Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

Civil Society Discussion

Demanding the release of Nepal’s top civil society activistsPics by Wagle

Constitutional experts, human rights leaders and journalists have questioned the government motive behind continued detention of civil society leaders Dr Mathura Prasad Shrestha, Dr Devendra Raj Panday, Krishna Pahadi and Shyam Shrestha even after the Supreme Court termed hundreds of detentions of leaders on January 19 as unlawful.

The popular civil society leaders are currently behind the bar since on January 19 this year, a day before the planned massive demonstration of the seven-party. They have been accused of “spreading rumors and thus disturbing peace and security of the country.”

“Why have the authorities continued to detain the civil society leaders while the similar detentions have been termed unlawful by the court [in hundred of habeas corpus petitions after January 19]?”, Nilamber Acharya, member of the constitution drafting committee, asked.

Acharya was speaking at a program organized by senior journalist Kanak Mani Dixit and President of Ganesh Man Singh Academy Nabindra Raj Joshi in a bid to raise voice against “illegal detention” of the civil society leaders.

Speaking on the similar vein, former Supreme Court Justice Laxman Prasad Aryal, advocate Subash Chandra Nemwang and human rights leader Padhma Ratna Tuladhar have also condemned the continued detention of the civil society leaders, demanding that they be released immediately. They have termed the continued detention of the four civil society leaders who support democracy and peace in the country as an example of autocracy in the country.

Civil Society Discussion

“If the government has any morality, it must release the civil society leaders and other political leaders,” said Aryal said.

Laxman Aryal: It would be suicidal to abandon the law by those who are supposed to abide by the same. Country became failed state since Feb 1, 2005. If you leave ignore the basics of the statehood, you head to anarchy. When law ends, tyranny begins. So called sate-it’s not real- is against the law and forcefully captured…The rule of law is necessary to run the country peacefully…Do courts have to function under the direction of Dr. Tulsi Giri? Even the King who is exercising executive power must come under the scrutiny of rules and regulations…Guns aren’t the only one that blocks peace. Ignoring rule of law also creates unfavorable condition for peace.

Subash Nembang: Had there been a functioning democracy in the country, the government would have been happy to see protests because that would strengthen the democracy. They will be detained even if released under pressure because such thing happen in autocracy.

Meanwhile, Citizen Movement for Democracy and Peace (CMDP) has decided to organize a sit-in protest at Ratna Park from 4 to 6 p.m. on Monday against the continued detention of the civil society leaders.

Similarly, Mulyankan Publication has demanded for an immediate release of Shyam Shrestha, editor of monthly magazine Mulyankan.

Civil Society Discussion

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36 thoughts on “Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

  1. Nothing in this country is humane to shout for human rights.
    Neither KG nor morons(moaists) and dont want to even list hapeless political parites.

  2. i find a great friend in Kirat
    i am your follower
    you are my leader
    let’s do it

  3. HMMM.


  4. Dr Mathura Prasad Shrestha, Dr Devendra Raj Panday, Krishna Pahadi and Shyam Shrestha do not belong to any party so they do not have any cadets. KG finds it is easier and safer to put them behind the bar. If KG put 7 party leaders behind bar then his Bhardar Kamal thapa will have difficult time. Another Thapa Bhardar never does SEARCH & DESTROY operation because he will be then ultimately destroying KG. He knows quite well KG and MBs are two sides of a same coin.

  5. Dr Mathura Shrestha: Short term in the ministry of health in the interim period was accused of corruption. No 1 corrupt

    Shyam Shrestha: A member of mafia, extortionist.

    Dr Devendra Raj Pandey: No 1 corrupt.

    Krishna Pahari: India funded a republican.

  6. Wagle Bro!
    You have no reports on Chinese delegation on Nepal? Why so man?
    Shyam Sharan aako bhaye po, hai?

  7. I do not know about the others, but krishna pahadi goes to INGOS and NGOs and advocates republic. He is supposed to be a rights activist, I wonder why he wants to do poltics in the name of nagrik samaj.

