Who Is Blocking The Peace Process?

One of the biggest achievements of Stephen De Mistura visit to Nepal is that both sides on the talks table felt pressure to quicken the process. Nothing was expected more than that from his visit. No doubt, real problem lies not in the guns and bullets owned by the Maoists but the failure in the political parties to reach a clear understanding on the future of monarchy. Nepali Congress thinks that the monarchy is in interim state. The party should come up with even more clarity on the issue. Why do you want to keep the institution that is hated by majority of people?

The parliament, restored by the clear popular mandate for the republicanism setup, is wasting time on things like who can be the king. (Yes, I am talking about the parliament’s imagination of seeing a Female King in Nepal). It is nothing more than trying to influence the public opinion, preparing them to face the worst: continuation of monarchy in Nepal even after the election of Constituent Assembly. We have seen Nepal Army is not controlled by this government. The blatant ignorance of the Probe Commission by the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Pyar Jung Thapa last week and the stunning attack on a police post by the army men are two examples. Considering these incidents, it is very hard not to believe the Maoists that if they ‘surrender’ arms now, the palace, with the help of army, will hijack the CA election.

Contentious issue

Editorial in the Kathmandu Post

The seven party government and the Maoists, who could not reach a consensus on the timing of disarming the Maoist rebels before the UN team’s departure, is an “unpleasant” understanding. Maoist chairman Prachanda in his interviews had pledged that he would accept the UN role in decommissioning the weapons. He had further said that the UN would be the right body to help Nepal resolve the conflict. In fact, Pranchanda went to the extent of abiding by the people’s verdict on Nepal’s future political course. But the differences between the government and the Maoists over the timing of the decommissioning of Maoist weapons have in a way halted the peace process. Any turn on the timing of the decommissioning of weapons will give a free rein to the rebels.

In every meeting between the rebels and the government held so far, the former has had the upper hand. Government’s chief negotiator, Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula has termed it a minor issue without assessing the cause and effect of the Maoists’ rigidity that is, letting the rebels in the interim government before disarming them. Any split within the Maoists will also push the country again into the state of what it was until April 24. This will certainly provide enough room for the regressive elements to come back to the scene. The manner in which the rebels have abducted people, extorted money, seized personal property and even killed some innocent people since the ceasefire was declared shows that the Maoist militias are not under the command of Prachanda. So confining the rebels to the camps set up by the United Nations and monitor their activity will not be that easy a task. Nor will the UN team, which may consist of less than 50 people as per the demand of the rebels and the government, be able to ensure a free and fair constituent assembly election.

The Maoists are well aware of the fact that they will manage to manupulate the constituent assembly election if they are in power. In short, the Maoist representatives will have more say than the representatives of other parliamentary forces in the constitution drafting committee. How will the rebels react to the election of the constituent assembly if they find themselves stronger? Will they be following the footstep of Cuba’s Fidel Castro? Sincerity and honesty of Prachanda is being tested by the people, and not by the SPA government. Prachand must stick to his political commitment and show his readiness to surrender arms before the formation of the interim government as demanded by the people. There have been several rebel leaders who unleashed atrocities but vanished in the thin air. Prachanda may become one of them.

PM Koirala to negotiate with Maoists

KATHMANDU, Aug 4 – Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala is to initiate a negotiation with the Maoists in order to reach an agreement on the issue of arms management among others. According to Ramesh Lekhak, member of the government talks team and State Minister for Labour and Transport Management, PM Koirala’s decision comes after a meeting with the members of the government talks team at the PM’s Residence at Baluwatar Friday morning.

The PM’s remarks have come only a day after the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) government and the Maoists failed to submit a common concept to the High Level UN team headed by Staffan de Mistura regarding the world governing body’s role in the management of arms and restoration of peace after a-decade-long violence.

In the meeting, PM Koirala was briefed about the agreements and differences with the Maoist talks team so far, sources said. “An agreement with the Maoists will be reached and a common letter of consent will be sent to the UN very soon”, State Minister Lekhak further added. Meanwhile, the Maoists too have expressed hope to reach a common agreement on various issues including arms management with the government soon.

“We are holding informal meetings with the government talks team to reach an agreement,” Dev Gurung, a member of the Maoist talks team said today underscoring the Maoists’ intension. “The agreement has been delayed because the government has failed to give similar status to both Nepal Army and the People’s Army.”

