Nepal Govt. Must Act Strongly Against JTMM

JTMM Terror In Siraha LAHAN, Jan 13- The Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) today morning bombed six grocery stores in Bhagwatipur Chowk in Siraha district.The JTMM cadres had planted the bombs, accusing the shopkeepers of defying a three-day Terai banda called by JTMM, a break away faction of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist). The JTMM announced a three-day banda since yesterday. The cadres exploded five bombs, destroying six shops in Bhagwatipur market. The buildings as well as all the inventories of the shops were destroyed in the ensuing fire.

The JTMM eastern region commander Bisfot Singh said that the bomb blasts and the subsequent damages were to warn those who had opened the shops defying their call. Two rounds of bullets were also fired after the explosion. Following the bomb blasts and firing, the entire region is under the grip of terror. Likewise, the JTMM cadres blasted two more bombs in Sonbarsha Chowk, Siraha.

Similarly, according to the Area Police Post, Lahan, the JTMM cadres, at 11 pm on Friday, set a cardboard factory ablaze. The factory, located at Lahan-4, is owned by Kamal Kishore Madu, The details of the damages are still unknown, added the police. In a statement released by the central coordinator of JTMM, Jayakrishna Goit, the party called for a three-day long Terai banda as an intensive struggle for the freedom of the local Terai residents. (related)





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  1. Pradeep Avatar

    Nepal Govt. Must not Act Strongly Against JTMM but must talk to JTMM. The early talk is better. Remember one day moist started in same manner, we did not listen and saw the result. We should not allow same to be repeated.

  2. prakashcthapa Avatar

    hell this JTTM, they want seprate land in nepal hell with them and i am sure it is happning becuse of indian some bad politican, nepalking, and some panche like suraya bahadur, and Rabindra sharma.

    to be honest girja is not rite choice for nepal now becuse he is not dealing the thigns in rite manner, he is doing some kind of cheating to the pepeol. what i can say is this this parties they are making nepal as their property so we need to acct.

    thank god we gave them the land this jttm they are from india we did nto mind now they need to be delt.

  3. Raj Avatar


    Here you go! The same ignorant response. Just wanted to correct you the fact that Madhesi were born in Nepal, perhaps, a long before you forefathers came to Nepal…I don’t know from where…….

    Yes, it is time that Madhesi people need to act. Its time out of slavery to these pahadis. Its time for the innate rights.

  4. Kirat Avatar

    The rights of the Madeshi people must be respected and protected-however bandits like the JTMM should be crushed. Just like the Maoists should have been years ago.

  5. Ironic Avatar

    Crush as in “ratatata” with M16 Kirat? Surely you do not mean that do you?

  6. Jesus Avatar

    What is wrong with all the people???…Soon the Newars, Gurungs, Brahmins and all the 36 subcastes will want lands of their own. JTMM is only a party composed a certain number of people, they do not represent the whole terai…who the hell are they to take laws into thier own hands and impose curfews and bomb shops…nepal government must not act strongly against JTMM??…the law must act against everyone who disregard and hurt innocent civilians, now matter who they may be. How blind and ignorant can people be…’Raj’ u should understand that not all Terai ppl are slaves to people from hills…and if u really look into it terai ppl have their own as slaves as well…the seperating of state has nothing to do with such cases…Every individual or group has the freedom and choice to serve someone or not…and at this age and time this is true in a greater sense…infrastructure, job opportunities and education is the answer to your problems…its not ‘seperating states’…by that u’ll only be wasting time, effort and money into a new drama which will prove nothing useful in the end…

    Whats wrong with people….rebellion is for a cause…not a fashion statement or a tool of exploitation…and violence is the worst form of rebellion(used by ones who are dimwitted and ignorant).

  7. Shaman Avatar

    Nepal has 100 different ethnic communities.

    Why not divide the land among these 100 groups and give them independence instead of autonomy? After all, thats what all want.

