Bargaining Chips On The Upcoming Nepal Peace Summit

The issue of monarchy will be the most crucial in this week’s peace summit. Referendum will be the wisest choice

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York

Whatever political agendas are there on the table of the Peace Summit for SPA and Maoists to negotiate, it is obvious that the gridlock has been entangled on one fundamental issue– establishment of the republic nation and the abolition of the prospect of the ceremonial monarchy. Before we make this choice decisive we must also contemplate on the legacy of two hundred fifty years old institution of the monarchy – not from the communist point of view, but honestly from the basic human rights protection and questions of the civil liberty.

We must also authentically see the reality of the twenty first century’s practice of democracy that aims to guarantee the civil liberty and complies with the protections of the basic human rights of civic society by the rule of law. The history of the institution of the monarchy has been regressive to these developments for Nepal and Nepali people. These conclusions are based on historical facts, but not on the arbitrary criticism predisposed with certain political ideology, personal or ethnic revulsion.

People of Nepal cannot forget and forgive the chain of the historical events that brought the current king impenetrably to the crown for assuming absolute power by abolishing the popularly elected Parliament. That is why people of Nepal took part in the people’s movement II in million to topple the absolute monarchy with great expectation for the complete democracy. That is how seeds of republican thought sowed in the mind of the people of Nepal. Now it is sprouting rapidly, which can hardly be stopped from growing by bringing the unwanted draught of the ceremonial monarchy.

If we honestly respect the mandate of the people’s movement II for the ‘Complete Democracy’, then the democracy functions basically with the vote of the majority. But it can never work right in anyway with the arbitrary decisions of a political party, and with the traditional will power of an individual or a group of people. Therefore, referendum on the institution of the monarchy would definitely be more democratic electoral process than an arbitrary decision made by political parties against or for ‘Republic Democracy’ or ‘Democracy with ceremonial monarchy.’

Referendum on the monarchy will be the wisest choice of the people of Nepal to establish a real-time power of their sovereignty over any arbitrary proclamation made by the traditional and political power of an individual and a political party. This will go well along with the elections of the constituent assembly.

An option to decide the fate of the monarchy by the members of constituent assembly after the constituent assembly’s elections has chance for another political gridlock that might unnecessarily obstruct the political process for the Democracy in Nepal for a long period.

Fundamentally, what we desperately need in Nepal at this point and time the peace – stability and security; and Democracy – a working political system that can guarantee civil liberty, social justice, equal economic opportunity and protections of the basic human rights of the people of Nepal. If we succeed in our endeavor then economic development and prosperity is inevitable.

Then, why cannot we sacrifice our political preferences by playing with our bargaining chips wisely on the peace summit table? It is politically clear from the people’s movement II that SPA have fought for the people’s sovereignty to institutionalize a competitive electoral Democracy. With their honest intention they made twelve-point agreement with the rebel – the Maoist party leaderships so that the rebels will voluntarily participate in the electoral Democracy.

It is clear to the nation and the international community that rebels want Republic Nation. Perhaps they cannot compromise with this for ceremonial monarchy. Similarly, the sentiment of the majority of people of Nepal is now for Republic State and eventually that will be the goal of the future generation.

The scum of feudal oligarchic law experts, political leaders and their cadres might still find hard to accept that the 1990’s constitution has been pilled off with thorough democratic amendments by the reinstate Parliament to establish the nation’s sovereignty on the people of Nepal. This is the political reality that the institution of monarchy has now become nothing but ceremonial monarchy.

It has been demonstrated historically that the wish of the king to be the absolute monarchy of the nation has been shattered. Therefore, the king and his scum advisers, strategists, legal experts and supporters must sacrifice their pigheaded desire for power for the peace of the nation. The monarchy will be better off now if it can sacrifice even its ceremonial position for giving clear way to the formation of a ‘Peaceful Democratic Nepal’. This will instigate the new legacy of the dynasty of this monarchy for accepting to become bona fide citizen of Nepal for the cause of the nation.

Why don’t SPA leaderships then try to bargain the ceremonial monarchy with the disarmament of the rebel? If the Maoist leaderships are willing to disarm by merging their militiamen with certain employment logistics to Nepal army and armed police force, then SPA leaderships should attempt to bargain with the ceremonial monarchy by putting it on the referendum together with the national constituent assembly elections.

