How Kathmandu Elites Capture Nepal’s Progressive and Political Agenda

By Ashesh UWB Guest Blog The elite group of Nepal includes people from different ethnic groups and various places. The richest people in Nepal are still from Madhesi, Newar, Thakali and Thakuri groups, apart from Bahun-Chhetri. Likewise , based on access to land, government services and education, elites of different ethnic groups are far aheadContinue reading “How Kathmandu Elites Capture Nepal’s Progressive and Political Agenda”

आखिर, यो एकदमै सानो काठमाडौँ तलाउमा को सँग के मात्र भनेर झगडा गर्दै बसिरहने?

आखिर, यो एकदमै सानो KTM तलाउमा को सँग के मात्र भनेर झगडा गर्दै बसिरहने? मान्छे चिने पुगि हाल्यो — त्यसपछि हात हल्लायो, नमस्ते भन्यो, त्यै त हो नि, यहाँ को चलन, हैन र? आशुतोष तिवारी म हिमाल मिडियामा सिइयो भएर काम गर्दा (२००८) तिर त्यस बेला एक ताका त्यहाँ तैनाथ मजदुर सँगठन सँग खुबै मिटिंगContinue reading “आखिर, यो एकदमै सानो काठमाडौँ तलाउमा को सँग के मात्र भनेर झगडा गर्दै बसिरहने?”

Intellectual Honesty & “A Big Fish in a Small Pond” Syndrome in K-town

If one is not intellectually honest about small things, one cannot be honest about bigger things Ashutosh Tiwari Not at all surprised that people are finally up in arms about CK Lal’s supposed intellectualism. I had my first newspaper ‘fight’ with him in 1992, when he unfairly criticized my article published in the then TheContinue reading “Intellectual Honesty & “A Big Fish in a Small Pond” Syndrome in K-town”

Tomorrow: Thoughts of a Nepali Student in New York

The real question is what will each of us give back to the country to which we owe our identity? Or will there be no members of our generations to shoulder the responsibility – will there just be a void? By a Nepali student This article titled was originally published in the Nov 1-15 issueContinue reading “Tomorrow: Thoughts of a Nepali Student in New York”

Reading Palpasa Café in English

By James Sharrock The English language translation of the best-selling Nepali novel Palpasa Café by Narayan Wagle is out now. Palpasa Café is the story of an artist, Drishya, who falls in love with a Nepali American returnee, Palpasa and also, via a college friend, sees the effects of Nepal’s conflict in the hills. Wagle’sContinue reading “Reading Palpasa Café in English”

Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks

Gyanendra, sidelined by people, is planning to organize a lavish party and a procession to mark his birthday that the nation celebrates no more in the next few days (23rd of Ashad) in Soaltee Hotel and in Narayanhitti Palace. No EPA leaders and any sensible person should attend that cursed party and procession. By PrakashContinue reading “Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks”

Nepali Politics: Brahmin and Chhetri Everywhere

While for some this article might be yet-another-Bahun/Chhetri-bashing-crap and for others a voice that needs to be much more louder: When certain people willingly or unwillingly control too much share in a nation, it is very likely that that would bring long-term political instability and long run economic damages to the country. When 10% whitesContinue reading “Nepali Politics: Brahmin and Chhetri Everywhere”