  8. As I watch the sun rise in Kathmandu, it seems, at least to me that not just a few “Civil Society Activist” are in jail.. but the entire Nepali Population.

    It would be worth our time if there were a venue where anyone who wanted to TELL THEIR TRUTH…COULD HAVE A PLACE TO DO SO.

    If we listen with respect maybe there will be a chance to Begin to TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF OPPRESSION !!


  9. How can we expect a independent and free Nepal in such a circumstances. Those people who are working for the rights of people themselves are in prison that means current government just show the face of democracy where as inside there is a crule autocracy. The reason behind this may be, mr. shah is afraid of civil society and their supporter. we have seen 7 party leaders seems failure to represent people in place of them people are self inspired to follow civil society. this may be the reason of keeping them in prison.

  10. A government that has lost in the battle with Maoists, both on political as well as military fronts, has no option left other than to scare and arrest unarmed civilians to show its existance as a state.

    Down with the Mandaleys and Neo-Mandaleys!!

    New History, which is in the making, will surely bring them to book.


  11. The new days comes and the old days revives,
    The new things comes and the news regime arises,
    The new generation arives and old folks blooms
    ………..jail is home…………

  12. being a public health student i have heard about dr.Mathura within and beyond the borders of classroom. He was a prof. at IOM, i guess he still is, I don’t find any logic behind keeping him behind bars. He is an eminant health personnel and a good teacher(though he did’nt taught me, but he taught my teachers)

    Krishna pahari is the best speaker, i have seen him many times shouting on roads with yellow shirts. Due to my lack of knowledge i don’t know about remaining two peoples but as they are the members of civil society, i think it’s my duty to speak for them……


  13. Leaders motivate people to speak for them,
    but in our country the so-called leaders
    even don’t think us as the people
    having the level to be motivated…..
    for them we are like dogs,,
    they love us till we wagg our tails
    and kick us when we bark at them…..
    we fear of them
    we are in chain because of them
    but we don’t have power in our hands
    but we have power in our faces
    we have hopes
    we can fight
    we can stand without legs
    we can shoot with our eyes
    we will plough our land with our hands and sweat as water………..
    but we don’t know when will me die
    but we don’t know whose bullet will kill us
    but we know we can fight with naked hands
    and our faces…………..
    we have no weapon but we will bring the change
    even though we fear of them
    we fear of our leaders
    we fear of our so-called leaders

  14. Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

    Proper English – Why are they jailed ? Free Them !!

    Stupid Blog !!!!!!!!

  15. I don’t think level of english is important. What matters is whether you communicate your idea with others or not… isn’t that the purpose of the language. Most of the time I don’t care whether I write down a proper sentence or not. because it is to much of time to waste babling in that. As long as I think people understand what I say… the linguistic subtlities do not bother me.

    Major problem is that there are thosuands of readers who don’t understand the meanning conveyed by grammatically and logically constructed sentences. So why bother until u can communicate your ideas.

    I don’t care about people like bj..F***ers

  16. This blog invites many reactionary comments!

    It’s good that such a programme was held, and it’s good that it was reported upon by UWB.

  17. I have traveled with Dr Mathura Shrestha for work againsta nuclear weapons on the South Asian subcontinent. He is a dedicated and wise physician. It is an embarassment to the Kingdom of Nepal that such a good man is unjustly imprisoned.

  18. The ones in the dias- namely kanak mani who has earned millions by poisoning Rani Jagadamba and Nilambar, Padma Ratna who is a known Maoist leader must also be placed under bars. They are traitors of this nation and greatest thugs from the so-called civil society.

  19. hey coke,

    u have only the idea of phuchha coke………think more……
    if they are corrupt no 1…….what about u
    u r black listed.

