Nepal Sets up Talks Team to Address Terai Unrest

Feb 2: In a bid to bring down tensions in the Terai region, the government of Nepal today set up a ministerial level talks team committee to hold dialogue with the agitating Madheshi community to resolve the Terai unrest. A meeting of the Counsil of Minister today morning set up the 3-member committee under theContinue reading “Nepal Sets up Talks Team to Address Terai Unrest”

Nepal Army Sets Up a Separate Battalion for Madhesis

23 Jan As per the decision of the government of Nepal made in July last year, the Nepali Army (NA) has set up two separate battalions with the objective of including Madhesi and Kirat community. According to NA spokesperson Brigadier General Ananta Thebe, the Naya Sabuj battalion has been set up at Jaleshwore of DhanushaContinue reading “Nepal Army Sets Up a Separate Battalion for Madhesis”

Nepal Terai Tension: Two Killed

Two killed in fresh Lahan unrest, curfew imposed again Jan 22- The relative calm in unrest-torn Lahan today morning proved short-lived when tensions soared in the afternoon after two people were killed in fresh clashes between police and protestors. The Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) claims a ninth grader, 15-year old Pramod Sada of Lahan-4, Mirzapur,Continue reading “Nepal Terai Tension: Two Killed”

35 Containers For Nepal Army Weapons Storage

Jan 21- 35 additional containers are being brought to Kathmandu by Friday (26 Jan) for the storage of Nepal Army weapons. According to military sources, the arms containers to store NA weapons are being brought in to coincide with the ongoing registration of Maoist fighters and weapons as per the agreement between the Maoists andContinue reading “35 Containers For Nepal Army Weapons Storage”

Nepal Maoists Formally Dissolve Peoples' Governments, Peoples' Courts

Jan 18 – Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has said that it has dissolved all its “people’s governments” and “people’s courts” across the country. In a statement issued Thursday, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said that all levels of local governments run by his party were dissolved as per the agreement reached with the governments in theContinue reading “Nepal Maoists Formally Dissolve Peoples' Governments, Peoples' Courts”

Nepal Govt. Must Act Strongly Against JTMM

JTMM Terror In Siraha LAHAN, Jan 13- The Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) today morning bombed six grocery stores in Bhagwatipur Chowk in Siraha district.The JTMM cadres had planted the bombs, accusing the shopkeepers of defying a three-day Terai banda called by JTMM, a break away faction of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist). The JTMM announcedContinue reading “Nepal Govt. Must Act Strongly Against JTMM”

PM, Indian Envoy Discuss Nepal's Political Situation

Jan 6 – Indian Ambasssador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee on Saturday (6 Jan) met with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala at Baluwatar and discussed the current political situation in Nepal. According to sources, PM Koirala and Indian Ambassador Mukherjee talked in length about bilateral issues including the interim statute, which is expected to be promulgated inContinue reading “PM, Indian Envoy Discuss Nepal's Political Situation”