Obviously the elections of the constituent assembly won’t be transparent as long as the Maoists militias are not disarmed. Even the Maoists militias with their arms are confined to cantonments under the United Nations supervisions there will be no guarantee that they will stop their political influence willfully on the people.

A political party that possesses arms and ammunitions cannot participate in a political process such as the general elections or the elections of the constituent assembly. This is the International Democratic norm. Therefore the international communities insist that Maoists must be disarmed in order for them to participate in the constituent assembly elections.

Therefore, this is a politically ethical responsibility of the Maoists that if they are really committed to take part in the competitive electoral democratic mainstream politics then they should think twice to take part in the elections of the constituent assembly elections with the arms and ammunitions in their possession.

For their better political positioning in the mainstream electoral democratic practice they must make sure they are disarmed, meaning they are militarily detached from any arm police or from their militias.

The best option is to merge them in Nepal army and armed police force though the Maoist militias are of more political arm force than professional arm force that can implement security impartially.

Similarly, Nepal army and armed police force’s reputations were contaminated with the outright human rights violations during the royal regime. I think the government army and armed police force, and the Maoist militias (even merged in one national force) should be confined to the military barracks under the supervisions of the United Nations during constituent assembly elections.

Since both arm forces – government’s and the Maoists’ are politically biased. They should be kept in the barracks and cantonments. I hope both SPA and the Maoists leaderships should make no mistakes in negotiations for arm management by only keeping the arms and ammunitions in the barracks and cantonments without military men and militias. Both government army men and the Maoists militias must be kept in the barracks and cantonments under the supervisions of the United Nations during constituent assembly elections.

Questions of restructuring of the nation, especially restructuring the Nepal Army, come after the successful accomplishment of the constituent assembly elections. As per the mandate of the people’s movement II for complete democracy the only political system that can restructure the nation are the institutions of the electoral democracy that comply on the basic norms and principles of the ‘Electoral Democracy’ – the democracy that guarantees ‘Civil Liberty’ and protections of the basic ‘Human Rights.’

The totalitarian and the arbitrary feudal oligarchic systems in the name of the democracy cannot restructure the nation at this point and time with the mandate of the people’s movement II. To try to take unnecessary political advantage of the people’s movement II will be dishonor to the people of Nepal.


It is time for terminations of feudal oligarchic and totalitarian mindsets, which have dreamed to rule the people with the arbitrary rule of law at their will. It is time for these primitive forces to transform in to the practice of rule of law that have implemented with the electoral legislative procedures by the representatives of the people of Nepal.

It will be shame on to the SPA leaderships if they cannot negotiate with the Maoists by disarming them for successful constituent assembly elections that can pave the way for ‘peace’ – stability and security, and ‘democracy’ a system of competitive electoral democracy that can guarantee the ‘Civil Liberty’ and protect the basic ‘Human Rights’ of people of Nepal.

Our civil liberty has been pounded for two hundred and fifty years by the ruthless feudal oligarchic dictators. Our basic human rights have been crushed and shattered for last twelve years of political conflicts lodged by the totalitarian ideology. Our human consciousness can hardly penetrate the atrocities – torture and death inflicted by the state and the rebels.

If these party leaderships in both SPA and the Maoists do really respect the people’s aspiration for the nation’s cause then they must sacrifice their political preferences to please their party ideology and sentiments of party cadres.

If they have to sacrifice the ceremonial monarchy for the sake of peace, happiness and prosperity of the people of Nepal, then they should consider to disarm the Maoist militias; if the majority in peace summit vote for the ‘republic’ that can rationally help to disarm the Maoist militias, then they should not back-up with their stubborn political ideology to please their party cadres.

I even say if the monarchy can contribute by sacrificing his ceremonial position to bring ‘Peaceful Democratic Nepal’, then it should show its compassion with no pause for the cause of the nation.

The question is – ‘Are there such leaders with such political vision for the nation at this national crises, who see that they are the cause for this national suffering and see the urgency to sacrifice their predisposed positions to give way to peace and prosperity of people of Nepal?’

Let us hope for the best and see what the SPA and the Maoist leaderships bring forth on the up-coming peace summit. If they can bring about the change with their negotiations for the people of Nepal then we must adore them all.


