Nepal Maoists Formally Dissolve Peoples' Governments, Peoples' Courts

Jan 18 – Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has said that it has dissolved all its “people’s governments” and “people’s courts” across the country. In a statement issued Thursday, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said that all levels of local governments run by his party were dissolved as per the agreement reached with the governments in the past.

[maoist arms management photos]

Directing his party workers to support the coalition interim government to be formed in the near future, Prachanda said, “The people’s government and the courts established in the past have been formally dissolved in the context of the historic development of January 15.” On January 15, the reinstated House of Representatives was dissolved and the interim legislature formed after the House unanimously passed the Interim Constitution, allowing the former rebels to enter parliament.

Joint committee finalizes remaining two satellite camps

Jan 18- Head of the UN team to assist in Nepal peace process, Ian Martin today said that the joint committee (comprising the Nepal Army, Maoist and the UN representatives) has finalized all the saellite camps to put the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Today’s meeting of the committee decided the remaining two satellite camps that would be in the vicinity of the seven main camps.

Earlier the committee had finalized 19 satellite camps out of 21. Two satellite camps at Maoist seventh division at Sahajpur, Kailali and fourth division at Saina Baina, Rupandehi had to get the final approval by the committee. Speaking at a press conference at the UN Building at Pulchowk, Martin said that a team has already set off for Biratnagar as well to begin its operation after setting up an office there.

The committee’s meeting today also decided to transfer the Maoist second division to Chandanpur from Sindhuligadhi in Sindhuli. 35 UN authorized monitors have already been deployed for the monitoring of management of arms from offices in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj.




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