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Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace

UWB! founder blogger Ujjwal Acharya is currently at Manila, Philipines participating in a conference for Asian bloggers called Free Expressional in Asian Cyberspace. The conference is being held at Asian Institute of Management in Makati. He will there there for a week. Meanwhile, other contributors of UWB! would continue bringing news and views from Nepal at this blog as usual.

Wishing for Peaceful 2063

Peace loving Nepalis gather at Maitighar Mandala every first day of Nepali month to remember the victims of the violence

By Ujjwal Acharya

1269 – the number was written on the white banner with ‘we will always remember you’ written beneath it. Just below the banner, the candles make out the number. And that’s the number of Nepali who lost their lives due to the ongoing violence in the country last year. A handful of people hold the burning candles wishing for peace. Continue reading Wishing for Peaceful 2063

What Happened in Gongabu?

Armed police fired more than hundred rounds of real bullets as the bloodiest people-police clash at Gongabu injured more than 130, some of whom are serious

Gongabu was as of yesterdays tense. The scuffle between people and police was going on.

During one of the chasing, two of the demonstrators entered a house. They didn’t know who owned the house. When they were inside, the house keepers set a dog free and tried to beat the demonstrators. The two came out and told the others what happened inside. Continue reading What Happened in Gongabu?

State Plays Dirty Game

Home Minister Kamal Thapa and the state is trying to prove that there is Maoists infiltration in the demonstrations. The state-own Nepal Television, Radio Nepal and Gorkhapatra are using the Maoists press release to prove their point.

NTV even interviewed four people who said they were Maoists and brought to Kathmandu for demonstration. The goverement claimed the Maoists even fired bullets in Kathmandu. But what about this? Do the state has any clarification on this news: ARMY INFILTRATES RALLY. Continue reading State Plays Dirty Game

The Kaushaltar Story

Kaushaltar, a urban village on the Arniko Highway between Bhaktapur and Kathmandu, is witnessing a unprecedented incidents of protest and police-people scuffle; an example of how people are uprising for fight for democracy

By Ujjwal Acharya

Kaushaltar was never an unlikely place. In 1990 AD too, during popular movement, there were a few incidents like vandalizing of village development office. That’s probably because Kaushaltar is a bit politically aware due to late Jagnath Acharya, who was one of the commanders in 1990 and also because it’s a hub that nexus other villages around. People of Kaushaltar and adjoining Lokanthali, Balkot and Ghatthaghar have always been politically aware. Continue reading The Kaushaltar Story

The Eve of General Strike

Rallies, protests, arrests, campaigns and imposition of curfew marked Wednesday, the day before the four-day long General Strike

By Ujjwal Acharya/ Photos by Bikash Karki

This morning a number of leaders were arrested from their home. 37 professionals including lawyers, journalists and doctors were arrested in the morning when they tried to rally peacefully.

The professionals were kept in the police station at New Baneshwor, were transferred to Mahendra Police Club in the afternoon. Continue reading The Eve of General Strike

April Uprising: What to Expect?

April 6 onwards, the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) has announced a four-day general strike and a ‘big’ rally. The government has vowed to foil the protest programs. What will happen?

By Ujjwal Acharya

The general expectations of mass are: the mobile services (or maybe telephone service) will be disrupted; the imposition of curfew and a few thousands people demonstrating with police using tear-gas, water cannons and latthis on them. Continue reading April Uprising: What to Expect?

Making Joke of Democracy!

Neither the King nor his ministers have forgotten in any instance of speech talking about democracy. They always reiterate there is democracy. But the problem is that when they talk about democracy, their acts make it look like mocking democracy, rather making democracy a joke.

Latest of the ‘democratic move’ being the seizure of communication equipment from Madhav Kumar Nepal, the general secretary of Nepal Communist Party (UML) and his brother’s house. Their houses were searched without a warrant and telephones, fax and computer seized without a reason.
(Photo via eKantipur) Continue reading Making Joke of Democracy!

Tortured at Police HQ, Arrested at Media House

In a bizarre case, policemen arrested a justice-seeking policeman from the library of Kantipur Publications

At around 4:00pm, police sub-inspector Hum Bahadur Bagale entered Kantipur Publications office in an appearance that would have forced many to take him as a mad man. Half of his hair was shaved and his police shirt and trousers muddy. Continue reading Tortured at Police HQ, Arrested at Media House

People Indifferent To Election

By Ujjwal Acharya

‘People are not interested’ is the conclusion after half-a-day monitoring of municipal poll booths in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal

“How many so far?”
“Six, then two– total nine.”

Two-and-half hours after the voting began, a friendly policeman guarding the gate of Adarsha Secondary School, Sanothimi told me. I was with the Kantipur TV crew, and when Jagat Nepal, a reporter with KTV, asked the other policeman on the camera, he told it was 30. The policeman whom I was talking to looked at his senior and smiled mischievously to me. Continue reading People Indifferent To Election