Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital

Protesters and Prithvi Narayan Shah

Yes, this is real: As their leaders were discussing the future of Nepal inside the Parliament building in Singha Durbar, pro-democracy people ghearoed the country’s administrative center (where parliament house is located) to pressurize parliamentarians to take bold steps for constituent assembly. Activists went up to the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah, who according to history books, unified Nepal some two hundred fifty years ago. Pic by Shaligram Tiwari

Blogger Tilak Pathak, who was in parliament this afternoon, reports:

Chitra Lekha Yadad read out the written message of Prime Minister Giirja Prasad Koirala. He proposed the parliament to hold an election to constituent assembly stating that his first commitment would be to implement the seven parties’ roadmap and the 12-point understanding. When Yadav read out the following lines, the house erupted in joy: “As per my commitment to go to constituent assembly to resolve the problems facing the country, I have registered a proposal to hold constituent assembly elections at the Parliament today itself.”

The first meeting of reinstated parliament became historic not only because of the circumstances but because of some procedures as well. There was no crown in the Gallery Baithak. The meeting convened at 5: 30 PM. Deputy Speaker Chitra Lekha Yadav chaired the meeting. Members welcomed her by with the thunderous applause. She welcomed all MPs and they raised to mark a two-minute silence to remember the martyr of second edition of the People’s Movement. “This meeting is historic,” she said. “International community were also surprised by the power of Nepal’s Peoples’ Movement.” She also said that people’s power has established the participatory democracy by defeating the power of gun.

– When former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba entered inside the Gallery Baithak at 3:45 PM, all MPs began to laugh. I couldn’t hear what he said but they might be talking about that day when Deuba recommended the dissolution of the same house four years ago.

-Many people expected Prime Minister Koirala to appear in the meeting. He didn’t come because of deteriorating health. In the written message Koirala hoped to assume the responsibility of Prime Minister because of the improving health condition.

-Indian communist leader Sita Ram Yachuri came inside the Parliament at 5:30 PM. Yadav informed the MPs about his arrival and welcomed him.

Original Post:

Update3: Okay, the session is over now till Baishak 17 (April 30).

Update2: Oh my God, its historic. The rare scene from inside the Gallery Baithak is that every MP is approving this announcement from the prime minister via Deputy Speaker in unified manner: To go for constituent assembly.

Update: Yadav is reading out the written message from Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in which he has tabled the proposal for the constituent assembly. He has mentioned that his first priority is to work as per the lines of the Seven Party Alliance and the 12-point understanding between the SPA and the Maoists.

Earlier we wrote: The historic first session of the parliament that was restored last week as per the popular demand of Nepali people has begun. Deputy Speaker of the House Chitra Lekha Yadav is in charge of the session. She is currently addressing the session as members of the parliament are approving her remarks. Nepali people were anxiously waiting to see the newly reinstated House of Representative in action this afternoon. The session began nearly four hours after the scheduled time. Earlier in the afternoon Kantipur Television was (and now too) constantly feeding live footage from inside the Gallery Baithak (the Parliament House).

Members of Parliament from all parties were appearing in front of the KTV cameras turn by turn from inside the meeting hall explaining the purpose of the today’s meeting. People in Kathmandu were (and are) glued to their TV sets. Seeing Chitra Lekha Yadav now on TV running the session reminds me of that day when these parliamentarians went to the courtyard of Patan Durbar Square to hold the special session of the House after they were denied the hall in downtown Kathmandu. Minutes after that special session began, it started raining. Parliamentarians didn’t seem to be caring about that. They continued the program even as the water from high above the sky started pouring in heavily.







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  1. Sammy Avatar

    History repeate itself, from USSR to Nepal, my guts feeling is that GPK will be next
    Gorbachev. Internationally Gorbachev was very popular leader in 80s but Yeltsin overthrown him, same thing happen to GPK, Mistake have been made by taking the post of the Prime Minister. It will be biggest set back for him, GPK should perserve him self like Ganesh Man Singh of Janaandolan 2046, but he didn’t. In future, sooner or later Maoist will take control of Nepal and over throw GPK. His gained popularity will be tranish and he will be no where..

