I can’t come up with anything.

    This MkNepal is retarded. how does the country keep producing ppl like him, what is he expecting to make out his ‘outstanding’ leadership, some more money!!?

    oh man, i just have one simple solution…just educate the mass completely and correctly. somebody’s gotta figure it out, then. could just be one of us.
    with sympathies to the nation

  5. bi_was Avatar

    King G.B has more declear that there is not decomercy and human right in our country……G.B only talk (speech) to show froign country………………

  6. King Kong Avatar
    King Kong

    Change the name of the party!

    Anybody wondering, why the international community of democracy lovers is not crying out loud in the case of Mr. Nepal?

    It is because of this stupid name of the largest political party of Nepal. Nobody in the West can risk to help communists, without loosing influence.

    As UML is no longer promoting communism but multiparty democracy, it is high time to build a new leftwing mass party without communist branding.

    Change the name, make a new program, without mentioning these ancient forefathers of world communism and start over. You all will be surprised, how different the international help for your just cause will then be.

    I suggest “Democratic People Party Nepal”, a brand many people will be able to accept.

    King Kong says: Kingdoms are history!

  7. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    I think you are right.
    The left should change their party name.
    Not only they will receive int. support but also they will remain the biggest party for a long if they also do right things.

  8. Sanjeet Avatar

    King Gyanendra’s autocracy has shown its colors yet another time. It seems the days of monarchy are now counted. People of Nepal should now make a plan to plant rice this summer on the land where Narayanhiti exists today.

  9. ex-nepali Avatar

    i see that you have my cookies well accounted for.

    united we blog for a democraic nepal.

    thats the wrong slogan.

    united we strive for a peaceful nepal.

    thats more like it.

    i do understand some of you are crazy about democracy.

    but please try to think about functional democracy.

    a democracy that works for people and not the politicians. thats good theoritcally. but when things come to implementation, it sucks.

    if you think the king is going for an autocracy, let me try to convince you that you are wrong. there is too much of world pressure. he cannot do it. its as simple as that.

    if you think the politicians are after their lost power, you are right. they hardly think of any thing beside that.

    thats all they have been doing till now, for shiva’s sake.

    if you think democracy is what nepalese need, you are wrong. nepalese need peace. think of your mother. unless she is a politician, she would like to see her children alive. mother, sad old mother, she wants all her children alive. she is the most unlucky bitch god ever created. mother.

    there are very little politicians. they think of themselves and their power. we think of our selves and a way to use the power that our politicians got. may be its not we. its you.

    we are all selfish.

    you are all selfish.

    we are.

    you are.

    but what makes a difference is we think beyond ourselves. beyond what we think. then , only then, what we think is right.

    hope we could do that.

    this is all for the educated people. or atleast to those who think they are. education is not wisdom. and where gods dwell is not heaven.


    your belief in congress is invalid because there is no valididty in the congress philosophy.

    your belief in communist party, if there is one is invalid, because there is no suchh thing as communism in nepal axcept for maoism.
    makune, at any given time, can be royalist, communist, congress or something else. they have lost their own definition.

    maoism is nothing more than terrorism. they use to be socialist once upon a time, but they have lost that identity now.

    they are just criminals.

    student unions. they are not for students. they follow politicians. members, they are all the GUNDAS of Nepal. those who can kill and are not scared to be killed are the political leaders of Nepal. there are few who can talk, but they do pay their royalty. to politicians and their GUNDAS.

    there should not be any politically affilated students unioin in Nepal. In fact there should not be any student union in any university at all.

    those who have seen it, will believe me.

    but then, i dont believe there are anybody out there who thinks of nepal as much as i do, or for that matter who thinks as i do.

    you might, if you really are thinking of nepal and not yourself, have different solution to all these things going on in nepal. but i would still think you all are stupid to
    believe its up to the politicians to bring peace in nepal.

    they can do it.

    oh yeah.
    if they all hang themselves that is.

    and jouranalists, for nepals sake;

    lie for the country/peace if it does good
    dont die for the country , even if you could
    dont go around singing those notorious songs
    if you cant do it right try not to do it wrong

    –i feel flabberblasted

  10. Roshna Thapa Avatar
    Roshna Thapa

    MAKUNE is a Indian stooge, he should be hanged! Not only jailed, Eveny on in the UNL know he killed Madan Bhandari

  11. coke Avatar

    madhav holds the key . all leaders released madhave alone is kept in prison, what’s goin on?

  12. proleteriat Avatar

    King Kong bro seems to be in a state of confusion regarding the geopolitics of Nepal. Had it simply been the name of the party for which the international community has their reservation rescuing Mr Nepal, Mr Deuba would not have had to stay so long behind bars!!!

    International Community can lend their moral support but it is the leaders like Nepal who should first win the confidence of the caders and common people to join the struggle against the feudal autocracy of the Shah-Rana clan.