According to Gurung, the much-anticipated common letter of consent to the UN was not written on Thursday “as the government is deviating from the eight-point agreement on the major issues.” The UN delegation returned to New York on Thursday afternoon without receiving a common letter of consent from the government and the Maoists after the two sides could not reach an agreement on the management of Maoist arms. Before returning to New York, Stephen De Mistura, Head of the UN delegation, however, expressed optimism that, despite the differences between the two parties, the UN would receive a common letter of consent soon. eKantipur

No major differences, a few technical ones, says Sitaula

KATHMANDU, Aug 4 – Home Minister Krishna P Sitaula said on Friday that there are only a few technical issues (between the Maoists and the government) that need to be cleared up in the letter that was sent to the UN by the government.

Sitaula informed the parliamentarians at a meeting of the Parliament’s State Management Committee that the government and the Maoists have reached an agreement over the issues of UN monitoring of Constituent Assembly elections and management of weapons of both the armies.

“There is a misunderstanding over a very minor issue,” said Sitaula, also coordinator of the government talks team, however he did not divulge what that issue was. Sitaula said that government has completed all the points of the agreements reached between the government and the Maoists and added, “But there has been some hesitation by the Maoists and they have failed to reach any decision as swiftly as it was required.”

Sitaula also informed the committee that the government would firmly implement the points according to the report submitted by the High Level Probe Commission. He also assured that the present report by the commission would not take the route of the report by the Mallik Commission that was formed after the 1991 pro-democratic movement.

Commenting on the reinstatement of police posts in different villages, Sitaula said the Police Headquarters has already begun its homework on this and added that nothing would be finalized until the talks are over. Parliamentarians had also drawn Situala’s attention towards the parallel government being run in different parts of the country. eKantipur

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46 thoughts on “Who Is Blocking The Peace Process?

  1. To a not unsympathetic international observer, the Maoists have been reasonable beyond belief. Exceptional in their word.

    Political dissembling is the habit of a professional political class. They earn their keep as intermediaries between an archaic social order based on a feudal upper class, development distorted by outrageous foreign treaties.

    Democracy meant no change for the masses of people.

    People’s War has brought tangible results — and a new era of political possibility. From a religious monarchy to an unconditional democratic republic — it is a testimony not just to the communists’ words — but to the sacrifices they have made.

    They didn’t do all this to fulfill the nightmares of the upper classes.

    They are bending over backwords to end bloodshed and shepard the transformation of the state to a people’s sovereignty.

    Why should they lie when they have the benefit of being right?

  2. Put monarchy on a referendum. There is no need for parties to take a stance in this regard and no need to force each other to say that they are for a republic or otherwise. This is just ways of the maoists to avoid laying down their arms. People like Amik Sherchan and Bam Dev Gautam do not help the issue either. Sherchan should just resign from the post of DPM if he is going to make firebrand and dangerous comments and go against his own government, so too Tripathi. Let one person have one vote re monarchy on a referendum. This is the most democratic way to resolve the issue devoid of party politics and all the ills that go with politiking. It’s an irony that a party who only had a couple of seats in the last popular manadate they took part in now come back with their guns and literally try and hold the demnocratic forces hostage. This is the hour where the democratic forces (not the King or the maoists as I don’t think anyone will see them as democratic) have to come together and show real strength of character. They should do what is right in the long run and not what is popular in the very short term.

  3. By the way burningman when you write,
    “They are bending over backwords to end bloodshed and shepard the transformation of the state to a people’s sovereignty”, you obviously write with the lack of knowledge of someone who is not at all in the country. I am sorry friend but your comrades are still going around with weapons, extorting, threatening, abducting and basically breaking most of the codes of conduct they have signed. Please do not just look at the media savvy faces of the maoists, see the reality, of which many of their activities go unreported as they have threatened journalists and media owners as well.

  4. The game in on……

    Kantipur changing its stance of supporting the Maoist previously, has clearly changed its stance now by writing against the Maoist as well as the Nepal Army(tradtional enemy).

    Both the Maoists and Nepal Army make a very strong bunch of armed men in Nepal, it may be impossible as it looks at the moment for them to unite as india doesnot want this to happen, this is yet another agenda emerging from India oflate.

    The UN team leaving Nepal arrived in Delhi to discuss issues related to disarming both the NA and the Maoist.

    India basically wants this to happen premanentaly, make NA and Maoists both impotents.

