General Strike Day XVIII

Today’s protests saw infiltration of vigilantes while NC leader Girija Prasad Koirala and UML General Secretary Madhav Nepal have announced that they will attend a mass meet on Tuesday that will circle the Ring Road and make an announcement of capturing the inner parts of Kathmandu.

No Entry Sign: Today’s strike witnessed incidents of loot in few places as well as vigilantes’s inflitrations. Pic by Bikas Karki

Evening Updates by Saroj and Deepak
Peaceful procession of around 10 thousand from Jorpati, Kapan and Mahankal arrived in Chabahil at 2 pm. Meanwhile, three vigilantes (one was Kiran Bista) tried to disrupt the peaceful protests. They hurled stones at the security personnel. The protesters immediately found out that they were not one of them. These vigilantes were beaten by protesters. They confessed that Inspector Pratap Gurung had sent them.

In another similar incident in Chabahil today, three vigilantes entered the mass and showed sword. They entered the house of Nhuchheman Manandhar when protesters tried to catch them. Protesters pelted stones at the house. But, he Human Right monitors and media persons prevented the house from further damage. The vigilantes told the protesters that they were sent by minister Nichhe Shamsher Rana.

Apart from these incidents, the protest in Chabahil largely remained peaceful. The protesters were 2 hundred meters away from curfew area. But, as the vicinity got tense, they moved 1 hundred meters back.

In Teaching Hospital, injured protesters, mainly from Gongabu clash, are undergoing treatment. Meanwhile RPP leader Pashupati Shamsher Rana paid visit to them. He condemned state ruthlessnes. Few protesters are eyes are injured resulting in their blindness.

Today, Lalitpur district saw massive protests. Mangal Bazar, Satdobato, Lubhu were the places of protests. similarly, in Kalanki, Shankhamul massive rallies were held and police fired rubber bullets and tear gas shell at the protesters.

Afternoon Updates

Koteshor is agitated today. Ruthless band of policemen opened fire at protesters that rendered many injured. Helicopter was involved in ariel patrolling. Security forces fired numerous shells of tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. At least three protesters are seriously injured. A UN vehicle has taken them to hospital. The protesters have converged again and started chanting anti-king slogans. Few of them have embarked towards inner parts of Koteshor.

Samakhushi Chowk, 2:00

Protesters are participating in peaceful protest. They are staging sit-in in the road and chanting slogans. Most of them have arrived from Gongabu.


158 responses to “General Strike Day XVIII”

  1. Kirat Avatar

    hope, the maoists are the authority all over the countryside. Look at how they manage their captured areas and tell me why these guys should be trusted.

  2. Cyp Avatar

    You are wrong, I DO NOT support maoists in any case. I wrote it many times here and elsewhere.
    I just try to explain why they came to existence.

    But it’s hopeless with you : as people here are really thinking of the future of this country, you persist in insulting them, just for the fun of it.

    Just a question : have you ever lived in DEEP Nepal ?

  3. proud2bnepali Avatar

    well people to discuss with someone like this seshyan nepal is just pathetic…they never accept the truth so i got nothing to say about this desperate stupid…he is so desperate to lash out at everybody who speaks against his maharaja as his maharaja seems in now way out with the power of the people…so maybe he is also paid like those vigilantes to spread his hatred and fraustration here….
    And about people like Kirat being so sceptic about the maoist people…well that’s reasonable thinking where u might live and the ambiguity we see in the character of the maoist cadres throughout the nation…but it’s different if u obsorve carefully….i will just give u an example of my district dhading and especially my village which was known as the hotbed of rebel activites…the rebels there except some 2-3 incidents never had any problem with the people and in fact the people were supreme there…i know it might not be like that through out the nation but there it was like that maybe coz most of the leaders were local persons…and when the war was in full swing someone burnt the school out there which came in national news…and the local guys of other parties accused the maoist and they came the next day and were furious and claimed that why would they do that??they said there would be investigation and suddenly some people from village dissaperaed of whom one was my relative…well he never agreed or disagreed on doing it…but everything was closed after a big military camp was and is still there….but i used to hear people being killed for no reason in other villages or districts….but there was absolute tolerance…I just gave u guys a little example of the difference of people that are in that group..some are so cruel that I know an incident where a relative of a very high maoist leader was shot to death for a wrong reason…
    some may think this is just a made up story…but well it happened…and i am telling u people that we can’t trust them fully….i mean this is the age when even brothers dun trust brothers and they are a group in armed struggle….but we don’t have a choice…thinking that this should be solved by some guns….and they should be expelled from this current aandolan…well that’s the worst thing we all aandolankari can expect coz most of people have come in the hope that this aandolan will end this war….so i can’t change u’re thinking and i am not urging u to belive them….i just wish u guys would give peace a chance…coz in this world nothing is good or bad and there ain’t just bad persons only… both sides of extermist there are some good people too…we must make a use of them for this nation’s good by throwing out the bad ones…and extremism in one faith is not the answer at least for us normal nepalese who want to see peace and prosperity in this nation…

  4. Layman Avatar

    You must be a sort of handicap idiot sitting in the chair whole day and doing your revolution. What are you then if do not agree what SPA is doing ?

  5. simrik Avatar

    Seshyan Nepal , however Lunatic may be, had always been saying law and order first. Turns out he was right. He doesn’t even seem like a royalist to me, he is just doing that to piss people off. Today I saw in the news how brutal maoists can be, seeing the Chautara attack. Atleast with the king, we can say “king live us alone” or “king come and save the country( as we did earlier)”
    How can people so easily say, king you should now commit suicide because the the maoists will agree to no less than the constituent assembly.Why would the king do it. He has 70 thousand soldiers with him.He has given some, he will probably also give a little more, in due time but shouldn’t the maoists give some as well??Why should the king make all the sacrifices.if some body told you to give up you jewelry , you probably would but if someone asks you to give up you job, your house , your car, wouldn’t you fight till the end.

  6. Kirat Avatar

    Layman you idiot, I hate revolutions. It should be a last resort thing. Evolution has always been my credo-more easier on the people concerned, more well thought and always more permanent.

  7. Laters Avatar

    I think HM is shit scared, he is going to come out and say-in his own bubble-will sound downbeat and scary to people planning to protest tomorrow, little that he knows the bubble is about to burst. In the end its always a surprise and pethetic..remember Noreaga? and who can forget Saddam?

  8. ramesh Avatar

    Long live Democtratic Republic in Nepal.

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