    GPK will not or can’t run Nepal smoothly, Nepal is a typical example of a premature democracy, one which jumped into the ideas of free elections, free speech, free religions, without any social institutions organized to protect the freedom and the rule of law. If the mass of the people in the street can change fate of the nation everytime then there will be no menaing of democracy and people’s right to vote, tomorrow king will buy out mass and again can change the fate as well as Maoist can do it. It will be great set back for the country.

    Running Nepal democratically is very tough as well as impossible, this is a reality i know many of you will not agree with me. It’s like planting a sapling without putting the right soil, sufficient water, fertilizers, or setting up needed shade. It will naturally die very quickly. So, with in 3 months, Maoist will be incontrol in Nepal and leader like GPK, Makune and othres will be wipe out from history.

  2. Rohit Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit:

    What i wrote is pretty straight.

    Any problem with that?

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    No what you said is stright but I don’t understand what point you were trying to advocate …

  4. coke Avatar

    Where are the national issues?

    Here i putt forward some opeon issues. Hope this could be a Phd Thesis Topic for some

    First the Bhutanese reguee crisis: India’s Role.

    Who will dare to ask the maoists on thier party’s position on the refugee issue?

    let us talk of our border encroachment by India and unequal treaties as well.

    India has thrown a huge economic package, probably to forget the naional issues. Any body agree on this point.

    And let us also talk on the indian role in bringing lokatantra or prajatnatra back.
    What do we pay india for this gesture?

    Without india’s support were maoists powerful enough to corner the king.

    Without the suppport of the maoist would this agitaiton have succed.

    If Peoples Army join the National army, what objections can india make, considering huge militarization of the country. They had previously shown their concern over this issue.

    Is there a possibility of completely aborgating the RNA as demanded by the Maoists? What will be the impact on national srecurity?

    Are there any one who wish to have a debate in these issues with me? I hope there are plently.

  5. human Avatar

    nepal is trying to regain its stability and lets be more concerned about how to make it permanent and meeting the demands of the people…

  6. Nepalko Chhora Avatar
    Nepalko Chhora


  7. chandra Avatar

    this second janandolan was very unique in every aspect…

    everybody knows now, how to make things work.

    power cha bhandai ma mattine ra je payo tyahi garne ra garna khojne jo sukai lai, yo andolan ley thulo path sikayeko cha…

    it can be any body else, first gyanendra ,,,,,, tyas pachi girija …….tyaspachi madhav ……….tyaspachi chahe jo sukai hos na chahe prachanda nai……….kina na hos………wa aru kohi nai kina na hos .

    if u dare to do something that will ruin nepal……… please be reminded , u will not get even a burial place in Nepal , forget about living in Nepal……

    Long live Nepal and Nepalese.

  8. Srijan Avatar

    Why do I feel this bastard ‘Well’ is a Nepali moron who is pretending to be an Indian? Does anyone feel the same? It’s either that or he is an Indian dog scouring for food in our streets. Anyway whoever you are, get the hell out of here asshole.

  9. Kirat Avatar

    Bee in the bonnet!

  10. Kirat Avatar

    We Nepali’s should not let idiots like well get us so worked up!

  11. Srijan Avatar

    By the way UWB, why is it that most of my comments don’t get through your moderation? This comment has been published after ages I guess. Why don’t you publish a ‘house rule’ of sorts so that we can avoid being censored.

  12. Layman Avatar

    When I said that we should get help from India and China, it does not mean the miliitary intervention from them. There may be information sharing on security matters on capturing the unwanted elements and as well as handing over the arms etc.