    This blog has lots of commentators who believe that all the problems started because King Prithivi “united” Nepal. It will be better if we divide the land and put it back to where it was before King Prithivi came.

    I had read earlier that all problems will be solved once SPA + M comes to power and declares new Interim Constitution. Though Interim Constitution is declared today, looks like problems has multiplied manifold.

  8. Deva Avatar

    United we stand. Divided we fall.

    But divided we will now be. What King Prithivi Narayan did nearly 300 years ago was apprantly a mistake in our history. Let history now rectify it.

    United Nepal was created with the four pillars of our society – the King, the Army, the Bhardars, and the people. The king has now been cast into the dustbin of Nepalese history, the Army has now been ridiculed, maligined, and brought to it’s senses, and the new Bhardars i.e. the political leaders, are now intoxicated with the new-found-powers, but, where do the people stand? The Terai for the “Madhesis”, the Limbuans, the Magrat, the “Nepa” region, the Gurungland, the “Tharuland”, and the God-knows-what-land will now all exert their pressurers on the fragmentation process of Nepal. This all brings us to an interesting thought, what about the much maligned “Bahuns” and the class which enjoyed power over the past centuries, the “Chettris”? Where do do they belong or look to? Yes, they were migrants from India many Centuries ago, do they now turn to India for help? Will India now accept them as people of “Indian origin”? Where are the Chinese friends? They were very quick to support the Burmese military government, have we lost their friendship? The Chinese have never supported the Nepalese over the centuries, just study history with this in mind and you will then understand where we really belong.


  9. bhabishya Avatar

    terai ka manish haru ka babu nepali ra ama bharatiya sabai lai tha ana ia cha ki babu bhanda ama nai najik huncha tyasai le yini haru le hamro desh nepal lai bihar nai banau na aateka hun ..tara yini haru lai thaha chaina ki bharat ka pachi gaviye ka rajya haru ko bikas ko nikas khud bharat le nai gare ko cvhaina bhane yini haru ko ike bikas garchan .. sikkim lai bharat le ke nai bikas gareko cha ra ?…. eh jwala singh ta nepal ma bihari raaj lyaune koshis nagar !!!! khabardaar !!! euta sano mutu lai tukraune koshis nagar … ta kahako hos nepal ko ki bihar ko ….. talai ke bharatiya samrajya badi haru le paisa khuwako chaki kya ho … talai thaa cha tyahi bihari aayera nepal ma apaharan garchan nepali haru lai ra yini haru le nai nepali haru lai loot chan still . ta nepal lai bihar banau na cha hanchas …..

  10. sudeep Avatar

    i see the bhavishya of nepal that it will be going to empty
    madhesi will send pahadi to hills
    janajati will send bahuns and chettri to india(where they were alleged to come from)
    and when the remaining find that they too are not origins of nepal(as nepal is formed by continental mix of asia and india) they will also go to the respective place
    n no one will be in nepal

  11. Bijaya Avatar

    Sadhain hamilai dhoti bhaner hepis yo desh pahade ko matra ho ra? Kati CDO madhesi chan? Kati SP madhesi chan? Rastriya party ko central member kati madhise chan? Aaj adhikar khojda sampradayekta bhyo ? Dhikkar cha timro bichar prati…..

  12. moo Avatar

    36 subcastes? What 36 subcastes–we are all human beings here. On equal footing. The words caste and subcaste should be purged from our lexicon. After caste means hierarchy–and we all know how that concept plays out in the end. And how does China figure in this? Inane tangents being drawn left and right.

  13. NepArmy Avatar

    Only Violence is heard, all else falls on deaf ears of Prachanda and SPA politicians. We need violence to be heard and to make an impact. The Maoists are a perfect example of that. If you don’t want violence, then tell those in power to come to the table and talk immediately, or else don’t complain.