    We are a new Labanon in the making. Israel is pounding bombs afer bombs almost after 1000 dead yet no official retaliation from the Lebanese govt.

    Hezbollah is there to save the Lebanese soverignty.

    India also blames Nepal for giving space to the terrorist activites as Israel did.

  5. coke, making heroes out of fundamentalists like hezbollah? must be powder coke you are on. Don’t worry the Indians are coming for your scrawny a$$!

  6. I’m afraid this editorial from KAthmandu Post has got one thing spot on – Prachanda is not in control of the armed maoists. Unfortunately, no matter what a brave face he may put on, even he will not be able to convince many of them to lay down their arms. He has opened a flood gate – what did he expect? Rule through violence and guns may seem the easy way at first, but it will end up in a viscious cylce of more violence. If he was the only one who had to live with this truth that would be fine as it would be his personal ghosts, but unfortunately the rest of us have to keep paying this price as well, and it is likely that even unborn Nepalis will also keep paying the price of violence and guns endorsed and created by a man who calls himself Prachanda.

  7. For the fact that they could not rein in the Hezbollah, which is backed by the Shiite Iranians and does not really care for the interests of Lebanon but more for a pan Islamic dogma, the Lebanese I am afraid are just as idiotic as you coke.

  8. The clear power shift from the central arabia to Iran and then Hezbollah due to the support they are getting from public in Lebanon or in the entire arabia as it is helping Lebanon preserve its soverignty clearly shows how the people(majority sunni) have realized that time has come to rectify differences with the Shittes.

    The lebanese governement does not need and should not reign in Hezbollah at the moment as they are preserving their soverignty and the government itself is incapable of doing the same. The govt. there fears loosing people’s support there.

    Lebanese government was not allowed in the past by Israel thro the US not to keep weapons so they will remain incapable to defend their territory as and when Israel pounds their territory. That’s where Hezbollah was born thro popular support.

    Nepal is in the same position now India doesnot want armed outfits like the National Army or the Maoists, which will defend Indian agression as it happens one day at least five minutes or 15 minutes doesnot matter we will remian soverign until then.

    In the neighborhood, India cannot dream of pounding Pakistan as it is capable itself of preserving its soverignty.

    Let’s unite!

  9. Who will dominate who is the major barrier for peace process. But maoist are in upper hand.

  10. Girija’s dharmaputra Sitaula is incompetent.GPK himself is a confused man.BP gave him the appropriate name: Havaldar. Otherwise, he would have steered Nepal successfully during his 9 years of PMship out of 12 years. Do not believe in the capacity and ability of GPK to lead the country in this hour of crisis. He is involved in saving the monarchy for creating future problem in the country rather than to go ahead with the negotiation with maoists.

    CA will solve all the problems of Nepal. It is rediculous to think now about monarchy or the structure of the political system in Nepal. It is like putting the cart before the horse.

  11. The real people on whose name the different parties and institutions base their power on, are simple, innocent people wanting 2 full meals a day and a good night’s sleep, nothing more.

    All others are clever guys who wait and see, and join the stronger or winning side.

    Here’s one story. One frail looking dog bites a passer-by in a street. Soon the dog is on the verge on being stoned. Just then a policeman also arrives in the scene. One person in the crowd says that it is the colonel’s dog. Suddenly, the policeman who was about to beat up the dog, stops due to fear.

    Another person says that though the dog is similar to the colonel’s dog it is just a stray dog. Again curses increase in the crowd, and the policeman gets ready to beat up the dog.

    Suddenly, another person in the crowd shouts that it is the colonel’s dog as it has a red scar on the back. Again the policeman stops out of fear.
    The moral of course being that people as well as security system want to be on the safer side and avoid any risks.

    What i’m saying is that without a free and fair CA we cannot give ready made formulas like do away with king, do away with the army, do away with the flag, do away with hindu state..etc.

  12. It is time to create a majical Nepal from a scratch. Leaders of the both warring factions, please put your personal interests aside and work for the greater good of the nation. The nation demands it. The citizens demands peace.

