The Eve of General Strike

Rallies, protests, arrests, campaigns and imposition of curfew marked Wednesday, the day before the four-day long General Strike

By Ujjwal Acharya/ Photos by Bikash Karki

This morning a number of leaders were arrested from their home. 37 professionals including lawyers, journalists and doctors were arrested in the morning when they tried to rally peacefully.

The professionals were kept in the police station at New Baneshwor, were transferred to Mahendra Police Club in the afternoon.

Blogger Ujjwal Acharya

Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) organized a protest program at New Road, the prohibited area in which 24 journalists, including me, were arrested. Even five disabled were arrested during the rally.

Those arrested at New Road included Kanak Mani Dixit, FNJ vice-president Shiva Gaule and treasurer Hemanta Kafle among others. There were a little scuffle between the journalists and police. Dixit and Gaule even managed to deliver short speeches before they were arrested.

The journalists were kept at the Ward Police Office, Jana Sewa for three hours before were released. The professionals arrested in the morning were also released as well as a few leaders.

Students in various colleges staged protest programs despite policemen making arrests and entering college and hostels.

Students Protest on Tuesday.

I have found a pamplet, an appeal from the district administration offices of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur asking people not to participate in the so-called general strike because ‘the terrorists are involved in it.’

And the DAO of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur has declared curfew from 11pm to 3am in night until further notice.

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14 thoughts on “The Eve of General Strike

  1. It is difficult to stop myself checking news again and again in the websites. I think I am a bit addicted to Internet. I don’t know what makes me too crazy about news development in Nepal. I check news early in the morning, during my classes, while taking lunch and dinner, late evening, so many times. Always anxious to know “naya khabar” of Nepal. Am I addicted? Or, other have also same problem who live aboard?

  2. I also have the same addiction…
    Good to see folks demanding their rights…

  3. Sahana:
    I am like that too. As you can see I have a million posting on this blog. But maybe we shouldn’t be discussing our psychological afflictions here…

  4. Sahana, I urge you to stop and now, lest you become an Obsessive Compulsive. I suffered from that for years. It’s harder to get rid of when you’re older.

    BTW nice line in t-shirts. Nice photo oppourtnity..

  5. as opposed to the Prachanda path,
    this is people’s pyro-path
    my path,
    the only path to topple the Hitler and his facism

    more fire, more fire: burn down the king and his liver

  6. Gaun Gaun bata utha..
    basti basti bata utha ..
    yo desh ko muhar pherna lai utha….
    yo desh ko muhar pherna lai utha….

    This is the prime time. Its now or never.
    So dont stop.
    Fight against Gyaneism, autocracy.

    Bholi ko sunaulo bihani ko lagi….

  7. Concerned Nepali:
    I have noticed that you have put up posts in which you have emphasized the need to punish our currupt politicians.
    I completely agree with you. You know I was thinking and I realized that when (and I should say if) these strikes etc. turn out to be successful then these political leaders will come back to power. There isn’t going to be any punishment or previous misdeeds. People are going to forgive their misdeeds because of their fight/struggle for democracy. It’s a sad situation indeed. But irrespective we still have to support the democratic movement.

  8. Breaking news.
    10 killed in Malangwa attack; helicopter crashed.
    At least 10 people were killed when Maoists attacked Malangwa, the district headquarter of Sarlahi district on Wednesday night.

  9. Wonder if the helicopter ‘crashed’ or it was brought down….

    Maoists are definitely putting on the pressure these days.

  10. These political forces knew that there would be curfews
    These political forces knew that there would be Mass arrest.
    These political forces knew there will be massive clampdown.

    After know all this in advance and saying so much, if these political forces are still not able to launch a massive protest, “Say by to Democracy” as people will be demoralized.

  11. ALL THESE DRAMAS….! DON’T BE FOOL WITH THESE ‘MERCHANTS OF SWEET DREAMS’ (i.e. sapana ka saudagar haru) sapana ma bhulera matra kehi hune wala chhaina murkha ho! das nangra nakhiyaye samma bhutro pani sunaula bihani aaudaina. Yi mu.. haruko sunaula bihani ko nara kati dekhiyo kati, sa.. haru janata ko kadh lai sidhi banayera malik banna khojne na hun? bholi jun mu… satta ma aaye pani kada mihenat nagari desh ubho lagne haina. Kasai sanga jadu ko chhadi chhaina kyare! jaba kam nagari kehi hunna bhane kina la… jasta nara laudai bato bato ma tyre balnu paryo? aajai dekhi kam garna thale ta lafadai khattam huncha ni, haina? Aalchhi haru ko bahakauma napara hai manuwa ho!

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