  13. well Avatar

    WEll says: how easy it is to wind up nepali people. They say they hate india. They won’t be able to eat if india doesn’t send food. Nepal is poor than poorest estate in india that is bihar. And all the indians you hate that work in nepal are your own terai basi. You are the most racist people on the face of this earth. You kick ur own people saying that they are indian. Only indians in nepal are madvari and kedia and those group who are the biggest contribution in the economy. Oh yeh i forgot other biggest contribution to economy is all the nepali slaving themsleves of golf countries.
    Just a story once i was in transit in one of the golf country and guess who keeps the ariport tidy from toilets to lounge?? Of course no prize for guessing nepali!!!
    well what else well can say.
    May be it’s about time for you nepali to go out and start killing your own terai basi nepali because may be anupam kher says he doesn’t like nepal.hehehehhe

  14. Layman Avatar

    Another point I could not understand is UNCONDTIONAL announcement of CA. But we should never forget to appeal the Maoists to commit themselves to lay down their arms with this announcement. Political parties be aware about this important point !!!! Otherwise, there would be no lasting peace in Nepal.

  15. Sweet Weed Avatar
    Sweet Weed

    Conditional or unconditional? Intervention and non-intervention? We may blog here, put forward our ideas, prescription…but are the decision-makers listening?

    The foremost question, however, is will Maoists lay down their arms? Anywhere communists have come to power when there is chaos and at present, Nepal is in same state. When our democratic leaders cannot ensure internal democracy within their own parties, what sort of ‘total democracy’ will they come with?

    King tried ‘guided’ democracy and failed. Now India will ‘guide’ and prepare ‘roadmap’ of our democracy (Sitaram Yechuri is here to do the same). Of course, SPA has no option because tomorrow they may have to run to Indian durbar when they goof-up. Rather than educated mass here in this blog define what should be the road-map, people at North Block in Delhi will.

  16. Avinashi Avatar

    LONG live democracy n democrazy!
    DOWN with monarchy n autocracy!
    HIGH five everybody !who defied well’s stupidiest ideas….
    Gita !very well said..WELL has not much talked to nepali youth(meseems too)..WELL dont u know…good nepali youths do not sqander the precious time in chat rooms tyo pani timro jasto cynical logic lai defy gardai! but u r heartly welcomed n expected in UWB forum coz we need smn talking against soverignty of our dear country so that it can motivate more n more of our fellow youth to stop being indifferent n to fight against the cynical,derogative,offensive,affronting ideas like urs…..but WELL darling..i request u to think n think n think n stand in the shoes of an independent nepali craving for freedom , peace n prosperity…n feel whr the shoe pinches….

  17. sulav Avatar

    After reading all the arguments about nepal and india initiated by “well” ; we nepali do need to realise that we do get carried away soon. No all but some of us are ready to run riot and kill each other over simple things and rumors. I think we need to accept that we are small country and we are poor country . Make it our past. Let it make our dirve to go forward and make sure leaders are checked upon currption is checked upon. And drive us forward in 21st century economy. There are examples of smaller and poorer countries driving themselves forward That’s what new recolution should bring.

  18. Avinashi Avatar

    Gita , it seems to me that..thr is difference in understanding bout FORGIVING between u n me…we should disscus..for me forgiving do not mean, putting into jail,giving capital punishment ,or not even letting them free like all thoes pancheys n mandales after 1990, sense of forgiveness should be redifined….i just mean to say..lets eliminate the vfillainness n the not the villains….

    Kavita…national anthem should be recreated…i think..we better entrust this job to RAAMESH, RAYAN, RUBIN,NANDAKRISHNA..n the likes….such a heart-touching n show stopping melodies n lyrics ki that should bring the house down!

  19. Kirat Avatar

    well, the Indian idiot. Read below-

    Yeah India is so great that Bill Gates has to give them money to take care of the Indian poor-while Indian billionaires hore more money. India receives more foreign aid than Nepal and has much more people living under the poverty line. Racisism? Fair and lovely is a big, big seller there, that should explain itself. Yet the majority of the North Indians claim with pride to be ‘Aryans’ – granted they might have some bastard Aryan blood (what’s so great about having Aryan blood anyway?) but it’s so impure after thousands of years of mingling that Hitler would have probably gassed them first if a sizable number was around in Germany.

    And let me not start on the castesism, ethnic marginalisation, religious bigotry, dowry, sexual discrimination, infanticide etc, that India is still famous for. Indians are the biggest killer of unborn and born female babies.

