Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital

Protesters and Prithvi Narayan Shah

Yes, this is real: As their leaders were discussing the future of Nepal inside the Parliament building in Singha Durbar, pro-democracy people ghearoed the country’s administrative center (where parliament house is located) to pressurize parliamentarians to take bold steps for constituent assembly. Activists went up to the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah, who according to history books, unified Nepal some two hundred fifty years ago. Pic by Shaligram Tiwari

Blogger Tilak Pathak, who was in parliament this afternoon, reports:

Chitra Lekha Yadad read out the written message of Prime Minister Giirja Prasad Koirala. He proposed the parliament to hold an election to constituent assembly stating that his first commitment would be to implement the seven parties’ roadmap and the 12-point understanding. When Yadav read out the following lines, the house erupted in joy: “As per my commitment to go to constituent assembly to resolve the problems facing the country, I have registered a proposal to hold constituent assembly elections at the Parliament today itself.”

The first meeting of reinstated parliament became historic not only because of the circumstances but because of some procedures as well. There was no crown in the Gallery Baithak. The meeting convened at 5: 30 PM. Deputy Speaker Chitra Lekha Yadav chaired the meeting. Members welcomed her by with the thunderous applause. She welcomed all MPs and they raised to mark a two-minute silence to remember the martyr of second edition of the People’s Movement. “This meeting is historic,” she said. “International community were also surprised by the power of Nepal’s Peoples’ Movement.” She also said that people’s power has established the participatory democracy by defeating the power of gun.

– When former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba entered inside the Gallery Baithak at 3:45 PM, all MPs began to laugh. I couldn’t hear what he said but they might be talking about that day when Deuba recommended the dissolution of the same house four years ago.

-Many people expected Prime Minister Koirala to appear in the meeting. He didn’t come because of deteriorating health. In the written message Koirala hoped to assume the responsibility of Prime Minister because of the improving health condition.

-Indian communist leader Sita Ram Yachuri came inside the Parliament at 5:30 PM. Yadav informed the MPs about his arrival and welcomed him.

Original Post:

Update3: Okay, the session is over now till Baishak 17 (April 30).

Update2: Oh my God, its historic. The rare scene from inside the Gallery Baithak is that every MP is approving this announcement from the prime minister via Deputy Speaker in unified manner: To go for constituent assembly.

Update: Yadav is reading out the written message from Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in which he has tabled the proposal for the constituent assembly. He has mentioned that his first priority is to work as per the lines of the Seven Party Alliance and the 12-point understanding between the SPA and the Maoists.

Earlier we wrote: The historic first session of the parliament that was restored last week as per the popular demand of Nepali people has begun. Deputy Speaker of the House Chitra Lekha Yadav is in charge of the session. She is currently addressing the session as members of the parliament are approving her remarks. Nepali people were anxiously waiting to see the newly reinstated House of Representative in action this afternoon. The session began nearly four hours after the scheduled time. Earlier in the afternoon Kantipur Television was (and now too) constantly feeding live footage from inside the Gallery Baithak (the Parliament House).

Members of Parliament from all parties were appearing in front of the KTV cameras turn by turn from inside the meeting hall explaining the purpose of the today’s meeting. People in Kathmandu were (and are) glued to their TV sets. Seeing Chitra Lekha Yadav now on TV running the session reminds me of that day when these parliamentarians went to the courtyard of Patan Durbar Square to hold the special session of the House after they were denied the hall in downtown Kathmandu. Minutes after that special session began, it started raining. Parliamentarians didn’t seem to be caring about that. They continued the program even as the water from high above the sky started pouring in heavily.







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  1. well Avatar

    just to poing out the fact that india’s growing at the rate of 8% and china at 10% while other western countries have rate up
    3-5 %. We can’t deny that both countries are growing faster than many western countries and are considered as awaking super power and population of 1 billion + each .. where is nepal’s growth between these countries Let me guess minus something ….Just the thing nepali needs to realise where we are are what we have contributed instead of swearing and abusing indians and fighting each other…..
    time to get over it don’t you think… everyone can be against me but I keep going…. fact is fact denying doesn’t it

  2. anuj Avatar

    dear well,

    what a welcome change!!!you seem to be making much more sense already!!


    you are right you know!

    in the fast changing dynamice of this world economic power is the absolute power and we really have miles to go before acheiving anything like that.

    lets see if the spa guided firmly by the maoists can help drive this economy and thereby empower the people in the true sense.

    the maosit element there is far to distrbing for me to be really optimistic!

    like you say:a fact is a fact ,denying it doen’t belittle it!