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  1. C Samal Avatar
    C Samal

    Bargaining Chips On The Upcoming Nepal Peace Summit

    First, the article begins on the premise of total lie. For sure, King did not abolish the elected parliament. It was done so by the elected government of Deuba.

    How come Maoists who practiced abduction, murder, rape, robbery, terrorism as party policy under the authorization of its leaders can be allowed to govern the people. Maoists must face justice no matter if it take 100 years.

    In Nepal, civil societies which pretend to work for human rights and civil liberty are mostly the agents of Maoists or other communist group. There is no human rights, civil liberty or democracy in any of the communist regimes in the world. Communism is communism. It can not be equated with democracy.

  2. Preeti Avatar

    No. The monarchy is the not most important issue. The issue of Maoist arms is the most important issue because without this issue being resolved, nothing will happen right. During the CA elections the Maoists will threaten the voters. And we will become another pariah state. Without the arms, look at what is happenning. They are being stabbed and bullied and killed by locals everywhere. It just shows how frustrated the people are with the Maoist violence.

  3. harkee dai Avatar
    harkee dai

    Currently, around two dozen rebels led by Maoist “Commander Sandesh” are staying in the building. The rebel cadres stated that they would be using the NTV premises for a couple of days while the national convention of pro-Maoist health workers continues at Kohalpur.

    “They informed me that they were going to use the building for three days starting Tuesday,” said Bijay Verma, regional chief of NTV.

    The rebels defied Verma when he urged them not to use the government building. “We have captured all the government offices in Kohalpur,” Verma quoted Maoist Banke district In-charge “Athak” as saying. “It is pointless to prohibit us from using an empty building when we are about to capture the whole country.”

    the last line is interesting..
    and whoa..they are gona CAPTURE the whole country…
    kirat .. and wagle .. are u listening ?

  4. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Kirat and wagle not listening. I am listening.I totally agree with C Samal. These communists are communists and they can not be compared with democrats. I ask girija till when are going to allow the killers Maoists to continue abduction, rape, killings of the poor people ? If another round of Summit fails, what you will do ? In the name of talks, how long people have to suffer ?

    I think if they do not agree to lay down the arms completely in return for their participation in the Interim Government, the Government should announce that the Maoists did not agree even to have the CA elections without laying down the arms, so it is declaring them the terrorists and Katuwal should deploy the army to pursue them in collaboration with Indian, Chinese, American and British Forces under the umbrella of multinational forces. By doing this, at least 13 States of India which are affected by the Maoists attacks can also be taken in control and stability and lasting peace in the entire region can prevail.It will be in the interest of all including who want totake advantage of boom in the Indian and Chinese economy, including these countries themselves.If not, this cancer can eat them all or it will give a wound of a life time or generations.

    Otherwise, whole region of South Asia might fall under the grip of Red Army, which is not the original, but a fake red army.

  5. Bideshi Avatar

    Professor Lall, do you really imagine that China, India, Britain and the U.S. will collaborate on ending the Maoist problem? We are on our own. Honestly. India will assist on border issues because our problem is also their problem. But it is our Nepal Army that will ultimately have the burden of illiminating the “Maoist” dacoit gangs from Nepal.

  6. Bideshi Avatar

    “illiminating” Make that “eliminating”. I have been in Nepal so long that my English is fading. Ke garne?

  7. Dehru Avatar

    If take the attitude of the Royalists, of opposing the Communists, as just enemies, then we will only have war. The Fact is the Royals are absolutely against democracy, and always have been, The entire tone of their attitude, is psychopathicly arrogant. They just hate the politicians, and hate democracy, this means they oppose the vgiews of the Nepali people. Why can’t we have an elected head of state, who will be able to stand for all the people. Not a king who just stands for patronising, the population, and hating anybody who dissagrees with him.

  8. Dehru Avatar

    The king is war,

  9. Dehru Avatar

    The Republic is peace

  10. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    SPA government needs to mobilize NA to round up Maoist Gundas to bring PEACE in Nepal.

  11. raj Avatar

    Do not go far. The Thai king egged on the army to grab the power. If a king was in USA and George Bush was state executive, the king would have sacked George Bush more than thrirteen times in poor George’s one tenure. (Moriarty and Girija too should have thought over that before they try to give space to monarchy.) As they think themselves above the people,no king or monarch can be democrat. As monarchs are not common citizens, equality is beyond their vocabulary. Ceremonial monarch too is like old vulture waiting for a lion to leave its carcass.There are kings in some developed countries but they are exceptions and infant decocries should not go for exceptions.