    Nepal’s biggest misfortune is that it has a country like India as a neighbour.

  20. dhotichor Avatar

    This is the Grand Design of Indian Road Map for South East Asia
    Propagandists for the SPAM revolt aimed at regime change at the behest of foreign interests is not, as they claim, a “Jana Andolan–2” or a sequel of the movement to topple the Panchayat edifice in the April 1990. It is, very simply a desperate, last–ditch attempt to repeat the Indian annexation of Sikkim executed in stages between 1973–75, beginning with the overthrow of Chogyal Palden Thubden Namgyal.
    That blatant land grab transparent endeavour to affect geo–political transformation in India’s interest, as the worldly–wise well known was executed in cold blood via the instrumentality of pliant political parties in Sikkim.
    Those groupings danced to the tune of India’s covert intelligence agency RAW, then flush with success after aiding in the “Bangladesh liberation in 1971 for which it was initially created by Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The latter had, in anticipation of her future moves, hastened to enter into a 20 year pact with the Soviet Union–nonalignment, or no nonalignment before striking a lethal military blow at the erstwhile East Pakistan, having first ensured through the 20 year pact the Soviet Union’s veto for any international action to block India’s invasion. That, of course, was another brazen attempt to ensure India’s dominance in South Asia through the dismemberment of Pakistan, along– cherished dream of hardliners. That included those who ardently aspired to neutralize the partition of 1947 or had visions of an Akhanda Bharat (a Greater India) embracing not only Pakistan but also Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. With Bhutan completely under the way of India, Sikkim fully incorporated into the Indian Union, Pakistan truncated, but yet to be completely dismembered, it is now Nepal’s turn to face the combined wrath of the Indo–US–UK axis of deception that aims at regime change here to contain a rapidly rising China on her northern frontiers–disguised as a crusade for promoting democracy in Nepal.
    As all know, in the years between 1990 and 2002, democracy was shred into tatters by political adventures and quislings. After 1996, it was further emasculated by the bloody armed conflict unleashed by the Maoists who are as closely related to democracy as black is to white. Today, however, they have become full–time partners to the SPA, as the recent violence and mayhem clearly establish.
    To reiterate, as in the case of Sikkim, India’s plans for territorial aggrandizement presently underway here in our land have been disguise as being driven by the purest of intentions– namely, that of promoting democracy and doing away with the feudal institution of the Monarchy, a claim that is not merely grotesque considering her role in Bhutan but also one that violates the hallowed principle of non–interference in the domestic affairs of other states that she claims to uphold in world for a. It is also salutary to recall today that the western has through their silence connived at the Indian Anschluss of Sikkim, as the attempted one here.
    In the case of Sikkim, their soundlessness was no doubt influenced by India’s argument that given the hostile state of relations between India and China then, Sikkim, which borders Tibet, has be brought wholly within its orbit, even if that meant getting rid of the Sikkimese monarchy. Lame excuses were heard, including from the US and the UK, that Sikkim was after all, an Indian state. Yet, why is it that post–1947 India entered into formal treaty arrangement with Sikkim, if it had all along been Indian.
    Then, as now, the US and the UK believe that a Sikkim as an integral part of India would better serve their collective strategic interest in ensuring that China would be able to make her presence felt south of the Himalayan range. Those were the days, it may be recalled, when the British–created myth of the impregnability of the Himalayan from a military or national security point of view was assiduously promoted by their former colonials, in position of power in post–independence India. In that context, it should be remembered that the Chogyal had earlier made the fatal blunder of publicity demanding that the unequal 1950 Treaty between India and Sikkim be revised and made more consonant with the changed times. That, of course, was intolerable to a supposedly liberal, democratic India.
