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Comrades Close Down Kathmandu

maoist kathmandu valley band

A scene from todya’s Kathmandu Valley Band by Maoists. In Gongabu Both pics by Suresh Nath Neupane

As if the city was their small shop and they were the shopkeepers, Maoists comrades have pulled down the shutter of Kathmandu. Vehicles that were on road until an hour ago (10 AM) have now suddenly disappeared. All of a sudden, Maoist cadres have taken over the “control” of the road even as Nepal police are showing their presence. People are now forced to walk on the streets. Thousands are stranded in the bus stations. Maoists said that they called the instant banda (closure) of the Kathmandu Valley to protest Nepal government’s decision to nominate 14 ambassadors for different countries including the US, India, China and Russia. It seems that the list has only the names associated with ruling parties Nepali Congress, CPN UML and Nepali Congress (Democratic). A few are from civil service. Maoists are set to join the interim government to be formed within weeks if everything goes as planned and it is obvious that they are angry with this childish decision of the current SPA government. Maoists must be accepted as crucial element of the governing structure in Nepal. There is no way Nepal can move ahead sidelining Maoists. The government has nominated staunch royalist like Sailaja Acharya and kept Maoists in dark about the nominations. And general public has to suffer because of the government’s foolishness. Yes, Maoists could have become more responsible and voiced their protest in other ways. Why can’t they hold bhok hadtal (fasting) or sit in protest? Bandas are bad. They hurt people. But we see the government more responsible in creating this situation here. Why on earth Maosits were sidelined in those crucial nominations? The government must backtrack from these nominations and move forward taking Maoists into confidence.

maoist kathmandu valley band

In Gongabu.

The ambassadorial nominees are:

1. USA–Dr Suresh Chalise (PM’s foreign affairs advisor)
2. UK–Bhagirath Basnet (Acting Foreign Secretary)
3. India–Shailaja Acharya (NC Leader)
4. Belgium–Pramesh Hamal (CPN-UML leader)
5. Russia–Surya Kiran Gurung (Parliament General Secretary)
6. Japan–Dr Ganesh Yonjan (Conservationist)
7. Thailand–Navin Prajkash Jung Shah (Former VC of TU)
8. China–Tanka Karki (CPN-UML leader)
9. Pakistan–Bal Bahadur Kunwar (Former MP, NC-D leader)
10. Bangladesh–Pradip Khatiwada (MOFA Joint-Secy)
11. Saudi Arabia–Hamid Ansari (Associated with TU)
12. Qatar—Dr Surya Kant Mishra (University Teacher)
13. Myanmar–Guna Laxmi Sharma (BK) (Health Ministry official close to CPN-UML)
14. UN Mission in Geneva–Dinesh Bhattarai (MOFA Joint-Secy)

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General Strike Day XVIII

Today’s protests saw infiltration of vigilantes while NC leader Girija Prasad Koirala and UML General Secretary Madhav Nepal have announced that they will attend a mass meet on Tuesday that will circle the Ring Road and make an announcement of capturing the inner parts of Kathmandu.

No Entry Sign: Today’s strike witnessed incidents of loot in few places as well as vigilantes’s inflitrations. Pic by Bikas Karki

Evening Updates by Saroj and Deepak
Peaceful procession of around 10 thousand from Jorpati, Kapan and Mahankal arrived in Chabahil at 2 pm. Meanwhile, three vigilantes (one was Kiran Bista) tried to disrupt the peaceful protests. They hurled stones at the security personnel. The protesters immediately found out that they were not one of them. These vigilantes were beaten by protesters. They confessed that Inspector Pratap Gurung had sent them.

In another similar incident in Chabahil today, three vigilantes entered the mass and showed sword. They entered the house of Nhuchheman Manandhar when protesters tried to catch them. Protesters pelted stones at the house. But, he Human Right monitors and media persons prevented the house from further damage. The vigilantes told the protesters that they were sent by minister Nichhe Shamsher Rana.

Apart from these incidents, the protest in Chabahil largely remained peaceful. The protesters were 2 hundred meters away from curfew area. But, as the vicinity got tense, they moved 1 hundred meters back.

In Teaching Hospital, injured protesters, mainly from Gongabu clash, are undergoing treatment. Meanwhile RPP leader Pashupati Shamsher Rana paid visit to them. He condemned state ruthlessnes. Few protesters are eyes are injured resulting in their blindness.

Today, Lalitpur district saw massive protests. Mangal Bazar, Satdobato, Lubhu were the places of protests. similarly, in Kalanki, Shankhamul massive rallies were held and police fired rubber bullets and tear gas shell at the protesters. Continue reading General Strike Day XVIII

General Strike Day I Diary

Day 1 of four-day General Strike paralyzed lives in Nepal closing down the capital and transportation as protesters playing ‘catch me if you can’ game with police

By Ujjwal Acharya

The morning was as beautiful as usual. It looked all normal sans the rush of traffic and noise of blowing horns. People leisurely strolling around; chatting at tea-shops and commenting on the stories published in the newspapers.

But nothing was as usual in lives of the people of Kathmandu Valley. Though after a number of strikes in the past, strikes have become habitual to the lives of the people, it still affects their lives. They have to walk if they are employed or otherwise sit idle watching television or playing cards.

Throughout the day, I accompanied with photojournalist Bikash Karki went around the city to see the happenings. These happenings probably best reflect how the general strike went on the first day. Continue reading General Strike Day I Diary