United Nations Role in Nepal Peace Process

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

“One doesn’t reach an agreement talking publicly or via media but in private and listening to each other.”

“First we will provide advice on how do you write a ceasefire agreement.”

Matthew Kahane the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal

At a time when the country is uneasily moving towards the peace process by trying to hold second phase of talks, Matthew Kahane, the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal, has said that the current ceasefire agreement (code of conduct) between the Nepal government and the Maoist party is too general and needs to include many specific provisions. “It doesn’t talk about the number of armies on both sides, who are commanding the armies, where are the soldiers kept, is their uniform identifiable or not, who are actually in the armies etc. These issues haven’t been mentioned.”

Matthew Kahane said that the agreement should be detailed in such an extent that it should talk about the numbers of guns, tagging those guns with numbers, keeping them inside an alarm enabled armor with as much as three keys- “two of them will be with the two sides and one will be with us”. “Preparing such an agreement takes time,” Kahane said. “Because it is a detailed process.” He also said that disarmament is different than that of arms monitoring. “That is a subsequent process which could be done in second phase.”

Kahane stated that two sides should agree on a joint commission where both are represented and that commission should jointly monitor the ceasefire agreement. He was addressing a group of journalists in a face-to-face program organized by Everest Media Club, Subidhanigar, Kathmandu.

Kahane also mentioned that different people were expressing different views regarding the possible UN involvement in the Nepalese peace process. Stating that verities of terminologies like disarmament, arms monitoring, decommissioning, demobilizing were being used in association with the UN’s role, Kahane stressed on the need to be specific regarding the same. “We should be accurate on words and details,” he said.

If both sides want UN involvement in the peace process, Kahane said, the world body would be very willing to provide assistance. “First we will provide advice on how do you write a ceasefire agreement,” he said. “Technical terms should be mentioned. We can’t just go monitor the arms. Which arms to monitor?”

Matthew Kahane also said that his office was waiting for the Nepal government’s official and written request for UN involvement. “We need the Nepal government’s letter as they are the member of the UN,” he said. “But we think that the government should write to us in such a way that the Maoists will also agree on that request.”

Lauding the 12-point agreement reached between the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists as a much more detailed as compared to those agreed upon previously, Kahane said that the talks should be held in private environment for effective outcomes. “One doesn’t reach an agreement talking publicly or via media but in private and listening to each other. Real talks have to be held in private and I believe the same has been happening in recent weeks. That is essential.”

Citing an example of how the American government treated individual soldiers who fought in the the Vietnam War after the war was over, Kahane said that any solution of the problem should make the fighters feel that their role in the war was right. “Everybody’s role should be understood and respected,” he said. Kahane also added that the issues of human rights violations shouldn’t be left untouched.

He also said that updating the voters’ list would be the biggest technical problem for Constituent Assembly election. “Many people have grown up since the list was updated last time and many haven’t got citizenship certificate. Several million such people will have to be added in the list.”

Kahane also said that the UN had nothing to do with Indian role in Nepali peace process. What if India doesn’t agree on UN involvement in Nepali peace process but UN feels its need to get involved? “Some countries consult with their neighbors and only a few go independently,” he said.


Army’s recruitment tests to go ahead

The Kathmandu Post

KATHMANDU, June 13 – The Nepali Army (NA) is going ahead with pre-scheduled tests for 100 officer level vacancies that are taking place at Chhaunni barracks on Tuesday. Applicants, who were notified on June 3 to present themselves at the barracks on Tuesday for the tests, have not been informed by the NA as of Monday about any changes in the schedule. The tests are taking place against the background of the code of conduct signed between the government and the rebels that bars both sides from further recruitment. Clause 3 of the code says, “…both sides will stop taking new recruits…”

Applicants are making final preparations for the tests. “There has been no notice about rescheduling or cancellation of the test,” said a source who is among some 2,000 applicants competing for 100 posts of second lieutenant. The army cancelled the tests for rank and file vacancies after the code of conduct was signed but continued with the recruitment process for officers. Interestingly, the recruitment process continues despite a written notice from the Defense Ministry to the NA to stop all recruitment. Defense Secretary Bishnu Dutta Uprety said that the ministry sent a notice to the NA asking it to stop recruitment. “We have asked the army in writing to stop recruitment,” Uprety said. (continue reading)

Govt drops TADO cases
Over 350 Maoist detainees to be freed

KATHMANDU, June 12 – The cabinet Sunday revoked all the cases filed against Maoist leaders and cadres, including those against Prachanda, under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Control and Punishment) Act/Ordinance in different courts, ahead of the impending second round of peace talks with Maoists.