    It is the victory by the people that would save Mr Nepal and alike from further harrassments by Neo Mandaleys.

  13. Sanjeet Avatar

    Please read the following news published in an indian newspaper:

    I N T E L L I G E N C E

    CBI, DEA probe Nepal prince’s drug links

    6 July 2005: The US FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have sought assistance of the CBI, the Narcotics Control Board and covert agencies to investigate the notorious crown prince of Nepal, Paras, after an American ally in South East Asia tipped off about his rapidly expanding drug network.

    Paras has been allegedly in the drug business for seven years, but his stakes and that of the Nepalese royal family have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, alarming the DEA, and panicking the US, and the crown prince is now reported to be operating his network beyond South Asia.

    In December 2004, the US-friendly South East Asian state began investigating new drug markets in the region, and the trail lead to Nepal, and investigators in the guise of tourists established the link to Paras, who was subsequently invited for a tourism promotion event.

    During the promotion event, the South East Asian state was confronted with meetings between Paras and local drug lords, who were under surveillance, and the recorded conversations produced iron-clad evidence against Nepal’s crown prince, which was when US agencies were contacted, for independent corroboration.

  14. Sikkime-Lendup Avatar

    Nepali ko Saradhhe garna na payera Madhav Bahun suke cha! haha

  15. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    Mr. nepal very good, i think all the leaders of parties arrest and push in the jail all they are cancer of Nepal.

  16. hawkeye Avatar

    Should they change their name, they would lose around 40-50% of their cadres to Maoists. Not all are educated and intellect with a analytical views like you guys.

  17. yodam Avatar

    king kong and Indian coke,
    why dont you change your names (not that you havent already changed it) folks? and make it sound like george or John or tony etc. the international community will think you know more.

    you are suggesting to change someone’s identity in order to be heard by others. thats pathetic.

  18. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I think they should keep their name as is Communist Party of Nepal but get rid of paranthesis Marxist Leninist and bring Maoist into their fold. Bring democracy in the party and then people will follow them to bring democracy in Nepal.

  19. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    ufff people in here are too confusing !!!

    Suggestion: No need to change any party’s name. Just let it all banned is very easy to discuss.

    should be “Democrat Monarhy”

  20. King Kong Avatar
    King Kong


  21. Chandan Avatar

    Mr. Kamal Thapa wants to foil the understanding as well as the upcoming showdown in the Valley. Moreover, he also wants to formally treat the parties as accomplices of the Maoists. The statement give to Mr.Nepal seems in line with the statement of Mr. Thapa. Is the government too worried that the parties would indeed bring the Maoists to the political mainstream, ultimately bringing peace to the protracted conflict? Mr. Thapa is too worried that he will loose his job if this happens. Same goes with Gyanendra and his yes-men!

  22. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    such actions only means that Nepal is headed republicanism.
    the king is loosing it by the day. this opressive tactics cannot go on forever … i agree the parties and their leaders are nothing short of being a Monkey but nonetheless a democratic system is still a democratic system. King Gyanendra has dug himself into a really deep hole….

  23. hari sharma Avatar

    This is indeed a sad news for us all. Day by day the government is misusing its power. Respect for private property rights is nowhere to be seen when they searched Nepal’s house. Though the governments have been misusing the power worldwide, it has been excessive in case of Nepal.

    I doubt the success of the agitation movement of the parties though. They have been doing that for years now and still they couldn’t move G. They need to rethink on the way to achieve people’s power.

    Despite all this, I want to see the government to be limited in size and power. We need respect for individual freedom and property rights. For more, follow:

  24. Crazy Avatar

    The earlier G’s democracy and the present G’s democracy are the same…..their concern for the nation the same….both Girija and Gynendra…are fucking same…


    I am sitting having tea in Kathmandu, and a question will not leave my mind: If the 7-Party April actions have no effect on the position of the King, What’s next ? Will Democracy only be a dream ?

  26. Manan Avatar

    People are worrying their heads over a simple thing. Believe me, “The King” is digging his own grave; all he needs is time to complete it. By two years, that should be ready, and we should get ready to push him inside.

  27. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    I found a great friend in you.
    Thanks for launching an anti-king movement from another corner here!

  28. blogwatch Avatar

    Once upon a time MKN made joke of Democracy by obstructing Paliament for two months. But that does not justifies KG to make joke of Democracy in Nepal. I am just wondering why KG wants to make him a Hero putting him behind bar?