    In the case of Nepal–and in the context of a “Vulcan”–driven United States out to ensure that her plans to ensure a unipolar international order is not challenged by China–she no doubt finds it convenient to coordinate plans and strategy with India to ensure a regime change that will promote both their strategic goals: for India, dominance of Nepal; for the US and the west ensuring an excellent base from where it may plan, plot and promote the cause of an independent Tibet, considered China’s “soft underbelly.”
    For those who may raise eyebrows, let me just remind them of the not–too–distant days of the 1960s when Kathmandu as a China– watching base for the US was used to forment and facilitate the anti–China revolt of the Khamba tribesmen from Nepalese soil. It was only when the US and China opened direct contacts–largely to thwart the Soviet Union–in the early 1970s that the Americans dropped the Khambas like the proverbial hot potato.
    What should not be forgotten in the above context is that it is in India that the Dalai Lama resides and in India that his supposed government–in–exile apparently functions, with the Indian government fully aware of their activities, despite all the hoopla from time to time about how Sino–Indian relations have normalized.
    Interestingly, though, while it was with the help of Soviet Union that Indian dismembered Pakistan, today she is attempting to take over Nepal, a la Sikkim, through the help of the US/west. Oddly enough, Russia the successor state to the erstwhile Soviet Union is, like China, sympathetic to the challenges that are being posed to the Nepali state from India and the west.
    However, like in Sikkim, it is still the China bogey that seems to have cemented the “strategic alliance” between the US and India, exemplified most recently by the Indo–US nuclear deal last month.
    In is in that context that one dismisses the hackneyed suggestion of Richard A. Boucher, the US’s new pointman for South Asia, for the King to restore democracy. As already pointed out, it is not the King that has butchered democracy but the political parties that are out on the streets today terrorizing the ordinary people and trampling on their human rights to work, study, travel and play as they wish.
    It is they who have boycotted the municipal elections and who say they would do the same for parliamentary elections. What makes Boucher’s remarks ludicrous is that he does not find the time or the occasion to remind India of its dual role in joining hands with the US in her war on international terrorism and then openly aiding and abetting the Maoists, who even today are on the US’s terror watch list and were formally declared as terrorists by the BJP–led government.
    Indeed, even as the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh makes a joint appeal with Afghan President Hamid Karzai for Pakistan to help counter terror, he does not lift a finger to contain or control Nepalese Maoists whose leadership has found safe sanctuary on her soil! And the US keeps mum.
    Is such silence not tantamount to US support for the Maoists, Mr. Boucher?
    If not, why not come out openly and support them?
    The truth is, of course, that the “democracy” clamour in Nepal is a huge charade, like the WMD issue prior to the invasion of Iraq. Else, why should the US and others not ask the SPA to participate in general elections elect a new parliament and then allow it to decide what needs to be done to resolve Nepal’s numerous issues, including key constitutional and political problems?
    The real issue for the west, the US included, is the containment of China from this part of the world, affected through changing a regime that will not permit anti–China/pro–Tibetan independence activities on her soil.
    For India, of course, the real issue is not the promotion of democracy in Nepal–which, in any case, is not her business but ours–but affecting political changes, through her quislings, in order to re–enact another Sikkim.