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    your argument that girija/deuba is currupt ect. is a pathetic outdated argument. Clearly you have demonstrated that you are indeed very myopic. Do you not understand that we are not supporting these few politians but we are supporting a SYSTEM!! Besides what excatly are you trying to say by pointing out Girija/Deuba’s faults??? Are you saying we should let the King continue ruling because the current batch of political leaders are incompetant?

    As for the India issue:
    Firstly we need get this idea that we can sell eletricity to India out of our head. Hydro-power is very expensive and it requires huge investements in infrastucture! India is trying to move towards a cheaper and more efficient energy source – nuclear energy. And as soon as congress approves of the nuclear deal with the US they will be on their way.

    I think Nepal does indeed have alot of gain from India if we played our cards properly. And I am also against people like Coke who constantly think India is behind all of Nepal’s problems and are obesessed in this paranoid wrapped thinking. However, that is not to say that India has been very unfair in terms of trade treties, access to Indian markets etc. Unfortunetly we have had weak political leadership in the past and they were unable to deal with India effectively or raise issues with international organizations like the WTO. The point is that India is not looking out for us. We have to look out for ourslves… Our relationship with India is give and take!

  4. tintin Avatar

    Nepal and Nepalies are so dumb and innocent…shit…india is playing chess here..
    why this Indian communist leader Sita Ram Yachuri is here on this historic even??

    Ahh..there we go…another puppet state of India!!… ..Nepal will never change because all the nepalese people are nothing but bunch of Veda!!! And look at the leader..Girija..almost in his death bed .. Must be the oldest PM in the world..what kind of country nepal will be with this kind of leaders..shit shit shit!! Yak yak yak…

  5. tintin Avatar

    What are u trying to prove by checking every comment before publishing..u think this is a free place to express anything if u start to moderate??

    May be it was a good place for news for a while..but ur web site is going to be dead soon and nobody will give a shit!! probably u could have applied for Refugee in US earlier but looks like that chance is also gone..So Bloody annoying every comments you have to moderate..idiots!!

  6. well Avatar

    Dear bhudai pundit,
    Of course all it takes is few people with power to corrupt the country. WE have seen it in past.. You name me one leader who we are proud of and we appriciate what he/her’s done. Not even one. Each one of then when in power were corrupt though of themselves and their family more than the country. Again same argument Why we are fighting for democracy again?? If it not up to our corrupt leader. Sorry to those people who gave their life in 2036, 2046,2007, 2026 we are back to square one fighting for same thing… We everytime dream that everything is going to be fine.. everytime we win we celebrate too quickly.. I qill only celebrate when we have a true uncorrupt government, when there is no discrimination against cast creed culture, nepal is developed throughly And it’s not dream because singapour is an example where few good leaders can make a change, even china and india are examples, georgia , belarus, ukraine, croatia, estonia, lativa , poland, and lot other countries have florised under proper leadership and aware population. I will celebrate when nepal is prosporous , I will celebrate when we all are proud of what we have acheived… It will take time.. Just a thought .. something good to dream about..hope that dream becomes reality… I rembember once gagan thapa said ” you have to be corrupt to be leader in Nepal and all leaders are corrupt” since then I have just seen him rising..scary isn’t it???

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I can only find flaws and more flaws with your argument. You want Nepal to be properous? How do you think Nepal will become properous?

    A deomocratic system means that transparency is possible, it means that new and good leaders can lead the country. Yes we do have political leaders of which I am proud.
    BP Koirala, Ganesh Man Singh, Tanka Acharya…
    It is unfornunete that the post 1990 leaders were bad. But how else are good leaders going to emerge? Tell me that!

    You talk about Singapore, China. Fine I agree in Singapore a bevolovent dictator did change things around. But that is just one country! China might be progressing economically but there are many problems waiting to explode… its human rights record and its moral stance is horrible!

