Responding to the Padma Sundar Lawati Interview

After watching pro-government leader on Nepal Television, a UWB reader reacts… [Padma Sundar Lawati is a leader of the breakaway faction of RPP that is headed by Home Minister Kamal Thapa. At the time of breakup, it was widely assumed that Lawati would be the chairman of the new party. But in a surprise move, Kamal Thapa emerged out as the leader sidelining Lawati. It was believed that Dr. Tulsi Giri’s hand was behind that surprise- UWB]

By Amod Niroula

The state run Nepal Television has always been or forced to be a monotonous mouthpiece of the ruling few in Kathmandu. This is a response to a television interview given by Mr. Padma Sundar Lawati in the state owned television the other night. The views expressed by him, I thought, were intended to please the ruling the class and had a tone that would make any democratic person go to a spin. On point to point basis, I would like to remind Mr. Lawati why and where he and possibly the government are going wrong in understanding the present political situation.

1. The king is the only unifying factor of Nepali.

Ok! This is what we have been studying since our school days. If, I was still a child innocent of my country’s history, I would believe it. But I am not. Are we Neapli really that weak that if (hypothetically) there were no monarchy, we would be divided? More divided than we are now? Yes, we were unified as one by His Majesty the King (Bada Maharaj) Prithvi Narayan Shah some 200 years ago. But, since then our (or rather the monarchy’s) history has been about nothing more than power struggles and bloodsheds. Do I need to remind you about the most recent one?

2. The Maoists are using the Seven Parties, and the crippled seven parties are using hook or crook to get into power.

This might be a possibility. But, since we, the Nepali people, trust the establishment in Kathmandu that they are committed to bring peace to the country even if it failed to reciprocate to a unilateral ceasefire by the Maoists, I think we should also give a chance to this unholy of all the alliances. After all, every body is asking for time; the king is asking the time, we don’t seem to mind it. Not giving these people what we are giving to the establishment (i.e. time) would really be a biased step. The point here is not that who is involved in the peace making process but establishment of peace.

3. Seven parties are with Maoists just to reach to the people of village.

I don’t know what is the problem with that? They (seven parties) are trying to have an interaction at local level. This statement clarifies two points. The government has no means to get what people in real Nepal (village) really want because it has lost too much ground to the rebels. At least the parties are trying to get the feel of the people; the establishment at Kathmandu does not even care.

4. If Iran and Afghanistan can have elections, why can’t we have a general election?

I don’t understand why you would compare Nepal with these states. Why would you not compare the election process with some lesser controversial election processes? This means that you believe that if there were suppose to have an election, it would be highly controversial and therefore irregularities would occur. And you still believe that Nepal is not a failure state. Come on, a country whose election is due for more than 3 years, not a failure. Were you high on previous day’s bhang?

5. If they (seven parties) are not ready to hold talks with the government, this government will keep on running without any hassles.

Now, this is most irresponsive response I have heard from somebody who is a leader of country’s ‘leading’ party. This sums up the mood of autocracy that prevails in the administration today. They are simply not worried about getting a solution to this decade long problem.





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  1. hawkeye Avatar

    Ignorance is a bliss, but only to an extent, not forever

  2. LIMBU Avatar

    These people are basically of Mandale charector. So there is no need to comment what he says. They want to do buttering the king. Chamchagiri is their business. In the past from only therough chamchagiri, they have become powerful minister like Kama and Niranjan today. It is only that Lawati also wants to stage a comeback as Minister.

    By the way, there was a mistake in the name of the first king of Shah dynaty. His name is Prithvi Narayan, not Prithvi Bir Bickram who was great grand father of the present king. I agree when you say that we can also do away with monarchy if it is going against the aspirations of the people. It has become a white elephant now which is involved not only in commercial business but also in criminal activities.

    UWB: Thank you Limbu for pointing out the mistake. That has been corrected.

  3. Layman Avatar

    Wagle ji , can you change your blog to previous format. This I hate because it is not user friendly.

  4. bishnu Avatar

    Rajako ko [icd] mandale mr. Lawati.. he’ll not do anythings for the country.

