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Remembering the April Revolution of Nepal

Nepal April Revolution Exactly a year ago today yet another round of movement against king Gyanendra’s regression and coup had started, and fortunately, that turned out to be the final and decisive. Tired of not getting as much public support as they would have like to have, political parties had announced another phase of movement against regression from April 6, 2006. The alliance of seven parties (SPA) was energized by the 12-point agreement they had reached with the Maoists a few months earlier. The Maoists had postponed their plan to hold nationwide protests and extended their support to the peaceful programs to be launched by the SPA. That Maoist decision added more energy to the SPA led movement.

First day of Nepal April Revolution 2006
Exactly a year ago today in Kathmandu.

[Here is a video of the April Uprising posted by Roshani Dhungana on Google Video. The link of the video was sent to UWB by Jason Andrews, Yale University.]

“Rallies, protests, arrests, campaigns and imposition of curfew marked Wednesday [5 April], the day before the four-day long General Strike,” UWB reported on 5th April. “This morning a number of leaders were arrested from their home. 37 professionals including lawyers, journalists and doctors were arrested in the morning when they tried to rally peacefully.” We knew that from the 6th of that month, April Uprising had begun. Under the title “On Photos: April Uprising I“, we posted several photographs: “The first-day of four-day General Strike saw closures, protests and police clampdowns. It was a story of make and break. The only debate was who were trying to make and who were trying to break. Protesters were burning tyres, policemen extinguishing them; protesters were chanting slogans, policemen were chasing them and protesters were putting disturbance, policemen were clearing them.” Then there was a diary of the first day that detailed the life in Kathmandu. Maoists were still continuing their violent activities against the royal regime. They attacked, UWB reported, on 6 April Magalawa, the district headquarters of Sarlahi, kidnapping a few including Chief District Officer Bodh Raj Adhikari. “An Army helicopter was ‘crashed/gunned’ down.”

And yes, we also remember that article of Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai in which he had predicted about the April Revolution. Under the headline “Maoist Expects ‘April Revolution’ in Nepal”, UWB wrote: “So Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, revolutionary by some and terrorist for others, tries to convince us that the Nepal will see an “April Revolution” and that the peaceful movement against autocracy will successfully restore democracy in the country this time around.”

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King Renounces, All Eyes on SPA

By Deepak Adhikari

Midnight Celebrations: People in Anamnagar after the address Pic by Bijay Kumar Son

When at the middle of the night, people started sloganeering in Ghattekulo area, I awoke, thinking that it was just another protest for democracy. But, lo and behold, it was a celebration of people’s power; they were enthralled by what they have achieved. The euphoria and excitement was all around. They were shouting “Yo Jit Kasko Janatako” (This is people’s victory). They chanted: “Hamro andolan jari cha (The movement goes on). Sambidhan sabha banki cha (Election of CA is yet to be held). Bir saheed amar rahun (Long live the martys).”

The king, through a televised address, restored the House of Representative almost after four years of its dissolution in May 2002. When the announcement came at 11:30 PM, most of the country was in slumber. It took around two hundred residents of that area to inform me about king’s renunciation. I thought, this would herald a new beginning. Continue reading King Renounces, All Eyes on SPA

General Strike Day XIX

As the general strike enters the 19th day, protesters seemed a bit tired which is why there was less participation today. But, the spirit is still high and we can say that they are preparing for tomorrow’s final protests.

By Deepak Adhikari and Sarojraj Adhikari

Banasthali Burning Pics by Rajaram Gautam

Shankhamul, 12:30

Some 30 to 40 protesters were burning effigy of king. In Buddhanagar, protesters have continued to protest since yesterday’s police brutality. Continue reading General Strike Day XIX

General Strike Day XVIII

Today’s protests saw infiltration of vigilantes while NC leader Girija Prasad Koirala and UML General Secretary Madhav Nepal have announced that they will attend a mass meet on Tuesday that will circle the Ring Road and make an announcement of capturing the inner parts of Kathmandu.