    But tell what excatly you are saying… you don’t want a democratic system? what is it? what is it that you propose?

  8. well Avatar

    All I am saying is we need social and political structure where persons are responsible, if anything goes wrong then there are people who are accountable for, when someone comes in power there is someone to check them and prevent them form taking wrong path again.. may be some free and seperate organisation from base level to check upon people in power. we might be able to learn form western countries where corruption is not like in nepal.And about leaders let me tell you do you know why all gods lived in past???? because humans seems to praise people who lived in past. even Ganeshman was demonised when he was still alive…rembember mangladevi.. how she was potrayed.. when gririja will die as primeminister he will be praised as well..
    Birendra was wrost than KG ..he banned all political parties. he killed more people, he took lot longer to give up… I don’t understand when people say Kg is wrost than birendra.. he just ruled for few years unlike birendra, maoist rised in birendra’s term.. sometimes it is suprising to see how quickly memory fades …may be this is the time we learn from history..

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Well all your are saying is possible under a democratic system… it takes time to improve and evolve the system.

  10. pj Avatar

    guys india is a powerfull nuclear weapon state which has helped nepalwe stop hating india and try to become a part of india

  11. Bideshi Avatar

    “stop hating india and try to become a part of india”

    Nepal is a sovereign nation and has never been and should never be part of India. It is pointless to “hate India” as they are our neighbor and we do business with our neighbors. Ask the average older person in Sikkim, Assam, or the other tribal states if they want to be part of India.
    That India is a nuclear power is irrelevant in regard to Nepal. They do not need to nuke us with such a huge conventional military. But India has no intention of invading Nepal UNLESS there is a Maoist Government in Kathmandu. Then they will feel it necessary to intercede to prevent the further spread of Maoist activity in India and deny the Indian Maoists a “Safe Zone” from which to launch attacks.

  12. Vishnu Sharma Avatar
    Vishnu Sharma

    Hey you men folk of Nepal.

    Know This:
    Common Blood belongs to a common “Rashtra”.
    “Hindu” Nepal the wayward child of Mother India
    will have to return back to the Loving Fold of her mother. There is no other option for a child starved of milk for 40 years.

    The reason why you Nepalis are in such a sorry state is because you painted yourselves into a corner. And now you are being terrorized by a bunch of hoodlums and have come to worship them.

    Two years from now the Nepalese people will be following on their knees to welcome the Indian Army.

    The “ANSCHLUSS” of Nepal with Mother India will then be complete and irreversible.

    Jai Hind.
    Utthistha Bharata.
    (Arise O Bharata)

  13. kabita sharma Avatar
    kabita sharma

    federal republic nepal should be our goal ok katakati hoo

  14. ashok pathak Avatar
    ashok pathak

    royal palace will be good museum . so, let us keep bharatkeshar, kamal thapa, tanka kadel.. paras shah. gynendra shah…….. this museum will be unique. good source to earn foreign currency.

  15. Jay Shree Ranjit Avatar
    Jay Shree Ranjit

    that i heard this news before too but not being updated by Well ideology of nepal to become second sikkim. Im fed up with those called politicians in nepal. But what to do. Changes are small at beginning but need s time and with the time this small changes ablaze the whole forest. Probably you Mr. Well may be patriotic but he is toatally frustrated and woith the childish mind. Submitting nepal to india??? what a soultion he has made. I wanna ask , i f you are poor and even can’t feed your wife well the will you submit your wife to someone else wjo is richer one .

    i dont know you and this my first time to uwb but when i read the comments of Mr. Well , i couldnot resist myself without asking u the question. idont have any personal enmity to anyone else.

    But being fedup with all these violence and instabilty as well as disorder in the country, i cant stop loving my country.

  16. Bideshi Avatar

    To “well”: Nepal has NEVER been part of India, put parts of India have been Nepal.

    To “kalupande”: I heard rumors that you had died at Kirtipur some time back, but I am pleased that you are still around. Please take charge of the Nepal Army now; they need good leadership.

    To “comrade yachuri”: what business do you have in our country? Please leave immediately and don’t return.

    To “coke”: you need to cut back on the nose candy bro.

  17. eilaloham Avatar

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