Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace

UWB! founder blogger Ujjwal Acharya is currently at Manila, Philipines participating in a conference for Asian bloggers called Free Expressional in Asian Cyberspace. The conference is being held at Asian Institute of Management in Makati. He will there there for a week. Meanwhile, other contributors of UWB! would continue bringing news and views from NepalContinue reading “Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace”

State Plays Dirty Game

Home Minister Kamal Thapa and the state is trying to prove that there is Maoists infiltration in the demonstrations. The state-own Nepal Television, Radio Nepal and Gorkhapatra are using the Maoists press release to prove their point. NTV even interviewed four people who said they were Maoists and brought to Kathmandu for demonstration. The goverementContinue reading “State Plays Dirty Game”

The Eve of General Strike

Rallies, protests, arrests, campaigns and imposition of curfew marked Wednesday, the day before the four-day long General Strike By Ujjwal Acharya/ Photos by Bikash Karki This morning a number of leaders were arrested from their home. 37 professionals including lawyers, journalists and doctors were arrested in the morning when they tried to rally peacefully. TheContinue reading “The Eve of General Strike”

April Uprising: What to Expect?

April 6 onwards, the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) has announced a four-day general strike and a ‘big’ rally. The government has vowed to foil the protest programs. What will happen? By Ujjwal Acharya The general expectations of mass are: the mobile services (or maybe telephone service) will be disrupted; the imposition of curfew and aContinue reading “April Uprising: What to Expect?”