    Though some communists are new converts of democracy, they are not so ideologically. Even less so are Maoists. They should be disarmed, if they are ready to convert themselves to democrats but as they want to establish themselves as a main stream party, they may have a benefit of doubt. They are not within four walls of fortlike palace and have to go for people’s verdict in general. They will be exposed to people, if they fell in democratic norms.

  12. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Thai situation of grabbing power and our situation is entirely different. Why ? Thai King is not like our King who is anti-people and greedy upto the neck.Thai King’s approval for Military takeover can be justified
    because Thaksin already had the money to buy whole of Thailand through corruption because he was a businessman and was using his position to further corruption and promote his business.Beware!!Democracy in the country where majority of people are illiterate or half educated can be like “coconuts in the hands of Monkies” like in Nepal for 12 years.

  13. noname Avatar

    Hello Friends,

    Will the terrorists be killed? Will the corrupt politicians be punished? I don’t know what is happening in Nepal. I want to see peace and prosperity.

    Jaya Nepal!

  14. raj Avatar

    Prof.Pyare Lall

    Kings, monarchs are not representative of the people in a democratic system. Do you agree with that? Thaksin Sinabatra(Thailand) may be corrupt and so be Berlesconi(Italian ex-pm) or US vice-president Dick Cheney(gets million of dollars from companies after managed suplly quota to Irag to his ex-employer) or even president Bush. Very few leaders are not charged of courruption when they are in power but people, and only people, have the right to dislodge them from power. How un-corrupt are those Thai generals, who dislodged a democratically elected government on hehalf of the Thai king? As a butcher can not be merciful, a monarch can not be democrat. Democracy is a system of equality. Monarchy is not.

  15. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Problem is that if the democracy start decaying, there is no way for the people other than to wait for five years like a silent spectator.This is the biggest disadvantage of democracy.In Nepal,Girija was involved in so many corruption scandals like Lauda, Dhamija, Tanakpur etc. people had to be the silent spectator.And the Fourth state should be also strong and impartiel.We can not expect the politicians to be honest. Moralty is the main ingredients in democracy. But in a developing country, the system is weak and always there is a chance of cheating by the leaders. That is why democarcy in the country like ours is not successful. Even if the talks will be successful in Nepal, we Nepalese are not sure for corruption free society. I don’t know about Dick Cheny or Bush but I have not also said that Thai King is a democrat but he is far better than Gyanendra and is widely loved by Thai people.That is why there is nothing against him in the streets of Thailand.

    So the parliament or people of the constituency must have the power to recall their representatives.

  16. Anon Liberty Avatar

    Blogers or those who participate on this blog suppose to comment on or critique the editorial impartially to reach to a cetain reality without bais to the king or the Maoists.

    But majority seemed PRO-MONARCHY back-firing the Maoists. This is pretty odd! Or I say this is the way of Nepali traditonalists think over the matter (Nepali matto – it is shame).

    “Louro halera jeudi garne” Gorkhali para…. You wish to ignate the fight making trouble to your own fellowmen.

    This quetion is to those who wish to irradicate the Maoists “Are the Maoists Nepali citizen or the second citizen of the royalists?”

    Those who claim to be democrats must agree with the reality just Raj portrait. The question is “Would you like to include the Maoists in the Democracy or you think they are not qualified to be admited to the class of Democracy even they are willing to learn about it?

    To lable the Maoists totalitarian communist in the first place without giving second thought that they are in the first place are human beings and bona fide Nepali citizens IS NOT THE REFLECTION OF THE THOUGHT OF THE DEMOCRACT.

    Democracy is inclusive not fascism that eradicate those they don’t like it. Even the Maoists have had behaved like fascists Democrats cannot behave the same way.

    Thinking you’re democrats and want to fight back the Maoists to eradicate them from the scene then you’re true fascists.

    Example, Prof.Pyare Lall is a fascist on this threat.

    I just like to use the word “do not bullshit” on the blog claiming you are born Democrat.

    What I think what all of you are here on this thread are the sons and daughters who are born with the values and believes of family of the feudal oligarchic and mentally conditioned not better than the Maoists.