  21. coke Avatar

    Well, Mr. Well
    Well,Well, Well!
    I hope what you talk is what you not.
    You are not within yourself. Dont get frustated.Things will be clear as crystal in few days to come. let us see what is the result first and talk about our friends and relatives.

  22. Kishor Avatar

    I don’t like this jingoistic b@stard called “well”. You say that Nepali are cleaning toilets. I am proud that they work for their living. They never rob off other people, they earn it.

    People like you think about annexing because you still have the slave mentality. Remember how you used to polish shoes of the british rulers. You think that you fought for your freedom? No. The Britishers couldn’t afford slaves after WW2.

    Remember, our people fight at your boarders. Our people die in the front line!

    If you even have a slightest thought of annexing Nepal, then you might consider having a trip to mental hospital coz you are not sane. Every single Nepali will fight you till the last drop of blood.

    You say that you are alone enough for all the Nepalis in this thread. Yes, sometimes it requires a lot of people to track a handful of morons, idiots and criminals.

    I would like to suggest hat you better revise your history lessons. Make sure you read books written by people from different part of the worlds not just by some jingoistic morons. You cannot challenge the sovereignty of a nation just because your knowledge is limited.

    If you think you are a brave person, come forward with your real name. If you post by your pseudonym, we will believe that you are just another coward. Regarding the strength you talk, I would like to make one more comment. Irresponsible people look stronger.

    If you believe that you can conquer us, well go ahead. If you disturb our peace, we will not spare you.

    But there is a solution to this crisis. If you come as a good friend we will heartly welcome you. Remember, it is great to have Nepali people as a friend. Choice is yours.

  23. Layman Avatar

    This is a frustrated Royalist posing as an Indian. If India tries to annex Nepal, India would be fragmented with many republics like former URSS.

  24. Layman Avatar


  25. Neo Avatar

    It’s so nice to hear that first session went ahead. i hope everything goes well in the nation. The elites must reckon the sacrifice made by people.

    Let’s make the nation peaceful, secular and unified. Let’s not forget that world is ONE and people are ONE. Let’s stretch our hand for soliditary, brotherhood and harmony…

    Onemore thing, let us change our country’s name to NEOPAL. The land of new human beings or new people.. Lets shed off our nostalgia..

    Hope springs eternal!!

  26. well Avatar

    Hello coke,
    Just before you start ranting and raving about being proud nepali i think u should think about changing ur name. You sound more like cheap american fattening drink than a proud nepali. you might ask what’s ib the name… if you say so then what about changing name of nepal to india.

  27. Layman Avatar

    In the 21st century world, capturing one country by another is not possible. Indians also should not play dirty politics in any neighbouring country. But some Indian bureaucrats have British legacy mindset and give trouble time to time. But they should understand that progress of India might be hampered by the truoble in the neighbourhood and also spread of Maoists can be fatal to India.There is already naxalites and maoists in almost 16 states of India.

    King and his few cronies wanted to spread the propaganda that India might swallow Nepal like Sikkim.For India, it is difficult to swallow Nepal and if it does, it can not digest.India might be notorious among the international community for its actions and their economic progress might be halted.

    The result would be the fragmentation of India itself into 25 new republics. Because all Nepalese living in India including the Maoists of Nepal and Indian Gurkhas will revolt against India.That is what Maoists want it to happen and make whole of India all RED. Once they were talking to fight against Indian security forces, if you could remember.I hope you guys understood me and my analysis.

  28. well Avatar

    I am quite surprised by the opinion of you all. If you see the ratio only few nepali use logic and knowledge to debate. REst all just use bad language and rave. If that is the true picture of nepal then the picture is quite scary.

    Well youv’e got democracy what’s the big deal. You had it one every 10-15 years. After two years most of you will be chanting ” RAJA AAU DESH BACHAU” wev’e seen it many times.

    All these remarks are out of desperation. If nepal was rich and powerful county people wouldn’t worry about what others say.


  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Interesting Discussions.
    Well Said Kirat.
    I am telling you that if Nepal had good political leadership we would be doing so much better than India in terms of human development… As Kirat put it is unfortunate that we have Inida particularly Bihar and UP as our neighbour. If it was Kerala, Tamil Naidu, or Andra Pradesh our situation would be alot more different…

    But one thing I have to agree with Well is that there is discrimination against Madehis from teria just like there is discrimination against other ethnic group. This Kathmandu Bhun-Chettri-Takuri hegemony think they are the center of the universe.

  30. melissa Avatar

    Well, you do realize that the owners of this blog can see your IP address. I have a feeling you’re some insane royal family supporter, like perhaps Seshyan Nepal, and are pretending to be an insane Indian person now. The owners can definitely see your IP address and know who you are and where your internet provider is located.

    Coke’s awesome–diet coke’s not fattening, and neither have anything to do with democracy in Nepal. Would the owners of the blog please censor pointless posts like the one Well seems to be making?

    It’s pretty irrelevant to think India will swallow Nepal because Nepal at the moment, has nothing that India wants. Let me repeat, no oil, no gold etc. India has enough of it’s own problems, dealing with poverty, a huge gap between the rich and the poor–educated and uneducated (there are still human sacrifices being conducted in temples :S ) etc. India doesn’t need a poverty stricken country to add to it’s territory so please don’t analyse that it does.