Besides, the cabinet also decided to drop ongoing investigations into terrorism-related crimes involving the Maoist rank and file, if any.

Over 350 Maoists, including senior Maoist leaders Prachanda, Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai and most Maoist central leaders, are facing cases in different courts under the anti-terrorism law, known as TADA/TADO.

There are 43 cases filed under the anti-terrorism law, including those against Prachanda and Dr Bhattarai in Patan Appellate Court alone. The court allowed government attorneys to withdraw cases against the Maoist leadership today. Bhattarai was accused of murders, causing explosions and destruction of government properties in various places at different times. (continue reading)

Talks within three days

KATHMANDU, June 12 – Chief Maoist negotiator Krishna Bahadur Mahara on Monday informed that next round of talks will be held within three days and said that his party has agreed to demonstrate flexibility on the House dissolution issue, one of the major points of contention between the rebels and the government.

Speaking at Reporters Club Nepal in the capital, Mahara, who is also spokesperson of his party said, “If we are honest about resolving the problem, we should not be distracted by issues such as the House dissolution.”

“After taking into consideration the government’s roadmap and acknowledging the spirit of our party chairman, we have decided to be flexible and to focus on the main goal [constituent assembly],” Mahara said. “The government put its road map and we have taken it in a new spirit,” he added.

Mahara’s comments came a day after Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula met Maoist Supremo Prachanda in remote Siklesh Village in Kaski district, some 200 km west of Kathmandu.

“We should now move ahead positively to attain the goals of the people’s movement and give up our respective rigid stances.” Mahara quoted Prachanda as saying after his meeting with Home Minister Sitaula. Mahara had also flown to Kaski with Sitaula in a private helicopter. (continue reading)

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24 thoughts on “United Nations Role in Nepal Peace Process