  13. Peace in Nepal is most urgent, but it comes only after a process that addresses the causes of the conflict. Therefore, it is not Maoists vs SPA as it is seen in surface. It is between the aspirations of a large majority of people who are in a disadvantagious situation and the aspirations of powerful elites, power brokers and land grabbers (eg, 34,000 ropani). How the two contradicting aspirations meet in a logical midpoint could be the basis of peace. Searching for the midpoint by treaming the extras from both sides is what peace proces should adress. Here, the two sides are not the Maoists and SPA but two sides, perhaps within both of the who stand for peace with justice and prosperity with equity. Therefore, the block for peace here is primarily the absence of the agenda that specifies the midpoint. Though, there is agreement in regard to the process – the election of the constituent assembly.

  14. The clear power shift from the central arabia to Iran and then Hezbollah due to the support they are getting from public in Lebanon or in the entire arabia as it is helping Lebanon preserve its soverignty clearly shows how the people(majority sunni) have realized that time has come to rectify differences with the Shittes. The lebanese governement does not need and should not reign in Hezbollah at the moment as they are preserving their soverignty and the government itself is incapable of doing the same. The govt. there fears loosing people’s support there. Lebanese government was not allowed in the past by Israel thro the US not to keep weapons so they will remain incapable to defend their territory as and when Israel pounds their territory. That’s where Hezbollah was born thro popular support. Nepal is in the same position now India doesnot want armed outfits like the National Army or the Maoists, which will defend Indian agression as it happens one day at least five minutes or 15 minutes doesnot matter we will remian soverign until then. In the neighborhood, India cannot dream of pounding Pakistan as it is capable itself of preserving its soverignty. Let’s unite!

  15. The run of uncertainty breds nothing but pointless discussions and loosening of bind that holds the country together. In Nepal there no dearth of ideas and counter ideas, some valid ones and some not, which is mainly a fodder for views that swing to both the extremes and to the center but this not going to see us through this quagmire. What we need is a leader that holds true that Nepal is for all Nepali and is prepared to undertake activities which might be rough and hard but is in collective good of the country. The leader matter most rather than idealogy, be it right or left. I say this coz- if you look at Singapore, Malaysia, China and even Thailand- the only trait that is evident is leadership and their drive to change country for better without uprooting the exisiting conditions or without making radical change. The transformation of these nation is an example.

    Now the question is where is such a leader in Nepal. We are too fractured to place trust on anyone so I see the contiuation of this dire strait. I see no solution coming off from CA nor even if Maoist take-over. Nepal is now completely exposed to foreign influences and manipulations. To expect Nepali inspired and desired political solution is no more within our reach- just look at SPa and Maoist. Their action does give tell tale sign of foreign directed and moulded impressions. So to speak here about what should be he course of action or in the better interest of Nepali is just a hot air that blows cold in a hurry.

    What we need is a true leader that is beyond petty party or individual interest. Someone who aspires us to be a proud citizen of this country where there is social equality with equal opportunity for all without discriminations or preferrential treatment based on on caste, creed and social standing. If you find someone like that- holler to everyone but make sure that you have no personal gain from it. Ha..ha..ha

  16. Bayalpata,

    I think you are wrong. I give you the reason why:

    1. The Maoist conflict in Nepal did not break out because of poverty, inequality, oppression, lack of justice, discrimination, domination, or whatever. All these situations might have fuelled the conflict, but they are not the causes. If poverty always ever resulted in conflict, you would see Maoism flourishing from Ethiopia to Bengladesh.

    2. You do not give an end to conflict by eliminating its so called root causes. It may take another hundred years for Nepal to eliminate the ‘root causes’ you have so intelligently outlined, but we cannot wait that long for establishing peace.

    3. Nepal’s political conflict involves an ideologically oriented group which believes in ‘equality’ rather than ‘equity’. So, it is important for people like you to tell them the difference between these two concepts.

  17. One should remember that the recent research of the civil war conducted and the result found that in every 10-12 years country will suffer from civil war if the people don’t get enough food to eat and atleast cloth to wear. It means without economic growth talking about politics and blaming strategies are useless in the least developed countries. So, some opportunists try to grab the situation by assuring the poor and innocent people. But the same people will turn into negative once they don’t get their surviving needs. That is the reason why our democracy of 2007 failed, Panchayat era failed, democracy of 2047 failed, King’s assurance failed and even 2063 democracy will be failed in future if the issue of poverty (40%) will not be addressed. The current steps of SPA and maoist is also not heading toward that line. This mght cause best opportunities to grab by other power.

  18. And look at the civil society, they are leading the maoist mob just because maoist have assured them for 100 sits (33%) sits in the government. But why civil society needs to be included in the government although they themselves are not considering them as politicians????

