April 23 Protests on Photos

Photos by Rajkumar Shrestha

Futile Fencing: Policemen prevent protesters

Kalanki Burning:Security personnel extinguish fire

Face to Face: Protesters and security forces in Kalanki

Mock Funeral: Protesters carry king’s effigy

loktantra head.jpg
Bald and the bold: A protester paints his head for loktantra

No Fuel: A woman peeks through a petrol station

UWB‘s contributing photographer Shrestha can be contacted at shrestharaaz@gmail.com


15 responses to “April 23 Protests on Photos”

  1. sameer Avatar

    sorry gyan dai, this fencing cannot stop the ongoing protest.

    u will go down now, it’s only the question of few more duration now.

    ha ha ha

    the people have spoken now

  2. chandra Avatar

    gyane run to some banana republic before it is too late ,
    we are sure and soon going to hump you.

  3. Aalok Avatar

    i think more protestors need to speak out. There are many more people sitting in their home watching television.
    jay ganatantrik loktantrik mero pyaro desh Nepal and Nepali janata

  4. Newar from UK Avatar
    Newar from UK

    Its nice to see that a BAHUN-dominated blog site such as UWB is putting up photographs from a Newar Cameraman.

    Well appreciated !!

  5. keep on fighting !!! Avatar
    keep on fighting !!!

    Hello you all,
    I’m writing you from France, i’m not Nepalese, but Romanian and i just wanted to let you know I am 200% besides you.
    What happens in Nepal makes me think of what my own country lived in 1989 when people came down on the streets and put an end to dictatorship of Ceausescu. the first days the army and the milicia were supporting the dictator, but then they turned their weapons against him and his band of craps.
    I don’t understand how come nepalese police and military forces are still supporting “your” king..i mean those who are on the streets facing just-like-them-common-people, they could be shooting their own brothers and sisters???!!!!!!

    it’s just too absurd…..
    Back in ‘89 people came up on the streets with flowers, offering them to the soldiers…..I don’t know if it was that thing that made them rally with the demonstrators, but i mean….you tried stones, and obviously it didn’t work, why don’t trying bringing flowers on tomorrow rally???? you all want peace (and democracy, but the second one wouldn’t exist without peace) try to give this message to the army and the police tomorrow…and may God (yours, ours, what differnce does it make??) be with you!

    vive Loktantra!

  6. response1 Avatar

    this Newar from UK is truly a half-brain dumb fellow who only looks for communal aspects in everything. makhu la? You are the kind of people who are easily tamed by rulers like KG.

  7. surim Avatar

    I support the french friend of offering flowers to our shoulders and police brothers, because they are also people of Nepal and they do have heart, if we throw stones to them obviously they will back fire us, but if we treat them as brothers they may change their mind. All nepalese has big heart and they wont hurt anyone unless they are being hurt.
    Hope our peace protest for democracy ends with peace.
    If our politician gives stone to throw to our brothers throw it back to them if they give flowers put garland to them.
    Peace Peace Peace

  8. Tbilisi Avatar

    The truth with the Nepalese Army and police is that … they dont have enough brains of their own to think. They are tamed to do what they are told……..they are illiterate and uneducated fools, who knows to follow orders like donkeys and nothing else.
    If they can think, they would never hurt and kill their own brothers and sisters for the dictator, King

  9. Billy Moktan Avatar
    Billy Moktan

    Namaskar to all
    I’m daily visiter of United Blog. Most of peoples who like to comment about what is happning in Nepal are for Republique democraty in Nepal but some are still talking about other problems like: Cast problems. Please don’t talk about this now.
    We are all nepali. Don’t disturb by this now. We have to bring the Real Democraty in Nepal first.
    Revolution2 must be successful.

  10. keep on fighting !!! Avatar
    keep on fighting !!!

    thank you surim, try spreading the idea amongst the protestors you know, please do

    i salute your courage and determination
    keep on fighting!

  11. Taaya Avatar

    Billy Moktan,
    thank u for your innocent sincere concern.
    i also condemn ‘Newar from UK ‘.
    hatred and racism brings evil and this is a very sensitive issue for a country like ours.
    we should never forget ‘diversity’ is a major attribute of this nation.
    but democracy in nepal should address all the diversity and ethnicity , all casts and creeds and cultures and religions.
    democracy cannot be separated from equality and diversity.
    if this democracy cannot address this issue, there will be revolution3.
    hence, for now let us we all casts and creeds fight united for our democracy that gives a democratic tomorrow with respect for diversity.

    “if we cannot end our differences, at least we can help make this world safe for diversity”.

  12. kanchhi Avatar

    I think we all know at this time less we talk about communial and caste thing the better..No matter what caste n creed we belong first we are NEPALI..so first be NEPALI. We never fought for religion n this comunnial thing then why now? Donot divert your goal n focus from ongoing “war”..Goodluck !!
    Nice pics Mr photographer ..

  13. Reader Avatar

    I am a Newar too but I strongly disagree with Newar from UK’s comments. I am happy for his appriciation of the photograps but I think, like response1 writes, communal aspects should not be brought about. It only leads to break up of solidarity of the people.

  14. Nabin Karki Avatar
    Nabin Karki

    Hey Raj, Well done. Keep it up

  15. Marazzi…

    Marazzi prin Omnitechgroup…

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