Nepal: A Day After Agreement & Maoist Army Activities

Images of celebrations and other activities from different parts of Nepal. UWB Photo Blog Six-year-old Suraksha Lamichhane of Nijgadh, Bara smiles Wednesday (Nov 22) in her house. Her father and mother were killed during a security operation against Maoists at Bhimal of Makawanpur four years ago. Pic by Updendra Lamichhane

Nepal Celebrates End of Maoist Insurgency

>>Gyanendra on Agreement: Kantipur FM is reporting at the end of it’s 18:30 hours bulletin that Gyanendra Shah, the king who dismissed democracy, imposed autocracy in Feb 1, 2005 and intensified war against Maoists after the takeover, has welcomed yesterday’s historic comprehensive peace agreement between the government of Nepal and CPN Maoist. As per theContinue reading “Nepal Celebrates End of Maoist Insurgency”

In Nepal, A Historic Agreement Is Signed By Maoist and Ruling Alliance

For the record: This is probably the best year in centuries for our country Nepal where we are seeing series of ground breaking decisions and agreements that will have long lasting impact on the future of Nepalis. After the historic success of the April uprising that upheld our political rights and civil liberties, today weContinue reading “In Nepal, A Historic Agreement Is Signed By Maoist and Ruling Alliance”

Nepal Peace Process: Attending Maoist Press Meet in Kathmandu

Many Hands Of Comrade Prachanda: Though they didn’t speak in the press conference, three deputy commanders of the Maoist People Liberation Army (PLA) were the attraction. Clockwise from left: Baldev (Chandra Khanal), Passang (Nanda Kishor Pun) and Prabhakar (Janardhan Sharma). Pic by Shailendra Kharel Prachanda will explain his party’s policy and programs on Friday whenContinue reading “Nepal Peace Process: Attending Maoist Press Meet in Kathmandu”

Bargaining Chips On The Upcoming Nepal Peace Summit

The issue of monarchy will be the most crucial in this week’s peace summit. Referendum will be the wisest choice By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York Whatever political agendas are there on the table of the Peace Summit for SPA and Maoists to negotiate, it is obvious that the gridlock has been entangled onContinue reading “Bargaining Chips On The Upcoming Nepal Peace Summit”

Reason For Rejecting The Front Proposal

An article by Kantipur editor Narayan Wagle that talks about why Nepali Congress, mainly its leader and Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, has rejected the proposal for a Front to promote pro-republican issues in Nepal. Title: ???????? ???????? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ????????????? ???????????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ? ???????? ??????? ???? ???, ?????? ???? ??????Continue reading “Reason For Rejecting The Front Proposal”

Moriarty's Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal's Peace Process?

American ambassador is visiting Nepali Army’s sensitive barracks one after another as if he is the defense minister. By Sudheer Sharma [Excerpt of an article in Nepali by the former editor of Nepal Magazine in Friday edition of Kantipur daily. Translated by UWB for the benefit of those who somehow know how to give lectureContinue reading “Moriarty's Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal's Peace Process?”