  20. i guess this is a blog where you can say any shit you want to. fucking nepalese democracy. good for all and noone.

    indian coke,
    you represent the indian government and the coke factory. business and no humanity. i guess thats a lost word now. sorry for bringing it up.

    smile on my face. got nothing to say. may be i do. guess i dont. too much to say and i dont want to spend so much time on useleesssss people like you.

    kirat ,you should go back to history. you sound that stupid.

    i dont believe there are any nepalese in this blog. if there are i am soory i did not recognise you. when there is someone after peace in nepal and someone else after disability and you support those who have been prsuing disability, playing puppet to india……….sorry, either i am not a nepali or you are not.

    may be i am not.

    i renounce my nepalese citizenship in that case.

    by the way , those guys were jailed because they were possible trouble makers and any government will do that. jail them i mean.

    someone questioned the quality of the blog. look at the quality of the people and then talk. sorry to pin your illusion.

    i dont give a damn about this blog.


    just wanted to see what height it reached.

    i am done.

    good lick nepalese.

  21. sorry,

    just could not resist it.

    height of degradation.

    21 D.MICHAEL:VANDEVEER_mike4radio@yahoo.com says:

    March 21st, 2006 at 3:24 pm
    When the fence around the Palace is torn-down, all Political Prisoners WILL BE FREED !

    long live democratic nepal!!! long live repubic nepal!! long live communist nepal!! long live pracchanda!! long live baburam!! long live girija!! long live makune!!

    any body else……..

    long live they!!

    and may the whole world die so they can rule on themselves. BASTARDS

  22. Geeta Jyothi says:

    March 21st, 2006 at 12:02 am
    I have traveled with Dr Mathura Shrestha for work againsta nuclear weapons on the South Asian subcontinent. He is a dedicated and wise physician. It is an embarassment to the Kingdom of Nepal that such a good man is unjustly imprisoned.

    thats exactly the problem. i kind of know him too. he is wise and he has his political beliefs. government is already stable. it fears wise people like DR. Mathura. if they say something, whether right or wrong, many people tend to believe him. more the problem.

    better jail them to keep them quite.

    government cant help it. it needs peace. and these wise men break the peace. they may be right, but they do break the peace.

    –to hell with the wise men
    –to heaven with peace

  23. by the way Ms. geeta,
    it is an embarassment to the GREAT KINGDOM OF STUPID NEPAL that wise and educated people like you tend to bring the unstability and controversy among the stupid uneducated nepalese population. because of people like you, a matric pass girija has so much power and followers.

    if people like you had thought more about your country and its citizen, then we would not have reached this situation. EDUCATED. HA!!!

    do your worst!!!
    good luck

  24. one thing u know when the rectum and anus get irritated than people start scratching them, and ex-Nepali is doing all that thing…….
    He is kicked out of nepal so he is ex-Nepali
    Now is going to be kicked from india too and he will write ex-Dhoti

  25. the GIRIJA is a matric pass the phd ex-Nepali even don’t have access to lick the balls of our Girija, where did u get ur phd from?? ex-nepali now ex-Dhoti

  26. “a matric pass girija has so much power and followers…”

    Hey, ex-nepali, what about YOUR idol, that drug-addicted dipshit Paras, who goes around on
    his Pajero stoned on charas and then runs people down?

    The day this dipshit is brought to justice, I’ll have faith in the Shahs. Till then, they’re a pack of parasites to me.

  27. Believe me, I know Dr. Shrestha too, and he’s a hundred times the man a parasite like Gyanendra Shah could ever hope to be. Gyanendra Shah is worse than scum–he’s feces, decomposing feces at that. His whole fucking family has been a pain in Nepal’s ass for the last two hundred years.

    The good news is that we don’t have to eradicate them. These Shah turds are so stupid after generations of inbreeding they’ll eradicate themselves. Good fucking riddance.

  28. Hey!!! why people can’t stop shouting at girl??…just arives of lady “Geeta Jyothi” people in here are trying to arse licking…stop that even she’s not Ms, call her Mrs.oh NO


  29. that was not as much as a reaction i’d hoped, but atleast its a start.

    good show guys/ gorus/ and in betweens.

    keep it up.

    lotsa a luv.

    girija papa ki jaya

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