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  • How Kathmandu Elites Capture Nepal’s Progressive and Political Agenda

    By Ashesh UWB Guest Blog The elite group of Nepal includes people from different ethnic groups and various places. The richest people in Nepal are still from Madhesi, Newar, Thakali and Thakuri groups, apart from Bahun-Chhetri. Likewise , based on access to land, government services and education, elites of different ethnic groups are far ahead […]

  • #IndiaBlockadesNepal: A serious humanitarian crisis Looms over Nepal: WFP

    WFP Release: Nepal: Extreme Hardship Expected To Worsen As Food Prices Soar KATHMANDU – Major disruptions in food and fuel imports across its southern border with India have severely affected Nepal’s supplies and caused a worrying increase in food prices, says the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). A border blockade to protest Nepal’s new […]

  • #NepalConstitution Guarantees Basic Rights that We Esteem in #Europe: German Ambassador

    The constitution which has been adopted by almost 90 % of the deputies is a big success and a proof that after years of conflict and struggle, the way to a new and modern society is paved. The constitution comprises all basic rights which we in Europe esteem essential for a free and democratic society. […]

  • Know Your Country(#Nepal) And about Its Diverse 125 Social & Ethnic Groups

    Vol 1: Population Dynamics:…/Population%20Monograph%20of%20Nepal%202… Vol 2: Social Demography:…/Popula…/Population%20Monograph%20V02.pdf Vol 3: Economic Demography:…/Popula…/Population%20Monograph%20V03.pdf (Originally posted as facebook status by Dr Swarnim Wagle)

  • #Nepal: A Big NO to Caste, Ethnicity, Religion-based Federalism

    By Mitra Pariyar The Nepalese Government MUST NOT accept the type of caste-, ethnicity- or region-based federalism – despite the continued protests by Madhesis with direct support from the Hindu extremist Modi Government of India. Such a long Indian blockade has not been easy, but we should not sow the seeds for further ethnic/caste violence […]

  • तेलको भाउ वढ्दा समिति गठन गर्ने संसद चिकित्सा क्षेत्रमा भएको भ्रष्टाचारवारे मौन वस्न मिल्दैन: गगन थापा

    गगन थापा केहि दिनमा हामी संविधानको अन्तिम रुप दिदैछौं । संविधानका अक्षर मृत हुन्छन । संविधानका मृत अक्षरलाई कर्मले जीवन्त वनाउने हो । कर्म वदल्न निश्चित पद्दति चाहिन्छ । हामीले संविधानमा स्वास्थ्यको अधिकार नागरिकको मौलिक हकको रुपमा लेख्दै आएका छौं । यसलाई जीवन्त वनाउन निश्चित पद्दति चाहिन्छ नै । डा. गोविन्द के.सी.को अनसन त्यहि पद्दति […]

  • मुलुकको भविष्य निर्णायक मोडमा !

    प्रा. डा. मदन कुमार दाहाल तराईमा सम्पूर्ण यातायात अवरूद्ध छ, जन-जीवन अत्यन्त कष्टप्रद र भयावह रहेको छ। सम्पूर्ण नेपालमा एक दिन बन्द-हडताल हुंदा अनुमानित कुल रू. ३ अर्व वरावरको आर्थिक क्षति हुन्छ। नेपालको संविधान, २०७२ जारी हुने पूर्व सन्ध्यामा केही दिन देखि संघीयताको नाउंमा जातीय र क्षेत्रीय राज्यको माग गर्दै तराईमा निरन्तर प्रदर्शन, भिडन्त, वन्द-हडताल, […]