  1. Who received how much from royal govt?
    Kantipur Report
    KATHMANDU, June 12 – It has been found that on Sunday the royal government distributed money to journalists and media organizations to get them write in its favour. Ministry of Information and Communications distributed the money to 99 journalists and media organizations were distributed government fund in the name of getting “dissemination of peace-related information” from their respective media.
    Meanwhile, Tirtha Koirala of Kantipur TV and Babita Basnet of Ghatana Ra Bichar Weekly have refuted that they did not receive the money from the royal government.
    The names of the journalists/media organizations who received money from the royal government are:
    1. Jasodha Pradhan (National Federation of Nepalese Journalists) Rs. 126,000
    2. Jasodha Pradhan (National Federation of Nepalese Journalists) Rs 495,000
    3. Nirodh Raj Pandey(national Federation of Nepalese Journalists)Rs 1,000,000
    4. Hari Sharan Lamichhane (Nepal Cable TV Association) Rs 200,000
    5. Yagya Dhakal (National Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Kathmandu) Rs 20,000
    6. Rishi Dhamala (Reporters’ Club Nepal) Rs 20,000
    7. Devendra Gautam (Editors and Publishers’ Society) Rs 180,000
    8. Radhe Shyam Lekali (Literary Journalists’ Association) Rs 200,000
    9. Ramesh Budhathoki (Nepal Film Artists’ Association) Rs 300,000
    10. Ram Krishna Karmacharya (National Press Club Nepal) Rs 20,000
    11. Ojaswi Gautam (Communication for
    Economic and Social Awareness) Rs 30,000
    12. Department of Information Rs 125,000
    13. RSS Rs 600,000
    14. Devendra Gautam (Editors and Publishers’ Society) Rs 180,000
    15. Shree Krishna Poudel (Nepal Intellectuals’ Contact Forum) Rs 60,000
    16. Jayanta KC (Janakpur) Rs 10,000
    From the personal secretary Minister of State for Information and Communications
    17. Manoj Singh (Jaleshwor) Rs 10,000
    18 Ram Kisun Yadav (Rajbiraj) Rs 10,000
    19. Suman Karki (Itahari) Rs. 10,000
    20. Bishnu Kumar Das Rs. 10,000
    21. Shambhu Dahal (Ramkot Kathmandu) Rs. 10,000
    22. Mahendra Thapa (Bhojpur) Rs. 13,000
    23. Mohan Shrestha (Gorkha) Rs 17,000
    Those journalists who received money for dissemination of information contributing to peace
    24. Khagendra Raj Sitaula (Yugsambad Weekly) Rs 6,000
    25. Anar Singh Karki, Kathmandu Rs. 10,000
    26. Suresh Sharma Image Channel TV Rs. 6,000
    27. Gokarna Dev Pandey senior journalist Rs 10,000
    28. KB Marattha (Janabhawana Weekly) Rs 6,000
    29. Youbraj Bidrohi (FNJ, Kathmandu) Rs 10,000
    30. Tirtha Koirala Kantipur TV Rs 8,000
    31. Sarad Chandra Osti Rs 8,000
    32. Narendra Upadhyay The Telegraph Rs 8,000
    33. Mohan Dahal, Independent Rs 7,000
    34. Jivram Bhandari Rajdhani Rs 10,000
    35 Ram Hari Chaulagain, Media Group Rs 10,000
    36. Surya Khadka, Nawa Pratipakshya Rs. 5,000
    37. Madan Kumar Shrestha, Madhyanha Rs. 5,000
    38. Shambhu Shrestha, Dristhi Weekly Rs 50,000
    39. Pralhad Rijal, Sanjhako Samachar Rs 5,000
    40. Ghana Shyam Adhikari, International Forum Rs. 4,000
    41. Sudarshan Acharya, Ruprekha Rs. 5,000
    42. Yadav Devkota, Yugsambad Weekly Rs 5,000
    43. Purna Karki, Janabhawana Rs. 5,000
    44. Kumar Yatru, Rajdhani Rs 5000
    45. Youbraj Gautam, Gorkhapatra Rs. 15000
    46. Kedar Acharya, Independent Rs 5,000
    47 Ram Chandra Neupane, Janasatta Rs 7,000
    48. Nirodh Raj Pandey, Janabhawana Rs 10,000
    49. Som Nath Ghimire, Yugsambad Rs 10,000
    50. Prajjwol Ghimire, Independent Rs 3,000
    51. Dipak Pathak, Margadarshan Khabar Rs 6,000
    52. Devendra Chudal, Baneshwor Rs 5,000
    53. Remesh Raj Poudel, Ghatana ra Bichar Rs 3,000
    54. Lekha Nath Koirala, Kathmandu Rs 5,000
    55. Sudrashan Raj Pandey, Utthan Weekly, Parsa Rs 5,000
    56. Bhadra Nath Adhikari, Gramin Samachar, Parsa Rs 5,000
    57. Gobinda Pokharel, Independent Rs 5,000
    58. Narendra Bilash Pandey, Kathmandu 8,000
    59. Karna Prakhar Dhital, Ghatana ra Bichar Rs 3,000
    60. Basu Dev Dahal, Ghatna Ra Bichar Rs. 3000
    61. Santosh Neupane, Image Channel TV Rs. 4000
    62. Bishwaraj Khanal, Annapurna Post Rs. 4,000
    63. Bhagwan Tripathi, Kathamndu Rs 5,000
    64. ………. Jha, Rs 4000
    65. Hari Lamsal, Kathmandu Rs 5000
    66. Dilli Ram Nirvik, Kathmandu Rs. 5000
    67. Rajesh Misra, Jee News Rs. 7,000
    68. Yadav Thapaliya, Nepal Aawaj Rs. 5000
    69. Mukunda Dahal, Nepal 1 TV Rs. 5000
    70. Bal Kumar Nepal, Annapurna Post Rs. 4000
    71. Dev Raj Aryal, Yugsambad Rs. 4000
    72. Gyan Hari Adhikari, Yugsambad Rs. 4000
    73. Arjun Khadka, Kantipur TV Rs. 4000
    74. Jasoda Pradhan, People’s Review Rs 5000
    75. Purna Lal Chuke, Banke Rs 5000
    76. Rewati Raman Subedi, Working Journalist Rs 5000
    77. Nakul Kaji, Bibechana Rs. 5000
    78. Jagadish Sharma, Pratik Dainik Rs 5000
    79. Keshav Poudel, Kathmandu Rs4000
    80. Mahesh Chandra Gautam, Simana Weekly Rs 5000
    81. Anil Kumar Anal, Rajbiraj Rs. 5000
    82. Shishu Prasad Devkota, Rajbiraj Rs. 5000
    83. Hari Mandal, Mahottari Rs 5000
    84. Babita Basnet, Ghatana Ra Bichar Weekly Rs 5000
    85. Krishna Jung Pandey, Independent Rs 7000
    86. Uddhav Silwal, Rajdhani Rs 3000
    87. Dipak Pudasaini, Janasatta Rs.5000
    88. Bikal Shrestha, Nepal News Rs 5,000
    89. Krishna Khoju, Bhaktapur Rs 3000
    90. Jaya Prasad Dahal, Kathmandu Rs 5000
    91. Pawan Thapa, Hindu Weekly Rs 5000
    92. Ramesh Khadka, Dharhara Times Rs 5000
    93. Mohan Dhungel, Ghatanara Bichar Rs 4000
    94. Narayan Neupane, Kathmandu Rs 4000
    95. Mohan Shrestha, Ghatanara Bichar Rs 5000
    96. Yagya Dhakal, Saptahik Aawaj Rs. 5000
    97. Ishwor Khanal, Himalaya Times Rs.4000
    98. Purna Bahadur Thapa, Independent Rs. 3500
    99. Keshav Aryal, Nepalipatra Rs 4000
    Posted on: 2006-06-11 21:10:24 (Server Time

