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General Strike Day I Diary

Day 1 of four-day General Strike paralyzed lives in Nepal closing down the capital and transportation as protesters playing ‘catch me if you can’ game with police

By Ujjwal Acharya

The morning was as beautiful as usual. It looked all normal sans the rush of traffic and noise of blowing horns. People leisurely strolling around; chatting at tea-shops and commenting on the stories published in the newspapers.

But nothing was as usual in lives of the people of Kathmandu Valley. Though after a number of strikes in the past, strikes have become habitual to the lives of the people, it still affects their lives. They have to walk if they are employed or otherwise sit idle watching television or playing cards.

Throughout the day, I accompanied with photojournalist Bikash Karki went around the city to see the happenings. These happenings probably best reflect how the general strike went on the first day. Continue reading General Strike Day I Diary

On Photos: April Uprising I

The first-day of four-day General Strike saw closures, protests and police clampdowns

Photo Essay By Saroj Raj Adhikari

It was a story of make and break. The only debate was who were trying to make and who were trying to break. Protesters were burning tyres, policemen extinguishing them; protesters were chanting slogans, policemen were chasing them and protesters were putting disturbance, policemen were clearing them. Continue reading On Photos: April Uprising I

The Eve of General Strike

Rallies, protests, arrests, campaigns and imposition of curfew marked Wednesday, the day before the four-day long General Strike

By Ujjwal Acharya/ Photos by Bikash Karki

This morning a number of leaders were arrested from their home. 37 professionals including lawyers, journalists and doctors were arrested in the morning when they tried to rally peacefully.

The professionals were kept in the police station at New Baneshwor, were transferred to Mahendra Police Club in the afternoon. Continue reading The Eve of General Strike