    If you have the chance you will screw all you can with your might. You are as stuborn as your current king with no power.

    Therefore, why can’t you speak loud for your king “we want our king back in power”.

    What I can tell you – “screw you”. Ok

    If you keep commenting like this on the blog then I can only use two word to reply you “bullshit” and “screw you”.

  17. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    anon liberty,
    You talk about liberty or freedom ? You are the desciples of Pol Pot. You need not talk about democracy. You know how to kill people in front of their family and you know how to abduct people and kill them. You can read daily news paper of Nepal.To day also there is a story of one Ram saran who was abducted about three years ago and even his deadbody has not been found. There are so many stories like this. You are killers, rapists and looters. It is a shame that you are taking the name of Mao.
    You Maoists must be chased. Nepalese people already chased the King.Now it is the turn of you killers. People are rising against you in the East and South Nepal.It is only because of guns people are affraid. If you call your self democrats , come without guns, then people you show you their power, you modern bastards !!!

  18. unveil Avatar

    “But majority seemed PRO-MONARCHY back-firing the Maoists. This is pretty odd! Or I say this is the way of Nepali traditonalists think over the matter (Nepali matto – it is shame”

    Prakash Bom alia Anon Liberty

    looks like for u all those who disagree with ur views are Pro-Monarchy, isn’t that “”Nepali traditonalists think”” in fact u too seem to be suffering from the same disease
    that u keep complaining about other bloggers or majority of bloggers in your own words.

    majority of bloggers dun come to here to bullshit they come here because they care for their nation.

  19. Sagarmatha Avatar

    Congress is going to split furhtermore. That will be another successful strategies of the maoist. Bam Dev clearly announced they can mixed up with any ideology in need. It may be not neccessarily total communism will exist but semi mightbe possible in future. The country might take step toward mixed-economy and mixed- democracy. The people will easily surrender toward it. Ethnic crisis might become great problem to be solved in future if democratic forces even win the race.

  20. Sagarmatha Avatar

    So talking about full democracy and full economic liberlization will be only dream in the futur. But how long might be the question?

    Maoist are definately some how force to control the education, health, land, even media, securities etc…

  21. Anon Liberty Avatar

    Prof. Pyare Lall and you unveil …. what the hell you want then?

    You also want to kill rest of the Maoists? Then why don’t you take the arms. Join pro-royalist miletia in Mahendranagar, they took the arms.

    Bullshit, it is shame on you ‘unveil’ to get into the personal matter. It is your none of the business who is what and where one lives.

    This is not the way you bullshit around on the blog.

    Take responsibility of your action before you try to take national responsibility.

    If you do not care and you have no shame then you go to the hell…..

  22. B Avatar

    What is this guy on “Anon Liberty”? This guy is a total whacko who believes that the maoists should be given a chance to be in the government even with their arms!

  23. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    What is democracy ? It should be for the economic development and raising the conditions of the poor. It is also good governance, transparency and accountability to the people. Can Maoists as the desciples of Pol Pot and Mao give this to the people ?

    I ask Anon liberty, what is your economic development agenda for Nepal ?

    I ask the Chinese government to come out with a Press Statement whether Chana is a communist country or capitalist country ? It has become an absolute necessity to tell the world. Otherwise, in the umbrella of Mao, so called Maoists in Nepal are deceiving people by killing, raping, abduction, torturing and extorting everyday in Nepal ? Is not it an atrocity carried out in an organized way on the poor nad simple people in the villages of Nepal. Whole world is watching your activities. You are real imposters. You people do not have any political philosophy but to kill, loot, rape and give trouble to the people in everyday life. Then how you can even call a political party ?

  24. ck Avatar

    I agree with Anon Liberty on one thing, I absolutely agree – yes the maoists are first class bonafide Nepalese ctizens. However, so are the rest of us and it would be wise for them to treat us as one as well. Democracy is a two way street, it does not mean tolerating parties or people who commit atrocities and infringe on others freedom for extended periods of time in the hope that they become democrats, as the party in question needs to reciprocrate and the time is well past ripe. We have not been seeing this in practice. This is why the suspicions are there regarding the maoists and their intentions re their totalitarian mind set.

