Remembering the April Revolution of Nepal

Exactly a year ago today yet another round of movement against king Gyanendra’s regression and coup had started, and fortunately, that turned out to be the final and decisive. Tired of not getting as much public support as they would have like to have, political parties had announced another phase of movement against regression fromContinue reading “Remembering the April Revolution of Nepal”

King Renounces, All Eyes on SPA

By Deepak Adhikari Midnight Celebrations: People in Anamnagar after the address Pic by Bijay Kumar Son When at the middle of the night, people started sloganeering in Ghattekulo area, I awoke, thinking that it was just another protest for democracy. But, lo and behold, it was a celebration of people’s power; they were enthralled byContinue reading “King Renounces, All Eyes on SPA”

General Strike Day XIX

As the general strike enters the 19th day, protesters seemed a bit tired which is why there was less participation today. But, the spirit is still high and we can say that they are preparing for tomorrow’s final protests. By Deepak Adhikari and Sarojraj Adhikari Banasthali Burning Pics by Rajaram Gautam Shankhamul, 12:30 Some 30Continue reading “General Strike Day XIX”

General Strike Day XVIII

Today’s protests saw infiltration of vigilantes while NC leader Girija Prasad Koirala and UML General Secretary Madhav Nepal have announced that they will attend a mass meet on Tuesday that will circle the Ring Road and make an announcement of capturing the inner parts of Kathmandu. No Entry Sign: Today’s strike witnessed incidents of lootContinue reading “General Strike Day XVIII”

Don't Forget Their Blood

Martyrs of Janaadolan-II: Here is a list, prepared by eKantipur, of those brave Nepali people who lost their lives while fighting for our freedom. KATHMANDU, April 22 – On Friday, the 16th day of the Janaandolan-II, the capital witnessed what arguably is the demonstration by largest numbers of people. But at least 15 persons hadContinue reading “Don't Forget Their Blood”