Nepal Celebrates End of Maoist Insurgency

>>Gyanendra on Agreement: Kantipur FM is reporting at the end of it’s 18:30 hours bulletin that Gyanendra Shah, the king who dismissed democracy, imposed autocracy in Feb 1, 2005 and intensified war against Maoists after the takeover, has welcomed yesterday’s historic comprehensive peace agreement between the government of Nepal and CPN Maoist. As per the agreement, Gyanendra’s properties that he inherited along with the crown in 2001 will be nationalized, he will have no role whatsoever in the state of affairs in Nepal and the fate of monarchy will be decided by the simple majority of the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly. According to the statement issued by Shah’s office in Narayanhitti, he has “expressed his happiness” over the agreement. Shah has basically confied himself within the high walls of Narayanhitti since the third week of April when he was nearly overthrown by the popular uprising.

>>Today is the day of celebrations! The government of Nepal declared today public holiday and the Home Minister requested all citizens to do dipawali in their homes. All government offices are reported to be doing dipawali this evening. People on the street are in jubilant mood.

Images of celebrations and the Comprehensive Peace Accord signing ceremony (Tuesday, November 21, 2006). UWB Photo blog

celebrating peace

Celebrating Peace: Students lit candles in a ceremony Wednesday (Nov 22) organized to celebrate the Peace Accord in RR campus (Kathmandu) Pic by Sailendra Kharel via eKantipur

Nepal celebrates end of maoist peoples' war

In Biratnagar. Pics by Bhim Ghimire via Kantipur

Nepal celebrates end of maoist peoples' war


nepal celebrates end of Maoist insurgency

He…he.. Good News! A man in Tulsipur (Dang) listens to the live radio broadcast about the peace agreement signign event. Pic by Sudarsan Rijal via Kantipur

peace agreement nepal

Peace At Last: Prime Minister Girja Prasad Koirala Koirala and CPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda shake hands and exchange the papers after they put their signatures in the Comprehensive Pace Accord. Pics by eKantpur

nepal peace process

Koirala and Prachanda put their signatures at the copies of Comprehensive Peace Accord. Pic via eKantipur

Nepal ends Maoist war and signs peace agreement

US ambassador James F Moriarty and Indian envoy Shiv Shankar Mukharjee in the signing in ceremony

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63 responses to “Nepal Celebrates End of Maoist Insurgency”

  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    To continue…
    You are essentially arguing it’s okay for an organization like Hamas or Al-Queada to exsit. Even though their argument may have some legitimacy their methods and ways are totally unacceptable! The end does not justify the means.

  2. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-your post #50 explains what I have said about your posts of late. You sound as if it wasn’t for the Maoists, Nepal would have been a paradise. So every other actor is this drama were angels and only the Maoists were the demons? I know you don’t mean that but that’s what your posts are increasingly sounding like.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai-No, I am not justifying Hamas (Al-Qaeda are just violence-addicts that’s all)but when the Israelis treat the Palestinians like that is it not natural for a ‘Hamas’ to emerge? Cause and effect?

  4. noname Avatar

    Kalpana makes no sense.

    ShantiKumar, although you are making valid points but here are Blind Bhedas and they can’t differentiate between right and wrong. Go to more logical blogs of SaveNepal, OhNepal, Blogdai and others and there you will get some analysis. At places like they write nonsense and then discuss over it.

  5. noname Avatar

    I meant that Kalpana post #38.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    No I am not saying that before the Maoist emerged Nepal was a paradise. But it wasn’t a complete law less hell hole either. Look we had problems but like I have mentioned countless times some progess was being made – on many different fronts. Development takes alot of time. We were just begining to just used to democracy. The Maoists have only pushed Nepal’s rural development back by decades. They have ruined the psychological state of many young people who have grown up with this violence, they have displaced thousands etc. It doesn’t matter that they had a legtimate cause to begin… besides I have my own doubts about how much of this was a true ideological struggle to help the people – but that’s another story.

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    If you want Kirat take a look at Nepal HDI from 1990 – 1996. Then look at the HDI from 1996 till now. Tell me what you see…

  8. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai, I agree with your posts #56, #57. But you are like bad doctor treating the symptoms rather than the root problem. Try and scratch the surface.

  9. raj Avatar


    Bhudai is a well-informed, well-educated and wise but he is so biased against Maoists and other political parties in Nepal, like American neocons who find no fault in Israel and stand for Israel and against Muslims at any cost, that you can hardly convince him against his bias. But you can try as I do.

    Bhudai Pandit

    Well, you may have reasons, what common people have not seen so far, not to believe the Maoists as I have some my own but what course of action you suggest to solve this anarchy existing in this country if you don’t believe your counterparts as SPA is doing? What do you mean by ‘quantifyable results’? Annihilation of Maoists or Maoism? Or return a decage ago situation? Revenge for 14000 deaths by one or other side? Or some thing else? Faith, mutual confidence building and raproachment are the course SPA following and Maoists are susceptible to it till now. Just one signing ceremony does not bring peace instantly. The peace treaty, as the peace itself, has to go through many a phases.If Maoists sulk and choose other path, that day will be seen that very way.

  10. sujit mainali Avatar
    sujit mainali

    prime minister mr Girija pd koirala must get novel proce on peace………lets appeled from today for it

  11. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai a neo-con? I would never have thought that! Yeah he is definitely an intelligent guy and there is a bias in his postings creeping in. But I wouldn’t go that far in comparing him to a Dick Cheney/Rumsfeld!

  12. Kirat Avatar

    UWB moderated because of the US VPs first name? That wordpress thing is a joke!

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am not a neo-con. I have no problems with the political parties. As I have said they suck but that’s all we have. The SPA is the only middleground in Nepal! I have always said this so I don’t understand why you are saying I have a problem with the parties. I don’t like them but beggers can’t be choosers so we have no other choice but to accept them.
    You should concentrate your debating skills on someone like noname. This guy is like an avatar of Tulsi Giri… instead you are calling me a neocon.
    What I mean my quantifyable results what I am trying to say is that the only way to determine if the peace process has made any difference is to see if the lives of the rural nepalis are better. Most of our people live in the rural areas and they are the ones who must come out better off from this peace accord. That’s what I am trying to say.

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