  25. scoop Avatar

    The first lesson the maoists need to learn about democracies is that dissent within the party should be heard and answered to and not reacted to by getting rid of the people. If a leadership is challenged, then they should accept the challenge democratically and not take “class action” against the voices of dissent. The second lesson in a democracy is that they as a party should not force their will on people and other parties. The third lesson in a democracy is that people should not be killed, tortured, or beaten if they don’t listen to you no matter how unresonable the person may be.
    The first lesson applies to all our party leaders. The other two are specific for the maoists.

  26. pb Avatar

    Prakash Bom alias Anon liberty,

    Are you sure you wrote the article above? The style you write as Anon Liberty compared to the blogger Prakash Bom does not tally. For one thing your English is passable as Prakash Bom but is completely $crewed up as Anon Liberty. You do seem to show an interest to write, the least you could do is get your grammer to be understandable leave alone the spellings.

  27. pb Avatar

    Another item Bom alias Liberty,

    I think where one lives and “who is what” as you put it is crucial. Living in New York, talking about agra when gagra is happening to the people living here does make your place of residence and your political inclinations in exile crucial to your mind set, as when you write as a political contributor (not a blogger) to this blog the least one should do is provide clarity in where they come from as in what their political inclinations are and yes where they live as well, because I doubt you get maoists coming to take money from you in New York by force do you?

  28. unveil Avatar

    Prakash Bom Alias Anon Liberty

    if-need-be i will definately take up arms but the group u are asking me to join is not fighting for the country its fighting for the sake of the king and i see no difference between these butchers and those butchers who were fighting for prachanda and baburam. unlike you for me my country is more important and what i feel now is we shouldnot let any form of communism rule our country otherwise no d!!ck can save our country from being afganistan or iraq.

    and hey about the personal issue i know its not my businees but u know there is a saying


  29. raj Avatar

    Prof.Pyare Lall

    You blame the popular leaders to be corrupt. They may be. You can not wait for five years to dislodge them but you carried on the kings for two and half century. King Tribhuvan was nearly a pauper, not having money to pay the Zurich hospital bill. What his sons and grandsons did to amass colossal amount of land, money and other valuable properties here and abroad? Did it come like manna from the heaven? Who were blamed for the theft of antics, idols of this country in those Panchayat Raj days.(If you are too young to know that, go and ask you elders. They will tell you in detail.) Even a common man from a far remote village knows these facts and you title yourself ‘professor’ and talk like a goon.
    Who and when the kings will be dislodged from power, when they go corrupt? You will wait for their death? Would not you?

  30. raj Avatar


    ‘Kings are lords of feudal lords.’
    Accept this, if you are royalists. Monarchy is not democracy. It is useless to have a mask of democracy to a royalist.You prefer king to democratic leaders. You wait kings to dislodge them. We believe on paople’s right to dislodge them. That is the only difference between you and us.

  31. Prof Fire Avatar
    Prof Fire

    So far many of you on this thread do not agree with Anon Liberty’s premise following:

    “Blogers or those who participate on this blog suppose to comment on or critique the editorial impartially to reach to a cetain reality without bais to the king or the Maoists.”

    Rather you reading only those passage of the article or the response of Aon Loberty that fires your brain cells.

    You may all be true democrat or royalists or Maoists you need to read all the passages of the article before you back-fire.

    You like to lable people and confine them with it with reward or punishment.

    So why don’t read all the information that Anon Liberty has put together on this site then see what his ture stance on Democracy even though he tried to put it with his poor English.

    Those who claim to be the Pandits of English on this thread do not write that well too. I believe English is your second language even though you were brought up with good education by your privileged parents or with your own luck.

    If you all could get to the points than getting into the nurves of Anon Liberty with personal issues, I would appreciate.

    If not I am here as Professor Fire.

  32. Anon Liberty Avatar
    Anon Liberty

    Prof. Pyare Lall,

    By brainstorming:

    My economic agenda for Nepal are industrial development in the delta of Tarai from Mechi to Mahakali first with the infrastructures for transport and thorough irrigation to all agricultural lands.

    Then developments of industries based on agriculture product – such as semi and processed food products, mono-saturated oil non-hydrogenated and non-transacid fat, sugar product, milk product; furniture manufacturing; paper industries, textile industries, garment industries, carpet industries and so on.

    In river valleys and mountain valleys development of hydro-electricity, water bottling, horticulture developments to process juice, dry fruits etc. Products of all these industries are not targeted to the local markets only but more profoundly to the South Asian market and Middle Eastern markets.

