General Strike Day XII Updates

General Strikes continues for the XIIth Day in Nepal

By UWB! Team

1:30 PM, Palace Gate

The gate was abuzz with ex-premiers’ meeting the king. Report has it that Surya Bahadur Thapa was granted audience. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is also rumored to be consulted. But, the latter could not be verified.

2:30, Kirtipur

The University gate, another significant gate that is the hallmark of peaceful protests for few days, was again blocked by albeit less mass today. The blockade was cleared and the journos travelling in Kantipur van headed to Kalanki.

2:45, Kalanki

NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat was leading the mass. At Balkhu bridge, security forces requested them to go back. Four protesters ie Ram Chandra Tiwari, Hriseekesh Tiwari, Deepak Khatri and Dev Timilsina were arrested by a command of Inspector Kharel. Leader Mahat and the protesters were then chased away.

3:05, Balkhu

Protesters placed a bus caught by fire at the middle of the road. Immediately, some 30 policemen arrived to clear the road. But, they could not do so.

3:55, Tyanglaphant, Kirtipur

A police barrier was posed as a shield to block the protesters from entering to the Ring Road. They retraced back to alternative way. That mass later marched at Ring Road.

5:00, Lokanthali

Ladies are participating in a mass meet. Speeches are made by them. But, the rumor of king’s meeting with ex-PMs seem to weaken the spirit of the people. Nevertheless, people of all walks of life have come to the street. It is clear that the so-called negotiations going on inside the power corridors can not deter the people. But, today’s police restraint was noteworthy. Despite the protesters shouting slogans against the monarch, the security forces showed laudable restrants. Protesters, however, were asking them to join the movement.

[11:30AM] Traffic is very low. Most of the markets closed in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. Demonstrations were held at Thimi and Kaushaltar of Bhaktapur this morning.

At Shantinagar, demonstrators pamphleted the whole area with a hand-written pamphlets that read ‘Wake Up Now! It’s Already Late.’

Demonstrations were held in many parts including Koteshwor and Balaju despite the state extending the prohibition to 200m from the Chakrapath area in Kathmandu and Lalitpur.

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102 thoughts on “General Strike Day XII Updates

  1. I think G the K would have played the SPA like puppet withought the MAO’s in the “background”, that might be the very reason the MAO’s took on the guns the very first time. I have the feeling once the “upper limit” of the power is stripped from G the K, the MAOs will change their mind and may well the SPA’s have that understanding with thwm and they are playing aloof with the G the K.

  2. unnecesory protests and it creats only chaos in the city and let it not happen please . King has already decleared and promised to hold election after 3 years. let’s see his solution to this country even we can wait for 15 years of stupid democracy and its leaders so why not wait for 3 years of his regime…let’s see the result first then we will decide it later.

  3. Bhimsen Maharaj
    But I do not wan’t to wait 3 years
    Who is he???????? We will do for ourselves.
    Only Slaves will say let him do

  4. Yeah, without the Maoist support the protests would not have reached this level-not enough to make the King worried at least. That is true. So if the Maoist alliance has made the protests ‘successful’ well that’s good especially as the Maoists didn’t use their guns and bombs during the protests. But seriously a long term alliance between the Maoist’s and the SPA does not have a future until the Maoists give up their arms. From what I have read about the Maoists they were initially a small faction of the general communist movement. Dissatisfied with not winning a single seat in the parliament and unhappy with the moderate Communist Party they went to the jungle and took up arms. So if you look at their origins it was against the very electoral process that they now profess to be supporting. Maoists tolerate no dissent and are extremely brutal in dealing with dissenters. Their actions clearly prove that they do not have a single democratic bone in their body. For them this alliance with the SPA is a mere strategic alliance to overcome their present military stalemate with the RNA. Once they negotiate this phase they will easily dump the SPA and show themselves to be what they are-an autocractic organization that uses the Red Book as their bible. The fact that they choose to follow Mao and not Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky chills me.

    The only Maoist I would trust is one who renounces violence and surrenders his arms.

  5. Time we put the royal family under the law. I mean, if we can’t get a republic, at least we should make sure that the royals can face the law like everybody else.

    That would of course mean trying Paras for his hit and runs.

  6. I think democracy is hanging like the balls of a bull. SANDEKO FALL JASTAI. Now if the king retracts and talks about restoring democracy, who will eat the FALL, SPA or Maoists ? I think they have already differences as to who is involved in the latest ANDOLAN or who is leading the Andolan ?

