General Strike Day XII Updates

General Strikes continues for the XIIth Day in Nepal

By UWB! Team

1:30 PM, Palace Gate

The gate was abuzz with ex-premiers’ meeting the king. Report has it that Surya Bahadur Thapa was granted audience. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is also rumored to be consulted. But, the latter could not be verified.

2:30, Kirtipur

The University gate, another significant gate that is the hallmark of peaceful protests for few days, was again blocked by albeit less mass today. The blockade was cleared and the journos travelling in Kantipur van headed to Kalanki.

2:45, Kalanki

NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat was leading the mass. At Balkhu bridge, security forces requested them to go back. Four protesters ie Ram Chandra Tiwari, Hriseekesh Tiwari, Deepak Khatri and Dev Timilsina were arrested by a command of Inspector Kharel. Leader Mahat and the protesters were then chased away.

3:05, Balkhu

Protesters placed a bus caught by fire at the middle of the road. Immediately, some 30 policemen arrived to clear the road. But, they could not do so.

3:55, Tyanglaphant, Kirtipur

A police barrier was posed as a shield to block the protesters from entering to the Ring Road. They retraced back to alternative way. That mass later marched at Ring Road.

5:00, Lokanthali

Ladies are participating in a mass meet. Speeches are made by them. But, the rumor of king’s meeting with ex-PMs seem to weaken the spirit of the people. Nevertheless, people of all walks of life have come to the street. It is clear that the so-called negotiations going on inside the power corridors can not deter the people. But, today’s police restraint was noteworthy. Despite the protesters shouting slogans against the monarch, the security forces showed laudable restrants. Protesters, however, were asking them to join the movement.

[11:30AM] Traffic is very low. Most of the markets closed in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. Demonstrations were held at Thimi and Kaushaltar of Bhaktapur this morning.

At Shantinagar, demonstrators pamphleted the whole area with a hand-written pamphlets that read ‘Wake Up Now! It’s Already Late.’

Demonstrations were held in many parts including Koteshwor and Balaju despite the state extending the prohibition to 200m from the Chakrapath area in Kathmandu and Lalitpur.


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