    All in all, the most favorable economic agenda for Nepal to me is the development of the Human Resources – quality education to coming generations, skill development that can sell in the international markets.

    I personally recommend the development of security services for the international market. This has historical background for Nepal to begin with for the professional development in the security services. This means the skills security personnel develop through training and education in Nepal that can meet all the technological skills in every fields of the security in the global market.

    There is a big market for this skill in the Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and North America. This is the expertise of Nepal learned since the beginning of the Gorkha security services in British Empire.

    What you think of me now. I am a Democrat and advocate of Civil Liberty and human rights in the government not only of those who are born privileged but also of those who are deprived.

    You want me to write structured and grammatically correct English without colloquialism and slang? But I found non of your English is of that great to be called Pandits of English Language.

    You want to get to the point with serious dialogue, be honest with your thought, and make sure you read the passage thoroughly, not just picking up that point which it appeals your emotion.

    I wonder whether you can be free of petty little matters in any threat on this blog with clouds of pessimism in your brain cells.

    Honestly I do not find you different from those Maoists who think less to torture innocents. You’re in the same basket and you will be in the same basket unless your brain cells mutated itself all of a sudden finding your dream of pessimism groundless.

    Reality speaks for itself. What I am trying to do in my life to transform the petty little traditional mind with the insight that can embrace all with loving heart. It is not ideal only but democratic fact through legislatures based on the basic norms and principles of the Democracy all can be embraced in a community, nation and the world.

    The impediments are the mind that jump without a second thought with its own conditioning of fear to terminate the challenge. Human life and democracy do not work that way. It needs psycho-socio responsibilities on the part of human inhabitants on this earth.

    Fortunately all are born capable of this responsibility but unfortunately the human minds that cling to the past values of the dead obstruct the self-development to unfold the conditioning of the self-knowledge.

    I hope you understand what is Anon Liberty. My request is to you all read the passage thoroughly before you get your nerve to a specific point that appeals your emotion.

    All emotions on the social, religion and politics are based on the past experience and knowledge of yourself in the process of your up bringing.

    True emotions of a human are biological for survival fittest, physical security, care and love. Those are genuine and the society, the state and the community must provide logistics to support those emotions of all.

    You can achieve this in Democracy (to some extend) that guarantee the Civil Liberty with its constitution and amendments of the legislatures that violates the Civil Liberty with the government practice.

    Lets go ahead with thoughtful dialogues on this thread if you have the mind for it. If not you like to back-fire on petty little matter, you know already now how I can response.

    So behave……..and take it easy….

  33. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    I also don’t like this King. I wanted at that not to stop the Andolan II and let the people enter the palace.

    But the problem is that all Kings are not bad. Like the Queen Of UK, King of Spain and Emperor of Japan. What they have done against the people.They don’t have any executive power.They are respected by their people. If you claim to be the diehard anti-king and pro-democrat, I challenge you to take action on Pyar Jung and Katuwal. Why Koirala, your most revered leader is not doing anything against them and talking about ceremonial King.You seem to be a great democrat, why don’t you do something ?

  34. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    First line:…at that time
    Last sentence: …. and start the Jana Andolan III ?

  35. Lok raj Upadhyay Avatar
    Lok raj Upadhyay

    Monarchy is very dangerous for Democratic Nepal

  36. Sagarmatha Avatar

    Anon Liberty,

    Are you joking…even after Janaandolan-2 the vast open corruptions are going on…our industrialists are sick of happenings in Nepal…no single person is interestested to invest in industries so as to take unnecessary burdern in their head…illegal trades are continuing not in small quantities but truck by truck from India and China…how many list of products do you want to know that are illegally coming to Nepal…if you want list of products and way of comings…I can give you in details…government knows very well because it is not started today….

    so just set-up talking about New Nepal and developed Nepal in present scenario….just BAKABAS….

  37. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    I think your economic agenda is like the list of wishful thinking. If that can happen that would be great.Like sagarmatha said, is that possible ?

