United States welcomes Nepal Political Parties unity

Madam Rocca is a Bit Happy, a Bit So So “We remain concerned about the reports of continuing repression of civil liberties and additional arrests. We continue to urge the government of Nepal to release all political detainees, restore civil liberties, and reach out in a pro-active manner to the political parties. At the sameContinue reading “United States welcomes Nepal Political Parties unity”

Quarrelling Politicians of Nepal

It’s not the time to quarrel, SPA leaders should know, but to take bold action to establish democracy in the country. Pradeep Nepal and Arjun Nar Singh KC aren’t talking about principle, they are running after power. Pradeep Nepal resigned from the Standing Committee of CPN UML saying that his party didn’t get respectable positionContinue reading “Quarrelling Politicians of Nepal”

Transition to Democracy: Agenda for Nepal

After the historical popular movement, Nepal is going through a transition to democracy in Nepal. Here is a list of agenda for change and transitional justice: By Gopal Krishna Siwakoti, PhD 1. Political Agenda · Declare election for unconditional constituent assembly with reasonable time frame (maximum 15 months recommended). · Declare ceasefire and establish monitoringContinue reading “Transition to Democracy: Agenda for Nepal”

Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital

Yes, this is real: As their leaders were discussing the future of Nepal inside the Parliament building in Singha Durbar, pro-democracy people ghearoed the country’s administrative center (where parliament house is located) to pressurize parliamentarians to take bold steps for constituent assembly. Activists went up to the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah, who according toContinue reading “Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital”

Maoists Rally In Kathmandu

The banner reads: Shahi ghosana dhoka ho [Royal proclamation is a Betrayal]. Maoist student organization is organizing a mass meeting in the heart of Kathmandu as we are writing these lines. Rallies from different parts of the city have reached Khula Manch, the mass meeting venue. Pics by Wagle Shahid ko ragat ke bhanchha GanatantraContinue reading “Maoists Rally In Kathmandu”

Message From Nepal to the International Community

“The international community’s euphoric reaction to Friday’s royal address is ludicrous, to say the least. It also shows how shallow is their reading of Nepali history and how far removed they are from the present ground reality,” Editorial in The Kathmandu Post titled ‘Int’l Community‘ Currently, Nepal stands at a crossroads. On the right sideContinue reading “Message From Nepal to the International Community”