No Entry Sign: Today’s strike witnessed incidents of loot in few places as well as vigilantes’s inflitrations. Pic by Bikas Karki

Evening Updates by Saroj and Deepak
Peaceful procession of around 10 thousand from Jorpati, Kapan and Mahankal arrived in Chabahil at 2 pm. Meanwhile, three vigilantes (one was Kiran Bista) tried to disrupt the peaceful protests. They hurled stones at the security personnel. The protesters immediately found out that they were not one of them. These vigilantes were beaten by protesters. They confessed that Inspector Pratap Gurung had sent them.

In another similar incident in Chabahil today, three vigilantes entered the mass and showed sword. They entered the house of Nhuchheman Manandhar when protesters tried to catch them. Protesters pelted stones at the house. But, he Human Right monitors and media persons prevented the house from further damage. The vigilantes told the protesters that they were sent by minister Nichhe Shamsher Rana.

Apart from these incidents, the protest in Chabahil largely remained peaceful. The protesters were 2 hundred meters away from curfew area. But, as the vicinity got tense, they moved 1 hundred meters back.

In Teaching Hospital, injured protesters, mainly from Gongabu clash, are undergoing treatment. Meanwhile RPP leader Pashupati Shamsher Rana paid visit to them. He condemned state ruthlessnes. Few protesters are eyes are injured resulting in their blindness.

Today, Lalitpur district saw massive protests. Mangal Bazar, Satdobato, Lubhu were the places of protests. similarly, in Kalanki, Shankhamul massive rallies were held and police fired rubber bullets and tear gas shell at the protesters. Continue reading General Strike Day XVIII

Don't Forget Their Blood

Martyrs of Janaadolan-II: Here is a list, prepared by eKantipur, of those brave Nepali people who lost their lives while fighting for our freedom.

KATHMANDU, April 22 – On Friday, the 16th day of the Janaandolan-II, the capital witnessed what arguably is the demonstration by largest numbers of people. But at least 15 persons had to sacrifice their lives in course of the movement. Here are their names.

Date of martyrdom
Security agency responsible

1. Umesh Chandra Thapa
February 8
RNA men

2. Darshan Lal Yadav
Rajbiraj, Saptari
April 6

3. Bhimsen Dahal
Pokhara, Kaski
April 8
RNA men

4. Tulasi Chettri
April 9
Read the rest of the list in eKantipur.

King's Hollow Address, Parties' Movement Goes On

Seven Party Alliance (SPA)’s Joint Movement Committee has rejected king’s offer of Primiership and vowed to continue the protest. According a press release issued by them, the movement goes on, General Strike will continue for the 17th day tomorrow.

SPA’s top leaders’ opinion will be published only after their meeting tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, UML’s Standing Committee is holding its meeting tomorrow morning at 8 am. It will decide on UML’s position. UML’s leader Amrit Bohara said that he can dwell upon the issue only after the meeting. His reticence had earlier sent a chilling message that UML and NC may have been seduced by India’s offer. But, things are appearing in different shapes now. Most of the vocal party leaders said that the address has failed to address the movement as well as the 12 point agreement. People are frustrated by its inability to deal with the major concerns country is facing today. Continue reading King's Hollow Address, Parties' Movement Goes On

King's Deceptive Message

The much awaited address by king has only solidified his ambition to remain in power.

Royal Message inside

In his 5 minute long speech, king has tried to take credit for his direct rule and seems reluctant to give power to the people. He has cited article 35 of 1990’s constitution and asked SPA leaders to come up with a name of Prime Minister. Until such name is fixed, the king has declared that he is clinging to the power.This is an utter deception. He is not willing to give up the power yet. This is only a cosmetic change and no one should believe in his words.