  31. Kirat Avatar

    Even in terms of pure per capita income with proper management of the contry we could easily overtake India-we have a population of just over 25 million. I think just Calcutta and Bombay combined have over 30 million people. Like China everybody likes to highlight only India’s achievements-they should take a look at the slums of their metros and the farmers committing suicide in their countryside because their crops have failed.

  32. Kirat Avatar

    Not that I am worried about India ‘Sikkhimizing’ Nepal but Nepal does have lots of stuff that India would want-like hydropower for their industries and water management(from Nepali rivers) for their farmlands for example, votes in the UN, SAARC, WTO etc. But India knows that next door to Nepal lives a dragon, so they probably prefer the buffer.

  33. viewtech Avatar


    well done, I thought we had learnt our lessons, but you’ve proved me wrong.

  34. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Of course right now India is making many economic and social reform for which I give them their due credit.
    But I think if we played our cards right we could’ve been the highest ranking South Asian country in the UNDP’s HDI! Sri Lanka is still plagued by their civil war which is more intense than Nepal’s Maoist situation (till now). If we find a solution to that and get some good leadership and stability we could really kick some ass!

  35. well Avatar

    hello melissa,

    I couldn’t understand The point you have made. You are telling me people can trace me and I am royal supporter. Let me tell you something before you come as far as royal supporter : royals are still in Palace; well to eliminate problems you need to find root that’s where the root lies. Easier to trace than tracing ip address of royal supporter. I thought You were logical when I saw your last remark in other entry.

    If that’s your view then what is the difference between democratic and autocratic nepal??

    Supression of views and ideas never work I thought the recent event might have been eye opener.May be its about time we all listen to each other and defeat each other through dialog and talk than tracing and gunning each other down….. Don’t you think nepal has enouth of it????

  36. Kirat Avatar

    what we Nepali people have had enough of well is people like you. Now go back to your fake American accent and fake American name at your call center.

  37. well Avatar

    Dear kirat ,
    It is always easy to move to comfort zone close your eyes and ears and only have people around who says exactly what you want to hear never argue, make up figures so that you feel happy about what is going around, I think that’s exactly what Kg been doing last few years…. It’s always easy to dismiss people who express diffrently than to face them and motivate them…. enjoy ur comfort… just to let u know I don’t have fake american accent. I am nowhere around where u think I am>>>>

  38. Kirat Avatar

    Who cares? Just get back to your call centre job or perhaps you’re a lab assistant where they find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl and well…you know the rest. Indians are officially the biggest killers of female fetuses in the world. I am afraid no one cooked up that statistic.

  39. well Avatar

    Does anyone realise that deuba was the one who asked king to dissolve parliament ; got up to his eyes in corruption ; got tax free pajero for all the MPs ; his ministers were all involved in corruption ; he sold intregity of nepalese people for free weapons; declared state of emergency; maoist grew 100 times stronger when he was in poewer…… What about that?? who is stopping another deuba getting into power????

  40. shadowrati Avatar

    Great article in todays BBC ONLINE…i loved the quote that Nepal’s polical leaders are so old and so feeble they can’t even make it to parliament!

  41. Kirat Avatar

    India needed an Italian woman to set things right didn’t they? Pity it’s still a full time job otherwise we would have paid for her consultancy services.

  42. Kirat Avatar

    Around a billion people in India and they still need the help of a foreigner.

  43. anuj Avatar

    dear all “WELL HATERS”

    don’t you all realize that you people are just trying your best to prove WELL right.I don’t think that our nation is so weak that we need to pay heed to statements by a lunatic like “WELL”.

    get realistic guys!!!

    it is fact that the indians have a big role to play in nepal.evan the so called anti indian maoists are using a stupid leader like yechury to get their way THROUGH in Nepal!!!!so no point running away from the truth .infact i think that if we were really smart we would have had indian dancing to our tunes like the us does to the tunes of the saudis.AFTER ALL IT IS A MATTER OF ENERGY AND EVERYBODY NEEDS IT!

    i think its high time that we nepalese use our energy in more useful things which are productive to our nation rather than india bashing from which we stand to gain nothing!!!!

