Moriarty's Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal's Peace Process?

American ambassador is visiting Nepali Army’s sensitive barracks one after another as if he is the defense minister. By Sudheer Sharma [Excerpt of an article in Nepali by the former editor of Nepal Magazine in Friday edition of Kantipur daily. Translated by UWB for the benefit of those who somehow know how to give lectureContinue reading “Moriarty's Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal's Peace Process?”

Nepal Peace Process and DDR Buzz : Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Maoist Guerillas

By Dinesh Wagle (back in Kathmandu) Wagle’s Web Log So the best thing about the month of August was the joint letter by the government and the Maoists to the United Nations on the contentious issue of, in the very much vague terms, Arms Management. Arms Management! The term has got so much attention andContinue reading “Nepal Peace Process and DDR Buzz : Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Maoist Guerillas”

United Nations Role in Nepal Peace Process

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal “One doesn’t reach an agreement talking publicly or via media but in private and listening to each other.” “First we will provide advice on how do you write a ceasefire agreement.” Matthew Kahane the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal At a time when the countryContinue reading “United Nations Role in Nepal Peace Process”

In a Golf Resort, Nepal Plays Peace Balls

Everyone is happy but not without anxieties and fear of breakup So they are not playing golf, it’s almost confirmed. But what exactly they are doing or talking about is everyone’s guess. What we know for sure is that six people with a group of their assistants are somewhere inside Kathmandu’s Gokarna Golf Resort talkingContinue reading “In a Golf Resort, Nepal Plays Peace Balls”

A Maoist Leader Talks About Peace Talks

By Gunaraj Luitel and Ujir Magar [UWB: Kantipur News Editor Gunaraj Luitel and reporter Ujir Magar conducted an interview with Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara who also heads the talks team set up by the rebel party. Mahara arrived in the capital this week “to make the environment favourable for talks with the government”. ThisContinue reading “A Maoist Leader Talks About Peace Talks”