    Now if the SPA does not act carefully and tactfully, Maoists can reap the benefits. Why ? Maoists are ultra extremists leftists with violent intentions. In communists revolutions,(if they are real communists, not the puppets of Indian Govt.)generally they start killing the SPA leaders after the Loktantra or republic would be established. I still think that first, after we get full fledged democracy, we have to think about tackling the Maoists problem and only try to consolidate. The country’s problem still would not be resolved without solving the Maoists problem.So SPA leaders should think these issues very carefully. If like KP Bhattarai, other leaders also say that the Constituent Assembly is not possible, then they we are having half a solution only.

    I think elections to the CA only can solve Nepal’s all ills at this juncture.

  7. People are getting sick of yhis movement.This will take the country nowhere.Th SPA leaders and their activists are getting desperate to grab the chair and rob the country as usual .

    Many thanks to the wise and conscious Kathmanu people who have till now refrained from this stupid movement

  8. “So if you look at their origins it was against the very electoral process that they now profess to be supporting”

    I doubt there was a real electoral process etc. at that time, even to “support” like they do now. The act that they are now able to support is only sign of the time, that in most part I give credence to MAO’s threatening stance and Nepali peoples frustration.

    “Maoists tolerate no dissent and are extremely brutal in dealing with dissenters”

    I believe, that might be means to their goals, the position they hold now seems, as you say above and I quote “especially as the Maoists didn’t use their guns and bombs during the protests”, shows they are playing along as the democratic process tackles along.

    Saying that I also think if the King wins the heart of SPA, AGAIN, in time, he’ll dump the SPA ad. infinitum. This time around I think if cards are played correctly both first towards the G the K and then towards the MAO’s, success might be in the horizon, but who knows?

  9. Yeah guys it’s a real tricky situation. By the way the electoral process was post 1990 when voting irregularities though not to uncommon was not that bad.

    One thing I respect the Maoists on is their intelligent tactics and organizational discipline-thus their position of not using bombs and guns during the protests is a masterstroke. But don’t be fooled it’s only a temporary position to help weaken the palace in the eyes of Nepali citizens and the rest of the world.

  10. All that is true, again, in the end withought the people power, even MAO’s would not have been able to smell whats cooking nationwide. Like I said in previous post we are just warming up, one thing at a time, we’ll reap the fruit when it’s ripe-together and the MAO’s should know that we are net merely vehicles, if we do have to turn gainst them, the intl. community arenot going to turn their deaf ears agaist the peoples calling like they are doing now….this is again not a good sign for K the G.
    I know I might be giving too much benefit of the doubt to the MAO’s but I like what I am seeing now with the partnership.

  11. Well it’s my personal opinion of the Maoists-I could be wrong and would be glad if I was. I dunno I just think looking at the revolutionary gleam in Prachanda/Baburam’s eyes they really believe in that Mao thing. The ruthless elimination of all those who raise a voice against them just seems to confirm my fears. There are two hurdles for a peaceful prosperous and free Nepal right now Gyane and the Maoists-Gyane must be overcome first because that’s the easy part (he’s not too smart and makes too many mistakes) the Maoists if my fears are true are a much more difficult proposition. But it can be done. Who cares for the Shining Path anymore?

  12. Kirat,

    maoist have said (i assume they are honest this time) that they would disarm under UN inspection and if the constituent assembly election is agreed upon by all(of course king). We dont have any other option lefet except trusting them. You said you trust maoist without arms, everybody does. But would king listen to them if they disarm themselves. of course not. No where in the world, such a powerful rebellion force disarm itself before going to dialogue. ok, lets assume they disarm, what happens to them if the dialogue fails, do the goverment give them back their weapons. So asking maoist to disarm for the sake of dialogue is merely a false claim for a commitment of will never happen

  13. Where are the Newars that are represented in the political parties??? Besides Padma Sunder Lawati and exalted mayor of Kathamndu who else are there??

    Their access to education and economic opportunities right in their front yard should have brought greater participation of Newars in the political process but that’s not the reality. Looks like they have been mortally wounded ever since Saha’s take over the valley..

    Ok, we all want democracy to be restored, but what kind of democracy??? Do we want representative democracy or just same old so-called democracy that is dominated by one ethic group? This may sound I am trying incite communalism but lack of representation of Newars and other ethic group in the polity of Nepal can not be overlooked in democracy.