  14. Ravi rauniyar Avatar
    Ravi rauniyar

    It is very pitty for the leader like Prachanda that he put a tag that this terai movement has been carried out by royalists and hindus ..i wanna tell him that i am proud to b a hindu….Prachanda has bcome now over ambitious since his party join the government that he told that his army can also join the reggression to suppress the voice of terai…Maoists are one who invoked this violence and it doesn’t suit from a mouth of a Maoists that its not the good way to protest ..if peaceful way would have been the good way then why they joined the violence and made thousands of kids orphan and thousands of women widow…Mr. Prachanda forget his promises made to the people of terai during his power sharing game….i request him that now they have joined the politics so his cadres must not bhave anymore as a junglee so He need to give him more trainig, if this kind of act will continue then i doubt that they would have to bear a haevy loss in the CA polls….so its long way to go …..people can not risk their society and country under the dictatorship of Maoists…

  15. Arbinda Karna Avatar
    Arbinda Karna

    i wanna say all my frens and political activists that its not the movement of MJF but it is the movement of every general people of terai…MJF just raised the voices of people…if SPA and Maoists try to pin down the voice of movement then the situartion might jeopardise the condition of the country…so its the time for all the political parties to act quickly as per the demand raised by the people of terai, now the terai people must be given their full right to govern terai…people of terai now wants the freedom from Koiralabad and prachandapath…they have been marginalised and sidelined from the political main stream…but now they have realized that now they needs their chunk of rights, i wanna ask my frens and brothers from hilly region to see themselves the ground reality…how many people they see in the government civil services and army and police the representation of people from terai….its almost negligible so they must be given their basic rights so that their future can be secured…if not then the condition will be more Hafajaordous,and the people would be bound to carry the weapons again…..

  16. shabda Avatar

    well , interesting blogs .i read some . found it really interesting . and could not leave without jotting down some words .Mr prakash thapa wrote some thing abt madhesh and madheshi (thank god we gave them the land this jttm they are from india we did nto mind now they need to be delt.)It was replied by mr raj as(Here you go! The same ignorant response. Just wanted to correct you the fact that Madhesi were born in Nepal, perhaps, a long before you forefathers came to Nepal…I don’t know from where…….

    Yes, it is time that Madhesi people need to act. Its time out of slavery to these pahadis. Its time for the innate rights)and then there came the role of a pseudo intellictual Mr jesus . he wrote some very so called wise things that mr raj wanted to seperate the country . i dont think mr raj has anywhere quoted that he needs a seperate country . what happens to all the intellictuals from pahadi community when any one from madhesh demands for autonomy .and yes if the same thing continues in the same manner isnt it a wise decision to ask for a seperate country instead of being slaves .

  17. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Saturday, July 7, 2007

    Jaikrishna Goit, head of the underground Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-G), in conversation with Sankarshan Thakur.

    We cross the dusty border into India on a rickshaw at a location we are committed not to disclose. We are then led to a poky hotel, a stone’s throw from no-man’s-land where the leader of the main Madheshi insurgent group is holed up. The JTMM (Goit) strikes every other day somewhere in Madhesh and is high on the security’s hit list. You expect to see a raging warlord. Jaikrishna Goit is a bespectacled sexagenarian who wields history texts more often than he wields guns to justify his armed enterprise to liberate his land. The professorial revolutionary refused to be photographed but spoke at length on why he wants to secede from Nepal.


    Tehelka: Most Madheshi groups want autonomy and a stake in how Nepal is run. Why do you want liberation?

    Jaikrishna Goit: Because I am another country. The Tarai was annexed by Nepal’s Pahadi rulers and then parts of it were ceded to them by the British through treaties. By the Indo-Nepal agreement of 1950, all earlier treaties stood abrogated. This is not merely in the treaty, but also a part of un documents. The Tarai should have become free then. Am I to blame if my forefathers were not vigilant or smart enough to claim back their land? Even India cannot argue against me. India signed the 1950 treaty with Nepal and it clearly states all previous treaties stand scrapped. It is simple, we are free, we should be free.