  2. OOHH! Where do I get in line!? I’ll be happy to write a favorable blog for a lakh!

  3. Dude where is your source?

    sabai vand lok tantra ta ‘patrakar’ lai lageko cha, je chaape pani hune!!!

    royal govt le
    1. George Bush lai ek rupaiya pachis paisa
    2. Tony Blair lai chalis paisa
    3. Jenna Jameson lai RS 50
    4. BJP leader hauralia Shiva linga

    e mathika patrakar harule paisa le ko pani hunu sak chaa nahunu pani sachaak tara jaba samma, praman nai bina je pani chappne. nepali jantalai kasai lai nalageko lok tantra lageko cha.

    anteem note:

    sriman justice lai maobadi ko neta le ek mohar, auta rato bhale ra prachanda vako rato t-shirt diyako cha, yo khabar failaunu lai

  4. what a big deal on it, damm political leaders took whole country who care about few thousands ruppes. why not quetion on Lauda scandale, Mahakali and so on

  5. hey justice…
    why don’t u do us a favor by posting the source… i mean source for the article not the money. on a second thought, give me the contact no. and address for the source for money too. I might be interested, i’ll stand on the line.

  6. “One doesn’t reach an agreement talking publicly or via media but in private and listening to each other.”

    “First we will provide advice on how do you write a ceasefire agreement.”

    As much as I want to agree on the above statement, I must say that Matthew got it all wrong. He has failed to understand the fundamental media principles of Nepal and infact of this region. A person with so much of responsibility, in the days to come, has misunderstood the power of disinformation a.k.a Grape-Vine Communication. If you observe it properly and correctly it provides more of Public Opinion on the issues which is being more democratic than the King don’t you think so???

  7. 1. The Nepal Government and Maoists should finalize the format and content of letter to the UN so that they embark on their role in the field.

    2. The Maoists and Government should talk seriously and resolve the issues, designating some facillitators should be helpful.

  8. The king should be abolished, as of all the tortures he has comitted, we do not need a satan, or s torturer

  9. Does anybody really think George Bush spends a minute of his time, thinking about a nothing country like Nepal

  10. If UN is capable of saving us from Maoists’ brutality, then its role is OK. It should play scuh role that Nepal reamain multiparty democracry with the king as ceremonial head of the state.

