Nepal Terai Tension: Two Killed

Two killed in fresh Lahan unrest, curfew imposed again

Jan 22- The relative calm in unrest-torn Lahan today morning proved short-lived when tensions soared in the afternoon after two people were killed in fresh clashes between police and protestors. The Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) claims a ninth grader, 15-year old Pramod Sada of Lahan-4, Mirzapur, and another Bijaya Kumar Sahani were killed in the incident when the police opened fire on thousands of demonstrators when they descended on the unit police station in Lahan.Meanwhile, talking to ekantipur over the phone, Chief District Officer Shashi Shekhar Shrestha said that the police had opened fire in self–defense. (more)

Two more injured in Lahan violence die

Jan 23 Two more persons, who were injured in a clash between Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) activists and police in Lahan, Siraha district, yesterday died Tuesday. The dead have been identified as 18-year old Mohammad Mudasin and 32-year old Bechan Yadav. Mudasin died while undergoing treatment at the Army Hospital in Chhauni, Kathmandu, while Yadav died while being taken to Kathmandu for treatment.

An army helicopter had airlifted 14 injured persons including three policemen to Kathmandu for treatment last night. Nine persons are still undergoing treatment at the army hospital. The injured policemen are undergoing treatment at the police hospital.





2 responses to “Nepal Terai Tension: Two Killed”

  1. stoic_ros Avatar

    why people are fighting for their community ?first make a strong and capable community of whole ( country ) if so then no need to fight no need to protest .this is not time to protest and bandha ,now we have to open our arm the peace and happyness is comming.everything will get better one day but for that we need unity and vision.why you are burning vehicles,kidnapping people ? by doing all this you are begning a culture of terroism.let not fight with your own for your own ,let get unite and fight for our……

  2. sameer Avatar

    some third ppl r trying to take advantage of this volatile situation.

    get cautious and get rid of those ppl.

    let peace prevail in nepal.

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