  14. Bravo,

    I understand the Maoist not wanting to disband without a third party like the UN being involved. The King refuses UN mediation using India’s opposition as a pretext that’s why he needs to step down to a ceremonial position. Once the King backs away perhaps yes perhaps we could use the UN brokered agreement to disarm the Maoists and bring them into the mainstream. Sounds easy talking about it doesn’t it? If we had good leaders I don’t think it would be too difficult.

  15. waiba,

    I padma sunda lawati a Newar!!!I doubt He is not a newar..I think he is a kirant.

    Yes I too think it is possible..but even if it is not possible…we at least have to give a try..i dont see anything wrong going to constituent assembly..may be the process is bulky..but this is the one and only way to open a door for the new begining..

  16. Padma Sundar Lawati is a Kirant (a Limbu) and I am afraid one that does not do me proud at all. Quite a corrupt guy.

  17. it was NOv. of 2003 when the Maoist rebels first urged anti-king alliance with the SPA, It has taken a while for them to relise the goal. They picked a single item from their chain of demands, and also they are okey with the UN interference on absolution of masoists’ arms; meaning, after the K.G fact, benefit of the doubt should fall on them, which is far signted of them for us to realise how important the anti-king alliance is to them.

  18. Waiba, you should know that Lawoti is a pure Kiranti. He can not be newar. When you make comparisions, Newars are not discriminated at all as that of Limbu or madhesis. Actally, i am of the opinion that they are over represented in all the fields in proportion to their population. From 2007 to now, you can count 100 newars as Ministers but not even 10 Kirantis. So Iam really surprised why people are comparing apple and potato.
    Now regarding the basic problem of Maoists, I do not think that only the announcement of democracy would help. There must be simultaneous solution od having democracy as well as bringing the Maoists to the political mainstream. That can be done only through the elections of Constituent Assembly.We have to kill two birds by one stone.

    Otherwise, I do not think that democracy only would have solved the problem. We have to again negotiate or fight against the maoists. I do not think that the leaders at our disposal like Girija, Makune or Bijukchhe can solve this issue. It is easier to have 12 point Understanding to fight with dictator King but equally difficult to decide about who should rule.

  19. padma sundar lawati and newar… hey dude atleast know what you talking about.
    one comes and quotes gandhi saying something when it was somebody else and here comes another who says lawati is newar.

    guys, dher bolda boldai neta haru ko dhoti khuskeko jasto ta kura nagarnus na hau.

  20. BRAVO ji,

    again that is very sad that the people of nepal still think that the maoists are honest. they never were and never are. refer what this shrestha and the ohter guy, the maoist factioned leader, had to say about the “baarta” that happened a while ago.
    maoists were communist who tranformed completely into a terrorist group. maoists are terrorist.

    if maoists are revolutionary i will start believng that Bin laden is one of the biggest revolutionary of the world even though their stated motto are not parallel in any way.

  21. reply to all,

    If the Maoists are terrorists, what does that make the RNA which has killed, by most accounts, more people?

  22. replytoall:
    We won’t know if the Maoist are honest or not until we give them a chance. Remember they declared the creasefire… the Royal government did nothing to reach out to them. The Maoist even seemed like they were willing to change their stance on the Monarchy issue.

    What you have to come to realize is that the Maoist are going to be an integral part of Nepal’s future. They are going to have to be integrated into mainstream politics if there is to be any long term sustainable peace in Nepal. Deal with it!

  23. hey bro doesnot matter me dealing it or not…. if they do come we all have to deal with it regardless we like it or not.

    and what makes u beleive that RNA is terrorists….have they killed people… yes they have… but have they killed people because they go to temple or they are some priest of some temple… have they killed people by slitting their throat because they happen to teach in a school….has the RNA forced people to coem to their bhasan, has the RNA made people put in their labour forcefully…. many questions..has the RNA closed a school or had it bombed a school… does the RNA plant socket bombs and god knows what bomb in the busy street….
    its a war and the war that maoist started and the price of which we nepali as a whole are paying. and some of them sadly by life….
    RNA has done mistakes many times during this battle and that is quite clear but those are mistakes…… what do u do when the maoist charge at u from behind the human shield… what do you do then…. RNA has committed few crimes and done few mistakes but can u say the same about the maoists..the crimes that maoists have done and all of them are not mistakes on their part, its crime comitted knowingly.