    You think it’s so simple? Do you think a new country on these borders can become a reality? Will anyone accept that in this changed world?

    Many countries are getting liberated, that is the changed world. And I am not seeking anyone’s acceptance, I want my country, whether anybody agrees or not. I know what you are talking about — whether Nepal will be ready, whether India will want it. The fact is I am neither Nepali nor Indian nor of Indian origin. History proves that, I have texts to establish that. I want people in Kathmandu also to make themselves aware of their real past. The people of the Tarai are a separate people, they should have their country. I may not be able to achieve that in my lifetime but that is not the point. The aspiration for liberation is there and the coming generations will get it. I belong to the Tarai, I know the only thing people want is freedom.

    But you were long part of Nepali politics, you were first a communist, then you turned a Maoist, why this sudden thrust for liberation?

    Because I am the most exploited and colonised person in Nepal, because I have no way of correcting that other than being completely free to determine my circumstances. Those who are negotiating autonomy are collaborators, they will never get that from the Pahadis, they will only get tokenism. That is not what we want.

    How do you justify this daily bloodshed?

    Even Gandhi said it is better to be violent than to be a coward. The enemies of my country have to be eliminated, there is no other way. Ram fought and killed Ravan. Krishna fought the Kauravas. Nepalis do not treat us as human beings. There is no other way of dealing with them.

    Can you fight the Nepali state with arms?

    Why not? Most of Nepal’s great struggles have been fought in the Tarai by the people of the Tarai. We know how to fight. The myth of Gorkha bravery is just a myth; whatever they know about battle, we taught them. Read history carefully and you will know. And we are not killing innocents, we target people.

    Many of them are Tarai people, many of them are from other Madheshi groups. Some people say your struggle has degenerated into petty crime and reprisal.

    The enemies of liberation have to be eliminated, no matter who they are. And those who call us criminals merely want to defame us. Do I look like a criminal to you? Don’t you see I have been pushed into a corner where I have no choice but to pick up the gun? Nobody calls the Maoists and the Young Communist League criminals. They are in government and continue to kill and commit all sorts of other crimes everyday.

    Don’t you think the new Constituent Assembly might fulfil the aspirations of the Tarai people?

    It will only renew the slavery of my people. Nepal has no right to conduct an election here and talk about a Constituent Assembly. We do not belong to them.

    So there is no possibility you will talk?

    No, I can. If they create the right atmosphere, I can go and tell them: pass legislation in parliament for an independent Tarai and we will live happily thereafter. That is all I have to say to those in Kathmandu. At the moment, there is no such atmosphere. The State and the Maoists are after us, we are running for our lives most of the time.

    Do you have the strength to fight a sustained battle?

    I am not saying I will achieve liberation tomorrow. We are in a movement, we are building cadres, opinion is turning towards us. An autonomous Tarai is a halfway house and you will not even get that. The only way is a complete break.

    Is India protecting you?

    I do not want to make any comment on that. All I can say is I am a freedom fighter and a guerrilla. And, legally speaking, India has to support the case that the Tarai was never a part of Nepal, it had only been annexed or gifted by imperial powers. That injustice has to be undone.

  18. bhotey ko chora Avatar
    bhotey ko chora

    i am himali putra and i am fully supportive with madeshis.yes even this happening with himalayan people.i dont see any himalayan people in good position.there will be oneday i can gather lot of bhoties and fight back with this pahadis and specially with bahun chhetris.there should be equal right in any matter.for this i hope himali and terai should be unified to fight back against pahadi which is leading by maoist leader bahunist chhetis like prachanda and babu ram battaaataa. jai himalayan yeti forum jai jai

  19. sumit yadav Avatar
    sumit yadav

    jai madhesh jai nepal long live revolution long live madhesi first of all happy new year according to english calender though it falls in april but i know our happy new year will come after libration after we are free so long live jai goit and never give up we are all with u jai madhesh

  20. HAWA Avatar

    All are corrupts here regardless of Madhesi or Pahadi

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