PM, Indian Envoy Discuss Nepal's Political Situation

Jan 6 – Indian Ambasssador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee on Saturday (6 Jan) met with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala at Baluwatar and discussed the current political situation in Nepal.

According to sources, PM Koirala and Indian Ambassador Mukherjee talked in length about bilateral issues including the interim statute, which is expected to be promulgated in the near future.

The meeting is also reported to have focused on the issue of Maoist arms management and the formation of the interim government, containing the CPN-Maoist.

The meeting comes after Home Minister and chief government negotiator Krishna Prasad Sitaula made it clear that the interim constitution finalized by the seven-party alliance and the Maoist leadership in early December would be promulgated by mid-January.

Earlier, Maoist Chairman Prachanda in a programme in Dolakha on Friday had warned of street protests if the interim statute was not issued by the agreed date.

Prachanda claimed that the government had agreed to issue the interim constitution by January 14.





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  1. javi Avatar

    helo! i m intersting to go to nepal next week i would like if is possible inform me abouth the situation at the moment.

  2. Open Border Avatar
    Open Border

    its ok fit for travel

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