  24. replytoall:
    The biggest fundamental mistake you make is quating the Maoist and the RNA. The RNA is an agent of the state. Why are you asking if they bombed school etc. by not doing those things are they doing something great? Do we expect the RNA to bomb schools?
    But the RNA has comitted hundreds if not thousands of human rights violations. In the villages they have used excessive force, detained people unfairly, many people have dissapeared etc. these mistakes are comitted knowningly by the RNA.
    I understand that why you hate the Maoists. I hate them too.. but that attitude is not going to solve problems… if we keep out attitude of hating the Maoist and keep believing that they can be defeated militarily then we are going to have to see more bloodshed and violence….
    Make no mistake the RNA has been unsuccessful in the last 5/6 years. And I don’t see them being any more successful in controling this insurgency. What option is there besides negotiaions?

  25. Hi everyone, i would like to summarize my 11 days visit to Nepal, which started from 6th April to 16th April.
    We had a holiday in Bangkok so i planned to visit and heard about the peace protest in Nepal. I thought why not add one more Nepalese to this protest. But i was totally disappointed with the protest.
    I was searching peace in the protest from the first day of demonstration, small children throwing stones and surprising they were in front, who doesn’t know about the situation. I didn’t saw big leaders who organized this protest. Protest was for democracy, but where is the democracy for the people, they want to earn the money driving their taxi but they have to return back with their destroyed vehicle.
    When I saw the response from media, I felt they are making a joke of Nepalese citizen. I understand NTB is a government media, which obviously is bias for government. But why a private media like Kantipur is bias for the politics, I believe its not a media it’s a politic party who is of bhadkau nature.
    Every sectors who are participating in protest are looking for their benefit and nothing else. Only normal citizen are protesting for people, who are not more that 10% of total mass.
    Well I want to write in detail about everything but I know no body will be interested in it as this is ongoing story for Nepalese citizen.
    I don’t think we Nepalese will get relief from this situation as political parties they don’t seems having roadmap and King doesn’t want to give power easily. Regarding Maoist they never try to became a true Nepalese.

  26. I tend to agree with replytoall on the Maoists. Their actions of the last ten years have been really unacceptable. Even if they are to be given a chance it must be done in such a way that they cannot take advantage of the situation.

  27. It amazes me how we can even think of giving the Maoists the benefit of the doubt. Let us argee that we may have to compromise with the Maoists because they have guns, but to give them the benefit of the doubt on the hope that they truly have democratic intentions is crazy.
    If Gyanendra was not given this benefit, how can one give Prachanda and his gang the same? Have we not seen too much violence from them in the past decade? The only way is to compromise with them, but the whole issue of diarmament has to be stressed and urgently so.

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  29. Please donot compare mopnarchy (janabirodhi extremist) and maoists (janabaadi extremists).
    Maoists have really taken bad path and performed savagely and we can doubt the leaders and there is a huge mass of criminals.
    But again there are also a lot of people driven by idealogies, with dreams and energy. If we can somehow transform that energy, that can be helpful for the whole nation.
    the ‘andha rastrabaad’ of japanese which was such a violent force before world war II , see how that violentic energy transformed into workforce and industrial energy.
    I see a huge energy in maoists and i believe in transforming that not finishing that.