  29. proud2bnepali Avatar

    Well, Dinesh bro, it’s not making joke of democracy. It’s making joke of the “Tsunamis”. He told that the aandolan will make a Tsunami come which will wipe out the monarchy. Well the king has really seen a great Tsunami from Sher Bahadur and Girja and Co. MKN has made thousand mistakes but now we can’t blame him instead we must praise him that at least in this crucial moment he didn’t losed his ground. But I feel so damn ashamed to see people like Sher Bahadur in the front speaking worst then even Laloo Yadav. That’s why look how free as bird he is and the king knows that if he is outside people instead of coming to andolan will run away. But our ‘great leaders’ still think it will be easy..I am saying this by looking at their attitude..they still have a hope that the king will throw a bone to them. I got nothing more to say as I am feed up with this shit political leaders and their lies and the pain they have inflicted to us..But look Dinesh bro, when there is nothing called democracy, where the so called protector are the killers which we are now witnessing every day, when the killer is busy fishing and planning his dark conspiracy in the lakes of pokhara..HOW THE HELL CAN YOU EVEN SAY THERE IS DEMOCRACY….so it’s not a joke of democracy cause for making something out of a thing….there must be the thing which is democracy in this moment….and when there is nothing called democracy, how come you say that these slaves of modern era are making jokes of democracy….

  30. Edgeofeternity Avatar

    Pls make a new update.

    I hate this fellow [Makune]

  31. Prakash Avatar

    Hye guys,
    I just heard from a very reliable source,the king is putting a ban on all political parties and arresting leaders on charges of collaboration with terrorist. All security agencies have already put under high alert.Also heard that the king and giri are in the mood of absolute monarchy even if there is a bloodbath.

  32. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO


  33. Manan Avatar

    No one’s saying Madhav Nepal and Girija Koirala are great leaders. But the royalists have to know that the days of the monarchy are over. However bad the above two are, they’re elected representatives.

    By the way, Mr. Shah hasn’t shown any great statesmanship either. He spends money on limos and foreign trips; well, at least Madhav and Girija come from the people, so in that they should get our support. They’re the lesser of two evils, so to speak.

    But as I said, we can just sit around and do nothing. Mr. Shah will go of his own accord.

  34. Rag Avatar

    Where are you people now? Ever seen Nepal (not MK Nepal) from inside? Who do you think has the power to stop what is going on?

    Only these political parties can do it, believe it or not. May be most of you are outside Nepal and thinking of never going back. The war has already gone very far people. Kathmandu is not Nepal (Don’t think like G Shah and his government)

  35. coke Avatar

    The main problem with our leaders is that they even don’t know what they want?
    I think majority in this form only are sure of what they want that is Republic.
    Girija is afriad of a republic, danger that they will disappear in the communist rise.
    Madhav even has problem advocating for republic because he knows that infront of Prachanda and baburam he suffers dwarfism.
    But Prachanda and Baburam are also not sure of republic as their own cadres blame them of being royalists.
    Americans and the british do not want republic in Nepal, India is using it as a tool to manipulate the monarchy, they even do not support a communist republic Nepal.
    China doesnot support republic.
    This is where gyan bad. is ruling w/o hesitation. he knows all his moves are valid. politics…politics very bad.

  36. ex-nepali Avatar

    i guess i forgot, but when were these great leaders of yours elected?

  37. ex-nepali Avatar

    good luck with your democracy when the maoists take over. political leaders, representative of nepalese people some half a decade ago, are playing puppets to schizophrenic prachanda.

    and you indians, you wont be safe either. maoism is a flame burning nepal, fueled by the brainless politicians with what ever brain they had left. nepalese, due to their own foolishness might burn in this fire, but it wont be long before you feel the heat too.

  38. ex-nepali Avatar

    and in the mean time, keep making fun of democracy. atleast you will be laughing before your gruesome death.
    i will have the last laugh. HAHAHAHA.

  39. Manan Avatar

    Mr. Shah will go of his own accord, unless I’m very much mistaken and people in the country would rather have an activist king.

    People will only stand for Mr. Shah if they believe that the monarchy is a bedrock Nepali institution that cannot be overthrown without causing the Nepali state itself to disintegrate. I have problems with accepting that notion, seeing the attitudes of most educated Nepalis, who seem more and more sure that we don’t need a ‘King’ around.

    There was one other justification the ‘King’ could use: that he’d help to bring safety back to the country. However, that definitely has not been the case. Neither has corruption ceased. So his only real defense will be that he’s part of a Nepali tradition that has gone on for two centuries. In fact, that is his only real appeal.

    But the increasing tide of anti-traditionalism and response to outside ideas among the Nepali people means that eventually the tide will sweep him away without Girija and Madhav doing anything. One hopes the tide will wash them away too.

  40. hawkeye Avatar

    educated people.. what’s the percentage?

  41. Manan Avatar

    I don’t know. Maybe one percent, but even that counts for something.

    Frankly, I don’t even think the “King” is considered that great among uneducated Nepalis.

  42. hawkeye Avatar

    Newars and one faction of janjatis (thre two factions of janjati, I am talking about the one which incorporates higher number of janjatis)and few of others support the king.

  43. hindu FASCIST Avatar
    hindu FASCIST

    frankly i will be very happy if they permanently [icd] madhav nepal ([icd] hindu fascist masquerading as a communist), Girija and all those high caste hindu bahuns forever… and chetrris too.

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