  19. I could not understand how the writer of this article gave this conclusion:(see 3rd sentence above)
    ‘…No doubt, real problem lies not in the guns and bullets owned by the Maoists but the failure in the political parties to reach a clear understanding on the future of monarchy..’

    This is very superficial and light comment without any seriousness. Please stop intellectual prostitution!! Better will be to go to the village and be engaged with spade and plough than use head in these nonsenses!

  20. In the name of peace-process, we can not endorse the dreadful arms carried by the maoists. It is the same arms which murdered 3 dozen innocent villagers travelling in bus in Madi, Chitwan, among many others. Human right samaj and Nagarik samaj, where are you busy now a days?

  21. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Maoists can’t be expected to lay down their weapons without some sort of quid pro quo from the Army. You guys really think that they have waged this violent war for so long with so much sacrifices just to give it all up without some substantial guarantees?

  22. There can’t be free elections with armed rebels in the villages. The Maoists have put their agenda in the public eye and made their points. If they are serious about elections they must disarm. This armed struggle was begun in the first place because they couldn’t win in any election.

  23. Bideshi, I think the SPA have to be strong. They must tell the Maoists no weapons before elections to the CA or Interim Govt. but they must also tell the (R)NA to remain confined to the barracks after Maoists surrender their weapons. Both under UN supervision. This is fair only all sides, the SPA must stick with this.

  24. I think the Maoist’s stance on the arms is also influenced by Prachanda not wanting to loose face with his cadres. I was reading this somewhere. If you put too much pressure on the Maoists to disarm there is this possibility the more hardline faction will be disgruntled and go back to the jungles. Hence it’s a tricky situation.
    The other major problem is that the Maoist don’t have any official inventory of the weapons they have. So my question is how do we even know they have “disarmed”?

  25. Maoists are phtahas of 21st century. So they will not give up their so easily. They would like to bargain till they get the maximum. That is the power to rule. When they will rule the country, it will be the total distruction of the country. We have to see this with pour bare eyes in front of us. Girja, Makune and maoists are the sons of bitch. They are bent upon to destroy the country.WAIT AND WATCH.

  26. If our political parties can NOT grab this opportunity and settle all political disputes in time, maoist can go to jungle again and there will be historic mistake~~~
    I have rely everything on Girija and Kaju kanchho

  27. Sanjeev,
    I agree with you that there is ideological dimension of the conflict. Also, I agree that I have no suggesation for the resolution of the causes of the conflict. May be that would be evolved through the process, the constituent assembly. My concern here is that the immidiate issues have been creating a situation where strategic issues have been put in the back-burner.

    I am a new participant in this world of blogging. I like your energy. It sounds that you never get tired. Keep it up.

  28. When I first saw the name, the burning man, I thought the moniker was alluding to the great festival of the arts that it held annuallly in Black Rock Desert in Nevada. But, it seems all the art in this guy’s universe seems to be painted in “RED” .

    Get real, dude! It is the SPA that has been bending over backwards and dancing to the “commie” tune of Prachanda & Co. This tryst of convenience is turning out a cause for alarm for all who are commited to a genuine, sustainable peace as well as economic well-being of the nation.

    Maoists are very much engaged in psychobabble saying one thing and doing or behaving exactly the opposite in reality. I think one thing they are really good at is talking and boy, do they know how to engage in psyops with common folks who are vulnerable into believing their brazen propoganda full of these empty promises!

  29. I was in kathmandu after four years. I found that kahtmandu is too crowded and vehicles are too much for the limited road. I found total confusion regarding our political situation. girirja always escapes saying he is ill but you saw him yesterday speaking nearly half an hour to save the King.Parliament has become irrelevant. It is passing the resolutions whatever it likes.

    One day it may decide to cut the “toori” of Gyanenedra and Paras. Now that only remains.But the problem is unless and untill the (R)NA is there, it does not matter for the King whatever they pass in the Parliament. Makune is the worst of its kind because he does not take any responsibility in the govt. and at last, he will blame Oli for every failure.Why we have produced such less charectors in our politics. It is beca

  30. Parliaments and their actions in the last 3 months:

    Analysts, on their part, raise questions over the constitutional and legal status of the whole exercise. Talking to Nepalnews, advocate Bal Krishna Neupane said that all the activities of the parliament are illegal as the parliament was reinstated as per the roadmap of the seven political parties.