  11. UN is nothing but an international bureaucracy which is full of blah blah blah. It is 80 percent rhetoric and only 20 percent work. Nepal Government should be careful to give them job. They should clearly demarcate the rules of engagement of UN. Otherwise, UN bureaucrats may play the tactics to stay in Nepal for another ten years making our country like Somalia. Nepal Govt should be careful about that. They have already this Human Rights Commissioner’s Office there. First we have to finish with their works. Now they can present final report before the elections of CA and leave our country. Democracy and human rights have been already restored. One thing I could not understand why our Govt. could not dismantle the the present National human Rights Commission and constitute the new one ? So that a new human rights commission can work impartially.

  12. UN has failed everywhere in the conflict zones. Ian martin, called the main broker in East Timor, has be recalled back to the same region. Yes, Kahane is right- all the mumbo jumbo lacks the credibility.

    I read an article which mentioned “Nepal merger with India” written by an Indian. His assumption are not out and out call for merger but situational but Nepali who responsed are mainly critical and have only harped on the issue of “merger” rather than on the whole issue. Do not read me wrong- I will be first one in line if India shows design on us but my point is we seem to not look beyond, be more analytical and rational- why is so? I have failed to understand this, even among bloggers who are,roughly speaking, more educated then the rest of the population.

  13. Forget all this…Now I want latest about the reaction from nepal about the Girija’s new stand about the King…
    Bharha barsa kukur ko puchher dhungro ma rakhe pani ustaa ko ustai..Even after all that traumatic experience of GYNE raj..Girija and his Bharaute haven’t awaken…
    I want to kanow what UWB have to say.

  14. I agree with Deepak. UWB are also the Chamches of Girija. If you type in this blog: Girija, Corruption, Sujata, Lauda etc it directly goes for moderation. What sort of people are these ?

    UWB: We noticed that this comment didn’t go for moderation!!!

  15. UWB – you have started stinking now. Your leanings towards NC and Girija is becoming more and more visible.

    I think Girija’s recent comments on giving ceremonial role to KG is an important event much against the will of many as witnessed during Janandolan II. This topic surely deserves much attention for debate, but you have chosen to remain silent, indirectly giving impetus to NC agenda.

  16. “UN is nothing but an international bureaucracy which is full of blah blah blah. It is 80 percent rhetoric and only 20 percent work.” “Nepal UN has failed everywhere in the conflict zones”

    Correct on both counts, though I think you are being too generous crediting them with 20% work. The last tine the UN was even partially successful was in the Korean conflict! The big-wigs at the UN look for “what’s in it for me” and Nepal doesn’t offer anything. Don’t expect Kofi Anan to arrive here with anything. The UN is focused on Iran and Dafur because those areas have the spotlight and therefore the funding.

  17. For those who responded to my comments:

    I posted the above report from Kantipuronine.com exactly the way it was reported (copy and paste). I posted it here because the blogger did not, and I think it’s important that it should be.

    The quoted source in the report is Ministry of Information and Communications. You can verify that with the Kantipur or with the specified source.

    Elswhere, I read that Editors of the KTV have resigned following this revelation. If this makes me Maoist in the judgment of the reades, I seriously doubt you have the ability to analyze news objectively.

  18. Dear justice ji

    You have to be specific while stating your source(s). You can’t say it is written somewhere in Mahabharat or I guess it was in Ramayan. You should be able to give the page number and the line number in the page, if you choose to post incriminationg allegations aganist other individuals.

    my claim that you took smt from Moabadi, is just to shed some light on validity of your claim in the absence of proof, my allegation aganist you holds as good as yours holds aganist all the journalists you have mentioned above, in the abasence of any source/proof.

  19. Yahoo ji,
    Please investigate the validity of the sources with the journalist who wrote that report on Kantiopur, June 12th edition. The ministry of Information and Communication should also have the copy of the records of government expenses.

    Defending corrupt and unethical journalists will only do damage to the profession of journalism, if the allegations were true. As far as I am concerned, I neither alleged anyone nor defended the alleged. I am simply interested in the report and I believe the public has the right to know the they are not reading a brain-washing junk from corrupt journalists. If the alleged ones are convicted, they should be accountable for the ‘false information’ that may have caused punitive damage to the public.

  20. Oh, if the money was paid by check or credit card, there should be a record of that.

  21. You must verify your sources before you decide to publish to it. Do you how are you writing? If things go all the way, you will be in a trap. Mind it.

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