  30. hey replytoall and st and other who just never try to get the truth….
    u guys said we shouldn’t give benefit of doubt to maoist but we must give to the king…well this shows how pathetic u know the physics of this aandolan…u said their violence in 10 years was intolerable and due to this they can’t be believed…then what about the violence and the rule of these self proclimed messiah of nepalese can u say we can trust thing institution with sooo much of violence and crookedness….it is a known fact about how much these royalist pigs hate democracy…and why can’t u understand the inevility of violence in any country..those people who are in maoist are mostly lower class who never benefitted from maoist…i have seen maoist cadres who joined it merely coz at least they could eat dal bhat there 15-20 times a month…how can u make them understand logically about the use of violence is bad when the same feudal lords who used to suppress with them with violence help of repressive police are now under them which they never imagined…they don’t care how…that’s why many of them think they can do anything….this was to happen…u must know about the reason why maoist become so strong in rolpa rukum…about the money which the us government sent for the people of rolpa who had stopped doing hashish plantation….prachanda baburam were only the spark needed to ignite the flame….okey they have done it in a generally wrong way in our senses…but these same king tried to use them for his favour….do u think without any support from people they would have been successful in this scale just by terror…hell no…otherwise why doesn’t other groups in indonesia…phillipines etc become so powerfull…they are much more opressive then thses maoist….but look we shouldn’t discourage these guys when they are saying they are ready to give up arms if unconditional constiutional assembly is given…i think nobody who belives in true democaracy should have problem with that…coz everything is decided by the people…we must be cautious about their arms…but the other way of not giving them the benefit of doubt is sending them to jungle once more and what would u all who said we can’t trust them achieve…..more bloood…and just not a single thing more….it’s upto us people….either give them some benefit of doubt with cautious optimism or send them to jungle thinking that u can wipe them out with u’re RNA which doesn’t even have able commanders at the top…i have heard the military doing more gali to their own high level officer then maoist….they know that all the time they fight the war and some damn colonel comes and says to the media we wiped them out…while they sleep with their wifes in peace in some bunglow……so choice is ours…..
    and i would like to say to this surim person…yo yeh every organisation is on aandolan becoz of their selfishness which in other word is called their fundamental rights….and it exists only in democracy not u’re masters rule okey….AND WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU SO ACCURATE DATA THAT YOU ARE SAYING ONLY 10% GENERAL PUBLIC ARE IN AANDOLAN…ARE YOU ALSO CONDUCTING SOME KIND OF SURVEY….WE WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU LET US KNOW….AND PLEASE DEFINE ME AND MAYBE ALL OF US HERE…WHO DO YOU MEAN BY MASS….COZ U SEEM TO HAVE SOME DIFFERENT DEFINITION OF MASS THEN THE USUAL ONE….

  31. Good point, proud2bnepali, what most people here have not understood is that whatever maoists have done so far, has been means to reach a situation where they are now. They have the backing of the parties with the people. I believe, they went into hiding, went underground and took actions deemed “terrosist”, because they took the only ideology they thought could burst the bubble of the deep rooted problem that is the Shah-Rana monopoly of the hearts and minds of nepali people, with the means of it’s history and culture that was to serve and to uphold the shree panch sarkar. Now that the mass consciousness has reached the level required to play the role of a critique in the democratic playing field, they will be there to sustain this conscience, I would give that benefit of the doubt to them,of course with some level of coutiousness , now we have realized our people power, we will make sure our giving them the benefit is well bartered.

  32. i agree with st, if people need an excuse to trust maoists, they ask for a ‘BENEFIT OF DOUBT’, very funny logic. OR is it some sort of ‘stockholm syndrome’, when people see pending threat–like maoists voilence–they subcouciously tend to be nice with them. OR is it that they really believe in maoists voilence.

  33. Go and ask that to our poor nepali frinds why they pick up the gun and follow the maoists.
    Why they give “BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT” to the MAOISTS, or is it the ‘stockholm syndrom’, or is it that they have been given the very last resort to go ahead and believe in the violence.May be the King cannot satisfy them because they cannot feed their consciousness, HE might somehow, calling HIMSELF GOD can feed their subconsciouss, go ahead, lead the country back to 250 + years. When push comes to shove, they only thing that is left is “BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT”. Scared of it?????

  34. Laters, it’s not the foot soldiers of the PLA that really worry people it’s people like Prachanda, Babauram, Badal and Mahara who are in control of the PLA that bothers people. Do you think these guys will be content just to be another political leader amongst hundreds of others?

  35. Kirat, I do not want them to be just like any others amongst the hundreds,neither do I want them to be ultra leftist and controlling in very aspect, that would be worse off. As worse off would be getting back into the realm of recycle politics and lengthening fight against the MAOISTS, and the poorer to suffer more. Considering how the poor people of our nation has little chice but to go arm in arm with the MAOISTS and are at least able to make demand or, will be able to make demand, is a good cause to go along with, I feel a bit more compassionate because I belive they will have a voice after all the oppression they have been through in the backdrop of their newfound voice.

  36. the questions were not for poor villager who dont have any option to deny maoists violence.
    it is for those people who live in cite like kathmandu, enjoy all the facilities that a metropolitan cities provide and yet they tend to have sympathy to the maoists violence. that certainly rise the questions above.

    and i would like to know if you or anyone you has any sort of statistics that stares, why poor villager believe on gun not on dialog? or if they follow prachanda on gun point or on their own conscience?