    “There was no point of scrapping the 1990 constitution as per the demand of the seven political parties. Their act neither conforms to any law nor the 1990 constitution, so all the activities of the ‘date expired parliament’ stand invalid,” he added.

    Neupane said the SPA should have moved ahead for the election of the constituent assembly by amending the 1990 constitution by two thirds of the majority, by getting it endorsed from the national assembly and after getting approval from the King.

    “More than 90 percent of the lawmakers of the reinstated parliament will lose elections if they go for fresh elections. That’s why they are fearing to go for elections,” claimed Neupane.

  31. UWB: Today is the day of communication revolution. Press freedom is the soul of democracy. Blog is more free than any other media.Now you have the attitude of Shrish Shamasher and I wonder how you run this thing called blog ? What is the point in running the blog ? If you can not write about Parliament, GPK and the King,F&&K with your blog.

  32. I agree with Limbu,

    I remember when this blog was launched the likes of Wagle & co participated in the discussions. What happened? Just pasting articles and writing them and then not responding to the many many queries has hints of either arrogance or laziness. I think Mr. Shrestha who wrote an article regarding the makeup of how the electoral system should be represented did a fine job of responding to the bloggers with intellegent questions.
    Blogs are an arena of real freedom of expression, but the participation of the blog owners is also a must, otherwise what was the point of opening a blog, if the person who gives the argument does not respond, and only the bloggers argue with each other without maybe even understanding the full content of the writers intentions?!?!?!?!

  33. I think UWB has no idea how the system should work. On one hand they complain about people gheraoing the Kantipur publications building and on the other claims that the SPA should just declare Nepal a republic state. On what grounds does Mr. Wagle claim that Monarchy is the most hated institution of the Country? There are processes of doing things. Why not go to CA and decide the fate of the monarchy?

    The fact is that SPA is caught in the situation. They had made an agreement with the Maoists for them to inter interim government without laying down their arms. But now, the SPA does not want to live up to the agreement. They are trying to decieve the maoists which is bound to backfire.

    The other thing also is, first the SPA need to be in control of the situation before they make any major changes in the country. THey can not keep demolishing institutions of significance in the country when they can not even maintain law and order in the nation

  34. b,

    You are absolutely right. How come Mr. Wagle say the end of monarchy? It is totally biased and pumped by someone. People should have right to decide not Mr. Wagle and Kantipur itself. Kantipur is just newspaper, they have no right to reject anyone except just give the reports of facts and happenings (not elaborated also). Even CA has no right to decide about the monarchy except people as a whole. Kantipur should understand that they got the chance to write whatever they feel now only till congress exist, once the maoist will takeover the rule they will realise the real meaining of freedom of expression and threaten to that.

  35. It is clear that the UN will not come to our rescue. They have problems elsewhere and don’t see where the money is in coming to Nepal. MP Serchan’s comments are absurd. The only way to disarm the Maoists is to defeat them militarily. The only way to free elections is to disarm the Maoists. The Maoists believe they have won. As soon as the think otherwise, the fighting will begin again. We must support our army now.

  36. Well the joint letter has finally been sent to the UN. I read the contents on Nepalnews and it seems fair on both sides though slightly ambiguous. Hope this gets the ball rolling!

  37. And remember the UN is just an impartial referee that both sides had asked for.

  38. Kirat,
    UN could be a bit better to midiate. But it is too simple to say it as “impartial referee”. It has been a semi-US government agency for a long time. See its role in Lebonan.

  39. bayalpata, because of the distrust between the SPA and the Maoists and fear of the Royalist reactionaries a mediator is necessary. Who better than the UN? Remember the UN does not have a magic wand, they will just be an arbritator but even this is great as it will greatly help in dispelling the mistrust that exists bewteen the powers that be at present.

    1. Remove fear generated by Maobadi by collecting all Maobadi arms
    2. Ensure land and properties extorted by Maobadi are returned to the original owners
    3. Ensure the original owners can live in their returned lands and properties
    4. No new laws to be enacted till the CA/Referendum under UN is completed
    5. After this there must be a cooling of period – a 3 month period of peace under UN supervision
    6. Election to CA/Referendum under UN supervision only after this stage
    7. Only then can we have a free expression of opinion by the people on issues like form of democracy, constitution and Monarchy and reach a conclusion that will be binding and acceptable.

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