    In the advent of Maoists gaining power everywhere in the life of all Nepalese,I would like to urge Girija and his political company to be tough with Maoists in the negotiations. If not they are welcome to go to Jungles again. Then they will loose everything from the International communities. They have already murderous image in the Nepali population. If they have to save face, they must agree to the terms of the democratic parties. Why Girija is so lenient on Maoists, I don’t understand. Does he need to go that far to woo the Maoists ? Why SPA is saying OK to everything by the Maoists eventhough they are violating the code of conduct everyday ? Why SPA does not have any strength and courage to say to Maoists that they are violating the code of conduct ? Why they are “LOORE” in their politics ? I could not understand.
    There is another danger in the whole of South Asia if the Maoists come to power by the strenght of the guns in Nepal. It is a very bad precedence. Many Indian States may fall prey to such type of tactics by the Maoists to go to power without the democratic practice.This a double standard practiced by India on Nepal policy.

  38. diehard Avatar

    Communist slogan of People’s movement is supposed to mean by the people, is it? or the other way around. The equal and actual people’s representation is never accomplished in any form of system, be it democratic, autocratic, communist or Monarchial. So who actually rules and by how is the true argument and the crux. Is there any doubt that what maoist say is not true- like they have the people’s mandate! is there a way to justify or verify these calls, no.

    So people who are expert at nitpicking, and commenting with righteousness of ills and good of institutions and idealogy are really wasting their two cents here. The ground reality is quite different and we all know it. the bands of brothers who have assumed the role of dictating our destiny by any means possible are no different then ones who are partner in this charade. The bottomline is we can shout off the cliff but not a leaf gonna turn on its head.

    If we assigned to the fate of being dictated, coerced by foreign and local powers-that-be, and limited to shouting fest in this blogsite and in four walled rooms then accept the fate. For we are “intellegent Fools.”

  39. pb Avatar

    Prof Fire and Anon Liberty – same person???? They write with the same grammatical errors and style. If you wanted people to visit your site why not just say so instead of beating around the bush and wasting time.

  40. pb Avatar

    Prof. Fire,

    You write:

    “So far many of you on this thread do not agree with Anon Liberty’s premise following:

    “Blogers or those who participate on this blog suppose to comment on or critique the editorial impartially to reach to a cetain reality without bais to the king or the Maoists.”….”

    Well there are no such rules buddy, this is only a blog not a scientific journal.

    Plus you and anon liberty (the same I presume) are the mascots for getting fired up, so what are you complaining about?

  41. raj Avatar

    Prof.Pyare Lall,

    A distinguished person like you (if you are not a pseudo-professor), should have a capacity to differenciate between a puppet and a master. Pyar Jung, Katuwal are the puppets of the ruling system. They will do what the ruling fingers of their masters command them. Otherwise, (Shahi)Nepal Army could not have done excellent job under UN command. When they served under UN, they were beyond evil vigil of monarchy and its ill system. Monarchy always taught them to be ‘Shai Sena’, ‘Rajako Sena’ or ‘Raja ko nun khaeko sena’. If the country disbands monarchy and goes democrfatic way, Nepal Army, irrespective of the commander, will be a democratic armed force. There is no sense of protecting root cause and blaming auxiliary consequences. If you dismantle monarchy, its auxiliary consequences automatically will crumble down like a house of cards.

    You are wrong, professor! Neither Girija nor Prachand are my favourite leaders. Every leader who stands for democracy against autocracy is my favourate leader. You can be so if you stand for that cause. Though Girija has a long history of struggle for decocracy, he is losing grip over his cadres in this monarchy issue and he may be lonely and desolate not at very far future, if he goes on harping on his ‘ceremonial monarchy’. But he is too shrewd to know and feel that and his tone has changed very much within last few days. There will be no surprize, if he takes a U-turn very soon.

  42. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Then you have given me the easy answer for the Rayamajhi Commission. That means King is the major culprit and all others more than two hundred who were interrogated by the Commission should not be punished because they acted under the final resposibility of the King as the Chairman of Council of Ministers.

    On the one hand, the Commission can not charge the King, and the SPA govt. can not take action on the King. On the other, democrats like you blame the King and all others will be acquitted by the govt. So the general people who were killed and the more than 5000 injured during Jana Andolan II will not get any justice on that account.

    So why to make hue and cry against the King ? Then, I ask you to prepare for Jana Andolan III so that everybody can enter into the Royal Palace like in French revolution and during the people’s revolt in Manila against Marcos. Why not to do that with the help of Maoists ? Becuase, the leaders like Girija have failed us in attaining those objectives.What do you think ?

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