    you people really think that some stupid writings on this blog are going to change the indian mindset.

    i am afraid this is not so.get real guys, get down to work, as thats the only thing that can take this nation forward at the moment.

    its a long drawn course and we have but just got through the easiest part.

    lets not try to prove our nationalistic fervour by writing gibberish on the blog,all this really shows is a severe lack of maturity.so grow up guys and get down to the tasks at hand!

    you people are doing the country no favour by writing all crap on the blog , the only favour you have done is to “WELL”.it seems that he has become an ICONIC figure as far as this blog is concerned.

    i had heard a lot about this site from my friends but would like to state today that i have been utterly disappointed by the content of this site.

    if “well” is all that is here then bye bye guys as i certainly have much more important things to do for my nation.

  44. Kirat Avatar

    awwh! anuj I had so many embarassing facts about India to tell one by one..but you’re right I am wasting my time.

  45. well Avatar

    Hello anuj,
    There is no need to gang up against me. All I am doing is pointing out the fact that All nepali don’t fall in the same trap as before. It is all fun when everyone enjoys the fact that nepal got so called democracy but as long as we don’t learn form previous mistakes we won’t go any further and we will be fighting the same fight for democracy again… We haven’t received the full democracy yet…rembember maoist still have guns and king still have army…and if you rembember army just raped and killed a woman ” mother of two – taken infront of her childerns” and killed six people and injured further few hundered protesting against it…. you point me out where the democracy is…. is it having girija as our Pm ??? he has been there three times…….. PLEASE SOMEONE POINT IT OUT!!!!!!! DO you realise how quickly leaders jumped in thought of having the chair???? more we close our ears and eyes more we lose!!!!

  46. anuj Avatar

    dear people,

    please do not take solace from the fact that india is in a WORSE state than us,it really does not say much about the ambition of us NEPALESE people.

    just one question>>>>>

    if india is really what we people think it to be then why do we all seem obsessed by it.even at this time of crisis we seem to be busy blaming others for our predicament.

    when the fact is that the very people who are responsible for our predicament our getting the reigns of our country again!

    all the leader at the moment seem in a populist mood and that i am afraid is the most disturbing thing at the moment.

    everything in our country came to a grinding halt for 20 days and yet after that has any leader till date requested the people to get down to work,to get on with their lives so that this country can prosper like never before…

    the country till date seems like it is in a extended holiday mood !how long is it going to last is anybody’s guess!!!

    lets be very careful here otherwise the whole struggle for loktantra will give us nothing but bheed(mob)tantra! and that friends is more dangerous than all the tantras combined.

    aim for the moon and we may get the sky, aim for INDIA and BIHAR is ALL we will get.so guys set your goals high and get working.

    get working!

  47. anuj Avatar

    dear kirat,

    i am glad atleast someone seems to agree with me!!!

  48. Kirat Avatar

    ha, ha, so well is a Nepali after all! The point, anuj and well, is that India and Indians are not superior to us. Until and unless all of us Nepali people realise this they are always going to have the upperhand. Remember what old Bob said ‘ Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.’

  49. anuj Avatar

    dear WELL

    firstly no gangs here!!!

    secondly >>>> finally it does seem that you do have some serious concerns about nepal.your liberal use of “we” in the write up goes a long way in proving that you too are NEPALESE!!!!

    what exctly does one mean by full democracy?

    have we got rid of the king just to land up in the hands of the maoists as mere puppets!

    is being autocratically ruled by the maoists our idea of full democracy!

    the king is history so now i think thats its time to focus on the maoists!the way they have been going about things in the last couple of days i think that it is not wrong to assume that they face no opposition whatsoever at the moment and can get done what ever they want.

    will we need a second revolution to get rid of them!

    we need to act now guys (including you well) so that history does not repeat itself!

  50. anuj Avatar

    dear kirat,

    i could not agree more with you.no one is superior or inferior by birth.it is just the consequence of our beliefs and deeds.

    the day our deeds surpass our words we will be on our way!

    what we must all realise is that mere talk is not going to do it.

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