  5. scoop Avatar

    This Lawati is a shameless fellow. However, so are people in the democratic parties. All the leaders are after money.
    Do any of us remember the Arun 3 project. We would’nt be in such a mess if we had it. Infact it was Pashupati Rana who approved both the Kali Gandaki A and Arun 3 project just before the 1990 democracy. In those years a certain Julia Chang was ambassador, a close “friend” of Deuba and also the media walah Dixits. Later when Deuba was in government as home Minister Arun 3 was scrapped and only Kali Gandaki A went ahead with increased unit cost for the government to buy power from the contractors. Many experts believed that both Arun 3 and Kali Gandaki A could have been achieved together and was both necessary to give us the power we needed and the economic boost, but there was a huge hue and cry from the media as well (the likes of Kanak Dixit and gang) saying it was environmentally degrading and the government scrapped it.
    The contractors of Kali Ganmdaki A made about 600 million U.S. dollars when the dust settled.

    Now, if you really want to do investigative journalism, the type that unfolds scandals like the “Watergate”, read the next thing I have to write very carefully:

    The contractors of Kali Gandaki A was a group called M and K (Morrison & Knudson), and one of the principal shareholders of this company,.. wait for it… – Mr.Bloch (Yes, Julia Chang’s husband)!!!
    You can guess the “pay offs” made to the govt. and the media by this group to get their project in before, or as was the case instead of Arun 3 and at a higher cost to us the taxpayers.
    These are the sort of hypocrites we deal with both in the parties and in the media. They are already in someones pocket, so be very wary of these people, that is, if independent media want to stay clean.

  6. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    let’s hang all the MANDALEz…chop them into pieces and let the dog eat

  7. coke Avatar

    I would like to congratulate the Maoists in India and Nepal for making the impossible possible.
    CNN is saying that within 3 years Maoists in India will have control over 30% of the Indina territory.It is a good news for all the Maoits supporter.

  8. Chankhe Avatar

    Does this [icd] has a brain? Chautari ma gaf hanke jasto chha interviw ta…[icd] interview.

  9. LIMBU Avatar

    Have you seen the interview of Deuba in Kantipur TV frontline, I feel ashamed that what type of leader we produced through our 12 years of distorted democracy.This man became PM three times. Oh God he is a paagal.

  10. Avatar

    yp all leaders have no sense.
    You can guess, Why?
    Almost 80% are above age 60.

    Can u expect right judgements from such kind of politicians?

  11. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    is there a MBs supporter in Nepal, freak show leaders?
    too Nepali, too KUHEKO DIMAGz
    too much Nepali, too PAKHEz, AANPADHAz.
    anyone educated here, RETARDz?

  12. amit Avatar

    what lawati says makes sense. it’s part of the whole truth. he’s anyday better than MK nepal, GP koirala et al put together

  13. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    too many MANDALEz growing here
    here is another

  14. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO


    errr Crorrections: Prithvi Narayan Shah is not grand father of this Presend king but his Fore-grand-Father.

  15. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    only Indian moists can save the India even the great possibalities in the Sikkim state the maoists only can devast the muslims militant. So Indian maoists are the backbone of modern India. This is the great signal praise to the Nepalese Maoists to deep breathe out and in.

  16. LIMBU Avatar

    Do not cofuse others Oh No. I am talking about Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah,who is the great grand father of KG.

  17. coke Avatar


  18. ameet Avatar

    limbu has written all the kundalis of shah kings hehehe he knows all

  19. ameet Avatar

    mr.Wagle ji sorry for being unpolite, but sometimes can u include some other topics except politics, there are lots of things in democracy other than politics

  20. ameet Avatar

    amit don’t shout like mandelays.
    u have the same name as mine but mandelay spirit in u

  21. st Avatar

    I agree with Ameet (the former), the only thing people seem to be interested in this forum is politics. Yes, there are many more, much, much more things in a democracy than politics. Does it occur to anyone that maybe Nepal is a failed state due to everyones interest in politicking and politics only and nothing else. Even people with little or no knowledege can and have been involved in politics. Infact, now that I think of it it is because people with little knowledge have been our politicans leading us that we are a failed nation. We put little or no importance on our teachers, artists, poets, novelists, scientists, sportmen and women, entrepreneurs, inventors, creators, honest hard workers and too much importance on politicans and politicians alone. We make heroes out of the corrupt and powerful and give them a show of respect, yet we don’t have the time of day for our teachers and scholars who show us a kind face and the correct path.

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