Know Your Country(#Nepal) And about Its Diverse 125 Social & Ethnic Groups

Vol 1: Population Dynamics:…/Population%20Monograph%20of%20Nepal%202…
Vol 2: Social Demography:…/Popula…/Population%20Monograph%20V02.pdf
Vol 3: Economic Demography:…/Popula…/Population%20Monograph%20V03.pdf

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  3. tamrakarsuraj Avatar

    Without peeling into another layer of misunderstanding can i ever understand why no demography count ever distinguish Newar as a separate entity within indigenous group. Is the head count really that low for newars? In terms of cultural impact, identity and richness of tradition newars are the major face of NEPAL’S ORIGINALITY.
    Is it because we are politically backwards? Is it because we were defeated 200 years ago and our culture and language has been systematically and catagorically depleted? Why when everyone is taking from what we had that we are the ones who’s the most silent one? Even in the figures and graphs we are shut down and closed out. Why Do Our Mothers teach us not to choose violence, why is newars so resilient and . Is it why we gave away to the idiots to rule our destiny?

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