  37. Theat said, I forgot to add, I believe them having a voice is a goal attained by the MAOISTS. Since I know that Prachanda et. al. is more THINKING, FEELING kinds than all the netas we have come across, and that is my benefit of the doubt, they will not only change, they have to, because my premis is…this andolan happened because of the PEOPLE IN THE STREET and after the fact, it will be the PEOPLE who will run the course, not prachanda, girija or the G the K.

  38. Well the hope is that when we do have a democratic government the problems of poverty and neglect which gave rise to Maoism in Nepal are addressed properly so that support for the Maoists becomes unnecessary. In my opinion a new democractic government would have to pay the greatest attention to two issues – solving the Maoist problem and ensuring that the King is restricted to a ceremonial role. Hard tasks but one a good government can perform.

  39. By the way Laters when I meant just a political leader like so many others I did not mean a corrupt leader but with equal opportunities and not like the absolute no-questions asked positions they enjoy at present. You know democracy can give you real hard knocks which you must accept for the sake of democracy itself-just ask Al Gore.

  40. I guess, your hope and my benefit of the doubt will be realised in a true democraitc goverment, such that the checks and balances between different parties and ideologies will not give yield to one “feared” ideals like that of Prachanda or one godly good-for-nothing-but-him-and-his-clan-idol-charancter like G the K.
    As far as Al Gore is concerned, he’s the one to invent democracy, I guess it serves him right :).

  41. Well if Al Gore invented democracy I hope he at least has the patent rights for it.

  42. Yeah, he is fighting for them, first he’ll have to get the rights for the internet and then there is Ozone Hole, who know he might even come to nepal and fight with G claiming he is the first man who is also a god.

  43. proud2benepali,

    Do you even read anything before splurting your propoganda. Where have I said the benefit of the doubt should be given to the King. READ my dear friend and you will see that I have said since the King has not been given the benefit, the Maoists should definitely not be given the same.
    But I will stress people like you amaze when you try to jsutify the violence of the Maos. It leaves one with the conclusion that either you have not been effected by their existence or you are a Maoist yourself.

  44. hey mr st…
    one thing is that i read you all comments and i don’t consider it a propoganda…i respect what u said or say….and i don’t label someone maoist or royalist just due to a single comment they meet or just like my fantasy makes me thinks so…and u’re conclusion about me not being affected by this vioence is so wrong…my realtives have been killed in this war from both the sides…and well it makes me very angry and sad when u say i have not been affected…i don’t think except some high-class rulers who are sucking the blood of nepalese people everyone is affected and i hope you don’t make comments like that just coz someone spoke against u’re thinking…and look sir…what do u think we should do about the maoist then…use this military who haven’t even went into offensive a single time…everybody is tired of war…and that’s why people are coming in street in so huge numbers…and now if these leaders have some kind of agreement with this government no one can stop this mass from making this revolution like the one that maoist always dreamnt of which can establish the dictatorship of proleteriat or better the communist…but like it or not…they are still a political force…have u ever heard the UN and other international organisation asking bin laden to uphold human rights…they don’t have any specific agenda or rules…their only goal is to impose the old muslim rule througout arabia….what is u’re kings standing huh sir….he is a representative of feudal system….which has been almost abolished throughout the world…do u think we should make our decision on the basis of our emotional feelings….why don’t u try to understand….okey u might hate poltics and it’s ‘dirty game’ but this is how the world goes…we being can either just make them heard our voices or be leader ourself…and that they started a war which cause so much devastation to this nation in every point…do u think we must not belive them…and when i say this u think i justify violence….i just can’t understand u people….tell me a good way out of this crisi…i would be blessed to know what u think is the best way out…….but hope it won’t be based on u’re emotions….

  45. Mr. proud2benepali,

    I am sorry that you feel the solution is the Maoists come as they are. If you want to hear my solution, well first the parties and the King have to compromise, then the parties who have developed a close relationship with the Maoists have to try to convince them to join the multiparty system but by giving up their guns (I will agree to trust them only after they disarm), if not the parties have to bite the bullet and use the military effectively with international assistance.
    Without compromise first, none of the sides will triumph and we will end up with a war torn nation, with no human rights and no proper government. There is no easy solution, normally the right thing to do is also the hardest thing to do. Just accepting the Maoists as they are with their guns is too easy and any alliance with the parties will go out the window as soon as Prachanda starts to feel opposed.

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