It is done only to manage the growing international pressure upon him. He should have cited article 128 by which a powerful PM could be appointed. He is not ready to bring the Maoist in mainstream politics which is the major concern of the people. He should have asked SPA to form an interim government that will eventually hold election for unconditional Constituent Assembly.

People sloganeering in the streets have voiced their concerns over kings deceptive steps.

Meanwhile, state has extended curfew from 8pm to 12 o’clock.

Rajendra Pande, central member of CPN (UML) says : This is a treachery. The movement will go on unless power is handed over to the people.

Upper House MP and lawyer Radheshyam Adhikari comments: This so called solution can not stop people from reaching their goal of loktantra. Continue reading King's Deceptive Message

General Strike Day XVI

Down with Autocracy: Protesters in Baneshor

5:45 pm Update

I am just back from the Baneshor area. People in unprecedented numbers have thronged in the streets. Army’s mini-tanks are plying in the street. People are walking in the streets defying curfew while the security personnel have turned into mere spectators. This is an utter failure of the state and a near-victory of people’s power. King is rumored to address at 7 pm. Every one is curious about what a beleaguered monarch has to say.

At 3:30 pm, around five thousand protesters defied curfew here in Tinkune. These protesters were a part of large mass of around fifty thousand in Baneshor. They arrived from Koteshor area and entered the main road bypassing a police beat in Tinkune. Few army men were stationed near Koteshor. We all Kantipur staffs either reached there or watched from windows, rooftops. It was a peaceful protest. But, leaders like Ram Kumari Jhakri were finding hard to convince the mass. After 10 minutes, another security enforcement arrived. But, as the mass was only chanting slogans, carrying banners and branches of trees, the forerunners were able to divert the mass towards alley leading them to Koteshor.

Here at UP Policlinic, people sprinkled water to the protesters. They looked jovial, were enthusiastic and very disciplined. The leaders were requesting them not to pelt stones. For a while, the area got tense, but it was soon over. Yesterdy’s massacre in Kalanki has given an impetus to fight for their rights. As I write this at 4:30, I can hear protesters wistling, yelling and cheering.

Protesters have lined up from Kalanki to Sanepa in Ring Road. This mass is estimated to be 2 lakhs. Similarly, according to co-blogger Saroj Raj Adhikari, people are stretched from Koteshor to Ekantakuna forming a huge human chain.

Police opened fire at protesters in Gwarko.

Half a dozen tanks are placed surrounding the Narayanhity Royal Palace. What does this mean? King is feeling insecure under his turf. He is trying to prevent the uprising from entering the palace.

Just a little away in Gongabu, the place of massive protest, now some 30 thousand protesters are peacefully marching towards Chabahil. Security force is heavily deployed but they have not yet disrupted. Big logs are placed in the Ring Road (from Gongabu to Kalanki). In Banasthali, where a police beat was demolished yesterday, peaceful protest is going on. In Kalanki, yesterday’s battle field, numerous foreign media have stationed; protesters have taken control of Kalanki. Two motorbikes were damaged by protesters today morning. Security forces are staying in Balkhu side of Ring Road. The protesters are demanding the dead bodies of martyrs whose bodies were taken away by the state.

As 25- hour-curfew ended today morning at 3am, people heaved a sigh of relief. Today, curfew starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm. In the streets of Kathmandu, few vehicles are plying. In our office here at Nepal Magazine, (Tinkune, Kathmandu) staffs started arriving from the morning. Meanwhile, today’s Kantipur is only 8 pages (regular it is 12), The Kathmandu Post 4 pages (regular it is 8 pages) that too black-and-white, reminiscent of pre-color era. This is ironical while the king wants to rule in medieval way ie Dark Age.

Even Gorkhapatra is reduced to 4 page from regular 12. But, Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post are only printed in black. The Kalanki massacre has received international coverage. Nepali media too highlighted the police barbarism.

According to co-blogger Tilak Pathak, protests have resumed in Kalanki; people are hurriedly walking towards their home.